This Stunning Photo Of The Northern Lights Looks Exactly Like A Phoenix Taking Flight

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Phoenix rising.

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Apparently, clouds aren’t the only ones forming crazy shapes in the sky these days.

As if the northern lights needed to be any more impressive, Icelandic photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason shared a photo he took of the northern lights that bears a shocking resemblance to a phoenix — the giant, fire-eating mythological bird — with outstretched wings as if it were soaring across the Kaldarsel sky.

Since it’s original upload on February 6th, Helgason’s incredible image has begun circulating the web, making headlines and wowing people all over the world.

Oddly enough, the humble Helgason admits he was able to capture the magical moment almost by luck.

In a post he made in a Facebook group called Iceland The Photographer’s Paradise, Helgason explained that he ‘was shooting another direction when this phenomenon appeared at the corner of my eye. Of course, I quickly repositioned the camera and made three shots vertorama to get it all.”

And it’s a good thing he did, because otherwise, the world may have missed out on this ethereal sight entirely!

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Killer Clowns Are Back And Now We Are Really Scared


If you ask, most people will say they are not fans of the “cheery” characters.

And today, I have plenty of evidence as to why they may think that because…

Killer clowns are back.

Image via YouTube

Recently, a man dressed as a clown shouted at two boys ‘run or die’ while ‘holding a knife‘, according to police.

Not terrifying at all, right?

The boys were cycling in Kent, in Joyden’s Wood near Dartford, when they came across a man dressed as a clown that began shouting the haunting phrase while holding something that ‘looked like a knife,’ the boys told police.

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When the boys finally returned to their home, they informed their parents of the scare. The parents then called the cops and a police car was sent to the area to locate the bizarre clown man.

A Kent Police spokesperson told the Mirror:

“We were called at 6.46pm on September 14 to a report of a person dressed as a clown in Tile Kiln Lane. Patrols in the area were advised of the incident but no person matching the description was seen.”

Image via YouTube

Of course, the recent killer clown sighting hit a nerve within the community – creating a fear that copy-cat clowns could sweep through the UK once again – just like in 2016 as well as this past fall.

In case you missed it, in 2016, there was a huge number of clowns – usually carrying a weapon – harassing and terrifying the locals.

This caused the Manchester police to share a statement to the community, advising them on what to do should they have an encounter with a killer clown.

Catherine Hankison, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, told The Sun Online:

“It’s important to stress that no-one has been physically harmed and I want to reassure people that we take reports of this nature extremely seriously. But if you do see any individuals dressed as clowns, you should try and keep calm and report the incident to authorities.”

Image via YouTube

Emphasis on the “keep calm” part.

Since we are here, ready for the next jarring incident?

Another clown/man was given a £90 fine after being found dressed up in a black and white clown costume, jumping out and scaring children.

The man’s name was Conor Jones who was at the time, 18. Connor was given the penalty fine after he was reported for terrifying the St. Cenydd Comprehensive School in Caerphilly, South Wales children.

Yikes. Connor: I think you need to look into getting a new hobby that doesn’t involve dressing up late at night and scaring kids that are not yours. There is so much good TV out there today, there really is no excuse.

I mean seriously, have you seen Pinky Blinders?


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One last horror story before we hit the road!

Image via YouTube

Close to last year, a few handfuls of people collectively decided to wear their clown costumes (because everyone has one -?-) and jump out on people.

A group of young girls in a park in Bristol reported that they were harassed by a clown holding some balloons who then began to chase them.

And on that note folks, stay safe this season and if you see something strange – report it to the authorities.

And then run like your life depended on it.

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“Have A Good Time” And Other Cringe-Worthy Things Trump Said To Hurricane Florence Survivors

This past Wednesday, President Donald Trump was in the Carolinas to tour the damage of Hurricane Florence.

Trump spoke with first responders as well as elected officials and other locals about the hurricane.

..a hurricane Trump called “one of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water.”

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You see where this is going, right?

Prepare to take a ride on the awkward train.

Next stop, this comment…

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”


Image via Twitter

Let’s rewind.

Trump was visiting homes that were destroyed by the hurricane when he spoke to a resident who procured a yacht in their yard.

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” Trump said.

Trump additionally assured the resident that he would do his best to help with an insurance issue.

…and then he went on to gush about the boat that was launched into said resident’s yard, saying the boat was “incredible.”

“They don’t know whose boat that is,” he said. “What’s the law? Maybe it becomes theirs.”

Image via Twitter

Is this Trump or Bush talking right now? I have lost track.

And then, during a briefing with North Carolina officials – Trump asked about a golf course – his golf course to be exact.

“How is Lake Norman doing?” Trump asked. “I love that area. I can’t tell you why, but I love that area.”

Next to Lake Norman is Mooresville, where The Trump National Golf Club Charlotte is located.

Let’s hope there was a yacht that found its way onto the club so he could leave Hurricane Florence survivors alone with their wetness.

