Diver Impales A Bull Shark With A Spear Gun As It Charges To Attack Him

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Spearfisherman Danny Henricks is fortunate enough to have survived the type of underwater experience that proves just how dangerous sea creatures can be — and he even caught it all on video.

Henricks, 35, was fishing off the coast of Australia when a bull shark charged at him at full speed, only to impale himself on Danny’s spear gun.

The hair-raising clip has been video more than three million times (and counting) since Henricks uploaded it last month.

The diver was spending his holiday diving off the coast of north Queensland when he suddenly saw the fierce beast emerge from the depths.

“I was going to go for a deep dive, got halfway down… I seen him [the shark] on edge of the channel deep down,” Henricks told a news outlet.

“He didn’t worry me at all, he didn’t care about me, then he saw me, turned and came towards me half-pace… I sort of stopped in the middle of the water,” he said.

“I thought he was going to come towards me half-pace … I thought he was going to suss me out so I was just going to poke him away to show I wasn’t food. I just wanted him to keep me at a distance.”

Henricks says the underwater animal went full charge within the last five to six meters.

“I lunged forward with the gun a little bit just before he got there but most of it was his force,” he said.

Henricks, an experienced diver and fisherman, said he was shocked by the incident.

“I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet because I don’t really understand what’s happened,” he said in an interview last month. “Some people would say not being there in the first place, which I think I have a right to be there.”

Though the incident knocked his confidence slightly, Henricks says that he will continue to spearfish.

He plans to take a dive buddy from now on.

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L.A. County Library Makes Young Readers Pay Late Fees With More Reading…And It’s Working

Local libraries in L.A. County are looking to entice not only book lovers but also, children who have yet to be interested in books by not imposing late fees as well as signing up students for library cards through their schools.

The libraries will also offer a “read away” program where children can “read away” any fees they may have accrued.

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Thanks to a vote last week by Los Angeles County supervisors to end late fees for any patron under 21 at county-run libraries, the no-fine effect was immediate.

Image via Free Stock Photo

Though ending late fees did not mean past fines would disappear altogether.

But, a program that started back in June offered a “debt-relief” program where students could “pay off” any fines by reading at a rate of $5 an hour.

Sounds like a fair trade-off if you ask me!

And with all the iPads, iPhones and the apps in between — librarians continue to push children towards reading books at libraries.

Librarians also want to ensure there is not a gap between lower income and higher income families.

Image via flickr

The “reading away” library debt is also important as the materials that are either lost or damaged can potentially rack up to a high cost.

For example, a debt of $10 in fees equates to a suspended borrowing status. And according to the L.A. Times, fines of just 15 cents a day, per book, can steer kids away. But thanks to the “Read Away” program, the county library system has cleared 3,500 blocked accounts, according to the county’s assistant library administrator for youth services — Darcy Hastings.

“When charges accrue on a young person’s account, generally, they don’t pay the charges and they don’t use the card,” Hastings said to LA Times. “A few dollars on their accounts means they stop using library services.”

Close to 80% of parents reported they are more likely to let children check out materials thanks to the more flexible policies, according to random surveys.

Image via Joint Base Andrews

And close to 100 students a week read away their debt according to Aleah Jurnecka at East L.A. Library. Children use either one or more of the three library systems: L.A. city, L.A. County or a school library.

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Location and school district affect the state of school libraries. L.A. Unified, for example, is an elementary library that is fully staffed with a full-time librarian and a part-time aide but for close to a year, district students have received city library cards that accrue no overdue fees.

Image via Minot Air Force Base

Close to 15,000 students have used the new cards and thousands of others already had access to library cards.

Students are able to check out three books at one time.

As fantastic as the program is, the city of Los Angeles itself does not have a read-away program for fines and other cities with library systems must set their own fee policies.

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Findings Suggest Mars Was Once Home To Life And (Maybe) Still Is

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

We may be closer than we expect to uncover the possibility of life on Mars after a new study released by NASA suggests that the Red Planet once hosted live organisms — and might still.

The study reveals that the planet’s early atmosphere had much lower carbon dioxide levels than needed to keep it warm enough for liquid water to last. But this finding is in contrast to an older theory that high atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide were responsible for heating up the planet to allow water to flow.

Evidence of lake-like features identified in the Gale Crater from NASA’s Curiosity rover suggests that Mars’ surface was once home to river deposits and lake beds – which planetary scientists trace to the presence of water billions of years ago.

But scientists also wonder how a “young sun” — shining weaker than today — could heat the planet’s atmosphere enough to allow water to remain in liquid form.

“This leads to the question of how the surface of ancient Mars, faintly heated by a young sun, was kept warm enough to allow an active hydrological cycle, without substantial amounts of a key greenhouse gas in the atmosphere,” the authors stated in the study.

So far, scientists have outlined two possibilities to explain the recent discovery: either their climate models are missing a key element that prompted Mar’s surface to heat, or, the evidence gathered from hypothesized lake-like features in the Gale Crater were not actually caused by liquid water.

