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After losing almost 300 pounds, man is ready for the love of his life

After losing almost 300 pounds, man is ready for the love of his life

After losing 280 pounds, one man is looking for love after getting a “second chance” at life.

At his absolute biggest, the 42-year-old’s size was a XXXXXXXL.

Jon Vidler could only stand for a few minutes until he would experience severe panic attacks which were triggered by worries about his weight.

It started when Vidler was bullied at school in Hampshire, UK.

He would come home after being teased and “eat spoonful after spoonful of brown sugar” to ease his hurting heart.

The habit carried on into adulthood when Mr. Vidler ate “whatever and whenever” he wanted.

It wasn’t until he was required to have a CT scan as part of a routine procedure — but he was over the 448 pound weight threshold.

Mr. Vidler shared:

“They went ahead with the scan even though I was over the threshold and thankfully got the information they needed – but I had to be pulled free from the machine because it was such a tight fit.”

“In fact, the motorised table stopped working as a result of the extra weight. They said that the only other option was to be referred to an equine centre where they scan horses.”

“It was moments like that which really struck me – I wasn’t just putting my life on hold because of my weight, I was putting it in danger too.”

The moment came when Mr. Vidler decided to join Slimming World once again in 2015.

“I was welcomed back without any question and this time something just clicked.”

“I fell in love with Food Optimising – so I still enjoyed delicious meals like curries, chillis, burgers and chips – I just prepared them in a different way and cooked most of my food from scratch.”

Food Optimising is a food-slimming plan.

After hours of hard work, Mr. Vidler was named Slimming World’s Greatest Loser 2019.

Additionally, he has since completed several 10km races and has even thought about climbing Mount Snowdon in June.

His transformation has been so radical that even his own family does not recognize him.

He said:

“I was recently best man at my brother Anthony’s wedding, which was a great day for me because I felt so much more confident than I had ever done before.”

“I had to laugh though when my uncle asked my dad why Anthony hadn’t asked me to be his best man… He literally had no idea it was me and wanted to know who this impostor was.”

Mr. Vidler is now hoping that with his new body, new mindset and a new outlook on life he will be able to find true love, saying:

“My biggest dream is to find someone to share my life with.”

“I feel like I’ve got a second chance and I want to fill it with things that I used to miss out on because of my weight, so meeting that special someone to share those memories with me would be amazing.”

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