If you love Star Wars, then this $26.5 million mansion is for you

A mansion that has 5,000 square feet of Star Wars themed space is on the market for a mere $26.5 million.

The “Star Wars” portion of the house is located in the full basement — just in case the missus is embarrassed of, well this room:

Image via The Agency

There are several elaborate rooms dedicated to memorabilia from the series, including the cantina, a gaming room and a museum-like hall full of action figures.

There is also a catina, a gaming room, a museum-like hall, and a home theater.

The theater has 18 seats with star-like lights overhead that are out of this world.

But don’t worry, in addition to the Star Wars theme, there are also (normal) features like a fruit tree orchard, a tennis court and an observatory along with indoor and outdoor pools.