Still, results from the rover’s exploration within in slopes of the planet — including mudstone, siltstone, and sandstone — suggest a lake bed was present less than 4 billion years ago during Mars’ believed wet period.

“The watery environments that once occupied the floor of Gale Crater look like they were pretty hospitable to life — not too hot, not too cold, not too acid, not too alkaline, and the water probably was not too salty,” said study lead author Thomas Bristow, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

But with life virtually everywhere on Earth that water is present, scientists still concur that these findings raise the possibility of life on Mars.

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Ghost Hunter Claims To Catch Poltergeist On Camera At One Of The Most Haunted Houses

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

A ghost hunter is sharing his dramatic story of being “almost possessed” by a poltergeist while investigating a haunted house in Britain.

Kyle Fowler, 28, says he captured footage of an infamous poltergeist on camera dubbed the “Black Monk” just hours before he “took over” him, the Mirror reports.

Fowler claims he encountered the paranormal entity while visiting a haunted house in West Yorkshire, England last week. The historical site once housed a family that was allegedly subjected to years of horror and torment by the so-called “Black Monk of Pontefract.”

In the footage Fowler filmed during the investigation, he claims a hooded, dark face appeared behind him in a mirror’s reflection.

After reviewing the footage, Fowler says he and his team began “mirror scrying.”

“This involved staring through the mirror with a candle underneath your face and asking the spirit to show themselves,” Fowler explained.

It was then Fowler believes he fell into a trance under the figure’s influence.

“The figure that appears us on the stairs is right where the Black Monk has been seen lots of times before. There is the shape of a hood and a face,” Fowler said.

He says his eyes went black and his face aged so that he looked like an older man.

“It was like the face of an old man had come over mine,” Fowler continued.

He says he eventually came out of the trance after one of his team members “touched my shoulder and called me in for protection.”

“I didn’t feel I was being taken over, but I could see his face and felt transfixed. At the time I didn’t feel scared but I don’t know what could have happened,” Fowler said.

“I think it possibly was the Black Monk as it was quite demonic and I had black eyes when it happened. It was very dark and not very nice.”

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Animal Rights Activist Chains Self To Railing To Protect Calf From Being Killed

A vegan, animal rights activist recently shared a video of her comforting a calf who was on its way to being killed after the activist broke into a slaughterhouse.

The below footage shows Alix Livingstone, the vegan animal rights activist, holding the calf while in tears.

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It was reported that Livingstone, 23, marched into a slaughterhouse and chained herself to a railing right next to the baby calf.

Image via Facebook

A second activist was also reported to have chained themselves directly to a calf, in hopes that the slaughterhouse would release the baby cow.

In an attempt to stand up against animal cruelty, Livingstone attempted to negotiate the release of two Bobby calves.

Bobby calves are offspring less than 30 days old who are not with their mothers.

Image via Max Pixel

They are considered surplus and routinely put down.

After hours of negotiations between the two activists and the slaughterhouse regarding the small animals, the slaughterhouse denied the pair of activists attempts to save the offspring.

The slaughterhouse in Victoria, South East Australia, known as CA Sinclair, informed the activists they would forcibly remove the pair from the premises if they did not voluntarily leave.

Image via YouTube

While filming herself and the baby cow, Livingstone held the calf in her arms, crying, as she left CA Sinclair.

Livingstone reported that soon after she left,’both calves both calves were slaughtered that day.’

Livingstone works as an investigator for Aussie Farms.

Image via Facebook

Her position is to raise awareness on how animals are being treated on farms as well as at slaughterhouses throughout the country.

And while Livingstone cannot always rescue the animals, she occasionally does get the opportunity to bring a few home.

The vegan activist shared:

“I get to know them as individuals and it’s heartbreaking to know their fate if they are not going to be rescued.”

Image via Facebook

The Melbourne native has been a vegan for over two years.

She continued:

“I was inspired by other activists I saw online. I felt I needed to do more than just being vegan. I needed to join the fight for animal liberation. Veganism is not causing harm to the most vulnerable creatures on the planet, showing compassion and being kind to all sentient beings. I hope that those who have not yet made the connection will soon realize that even though they are different, they share the ability to suffer, feel love and joy.”

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To watch the heartbreaking video via Daily Mail UK, scroll on below.

To learn how you can help stop animal cruelty from happening at food factories as well as slaughterhouses, PETA says on their website the following:

“The best way to help put an end to this cruelty is to stop eating meat and other animal products. Order PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today for great tips and free recipes to help you make the transition to an animal-friendly diet.”

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Before And After Selfie Reveals The True Impact Of Heroin Addiction

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

Last week, a 24-year-old woman named Courtney posted two selfies to Reddit. The distinct photos show the before and after of recovering from a heroin addiction.

The photos were captioned, “Here is what 826 days sober looks like. Recovery is possible!”

The young mother wrote that after spending a short time in jail and having her daughter sent to live with her mother she fell into a deep depression and leaned to her abusive boyfriend for emotional support. She eventually turned to heroin.

Courtney landed back in jail after 8 months, but started her journey to sobriety. After being sober for 826 days, she decided to share her before and after pictures to inspire others.

