25 Star Wars Tattoos That Are Out of this World

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The Ewok Goodness

Ewoks might give Baby Yoda a run for his money in a cuteness contest. The adorable furry bipeds are found natively on the Moon of Endor and we fondly remember their little noises. In this very minimal tattoo, we’re treated to the splendor of the Ewok.

Chibi Ahsoka Looking Fierce

Ahsoka Tano is a famed hero of the Clone Wars. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the property’s first foray into weekly TV and animation. This wonderful sketch tattoo design compliments the medium and gives the character so much life.

You Never Can Tell

This is the pop culture mashup we didn’t know we needed. The famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction gets a makeover, courtesy of the Dark Side. This tattoo makes it easy to picture Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper booging down to Chuck Berry‘s “You Can Never Tell.”

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