Experts reveals how eating too many vegetables too quickly could hurt your health

If you haven’t heard of “Veganuary” it is a growing trend where one strictly adheres to the vegan diet for an entire month which means zero meat or dairy.

And while that all sounds well and good for the new year— your body may not respond so well to such a quick transition in regards to solely vegetables if that’s not your norm.

According to consultant dietitian Ro Huntriss – if one gradually steps up to a vegan diet it can be less dangerous and more beneficial as opposed to just taking the plunge into all-veggie-eating-all-the-time.

Image via flickr

Ro shared with LADbible the following:

“If you plan to switch to a vegan diet, there are nutritional considerations to think about before you switch, as otherwise your health could be compromised.”

“For example, some people are quick to cut meat and fish out of their diet, but they do not replace the protein. We need protein for muscle growth and repair, so to maintain your strength it is important this is replaced.

“Protein is an obvious one, but other nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, omega-3, iodine and selenium are examples of nutrients that could be deficient in a vegan diet without proper planning, which could compromise your health.”