She wrote: “I stumbled upon my mug shot kinda by accident today and couldn’t believe it was me. It made me sad for that girl and I wanted to show her where she will be in two years. But then I realize that girl is out there, she’s not me anymore. But there is another addict out there who is at their rock bottom and needs to see that they can make it out alive.”

She explained that if just one person decides to get clean because of her post, it would make it all worth it.

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Michelle Obama Urges You To Help Her Change American Leaders In Compelling PSA

Voting is a right each American has to share their voice and take an active role in politics today.

But many do not vote due to a number of factors and in a new PSA about the importance of voting, Michelle Obama wants your help to change that.

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The video, which was released in the 2018 midterm elections, features Michelle Obama – stating she understands why so many Americans do not vote.

Image via YouTube

She also shares that the number of non-voters increases to an even larger amount during “off year” non-presidential elections.

Michelle launches into asking the question so many Americans have asked, “Why should I vote? Nothing ever changes.” for the When We All Vote initiative.

She echoes phrases all too many of us have either said or heard, such as “The system is rigged,” and “Why bother?”

Image via YouTube

Michelle shares that when you are trying to put dinner on the table after a double shift or dropping off your baby with grandma or studying for exams — voting is usually the last thing on your mind.

“You might even feel like it’s just not worth it. But that’s exactly what some people want you to think.” the former second lady states.

Republican, Democrat, Independent or undecided — regardless of your stance, voting can sometimes be one extra box on our to-do list but it is also a right that many have died for. A right that is the only way to change our country’s leaders, policies, laws as well as our every-day lives for the better.

Image via YouTube

Michelle Obama urges all to vote so that everyone has a chance to start a conversation with their ideas and their values, as well as become more active citizens.

Michelle shares that our leaders are meant to lead but can only do so when we appoint them with one very important action.

Can you guess what it is?

That is right friends, voting.

Image via YouTube

As more Americans work and work longer hours, and for some, at fewer wages — taking time to go to the polls does not always feel like the first item on the to-do list.

But the reality is that in each and every election – be it local, midterm or state elections – the people have the ability to create change at the very beginning.

And as we have seen the past year and a half, the power is in the people’s hands, our hands, to either create change or stand by the sidelines, asking the question, ‘How did this happen?’

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Image via YouTube

“The truth is, when we stay home, things stay the same. Or, they get worse,” Michelle says. “But when we all vote, we get new ideas and new energy,” she adds. “Leaders who share our values and listen to our voices. That’s how we change America.”

Watch the PSA below and be sure to share the message with friends and family.

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Instagram Haters Get Served After Dissing This Victoria Secret Model Who Codes

Meet Lyndsey Scott.

She is the first African-American model to receive a Calvin Klein exclusive. And thanks to Victoria Secret, more people want to learn more about the accomplished model.

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And as it turns out, the 34-year-old is much, much, more than a beauty.

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#goodhairday courtesy of @crysdoesmyhair ❤️

A post shared by Lyndsey Scott (@lyndsey360) on

She has brains too, and a big one.

Scott is ranked as one of the top iOS responders on Stack Overflow, is part of an iOS tutorial team at RayWenderlich.com, and has worked on video tutorials for kids alongside Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg on Code.org.

But despite Scott’s long list of impressive achievements, haters had no problem trolling Scott’s Instagram.

A Reddit user created a thread to showcase the gross display of misogyny, titled ‘Apparently, it’s impossible for women to be smart and beautiful at the same time,’ with a screenshot of some of their hateful comments pictured below.

Image via Reddit

But Scott, being the class act she is, shot back with the perfect reply – serving the haters with a tall glass of truth. You tell em’ Lyndsey!

In another Insta comment, she admits that she usually just ignores trolls but she felt it was right to school these particular haters on tech issues.

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Just saw this post. Thanks, for the shout-out @coding.engineer! 🙏That said, I normally try to ignore negatively, but decided to jump into the comment section of this one. Not trying to brag lol, just stating facts in the hope I’ll convince at least one negative commenter that programmers can come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, etc. so they’ll think twice before doubting other women and girls they encounter in tech. (Thanks for tagging me @thanos_codes! ❤️) #Repost @coding.engineer ・・・ CODING IS FOR ANYONE! @science @girlswhocode @blackgirlscode From @codingblog #coding #codinglife #codingisfun #codingpics #coder #coderlife #programmer #programmers #programmerslife #programmerlife #programmerhumor #programming #programmings #programminglife #programmingcontest

A post shared by Lyndsey Scott (@lyndsey360) on

The Reddit story sparked others to share their similar experiences as well.

One user shared her experience about a job interview that went south.

“Went to an interview once & was told “You just don’t look like you’d understand our SQL database.” I’ve been coding and programming for 10 years, I’m very well versed in SQL. I’m not usually confrontational but I lost my cool and said: “Is it the blonde hair or the C cup?” The guy ended the interview & said I wouldn’t fit into their current culture. “I wasn’t aware understanding SQL changed your appearance but clearly my aesthetic is not programmer appropriate.

Another user shared an experience where they were finally able to showcase their skills on the job.