But now it is time for the ultimate shake-my-head phrase Trump shared with those looking for solace.

“Trump is with you.”

In reassuring South Carolina’s local officials that the federal government would help them in their recovery from the hurricane, Trump went onto say this awkward bit.

Image via Twitter

“Washington is with you,” Trump said.

And then he legit finished his thought with,

“Trump is with you.”

Is anyone else as weirded out as I am about this?!

Despite officials sharing how Florence caused massive damage in South Carolina, Trump rerouted the conversation to what he thought would be exciting.

“I think the most exciting part is going to be that rebuild,” Trump stated. “Because we’re going to have a lot of rebuilding. I flew over, and there’s a lot of damage.”

Last but certainly not least, Trump helped distribute meals to people in need in New Bern – a North Carolina city hit hard by the storm.

And as he handed takeout boxes to one driver, MSNBC caught the following leaving Trump’s mouth.

“Have a good time!”

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Image via Twitter

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to crawl into a hole now and die of embarrassment.

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Alaska Is The ‘Last Frontier’ For Blockbuster

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One may think that Blockbuster stores are a thing of the past. It filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after streaming services like Netflix took over. The last of its stores closed in 2013 … supposedly.

There’s one state, where Blockbuster not only still exists — but is thriving: Alaska. Kevin Daymude, manager of a Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska, decided to keep his store open while others shuttered.

Daymude has worked at Blockbuster for 26 years. He’s not the only one still on the once-giant’s payroll. Kenai Malay works at one in Wasila, Alaska, also known as the hometown of Sarah Palin.

How is this possible? Well, as CBS News explains, the internet is expensive in Alaska. Not only that, but the company from going to an actual store — as opposed to staying alone in your home — is valuable to Alaskans during cold winters.

The last few Blockbusters make sure to stock their shelves with current titles.

“I feel like a lot of the customers just want to come in and feel like they’re someone special,” Daymude told CBS. “They love the customer service, they love the interaction.”

While Blockbuster may never relive its heyday, the last frontier is keeping it alive.

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This Town’s Golden Retriever Mayor Is One Good Boy

When it comes to local politics, things can get dicey.

Power. Greed. The current state of affairs.

And for lack of better terms, the politics of it all can be one huge eye roll.

So one town in California recently decided to put their faith into the paws of someone they truly believed would have their best intentions at heart.

Meet Max.

Image via Facebook

He’s a Golden Retriever and he runs a town in California.

Yes, you read that correctly.


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The town of Idyllwild has not just entrusted this doggo to be man’s best friend, but also – man’s trusted mayor.

The mayor’s full name you ask?

Maximus Might Dog Mueller II.

And if you had any doubt he was born to be a leader, you can just go ahead and read that name one more time because YOWZA that title means business.

But don’t let that name intimidate you.

To the people of Idyllwild, Maximus is known as Mayor Max and has been in office for five years.

Image via Facebook

But surprisingly enough, Max was not the first dog to hold the title of Mayor in the small town.

Max’s uncle was actually the first canine mayor in office back in 2012.

“Six years ago, Idyllwild decided to elect its first mayor,” Mayor Max’s Chief of Staff, Phyllis Mueller, told ABC.

“You had to be a local resident, but you couldn’t run yourself, you could run your pet. In a voted election, 14 dogs and two cats ran and we decided to have an election to raise money for the animal rescue. So you paid $1 a vote and you were encouraged to vote a lot.”

Image via Facebook

The happy doggo can be seen in his personalized pickup truck, grinning floppy ear to floppy ear.

Oh, but we should mention he is not driving it.

He is chauffeured around so he may connect with his town and make public appearances, hey – it comes with the job, right?

“His role is to make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others,” Mueller shared.

Image via Facebook

“My role as the chief of staff is to help run the vision of the mayor’s office for Idyllwild, so we actually run an actual mayor’s office.”

And it sounds like the untraditional mayor isn’t going anywhere soon – as locals and out of towners are smitten with the pup’s way or running things.

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“Max is awesome,” visitor Andrea Valadez told KMIR TV. “He is super friendly and he lets my son give him treats.”

Image via Facebook

Perks of the job, eh Max?

It is said that Mayor Max will be able to hold his ceremonial role for his entire lifetime, which we hope is very long.

And that is nothing to bark at.

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This Dead Squid Moves Like It’s Alive — And You’re Supposed To Eat It

This article originally appeared and was published on


Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it sure does look like it could be.

That thing you’re seeing up there is not from a Syfy movie or a documentary about cruelty to animals — it’s a Japanese dish called katsu ika ordor-don.

Literally translated, that means “active dancing squid rice bowl.” Creative, right?

It’s not really hard to see where it got its name…

Dear animal lovers, worry not — the squid being served up in that Instagram was most certainly not living at the time it was consumed.

It was, however, so fresh that its muscles still worked.

When soy sauce was poured over the squid, the sodium triggered a chemical reaction that made the muscles spasm, creating the illusion it was moving its arms on its own.

