Let Pop Star Ciara Help You Pick Out a Great Gift With These 40 Options

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or in search of a gift for someone special, we think our friends at Mamas Uncut can help you out. They are always searching for cool. interesting, and helpful products and putting together great product lists and gift guides. What do you think about these top items recently featured in one of their product roundups? We hope you love them, and if you do, don’t forget to check out the full list for more great products to shop.

40 of Ciara’s Top Amazon Gift Picks

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Rachael Ray Pantryware Wood Cutting Board

$19.99 at the time of publication


We all know a plant lover or two, which means there is truly no better gift to give someone who loves plants. The first step to gifting a plant lover the ultimate gift is picking out a gorgeous pot to put the greenery in. This Willow + Key – Plant Pot that Ciara put on her list isn’t just the perfect home for a plant, but could easily be a statement piece in any room! You have to appreciate a good gold accent.

Amazon Brand – Rivet Rustic Stoneware Crosshatch Flower Plant Pot

$30.99 at the time of publication

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I want, I need, I got to have it now! My favorite thing on Ciara’s list is this spice rack is the ultimate gift for that person who enjoys staying organized. This AllSpice Wood Spice Rack comes with 30 four-ounce jars to help completely transform their collection of spices. And the best part, it’s so pretty you’ll want it sitting out on your counter, giving you easy access to your spices and clearing out some cabinet space for something else.

NEW OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Container Value Set

$29.99 at the time of publication

We just love these products, and we hope you do too! If you’re looking to spend more money — or if these items aren’t exactly what you’re shopping for — be sure to read through the full list of similar products on Mamas Uncut. Then start exploring more lists. Shop ’til you drop, as they say! And then start it all again the next day.