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You’ve Been Eating Pizza Wrong This Whole Time

You’ve Been Eating Pizza Wrong This Whole Time

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

Apparently, you’ve been eating pizza wrong this whole time. Breaking news, right?

The Mirror has revealed three ways we’ve been making when eating a slice. And yes, it probably involves the debate you’ve had with your friends once or twice.

1. Pizza should be soft, “al dente”.

We knew that though, because who wants to eat a piece of stale cardboard? Yuck.

2. Don’t hold it by the crust.

Okay, we’re getting it somewhere. You don’t want to hold it by the crust, because then all the toppings and cheese fall off!

3. DON’T cut it.

This is a crime against perfectly delicious pizza. Instead, the right way is to fold it like a wallet. Then, there’s no wasting of yummy toppings. Apparently, that’s how New Yorkers do it, because the slices are so big!

But the Today Show disagrees: You’re supposed to fold the pizza inside out, as to “maximize flavor”. And other people agree — try it with minimal toppings!

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