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After Being ‘Chased With Cheese,’ 13-Year-Old Boy Dies From Severe Allergic Reaction

Due to a severe allergy to dairy, a 13-year-old boy died after being ‘chased with cheese.’

It was reported the cheese was also thrown down his t-shirt.

The event happened on June 28th of last year, midday in Greenford, West London.

Image via YouTube

Karanbir Cheema was also known among friends and family as Karan.

The boy had a severe allergy to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs, and all nuts — additionally, being asthmatic and suffering from atopic eczema.

According to St. Pancras Coroners’ Court, Karan went into anaphylactic shock in Greenford’s William Perkin Church of England and was unconscious as paramedics attempted to save the boy’s life.

The inquest heard from Kierin Oppatt, a paramedic who was first on the scene, informed the hearing that the 999 operator was told it was ‘just an allergic reaction’ but when he arrived on the scene, Karan was ‘gasping for air’ and had broken out in hives.

Soon after Oppatt and his fellow paramedics arrived, the boy stopped breathing.

Image via YouTube

Mary Hassell, senior coroner, requested the witness to go back through the unfortunate events of the day.

To which Oppatt responded:

“The call came in at 11.40am. We arrived on the scene at 11.47am. The call came in as just an allergic reaction. On arrival at the scene, I immediately knew it was life-threatening and that the patient had a high risk of going into cardiac and respiratory arrest. We were told by school staff that perhaps someone had chased the patient with cheese and had proceeded to throw it down his t-shirt, that he had an allergic reaction, that he was itchy, his skin was very hot, and that he was having difficulty breathing. Staff had administered two spoons of Piriton, an Epipen and given him his inhaler. When we arrived we saw Karan lying on his back on the floor with [the] teachers around him. He appeared to be in a state of pre-arrest. He had very slow respiration – he was gasping for air. His skin was red and there appeared to be hives.”

Oppatt knew he had to make a call for help due to the severity of the situation but had to go outside the building as his radio could not get reception. Oppatt then went to his vehicle, informing the communications center he needed the assistance of an advanced paramedic and additional crew at the job.

Oppatt then started the process of drawing up inter-muscular adrenaline when his fellow paramedic informed him Karan had stopped breathing.

Both paramedics began to perform CPR on Karan, also administering adrenaline and using a defibrillator while waiting for back up to arrive.

When back up came, Karan was taken out on a stretcher to the ambulance.

The boy died ten days later on July 9th, his parents by his bedside at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Image via YouTube

Rina Cheema, Karan’s mother, along with his two brothers and sister were at court on September 19th.

Rina shared that on behalf of her family, they demand answers as she was left devastated over the loss of Karan.

The accountant mother said Karan could have been anything he wanted.

Image via YouTube

A 13-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the time of Karan’s death but has yet to be charged.

Ahead of the full inquest, Detective Sergeant Christian Rodgers read through a list of potential witnesses with the coroner, stating “The person involved is no longer at the school.”

The full inquest is said to be held at a later date.

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After This Dog Was Stolen And Abandoned, He Bravely Takes Himself To The Hospital

In recent news, a stolen German Shepherd had managed to check himself into a hospital all by himself after being abandoned.

We knew dogs were intelligent, but this takes canine intelligence to a whole new level! In the Amasya province of northern Turkey, nine-month-old Silla was stolen while his owner – Serdar Keskindir – was busy working.

As most pet owners could imagine, Serdar was left heartbroken when he found that his pup was stolen, as Silla is not only his good friend but also work companion.

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Serdar was desperate to ensure Silla’s safe and swift return, so Serdar posted a 2,000-TRY (£238) reward for recovery of the pup.

Serdar now believes he made it harder for the thieves to attempt to sell Silla.

It was believed Silla was then dumped by the dog kidnappers, with no regard for the pup’s safety or wellbeing. The situation escalated when Silla was later attacked and injured by a pack of stray dogs. But Silla preserved and had her wits about her.

In an amazing video featured below, Silla was able to be his own knight in shining armor.

Despite being distressed and most likely in shock, the dog was able to take himself to the hospital for treatment where his wounds were tended to by professionals.

Image via YouTube

In every day life, Silla usually sticks by his human dad’s side to work. Serdar recovers vehicles which have been involved in car crashes.

Serdar believes the smart dog was able to recognize the ambulance and somehow associate that there were in fact doctors at the hospital who could help treat his injuries.

The shocking footage shows Silla quickly running up to the entrance of the emergency room of the Vocational Training facility in Amasya — almost as if he knew exactly where he was headed.

Image via YouTube

A second video was released of Silla having his injured leg being gently treated by a doctor.

As of now, it has been reported that Silla is not only stable but also reunited with his human owner.

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Serdar was nothing short of joyous when he learned his dog was in better health.

Image via YouTube

He has since graciously thanked the workers at the emergency room for taking such good care of his precious pet, saying:

“When the dog was then attacked by stray dogs and had its left leg injured, it went to search for help at an emergency unit.”

