Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to drop $6,000 for a week-long cruise featuring appearances from herself

Those who adore Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand are in for a treat as she recently announced she will be spearheading a cruise that costs a cool $6,000.

To attend the actress’ “day of sea wellness,” fans need to book a $4,049 suite for the week before snagging the $750 ticket to the event itself.

“I love being on the water, I love being by the water and I love being in the water. And I think, energetically, it’s very cleansing to be near the sea or in the sea,” Paltrow, 47, shared with USA Today regarding the cruise.

Image via Public Domain Pictures

Paltrow did mention however she is “not sure how much time she will personally spend onboard” the ship.

Hmmmm…sounds fishy.

the cruise set to depart from Barcelona on Aug. 26, and make stops in Spain, France and the Italian Riviera during its weeklong journey.

Guests who attend the one-day Good event will be inspired with “trailblazing healers, transformative workshops and goopy perks,” according to the event website.

Can anyone say, Fyre Festival?