“My last employer before I started off on my own needed a DBA, oracle, we interviewed a dozen great admins, but they chose an Indian fellow because the current DBA was Indian and he was awesome, so they wanted to repeat it…on his first day, he accidentally deleted one of the main subscriber tables and brought our SAS company to its knees, resulting in a 24-hour disaster recovery effort. As a benefit, I was able to showcase my disaster management skills and got promoted. [At] my current business, my finance manager is a woman and my software developer/designer is a woman (she is a software engineer from the military sector with a good eye. Gender/race is irrelevant, it’s the skill that’s important.”

Thank you Lyndsey for being superstar you and empowering women everywhere to stand up for themselves, unapologetically.

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Pregnant And Abandoned, This Dog Almost Gave Birth To Her Litter Alone

In her hometown of Berlin, Germany – Tania Cappelluti is an animal rescuer.

And for the past few years, Cappelluti lived in Costa Rica to start a yoga retreat. But upon seeing how so many stray cats and dogs were wondering the streets there, she decided to do something about it.

Cappelluti partnered with locals and started Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica (CAARCR).

She has since aided dozens of animals to find forever homes.

Upon returning to Berlin early this month, she was met with one animal she did not expect to find.

“This is so unbelievable,” she posted to Facebook on August 16 along with a photo of a pregnant dog. “I really don’t understand how people can do this to their dog.”

Image via Facebook

The family’s neighbor was the one that reached out to Cappelluti about the dog, along with the photo and the message that this particular dog had been left behind when her family moved away.

“They moved away and left their pregnant dog behind,” she continued. “No food or water. On her own, with a big belly. The poor girl is sitting now day and night in front of the door waiting for her people to come back home.”

Then Cappelluti sent out a call to action, “Who can help?”

Cappelluti persuaded the neighbor to take in the pregnant canine while she put together a plan. As the dog was very pregnant, Cappelluti had to work fast. She contacted CAARCR along with the network of foster caregivers to find a spot for the dog to give birth appropriately.

An American retiree who lives in Costa Rica, Wynn Mackey, was that spot for Marie (the name rescuers gave to the pregnant dog.)

It truly was a group effort, saving the dog – as a local Costa Rican seamstress and a founder of CAARCR by the name of Mercedes Mora helped carry the pregnant dog over to Mackey’s house.

Image via Facebook

“He has fostered for us before,” Cappelluti told The Dodo. “He is a wonderful foster dad.”

Knowing she could give birth any day, Mackey put together a small bed for Marie to make her feel as comfortable as possible despite the heat.

Image via Facebook

“She loves to hang out on the cool tiles as she feels a bit uncomfortable being so pregnant,” Cappelluti shared.

“We expect a lot of puppies soon,” Cappelluti said.

And on Monday at midnight, Cappelluti thought of Marie, grabbed her phone and checked her messages.

Image via Facebook

“I opened Facebook,” she said, “and there she smiles at me with seven puppies!!!”

Marie had finally given birth to her puppies – only, instead of having the pups on her bed – she had them on Mackey’s bed.

What a compliment!

When Marie and her puppies are ready, they will be ready to transition to forever homes.

But for now, they just need to eat, sleep and be adorable.

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This Mom’s Up-Cycled Clothes Will Make You Run To Goodwill Immediately

If you are looking to be more mindful with your current or new wardrobe this season, I need to introduce you to someone…

Meet Sarah Tyau.

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I love to give. Including money to whoever that asks on the streets. I'm super gullible so I fall for their stories. A mom freezing w/ a newborn outside the grocery store so I drove home to get cash, and when I had to come back hours after, she was still there asking people when I gave her plenty, a man who just got released from the hospital from a car accident where his wife died & all he wants is to buy vienna sausages at Whole Foods(🤷🏻‍♀️) + many more, so much that Jay made me promise never to give to the beggars. Then I met a man who literally started with, "I'm not homeless or a beggar, I just got out of the movies with my wife but our car got stolen." So after that, even though I defended myself to Jay saying, "But he said he wasn't homeless or a beggar! But we did see him still 3 hours later…" Jay made me promise to never give money to ANY HUMAN BEING.😅 . . I guess I have a soft spot for people needing help because I believe I am no better than them, and I could very much be in their shoes. What if Jay got cancer and lost his job? What if I get in an accident & become paralyzed? What if I didn't have a family? My siblings, my husband, my parents, relatives, friends… I have a very small chance that I'd become homeless because I have a huge support system and very successful siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles and parents who are financially well off. And friends who'd help in a heartbeat. But what about those that don't? An orphan? A child from an abused home? Then that said child gets sick and loses his/her job but has no family to help? Is that their fault? Did they choose to be born in this circumstance? You're not homeless because if something happened to you where you couldn't support yourself(and it could happen to all of us- illness, death, fired, etc.), you have family or friends who would let you live in their home, and even help you financially. What about those that don't have that connection? The people that are alone? I believe each one of us could be in their shoes if we were born in the same exact circumstance as they were. We are no better than anyone. We did not make it to where we are by ourselves. #raisedbyuniverse

A post shared by DIY Sew Refashion | Sarah Tyau (@sarahtyau) on

After her first daughter was born, Sarah started upcycling old clothes and it has since become a major part of her life.