There has been no update on whether the perpetrators have been identified.

We can only hope their fate is swift and just, as no animal deserves to be treated cruelly.

Watch the video of brave Silla, below.

To learn more on how you can help stop dogs like Silla from being stolen and or abandoned, click here for resources and to sign the petition.

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Shakespeare Did Not Write Some Plays Himself

This article originally appeared and was published on

As it turns out, Shakespeare had some helps with several of his plays.

According to Big Data, Christopher Marlowe co-wrote three of Shakespeare’s works and will now be credited as such. Gary Taylor, one of the senior editors of the project, told Reuters, “Shakespeare has entered the world of Big Data and there are certain questions that we are now able to answer more confidently that people have been asking for a very long time.”

This settles part of a centuries-long debate over whether Shakespeare really authored his plays. Taylor, also a professor at Florida State University, said that academics knew that the playwright co-wrote on at least some of his works.

Given this development, the Oxford University Press will add Marlowe as a co-writer to the Henry VI plays — parts 1, 2, and 3.

The project involved 23 international scholars. They all analyzed Marlowe’s work; this included his repeated phrases and idiosyncrasies. They did the same with other contemporary writers of Shakespeare’s time.

Some academics, however, don’t believe that Marlowe was a co-writer. “I believe Shakespeare collaborated with all kinds of people … but I would be very surprised if Marlowe was one of them,” Carol Rutter told BBC News. Rutter is a professor of Shakespeare and performance studies at the University of Warwick.

She said, however, that disagreeing adds to the ongoing discourse of the worse. “We have really stopped thinking about the richness of the writing experience in the early modern theatre,” she said, “and by crediting Marlowe, people like Gary Taylor are making us attend to that.”

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Thanks To Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes, Portland Now Generates Green Energy

When ‘Portland’ comes to mind, I think of organic, shopping locally, Fred Armisen and green energy.

So it come as a surprise to many when it was announced that the just recently partnered with Lucid Energy – a company that generates clean electricity from city water pipes.

Image via YouTube

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Oregon’s largest city has recently shared how they have replaced a section of its existing water supply network with Lucid Energy pipes — which contain four, forty-two-inch turbines.

How does it work exactly?

As the water flows through the pipes – the Lucid Energy turbines spin and power the attached generators. Those generators then feed energy back into the city’s electrical grid.

Image via YouTube

Portland’s new clean energy source-project is titled as the “Conduit 3 Hydroelectric Project,” which is scheduled to be in full swing in March.

This will be the “first project in the U.S. to secure a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for renewable energy produced by in-pipe hydropower in a municipal water pipeline.” according to a Lucid Energy FAQ on the partnership.

Image via YouTube

What makes the energy system even more unique is how the Lucid Energy system is not affected by any external conditions i.e. the weather. This is unlike other renewable energy sources such as solar and window power sources.

In order for the new power generators to become both cost and energy efficient, Fast Company shared that the generators must be installed in pipes where water flows downhill. This is to eliminate the need for the water having to be pumped as the energy needed to move said water would take away from any energy being created.

Image via YouTube

The system can also monitor both the overall status of the city’s water supply network as well as measure the drinking quality of the water flowing through it.

The partnership between the company and the city of Portland is continuing to wrap up its “commissioning” phase — in which the system is put through final-stage testing.

After the system is deemed fully operational, over the next twenty years – the installation is expected to generate $2,000,000 worth of renewable energy. This is based on “an average of 1,100-megawatt hours of energy per year, enough electricity to power up to 150 homes.”

Image via YouTube

The money that will be generated by the system is said to be split among the project’s investors.

It will also be used to recoup constructions costs as well as any ongoing upkeep of the system.

And after 20 years, the Portland Water Bureau will be able to have the right to own the entire project – including the energy and profit generated by it.

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Portland just got a little more, well – Portland.

All that’s missing?

A bit about how the mayor of Portland wants to make the pipe-turbines a tourist attraction — complete with Fred and Carrie’s enthusiastic ideas, theme songs and zingers.

Lorne Michaels, if you’re reading this: you’re welcome.

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Autistic Boy Who Was Banned From School Now Models For H&M, River Island And Land Rover

After being banned from school activities due to having anger issues, a young autistic boy has secured a modeling contract for a top high street brand.

Due to the boy’s anger and stress – issues of his condition- Alfie Aldridge was not allowed to participate in his school play or even have his school photo taken.

Image via Zebedee Management

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Alfie was moved to Larwood School, a specialist school in Stevenage, after the 11-year-old was diagnosed with high functioning autism. While he still has difficulty both socializing and working in groups, Alfie has found a passion for modeling, with others noting how he is much calmer in front of the camera.

It was a family friend of Alfie’s who first made the suggestion that the young boy look into a career for modeling and not too long after, Alfie was offered a contract with Zebedee Management.

Alfie can be featured as the face of brands such as River Island, H&M, as well as Land Rover.

