25 Hand Piercings That Give Ring Finger a Whole New Meaning

What’s your favorite kind of tattoo? Watercolor? Traditional Americana? Classic black-and-white? Artsy stick-and-poke? Whatever your answer, Mamas Uncut has a list of tattoos for you. Check out a few of our favorite recent tats discovered by their knowledgeable team below, and if you like these, don’t forget to browse the full list at Mamas Uncut.

Little Diamond

Who needs a diamond ring when you can have a diamond implant? We actually find this piercing to be rather charming.


This is the same type of piercing as the knuckles we showed you before, but the jewelry is much more extreme. It reminds us of a certain character from X-Men.


Just when you thought this fish carcass tattoo couldn’t be helped, a cute little stud perks it right up.

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