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Woman Loses 150 Pounds But Gained It Back After Body Shamers Sent Death Threats

Woman Loses 150 Pounds But Gained It Back After Body Shamers Sent Death Threats

When you are losing weight, you want everyone to know. There’s no better feeling than seeing a group of friend you haven’t seen in a bit and them telling you how good you look. You can get this same satisfaction on social media, but sometimes there are also downsides to that.

This is what Stephanie Seabrook experienced but it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster. Back in 2015 she gained a bunch of followers due to her amazing weight loss journey. She lost 150 pounds and she posted an image with cruel comments that she had received over the years.

After posting that photo, she got surgery to remove that access skin from her weight loss. At first people applauded her for it, but eventually the haters came out with vengeance. This caused her to begin to gain the weight she had originally lost.

She spoke to People Magazine, saying:

“At first I tried to just shrug it off, and not think about it, but it started to get progressively worse and more frequent. I got death threats, and people said I should go kill myself because I’m pathetic. They thought that I was a liar and a fraud, when I was just trying to be loved and accepted like anyone else.”

After people began to cyber bully her, she began to gain weight and went into depression.

She continued saying:

“I was getting really depressed, and I couldn’t admit to everyone that I was gaining weight, because I felt that I had a duty to be there for these people who said they could relate to me. I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

People had accused her of photoshopping her photos and when she began to gain weight she actually had to photoshop her photos. She didn’t want to let her followers down.

This eventually led her to shut her account down temporarily and get help from a therapist. She eventually came back to the Gram with a sense of new found self-love.

She reflected with a caption:

“Sure. She gained weight,” the caption reads. “She also gained: Self love. Freedom. A love of delicious foods. An open mind. Sleep. A sense of self worth. Enjoyment in life. Peace with her body. Room in her mind for more important things. The time to relax. The knowledge of what and who she needs in her life. A sense of humor. HAPPINESS.”

As of recent she has embraced her body and has found a new identity on Instagram. She posted a before and after of almost six years, with a big long caption. What stood out was when she said:

“My goal, in all of this posting, is to hopefully show people that when you truly love yourself it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. You will be comfortable no matter what size because you know OUR SIZE DOES NOT DICTATE OUR WORTH.”

No matter who you are those words can resonate with you and really help I think. Give Stephanie a follow here and see her journey in real time.