If you have never heard of ‘upcycling’ before, let us fill you in.

Upcycling is when you have an opportunity to take something that you feel no longer serves you and to create it into something that has a new, more valuable purpose.

Sarah has a knack for this, taking either old or outdated articles of clothing and creating something current, hip and ready to wear.

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Sarah’s lease on life?

“Look good, feel good, do good.”- and with every piece Sarah posts to Instagram, it is hard not to believe she is doing all three of those things!

View this post on Instagram

It might not look like a drastic transformation but to get to the “after” result, I removed the neckline, shoulder pads, cut off the sleeves, highered the shoulder seams, made the shoulder width narrower, made the sleeves shorter & smaller and sewed it back on, cut across the waistline to separate it into a bodice and a skirt, made the bodice narrower, shortened the skirt and gathered the skirt & sewed it on the bodice, made a waist-strap from the extra fabric, and replaced the old white buttons with gold buttons. And I crack up every time I see this mischievous smile of mine, I have no idea what this smile is, maybe I farted and I was like, “Hehehe, no one will know, good thing photos don’t capture the sound or the smell?”🤷🏻‍♀️ . . #sharingmyheartwithyoust Don’t you ever apologize for claiming your space. You applied for the job, you were hired for the job, there’s a reason why you got the job and not someone else, so you’re not taking anyone else’s space, it’s rightfully your own. So own it, claim it, no one else can offer your perspective, past experiences, opinions, views or talents. They need YOU and everything that you have to offer. You’re meant to be right where you are.” . . I was recently talking to a friend who felt the need to apologize for claiming someone else’s space. She felt she took a job that should have been given to someone else that could relate to the students better, someone with the same ethnicity as the majority of the students. So I found myself telling her the above, that while she can’t understand firsthand their experiences, nor can they. So she can share her perspective, struggles and listen to their stories and both parties can grow empathy and understanding from each other. That they’ll both come out more open minded and better because of it. Only you can offer what no one else in the world can offer. Each one of us are truly unique and special because of that. . . Part 2 of claiming your space: #claimyourspacenow

A post shared by DIY Sew Refashion | Sarah Tyau (@sarahtyau) on

Sarah is proud to say she has re-invented hundreds of articles of clothing for each one of her family members.

And would you believe it if I told you Sarah is self-taught? Believe it, because she is!

Sarah will usually choose pieces to transform based on what she finds at thrift stores or from donations given to her by family and friends.

She is also starting a clothing line soon with all proceeds going to children in need.

And thanks to Sarah’s strong social media presence along with YouTube series, Sarah wants others to join in on the fun and recycle clothes too!

“My advice to limit your impact is to buy more timeless, classic pieces and mix it with a few trendy pieces here and there,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

“This way, you don’t throw away as many clothes.”

“And [you] are not always having to buy constantly in order to stay on trend. Also, throw a clothing exchange with your neighbors, friends, or other groups.”

View this post on Instagram

You know how you look at old photos of yourself and think, what was I thinking with that haircut/clothes? Well, that’s what I think when looking at this DIY refashion I did back in 2010.😬😳🙈 Do any of you remember this one? If you do, comment below, you are one of my oldest followers and I need to give you a virtual high five and a hug! ✋🏼 🤗 But yes, I am not super proud of this one guys, I cringe a little on the inside even showing you this. But we all start somewhere, right?😅 It has potential but I think where I went wrong was if you look at the original on the left, the neckline was too low for me so I was trying to make the front not as low cut so I had to do two twist knots instead of just one. It would look so much cuter with just one twist knot. But maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is? You know how you’re always your own worst critique? What do you think on a scale from 1-10, 1 being ugly and 10 being super cute. I give it a 3.5. Be honest, I can take it!

A post shared by DIY Sew Refashion | Sarah Tyau (@sarahtyau) on

Sarah plans to teach her daughters to sew like her one day.

“I have been meaning to teach them how to sew. We are supposed to start a sewing series on YouTube together where I teach them how to refashion, but they’re so busy in their own lives, we haven’t gotten a chance to yet,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

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Little did you know I made TWO versions of this refashion where I used my old XS shirts I had and upcycled them into a peplum top for my girls. Which one do you like better? The blue or the red? . . I spoke at a workshop today with a panel of other amazing women on the topic of Instagram. When I was invited to speak, I almost turned it down because I thought, “Me? I’m the last person who should be on that panel because I don’t take Instagram seriously, I never plan out my posts or schedule them, I literally find a photo to post seconds before posting, I don’t use it to make money or sell anything, and I wish social media didn’t exist?”😬😅 And I even told that during the panel.😳 . . But some advice I gave was to make sure the #1 reason you use this platform isn’t for personal gain, but for a higher cause. It can be to make money but instead of wanting to make a lot of money so you can keep up with the Joneses or own nice things, to make money so you can help others. If you sell a product, for the product to help others in some way and have that be the #1 goal instead and #2 on making cash. Then on the days when you don’t feel motivated to post or feel burnt out from social media, you can say oh, I am not doing this for myself, I’m doing it for a cause bigger than myself. . . Another thing I want to add is don’t take it so seriously! The number of followers or comments or likes shouldn’t have effect(or affect? I struggle with these two, guys) on your mood or happiness or self confidence. It has nothing to do with your worth, happiness or confidence. . . I’m so grateful for each one of you who follow me and support me even when I am not strategic on here and I’m a mess, I’m way too open and TMI and feel way too comfortable on my stories.😆 Thank you, it means so much to me. Even though I want to constantly quit, I’m still on here because of you. I love you. *aww so tender and precious! #grouphug

