Teen gets harmonica stuck in mouth, goes viral for making music every time she breathes out

A teenager is going viral after posting a clip of her with a harmonica stuck in her mouth.

A high schooler from Ontario, Canada, Mollie O’Brien posted the now viral TikTok video on Jan. 28 — and for your viewing pleasure, you can watch below!

Her video caption reveals how she was able to get the instrument stuck in her mouth:

“I regret the thing I did … And you’re wondering what it is … Well … I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth and it’s stuck now,”

The high schooler revealed to BuzzFeed that she stuck the instrument in her mouth in order to entertain her younger cousin — but she quickly realized it would not come out.

O’Brien’s video (which is only her third time posting on the platform) has since received over 7 million views along with lots of questions on how exactly the harmonica got stuck.

“After 30 minutes it hurt, but then it was kinda numb,” she revealed to BuzzFeed. “Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise.”

And when she informed her mom of what happened — surprisingly, she was not upset but rather “shocked she raised such a weird kid.”

Thankfully, when O’Brien arrived at the hospital, the doctors recommended a dentist who was able to pull the harmonica out with a special tool.

“Let’s not do this again, OK dear?” the dentist allegedly said.

***Blows long and loud note***