Image via Zebedee Management

Gary, Alfie’s father, was overjoyed at his son’s shift of disposition:

“I want people to know disabilities can’t stop your dreams. Since starting modeling he just seems different. It was like he was born to do it. It’s helped him to come out of himself. From a boy that was angry all the time, he is now so confident. It’s just fabulous. The modeling and acting has made him grow so much, he doesn’t get angry like he would have done. Before leaving mainstream school it looked like we had no hope, but the things he’s achieved now are fantastic. He doesn’t get aggressive any more and never on set.”

Gary is also a businessman, adding that Alfie tried a handful of hobbies but none of them stuck like modeling did.

Image via Zebedee Management

“I tried different things like swimming lessons or ­gymnastics and football, but he doesn’t like working in a group. When we found his real passion, modeling, he was so much more relaxed.”

The specialist management company is a model agency for children with disabilities, priding themselves in celebrating the body one was born into – no matter what condition. Zebedee believes everyone was born beautiful, actively seeking to change the perception of beauty, disability, and diversity.

The 11-year-old shared his hopes for his future modeling career, saying how much he enjoys being treated like a celebrity when on shoots.

Image via Zebedee Management

“I am very excited about my modeling and I want to be a top model when I am older.” Alfie shared.

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“When I go in for a shoot they do my hair and makeup and it makes me feel like a celebrity. I talk to my friends about it at school and they say it’s really cool.”

Go get em’ Alfie!

Image via Zebedee Management

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Hero Treks From New Jersey To Save A Cow Trapped In Hurricane Florence

When North Carolina was overtaken with floodwater’s, Mike Stura from New Jersey drove to rescue at risk animals caught in the hurricane’s aftermath.

The founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue along with his two friends, Todd Friedman and Dave Miller, first found three puppies above the floodplains in North Carolina.

Stura told The Dodo, “They were emaciated and abandoned and shivering, and I pulled up by the road with the truck, I just stopped, and they came right up to me.”

Image via Facebook

But the puppies turned out not to be Stura’s biggest challenge. Someone had shown Stura a video of cows fighting to swim in rising floodwater’s on a property nearby.

“I put the boat in, and a local girl, Caroline Byrd … showed us where to go,” Stura said. “She didn’t live far, and she knew the area where the cows were, so she hopped into the boat with me, and off we went.”

Stura said that when he and his friends arrived at the property, a few cows had safely made it onto the owner’s front porch, which was elevated above the floodwaters.

But there was one cow having a difficult time staying afloat – swimming in front of the flooded barn.

“We chased her and got a halter on her,” Stura said. “To keep her head above the water, we latched her to the boat so we could bring her with us.”

And getting the cow to safety was no easy task. Stura shared he parked his truck and trailer a mile away and as a result, the crew had to drag her a far distance with their boat – despite motor failure at one point.

“Luckily, a guy came with a jet ski and gave us a little tow,” Stura said.

Stura noted the most difficult part about the rescue was getting the cow out of the water as the cow had lost so much energy from swimming, that she could no longer support her own body weight. Stura and his friends had to work together along with locals to physically lift the cow out of the water.

“She would cry and I’d lift her, and she would get her rear end up, but she just couldn’t totally stand,” Stura said. “We got some straps beneath her and some halters on her face … and there was about eight of us, lifting and pulling on her, and we just kind of heaved her up into the trailer.”

Image via Facebook

Stura and his crew were finally able to move the cow to safety – a dry trailer with plenty of straw and Stura repeatedly told the cow that she was going to be OK.

“Even though she’s too tired to get up, she’s feisty,” Stura said. “She’s a beef cattle — they don’t get handled by people, so she probably has had very limited interactions with people, and probably what she did have was not really positive — it was probably people taking her family and friends away, so she was understandably a nervous wreck.”

Image via Facebook

Over the phone, the farmer who owned the property informed Stura that any cow he rescued, he could keep – so Stura did just that, driving his rescued cow back to his sanctuary in New Jersey.

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Truth Behind The Donald Trump Quote From 1998 That’s Rapidly Going Viral

This article originally appeared and was published on

On Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected the next president. Soon after, an apparent quote from a 1998 issue of People Magazine went viral on the Internet:

Credit: The Other 98%

In the quote, Trump calls voters the “dumbest group of voters in the country.” He continued, saying that they’d believe anything Fox broadcasts.

Trump’s alleged words began circulating the online sphere in October 2015, when Trump’s campaign was beginning to be taken seriously. It has a watermark for The Other 98%, a popular left-leaning Facebook page, though New York Magazine reports that the above photo has now been removed from the page.

As it turns out, though, the lines have been proven fake.

According to fact-checking site Snopes, they found no record of Trump saying this in 1998 or any other time according to their research.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Trump had talked about politics and the Republican party. For example, in 1988 he told Oprah he “probably” would never run for office. Eleven years later, he told Larry King that he was considering a political run, and that he was a registered Republican.

He has not, however, said those particular words bashing the party.