A post shared by DIY Sew Refashion | Sarah Tyau (@sarahtyau) on

“But they have a strong sense of fashion in their young age and have very good taste. So I think they’ll take over what I do one day and be better than me!”

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If you are starting to get the itch to start your own line of classic pieces with clothes that are collecting dust in the back of your closet, we have you covered.

Teach yourself how to upcycle an old sweater just in time for the fall season below with one of Sarah’s popular DIY tutorials. Happy upcycling!

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Decorated WWII Hero Dies Just Days After Giving Away Granddaughter At Wedding

When Polish war hero Bronislaw Karwowski heard he would be walking his granddaughter down the aisle, he answered the call to duty.

As the bride’s grandfather walked his granddaughter down the aisle – the groom grew teary-eyed, thanking Karwowski with two kisses on the cheek.

Image via Facebook

The couple then married at a ceremony close to Poland’s border with Belarus in Bialystok.

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Karwowski then passed away exactly two days later at the age of 94.

A video was shared of Karwowski and his granddaughter, Joanna, walking down the aisle, and it was clear there were moments Karwowski had a difficult time making it to the altar.

Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski attended the wedding in his military uniform, which featured multiple medals for his service.

Karwowski was not only a Polish veteran of World War II, but one of the most decorated.

Karwowski was an active participant in the Warsaw Uprising and additionally, was apart of the Polish resistance against Nazi rule.

Image via Facebook

He was then captured and taken to the Gestapo headquarters in Lomza.

Karwowski was able to escape in the north of Poland but was soon arrested again.

This was due to Karwowski being an opponent of the Communist government in Poland.

He was sentenced to a decade in prison for his efforts in resisting the authoritarian regime, which took place after the Second World War.

At a later date, Karwowski was given the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland for his services to the Polish nation.

Image via Facebook

The Polish National Armed Forces wrote a post via social media on the day of Karwowski’s death that announced his passing.

The posting read:

“We regret to announce that today, on 1st September 2018, on the 79th anniversary of Germany’s assault on Poland, the national hero and insurgent of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, Major Bronislaw Karwowski retired to the eternal guard. He was 94 years old.

Among many awards bestowed to him, Karwowski was honored with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, the Silver Cross of Merit with Swords and the Cross of the National Armed Deed to name just a few.

In the Second World War, Poland lost an astounding 6 million people.

This was noted to be the greatest number of deaths as a percentage of the population.

It was also estimated that close to 20 percent of all Poles died in the war.

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After their country was invaded – Poland’s armed forces reconstituted themselves.

Poland went on to play a huge part in the battle against Nazis, partnering alongside the UK, the US, as well as the Soviet Union.

Image via Facebook

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the event where Branislaw Karwowski was an active participant, was when 50,000 Polish fighters removed Germans from parts of central Warsaw temporarily right before it was crushed.

Rest in peace, soldier.

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This Stunning Photo Of The Northern Lights Looks Exactly Like A Phoenix Taking Flight

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

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Phoenix rising.

A post shared by Hallgrimur P. Helgason (@iceland_photos_by_hphelgason) on

Apparently, clouds aren’t the only ones forming crazy shapes in the sky these days.

As if the northern lights needed to be any more impressive, Icelandic photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason shared a photo he took of the northern lights that bears a shocking resemblance to a phoenix — the giant, fire-eating mythological bird — with outstretched wings as if it were soaring across the Kaldarsel sky.

Since it’s original upload on February 6th, Helgason’s incredible image has begun circulating the web, making headlines and wowing people all over the world.

Oddly enough, the humble Helgason admits he was able to capture the magical moment almost by luck.

In a post he made in a Facebook group called Iceland The Photographer’s Paradise, Helgason explained that he ‘was shooting another direction when this phenomenon appeared at the corner of my eye. Of course, I quickly repositioned the camera and made three shots vertorama to get it all.”

And it’s a good thing he did, because otherwise, the world may have missed out on this ethereal sight entirely!

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Killer Clowns Are Back And Now We Are Really Scared


If you ask, most people will say they are not fans of the “cheery” characters.

And today, I have plenty of evidence as to why they may think that because…

Killer clowns are back.

Image via YouTube

Recently, a man dressed as a clown shouted at two boys ‘run or die’ while ‘holding a knife‘, according to police.

Not terrifying at all, right?

