25 Tattoos With Seriously Cool and Inspiring Mental Health Messages

From the classic Americana tattoo to trendy new styles like watercolor tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos, and even glow-in-the-dark tattoos, Mamas Uncut dives deep into the world of permanent ink to bring you endless tattoo inspiration and entertainment. Here are a few select picks from their latest themed tattoo post . Check out a few of our favorite recent tattoos below, and then head over to see the rest of the list. And if these aren’t up your alley, no worries: there are hundreds of more lists to get you feeling ready to call your local tattoo parlor ASAP.

Harry Potter Meets Mental Health

In this creative design, we see a humpback whale with “Expecto Patronium” written above in the iconic Harry Potter font. The woman with this tattoo shared her story:

Fighting a Battle in Your Head

This fabulous tattoo depicts the inner struggles of mental illness. When you’re constantly battling your brain and its hardwired bad habits, it’s the definition of an uphill battle. It can really feel this epic for some people!

Keep Going

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This very minimalist tattoo of the word, “survive” is striking. The person who shared the image of the tattoo described the motivation behind it. They got the tattoo “to remember that if feeling alive is not quite possible for me…to survive is enough for now…but tattooing my own skin definitely made me feel it again…the liveliness!”

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