25 Edgy Baby Boy Names That Are Almost Too Cool for School

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25 Edgy Baby Boy Names

A general rule of thumb is that names with X’s or Z’s read edgier. So, feel free to experiment with classic names and substituting an X for added pizzazz. For instance, Simon is all fine and good but it sounds even better as Ximon or Zimon. We prefer Ximon. The name has Hebrew origins and means “God is heard.”


25 Edgy Baby Boy Names

Another source of inspiration for cool baby names for boys is to look to places. Cities and countries often have excellent names. Egypt, for instance, is a bold choice that sounds familiar yet feels unexpected as a name. Egypt comes from the Greek name Aigyptos and refers to the River Nile region.


25 Edgy Baby Boy Names

Valen is a name with Latin origins that hasn’t gotten much play over the past couple of centuries. The name means “healthy.” Valen shared the same root as valiant.

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