This cat robot could be the server we didn’t know we needed

Alexa, Nest and Roomba’s make life easier.

But they are not the only bots that can lend a helping beep-boop-beep-hand.

UBTech’s Walker can pull yoga poses while Charmin’s RollBot can speed you a roll of TP when you’re doing the deed and need an extra hand.

An expert revealed that it was very likely that robots exhibited at CES would continue to get more wacky in the future.

Like, BellaBot.

Image via YouTube

BellaBot is a robot cat who waits tables, mewing when it arrives at tables to encourage customers to pick up their food.

And if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it initially reacts with pleasure.

The firm reveals that if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it reacts as it is programmed to respond to heat.

But (like an ol’e fashion cat) if a customer pets it for too long, its expression changes.

“It gets mad to remind you not to interrupt its job,” shares the firm.