Child comes home hysterically vomiting after school shows Netflix crime documentary

One parent from Canada has accused a secondary school of traumatizing their child after showing a true crime documentary on Netflix.

The parent (who was unidentified) sent a letter to the Surrey school district, alleging that their child came home crying to the point of being hysterical and vomiting after viewing: “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer” prior to Christmas break.

Image via pexels

The series zeroes in on the hunt for the convicted murderer Luka Magnotta.

The letter was sent Dec. 23 but the school’s principal was just notified.

“No doubt many adults would be disgusted and horrified if they witnessed something so awful and so violent. But for children, the damage is incalculable,” the parent’s letter read.

Ritinder Matthews, district spokesperson, told CTV News that the principal is now investigating the incident.