China rushes into clinical human trials to find cure for Coronavirus

China has recently decided to a quick clinical trial for a drug in hopes to cure the coronavirus infection while the nation attempts protect those who have yet to come in contact with the nasty virus.

A new antiviral drug by Gilead Sciences Inc., Remdesivir, will be tested by a medical team from Beijing-based China-Japan Friendship Hospital in hopes for treating the deadly new strain of coronavirus.

Image via GoodFreePhotos

The trial for the drug will be conducted in the city of Wuhan, the central Chinese city of the viral outbreak.

So far, the virus has killed over 360 people, sickened over 17,000 in China and has since spread to at least a dozen nations.

According to the Chinese news outlet, The Paper, as many as 270 patients with mild and moderate pneumonia caused by the virus will be recruited in a randomized, double-blinded and placebo-controlled study.