25 Friends Tattoos That’ll Be There for You (Forever, Literally)

Tattoos are forever, and so is our love of tattoos. What is not to love? They’re essentially living art. You can get any kind of tattoo, anywhere on your body. The world of tattoos is probably more diverse than you even know. Check out a few of the coolest recent tattoos we’ve seen, taken from this recent list of tattoos published by Mamas Uncut. If you like these, be sure to check out the full list for similar tats!

Best Buds

This pair of friends decided to get matching tattoos that show their love for one another, the sitcom, and coffee. We love all of those things! Not sure how we’re feeling about the location. On the hand? That was a choice!

When the Rain Starts to Pour

In the title sequence for Friends, the gang is filmed dancing around a fountain. The joy! They also open umbrellas before ending up in the said fountain. Why? Because they’re always there for each other, even during tempestuous times.

Turkey Love

‘The One with All the Thanksgivings’ is such an incredible episode of Friends. Who could forget Monica dancing with a turkey on her head and then Chandler professing his love for her? A classic!

Pretty cool tattoos! There’s more where those came from too. Head over to see the full list of tattoosjust like this at Mamas Uncut, and be sure to take a second and see what more creative and inspirational tattoo posts.