The image on the photo was from the 1988 Oprah interview:

Snopes also pointed out that in 1998, Fox News was not prominently watched. It was not known as the network it is today.

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Scientists May Have Solved The Mystery Of Déjà Vu

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Déjà vu is the feeling that we already experienced what’s happening in the present. It can be unsettling — if not frightening — and the explanation of why it occurs has longtime stumped scientists.

Now, researchers at the University of St. Andrews in the UK may have solved the mystery — and it has nothing to do with Hollywood explanations like in The Matrix or Inception.

Déjà vu had been thought to merely be false memories, but this research suggests otherwise. It may actually be a way the brain tries to resolve conflicts.

Researchers attempted to trigger the feeling in volunteers by giving them a false memory. They gave them a list of words related to sleep — bed, pillow, night and dream — but not the word “sleep” itself. They then asked if volunteers heard a word beginning in “s.” Volunteers said no.

Later, researchers asked if they heard the word “sleep.” They knew they could not have, because it begins with “s,” but the word felt familiar to them — they had a sense of déjà vu.

“They report having this strange experience of déjà vu,” said lead researcher Akira O’Connor.

O’Connor and his team used fMRI scanning to see what kind of brain functions were going on when this “strange experience” happened. Frontal regions of the brain, the part responsible for decision-making, showed activity. This does not include the hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memories.

According to Stefan Köhler at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, this suggests that there may be “some conflict resolution going on in the brain during déjà vu.”

O’Connor, however, acknowledged that this is just the start of research.

Furthermore, his team’s findings need to be peer reviewed. Should it be approved, though, it opens up even more questions, such as how déjà vu affects older people and if it’s beneficial to humans.

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Dwayne Johnson Hosts Touching Make-A-Wish Day For Critically-Ill Children

This past weekend, fan-favorite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared quite a few videos via Instagram that had many tearing up over their screens.

The series of Instagram posts shows ‘The Rock’ Johnson partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Each year, he organizes an event in conjunction with the foundation, granting children the chance to get their one wish: to meet Dwayne in person.

Johnson took time to meet and chat with children who were battling critical illnesses, starting with a handshake.

Image via Instagram

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In his posting, Johnson writes how much the meetup meant to him, calling events like the Make A Wish Foundation event the ‘best part’ of fame.

“Even though I was obviously there with the kids and parents, it’s hard for me to watch these without shedding a happy tear or two. As a man, father and luckiest SOB on this planet, I can honestly say without no uncertain terms — to me, this will always be the best part of my job. The best part of fame.”

Cue the tears…

In the video, the children can be seen adventuring on the set of Johnson’s latest movie, Jungle Cruise – with the set being decked out with tons of delicious looking treats and plenty of fun games for the kids.

Image via Instagram

Johnson sported his Jungle Cruise costume throughout the event, even bringing in Emily Blunt in on the fun.

Image via Instagram

Many of the kids are – not surprisingly – filled to the brim with laughter when taking photos, getting ‘The Rock’s’ signature and hugging the beaming actor.

Image via Instagram

At the very end of the event, Johnson surprises his fans with one last treat – a goodie bag filled with amazing gifts including one year’s supply of movie tickets, a Disney swag bag, Under Armor clothing and an exclusive Jungle Cruise X-Box One, complete with a year’s supply of games.

Image via Instagram

Johnson goes onto say why exactly the annual event is so close to his heart.

“This kind of thing where we’re delivering happiness to kids who need it and parents who need it is very special. The kids say that I inspire them, which is awesome, but the irony about it is they have no idea how much they inspire me.”

Image via Instagram

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In a message to his young fans and their families, Johnson leaves them with this note at the end of his posting…

“Stay strong families and thank you for choosing me as your “wish” and thank you for the trust to deliver a little bit of joy to your lives.”

Image via Instagram

Okay at this point, if you are not crying – it is safe to say you are most definitely, a robot.


Take a watch for yourself below and keep the tissues handy.

You are going to need them.

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*scroll left Even though I was obviously there with the kids and parents, it’s hard for me to watch these without shedding a happy tear or two. As a man, father and luckiest SOB on this planet, I can honestly say without no uncertain terms — to me, this will always be the best part of my job. The best part of fame. Stay strong families and thank you for choosing me as your “wish” and thank you for the trust to deliver a little bit of joy to your lives. Stay strong ~ DJ ❤️ And a huge mahalo to my Emily Blunt & @jackwhitehall as well as my entire team, Jungle Cruise production crew and our amazing partners @microsoft, @atomtickets, @disney & @underarmour. #MakeAWishDay #TheKindaStuffThatReallyMatters

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Former Pro-Hockey Player Posts Photo Of Slain Bear, Receives Death Threats And Backlash From The Internet

This week a former Canadian pro-hockey player has received multiple death threats after posting to Twitter about hunting and killing a grizzly bear.

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The 34-year-old Tim Brent posted a photo, grinning ear to ear over a deceased grizzly bear with a disturbing caption.