The boys were cycling in Kent, in Joyden’s Wood near Dartford, when they came across a man dressed as a clown that began shouting the haunting phrase while holding something that ‘looked like a knife,’ the boys told police.

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When the boys finally returned to their home, they informed their parents of the scare. The parents then called the cops and a police car was sent to the area to locate the bizarre clown man.

A Kent Police spokesperson told the Mirror:

“We were called at 6.46pm on September 14 to a report of a person dressed as a clown in Tile Kiln Lane. Patrols in the area were advised of the incident but no person matching the description was seen.”

Image via YouTube

Of course, the recent killer clown sighting hit a nerve within the community – creating a fear that copy-cat clowns could sweep through the UK once again – just like in 2016 as well as this past fall.

In case you missed it, in 2016, there was a huge number of clowns – usually carrying a weapon – harassing and terrifying the locals.

This caused the Manchester police to share a statement to the community, advising them on what to do should they have an encounter with a killer clown.

Catherine Hankison, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, told The Sun Online:

“It’s important to stress that no-one has been physically harmed and I want to reassure people that we take reports of this nature extremely seriously. But if you do see any individuals dressed as clowns, you should try and keep calm and report the incident to authorities.”

Image via YouTube

Emphasis on the “keep calm” part.

Since we are here, ready for the next jarring incident?

Another clown/man was given a £90 fine after being found dressed up in a black and white clown costume, jumping out and scaring children.

The man’s name was Conor Jones who was at the time, 18. Connor was given the penalty fine after he was reported for terrifying the St. Cenydd Comprehensive School in Caerphilly, South Wales children.

Yikes. Connor: I think you need to look into getting a new hobby that doesn’t involve dressing up late at night and scaring kids that are not yours. There is so much good TV out there today, there really is no excuse.

I mean seriously, have you seen Pinky Blinders?


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One last horror story before we hit the road!

Image via YouTube

Close to last year, a few handfuls of people collectively decided to wear their clown costumes (because everyone has one -?-) and jump out on people.

A group of young girls in a park in Bristol reported that they were harassed by a clown holding some balloons who then began to chase them.

And on that note folks, stay safe this season and if you see something strange – report it to the authorities.

And then run like your life depended on it.

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“Have A Good Time” And Other Cringe-Worthy Things Trump Said To Hurricane Florence Survivors

This past Wednesday, President Donald Trump was in the Carolinas to tour the damage of Hurricane Florence.

Trump spoke with first responders as well as elected officials and other locals about the hurricane.

..a hurricane Trump called “one of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water.”

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You see where this is going, right?

Prepare to take a ride on the awkward train.

Next stop, this comment…

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”


Image via Twitter

Let’s rewind.

Trump was visiting homes that were destroyed by the hurricane when he spoke to a resident who procured a yacht in their yard.

“At least you got a nice boat out of the deal,” Trump said.

Trump additionally assured the resident that he would do his best to help with an insurance issue.

…and then he went on to gush about the boat that was launched into said resident’s yard, saying the boat was “incredible.”

“They don’t know whose boat that is,” he said. “What’s the law? Maybe it becomes theirs.”

Image via Twitter

Is this Trump or Bush talking right now? I have lost track.

And then, during a briefing with North Carolina officials – Trump asked about a golf course – his golf course to be exact.

“How is Lake Norman doing?” Trump asked. “I love that area. I can’t tell you why, but I love that area.”

Next to Lake Norman is Mooresville, where The Trump National Golf Club Charlotte is located.

Let’s hope there was a yacht that found its way onto the club so he could leave Hurricane Florence survivors alone with their wetness.

But now it is time for the ultimate shake-my-head phrase Trump shared with those looking for solace.

“Trump is with you.”

In reassuring South Carolina’s local officials that the federal government would help them in their recovery from the hurricane, Trump went onto say this awkward bit.

Image via Twitter

“Washington is with you,” Trump said.

And then he legit finished his thought with,

“Trump is with you.”

Is anyone else as weirded out as I am about this?!

Despite officials sharing how Florence caused massive damage in South Carolina, Trump rerouted the conversation to what he thought would be exciting.

“I think the most exciting part is going to be that rebuild,” Trump stated. “Because we’re going to have a lot of rebuilding. I flew over, and there’s a lot of damage.”

Last but certainly not least, Trump helped distribute meals to people in need in New Bern – a North Carolina city hit hard by the storm.

And as he handed takeout boxes to one driver, MSNBC caught the following leaving Trump’s mouth.

“Have a good time!”

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Image via Twitter

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to crawl into a hole now and die of embarrassment.

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Alaska Is The ‘Last Frontier’ For Blockbuster

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

One may think that Blockbuster stores are a thing of the past. It filed for bankruptcy in 2010 after streaming services like Netflix took over. The last of its stores closed in 2013 … supposedly.

There’s one state, where Blockbuster not only still exists — but is thriving: Alaska. Kevin Daymude, manager of a Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska, decided to keep his store open while others shuttered.

Daymude has worked at Blockbuster for 26 years. He’s not the only one still on the once-giant’s payroll. Kenai Malay works at one in Wasila, Alaska, also known as the hometown of Sarah Palin.

