Kourtney Kardashian swears by this $33 product to keep the flu away all year long

No one is safe from the flu — including Kourtney Kardashian.

Thank goodness she recently shared her most secret weapon: $33 vitamin C packets.

She believes the magical packets keep her body in tip top condition, sharing how she takes them as her main source of vitamin C.

Image via Amazon

“I never take those sugary, to-go vitamin C — I think this is like, the real deal,” she said. “I try to take it every morning, but if I feel slightly like I’m getting sick and 100-percent when I’m on an airplane, I take it.”

She goes on to share how often she takes it and why it’s not just for preventing yourself from a cold.

“When I’m traveling, just as an extra boost, I’ll even take up to two a day. I keep my travel bags packs always, like, I have one that’s all supplements, and I keep that in there,” she continued. “And I think they’re great for skin too, like internally, for your immunity, for so many different things, I love them.”