Coronavirus causes workforce to halt at standstill; many attempt to work from home

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, working from home is not just an added perk but necessary for survival.

Factories along with shops, hotels as well as restaurants have been emptied out as most stay home in their apartments — attempting to sort out how to work while taking steps to protect their health.

Image via flickr

“It’s a good opportunity for us to test working from home at scale,” said managing director of Reprise Digital, Alvin Foo, a Shanghai ad agency with 400 people. “Obviously, not easy for a creative ad agency that brainstorms a lot in person.” he said.

The working-from-home population is about evolve into a massive number. And while most people in China are still on vacation for the Lunar New Year, Chinese companies will soon be restarting operations — which commences the biggest work-from-home experiment to date.