Russian company pledges to revive your loved ones from the dead but for a hefty cost

A Russian company by the name of KrioRus (located just outside of Moscow) hopes to make the loss of a loved one not as painful.

KrioRus is the very first Russian cryonic project which translates to storing human brains and bodies in freezing, low-temperatures with the hope that someday, they will be able to resurrect the person.

Currently, KrioRus has 71 “patients” — the term the company uses to refer to the brains and cadavers that float in liquid nitrogen.

Both are stored at -320.8 degrees Fahrenheit in tall vats.

For those who are not familiar, cryonics is the idea that keeping all body parts, especially the brain, will allow the person to be revived in full capacity along with the same personality, knowledge and thoughts prior to dying.

The head of the Russian Academy of Science’s Pseudoscience Commission, Evgeny Alexandrov, believes cryonics is “an exclusively commercial undertaking that does not have any scientific basis.”

Image via Wikimedia

In both the medical and science communities, it is known for being a falsehood. Alexandrov continues, saying it’s “a fantasy speculating on people’s hopes of resurrection from the dead and dreams of eternal life.”

But for those who put stock in future technology, that dream could someday be a reality. KrioRus alleges that hundreds of potential clients from over 20 countries have signed up for their services.

According to Metro, it costs $36,000 to freeze an entire body and just $15,000 for the brain alone — but only for Russians. Prices are slightly higher for those who are non-Russian.