Brent went on to explain that the creature had spotted him at around 75 yards and instead of the bear taking off, he turned and came straight to the hunters.

Brent shared “It was very easy to tell this boar owned the valley we were hunting in and wasn’t scared of anything!”

The former Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player from Canada’s National Hockey League additionally posted photos of his very own Yukon moose — sharing that he was absolutely ‘humbled’ by him.

Since the tweet has been posted, Brent has received an influx of critics not only for his hunting habits but as well as being so positive and proud of them.

The tweet where Brent poses over the deceased bear has over 23,000 comments and counting.

Many celebrities have even taken notice of the controversial picture, including none other than animal rights activist, Ricky Gervais.

A user by the name of Christian additionally commented with “Timmy you’re about to make a lot of people who like you not like you as much.” to which Brent quipped back with…

Most of the comments call Brent a coward (and other explicit names) shaming the former hockey player for his hunting ways.

Brent has since tweeted saying he had multiple received death threats – sharing, “These are the types of messages I am getting on twitter in response to my moose and bear hunts.

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“I would love to know what constitutes a threat or abuse for Twitter? This is what we are up against as Hunters.” Brent said.

Brent most recently shared a photo to Twitter of his freezer fully stocked with multiple wrapped, frozen packages with the caption:

“One of the many reasons I hunt! Moose, bear, elk and wild boar fill my family’s freezer! One of the many reasons I hunt! Moose, bear, elk and wild boar fill my family’s freezer!”

But not before posting a photo of what appears to be the skinned carcass of a moose alongside his father-in-law, a rainbow shining behind them. The caption reads: “You know there is only ONE animal that has a backstrap this big!!!! A BIG, OLD, YUKON MOOSE! You know there is only ONE animal that has a backstrap this big!!!! A BIG, OLD, YUKON MOOSE!”

And as you can imagine, both images were filled with even more nasty comments. Maybe Brent will take the hint and lay low for a while before his next Twitter assault…

To help stop animals from being poached, do your part and sign the Stop Hunters from Killing Innocent Bear and Wolf Families petition, today.

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Animal Testing Facility Tattoos, Drugs and Tests Monkeys Before Killing Them In Disturbing Footage

Recent footage has been released to the public that has revealed both disturbing and shocking conditions at Europe’s largest primate research center.

Animal Defenders International or (ADI) animal rights advocates have made claims that they have captured footage by the use of hidden cameras at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre in the Netherlands.

Image via ADI

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The below footage shows the monkeys getting a sedative injection as well as tattooed while they are completely conscious throughout the entire procedure.

Campaigners told MailOnline that some of the monkeys were severely injured after their distressed cage-mates attacked one another. This is most likely due to the animals not being able to cope with their harsh surroundings.

Image via ADI

It was reported the animals were in fact sedated but continued to be conscious during the procedures and continued to have feelings throughout.

When the monkeys came to from the injections, they were then left unattended and disoriented, leaving the animals vulnerable to injury.

Image via ADI

In the footage, viewers have reported hearing the animal’s captors singing The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)’, and apparently having a grand time with ADI – at one point even boasting how the animals were ‘oblivious to their plight’.

It was also noted that the monkeys were allegedly put down in front of their cage-mates in full view.

UN Messenger of Peace and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, Jane Goodall said: “The way they are being treated in the video is shocking and inhumane. It is my considered opinion that those involved in this kind of research on primates should consider using alternative procedures that do not involve experimentation on intelligent, sentient beings. This research should be phased out as soon as possible.”

Image via ADI

So what exactly is the purpose of The Biomedical Primate Research Centre?

The center is used to breed animals for its own use along with other laboratories, collaborating with researchers in both the UK and the US.

MailOnline additionally shared that the research center has more than tripled its primate use, from 95 individuals in 2016 to 317 in 2017.

Image via ADI

The facility has a total of 1,600 primates in which most are kept in breeding groups of 20-40 individuals.

The footage was recorded in March of 2017 and ironically enough, released on September 1st of this year — on international primate day.

Image via ADI

As you can imagine, many are outraged regarding the treatment of these animals and commenter’s of the viral video of 13K views and counting are not holding back their thoughts.

One viewer poetically commented on the video with: “Let the impact of this scandalous horrific treatment of the innocent make a mark in animal is born to suffer such pain and no human and I use that term lightly has the right to make them us..have 1 life..let them live it to the full.”

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Mormon Mom Of Six Goes Viral On Who Is Really Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies

Blogger and designer Gabrielle Blair understands women are usually the ones at fault for wanting to end unplanned pregnancies. But she feels there is another group that should take the blame: Men who irresponsibly orgasm.

Blair, a Morman mother of six, challenged Twitter in a viral thread on how we all should shift the way we see unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

Blair continues to share that the responsibility and weight (quite literally) falls on women. And while birth control is a fantastic tool that aids women in exercising their own rights, they are not immune from side affects such as nausea, mood changes, breast tenderness, headaches, migraines, decreased libido, and weight gain to name just a few.

