Neighbors decide to sue man over psychedelic paint job on $500,000 home

A man in Florida is currently facing a lawsuit after he decided to alter his $500,000 home in a colorful way but his neighbors found it be “unsightly and obnoxious.

Located in an upscale community in Naples, the house has been redecorated with multi-colored paint across the exterior, including the mailbox, garage, driveway and front lawn.

Neighbors report how the owner, Jeffrey Leibman, spent about a week making the alterations that rocked the community to their core.

“Obviously has a drug issue or something going on because I have just never seen anything like this in my life,” said fellow neighbor Alan Klawans, to WZVN-TV. 

Or maybe Alan, just maybe the guy is trying to just live his life in a colorful way. Maybe the whole “omar” thing is a riddle? Maybe Jeffery just like rainbows?