Woman uses Tinder after being stranded on mountain, matches with man who has bulldozer and saves her life

One woman decided to use Tinder in a new way that saved her life.

After extreme weather caused her camper to get stuck on the side of a mountain in Northern Norway, Lonia Häger and her friend decided to use a few unconventional methods.

Häger was traveling to Lofoten after visiting the North Cape, which is the most northern point of Europe. But according to her Instagram account, she recapped how while she and her friend, Phil, traveled down the mountainside, “it started raining…the street iced up that we even couldn’t stay on one point!”

Image via Instagram

Both created a Tinder account for Häger and in just five minutes she matched with Stian Lauluten, who not only lived nearby but also had a bulldozer.

Lauluten “shaped lines in the ice” for the camper to travel through and then took them to a nearby parking lot.”

But that wasn’t all. Lauluten also helped them fix their tires with spikes the next day to prevent future similar incidents. Häger calls him a hero.

Let’s hope the two were able to share a meal over the ordeal. Lauluten earned it!