25 Sibling Tattoo Ideas That Are AwwMazing

We love the commitment it takes to get permanently inked, and we love the creativity involved in nearly every aspect of tattooing. We’re talking glow-in-the-dark tattoos, extreme face tattoos, colorful tattoos, watercolor tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos… There is just so much cool body art out there! For example, check out these recent top tatttoo picks taken from one of Mamas Uncut’s recent articles.

Big Back Tattoos

Now, most siblings are going to go for smaller designs even micro tattoos are preferred. However, these two sisters wanted big tattoos and the results are dramatic. Remarkable work for the artist to get them to match at that scale.

Two Become One

Here we have an example of more elaborate designs that both share the same theme. These two halves of a wolf’s face are gorgeous and fit together perfectly. The image was shared with the following caption: “the wolf teaches us about the value of family, faithfulness, responsibilities & to trust your intuition.”


Another smart choice is to get matching quote tattoos. The sentiment “no matter where” is apt because no matter where these two end up, they’ll always be there for each other.

How much did you love these trending tattoo photos? Do you feel compelled to run out and get some ink? We wouldn’t be surprised. Be sure to check out the full list on Mamas Uncut for dozens more similar tattoos, and then start exploring other tattoos lists until you see the perfect one… or until you can’t stand to look at another tattoo again. Until tomorrow, of course.