Man discreetly records USPS delivery driver, furious over how he handles package

One mailman’s behavior is making waves online after a man decided to share footage of him handling his package.

Nick Verzilli revealed a video of the incident to YouTube in a clip titled: “USPS sucks.”

The footage now has over 1 million views and reveals a postal service worker flipping, tossing and kicking a big box after delivering it to Verzilli’s doorstep.

Verzilli revealed the package contained about 40 pounds of computer equipment and how he started to film after the first time he saw the driver drop his order. He also shared photos of the box which looked to be scratched and split open in one corner.

A shot of the mailman features both doorbell camera footage along with video that Verzilli recorded himself and later shared it to Reddit.

Many were quick to slam the driver for being lazy and incompetent.

But let’s be honest, this is the UPS we are talking about. Who is truly surprised?