25 Overdone Tattoos That Are Beyond Cliché

What’s your favorite kind of tattoo? Watercolor? Traditional Americana? Classic black-and-white? Artsy stick-and-poke? Whatever your answer, Mamas Uncut has a list of tattoos for you. Check out a few of our favorite recent tats discovered by their knowledgeable team below, and if you like these, don’t forget to browse the full list at Mamas Uncut.

Anyone Who Has Taken a Yoga Class:

Yes, the lotus is a beautiful symbol. Do you have to get a tattoo of one after a month of attending yoga classes? No.

Harry Potter Meets Disney

Excuse us while we go take a collective deep breath. Your Disney/Harry Potter mashups are tired.

Notes on an Ankle

We get it. You were in your high school marching band and you *love* music. Think beyond the sheet music ankle tattoo, we beg you.

If you loved these amazing tattoos, we think you’ll love the full list at Mamas Uncut. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to check out some of their other incredible tattoo lists, too!