The mother of six also linked an NPR article on how the male birth control pill was swiftly shut down after men complained of side effects such as acne and weight gain.

Blair shares in her thread the list of side effects for men were close to 1/3 as long as the known side effects for women’s oral contraception – additionally noting how birth control requires a prescription and can also get pricey.

She continues on to say if women are not comfortable taking the pill, the other alternative, affordable and fast-track option without huge side effects, are condoms.

But in the name of putting male pleasure above females, condoms are not always used – with some men even refusing to “pull out” as it feels better not to.

Blair coins this as “irresponsible ejaculation” and shares how mind-boggling and disturbing it is that men are willing to risk the life, health and well-being of women in order to experience 5 seconds of pleasure.

She continues on, stating that women can orgasm without penetrative sex or ejaculation and that it is, in fact, the male orgasm that causes unwanted pregnancy – not female sexuality. And for that reason alone, Blair says focusing on male behavior could potentially have a huge impact on abortion and unwanted pregnancy rates.

Blair then pushes the envelope even further asking the internet the bold question: what if men’s bodies were ordered around in the same way women’s are and if a pregnancy were seen as male responsibility equal to a female one? What if men were required by law to get a vasectomy at puberty? Blair states later in life, they could always reverse it if they decided they wanted children.

She also adds the vasectomies could be potentially painful and invasive, but it would be no different than a woman going to her doctor’s appointment to secure birth control and live with the side effects of the pill.

Blair and her family. Image courtesy of Twitter.

The unapologetic thread quickly went viral and many women Twitter users thanked Blair for her raw, open letter.

Blair had mentioned on her blog that she had originally written the thread months ago but had been cautious to hit “share.” The mother shared that she was able to open up and hit the publish button after hearing many men discuss women’s reproductive rights related to the Kavanaugh hearings.

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Spectacular Footage Of Squid Rarely Seen Alive Emerges

This article originally appeared and was published on

Researchers off the coast of Hawaii captured spectacular footage of a type of squid rarely seen alive. The video was captured through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The oceanic creature in the video is known as a whiplash squid. The film was released in September but is just now getting popular.

“What looks like those red lips, that’s where water is taken in and ejected. … It’s used for propulsion to propel it backwards,” one of the researchers said.

As Quartz notes, the squid has an organ that emits unusually bright light, which is thought to stun predators and prey.

Whiplash squids live so deep in the ocean that there’s rarely a chance to study them. Scientists are hoping this video will spark more interest in further study.

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You Can Purchase One Of The Four Homes Paul Manafort Must Forfeit

Have you ever wanted to own a home that spoke for itself? A home that left your guests awe-struck? A house that made you the envy of your friends? How about a house that was previously owned by a criminal? You may be in luck.

Thanks to a plea agreement between Paul Manafort and special counsel Robert Mueller, Manafort must forfeit four properties acquired or furnished with illegal money — including a luxurious estate in the Tony Hamptons.

According to real-estate firm Zillow, the four homes are valued at a combined $16 million. Additionally, Manafort will fork over $30 million or so in either cash and other assets — including a life insurance policy. This will ensure Manafort does not serve a prison sentence exceeding 10 years.

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He will also cooperate in the on-going investigation with the 2016 elections and Russian interference.

The silver lining in all this? If you have ever wanted a (fancy) house with tons of (criminal) history, we are pleased to say you have (four) possible options!

174 Jobs Lane, Water Mill, N.Y.

Image via Google Maps

This gorgeous 10 bedroom boasts 5,574 square feet and has not one, not two but SIX bathrooms. Its estimated value is a $7 million. The estate comes with a pool, a tennis court, a basketball court and putting green (with sand trap). And did we mention the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club is less than a mile away? Fun fact: prosecutors found that more than $6 million in home improvements were made to the house but it is not clear whether the money went into actually improving the household or was laundered. Regardless, you still get six bathrooms out of the deal.

377 Union Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. (middle unit)

Image via Google Maps

With 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and totaling a hefty 4,284 square feet, you and yours will have plenty of space to say the least. The brownstone’s estimated value is $4.1 million and is located in the popular Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn. As of last year, brokers working for Manafort asked for a reasonable $9 million.

29 Howard St., Unit 4, New York, N.Y.

Image via Google Maps

If you are looking for something that is more quaint, this condo may be a good fit for you. Clocking in at 2,150 square feet, this 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms is estimated at $2.9 million and is located in Manhatten’s SoHo district. It as noted Manafort didn’t spend much time at the condo. Manafort instead rented it on Airbnb for upwards of $500 a night.

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1046 N. Edgewood Street, Arlington, Va.

Image via Google Maps

At an estimated $1.7 million, this 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,828 square feet suburban spot is the more humble option out of the four but there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance and is a quick commute into the District of Columbia.

Well, folks, you have options. Whether you settle on six bathrooms or 2.5, happy house hunting!

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