Pug angry poops on family’s favorite things when he feels slighted

Holly Munoz believes that her seven-year-old dog Frank is house-trained but when he feels slighted — he takes her revenge by pooping on her possessions.

“You name it, Frank’s pooed on it. He has incredible aim. He definitely does it on purpose, he wants to make sure we know he’s angry. One time, I came back from a trip and he had pooed on my crackers and in my makeup bag. He’s an angry pooer.”

Image via Mercury Press & Media

“If we go on vacation then he will poo on something. My son, Oliver, is his favourite person, they sleep together and they’re attached at the hip – so when he went to a sleepover Frank was annoyed and he pooed in my shoe. I’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.”

And that’s why I am a cat person!