Young mom can’t afford birthday cake for son, woman decides to step in and help in the sweetest way

A woman witnessed a poor younger mother at a supermarket, struggling to pay for just a single slice of cake for her son’s birthday.

She decided to help after remembering how her own mother struggled to raise both her and her brother but never let them know.

In that moment, she quickly grabbed a pack of candles, a Target gift card and a gift card for gas and ran after the young mom.

Image via Bianca Garibay

She said: “Ma’am, you dropped something,” but the mom shook her head saying it was not.

But Bianca continued on:

“Yes, it’s yours. It’s yours because I got it for you. I want you to take this Target gift card and get your son a birthday present. I want you to take this gift card and put gas in your car. Fill the whole tank. I want you to take these candles. And when your son is about to blow them out, I want you to make a wish, too.”

Bianca then left the woman her number — asking her to call her if she ever needs anything. She then received the following text:

We aren’t crying, YOU’RE crying!