How is this possible? Well, as CBS News explains, the internet is expensive in Alaska. Not only that, but the company from going to an actual store — as opposed to staying alone in your home — is valuable to Alaskans during cold winters.

The last few Blockbusters make sure to stock their shelves with current titles.

“I feel like a lot of the customers just want to come in and feel like they’re someone special,” Daymude told CBS. “They love the customer service, they love the interaction.”

While Blockbuster may never relive its heyday, the last frontier is keeping it alive.

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This Town’s Golden Retriever Mayor Is One Good Boy

When it comes to local politics, things can get dicey.

Power. Greed. The current state of affairs.

And for lack of better terms, the politics of it all can be one huge eye roll.

So one town in California recently decided to put their faith into the paws of someone they truly believed would have their best intentions at heart.

Meet Max.

Image via Facebook

He’s a Golden Retriever and he runs a town in California.

Yes, you read that correctly.


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The town of Idyllwild has not just entrusted this doggo to be man’s best friend, but also – man’s trusted mayor.

The mayor’s full name you ask?

Maximus Might Dog Mueller II.

And if you had any doubt he was born to be a leader, you can just go ahead and read that name one more time because YOWZA that title means business.

But don’t let that name intimidate you.

To the people of Idyllwild, Maximus is known as Mayor Max and has been in office for five years.

Image via Facebook

But surprisingly enough, Max was not the first dog to hold the title of Mayor in the small town.

Max’s uncle was actually the first canine mayor in office back in 2012.

“Six years ago, Idyllwild decided to elect its first mayor,” Mayor Max’s Chief of Staff, Phyllis Mueller, told ABC.

“You had to be a local resident, but you couldn’t run yourself, you could run your pet. In a voted election, 14 dogs and two cats ran and we decided to have an election to raise money for the animal rescue. So you paid $1 a vote and you were encouraged to vote a lot.”

Image via Facebook

The happy doggo can be seen in his personalized pickup truck, grinning floppy ear to floppy ear.

Oh, but we should mention he is not driving it.

He is chauffeured around so he may connect with his town and make public appearances, hey – it comes with the job, right?

“His role is to make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others,” Mueller shared.

Image via Facebook

“My role as the chief of staff is to help run the vision of the mayor’s office for Idyllwild, so we actually run an actual mayor’s office.”

And it sounds like the untraditional mayor isn’t going anywhere soon – as locals and out of towners are smitten with the pup’s way or running things.

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“Max is awesome,” visitor Andrea Valadez told KMIR TV. “He is super friendly and he lets my son give him treats.”

Image via Facebook

Perks of the job, eh Max?

It is said that Mayor Max will be able to hold his ceremonial role for his entire lifetime, which we hope is very long.

And that is nothing to bark at.

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This Dead Squid Moves Like It’s Alive — And You’re Supposed To Eat It

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com


Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it sure does look like it could be.

That thing you’re seeing up there is not from a Syfy movie or a documentary about cruelty to animals — it’s a Japanese dish called katsu ika ordor-don.

Literally translated, that means “active dancing squid rice bowl.” Creative, right?

It’s not really hard to see where it got its name…

Dear animal lovers, worry not — the squid being served up in that Instagram was most certainly not living at the time it was consumed.

It was, however, so fresh that its muscles still worked.

When soy sauce was poured over the squid, the sodium triggered a chemical reaction that made the muscles spasm, creating the illusion it was moving its arms on its own.

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After Being ‘Chased With Cheese,’ 13-Year-Old Boy Dies From Severe Allergic Reaction

Due to a severe allergy to dairy, a 13-year-old boy died after being ‘chased with cheese.’

It was reported the cheese was also thrown down his t-shirt.

The event happened on June 28th of last year, midday in Greenford, West London.

Image via YouTube

Karanbir Cheema was also known among friends and family as Karan.

The boy had a severe allergy to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs, and all nuts — additionally, being asthmatic and suffering from atopic eczema.

According to St. Pancras Coroners’ Court, Karan went into anaphylactic shock in Greenford’s William Perkin Church of England and was unconscious as paramedics attempted to save the boy’s life.

The inquest heard from Kierin Oppatt, a paramedic who was first on the scene, informed the hearing that the 999 operator was told it was ‘just an allergic reaction’ but when he arrived on the scene, Karan was ‘gasping for air’ and had broken out in hives.

Soon after Oppatt and his fellow paramedics arrived, the boy stopped breathing.

Image via YouTube

Mary Hassell, senior coroner, requested the witness to go back through the unfortunate events of the day.

To which Oppatt responded:

“The call came in at 11.40am. We arrived on the scene at 11.47am. The call came in as just an allergic reaction. On arrival at the scene, I immediately knew it was life-threatening and that the patient had a high risk of going into cardiac and respiratory arrest. We were told by school staff that perhaps someone had chased the patient with cheese and had proceeded to throw it down his t-shirt, that he had an allergic reaction, that he was itchy, his skin was very hot, and that he was having difficulty breathing. Staff had administered two spoons of Piriton, an Epipen and given him his inhaler. When we arrived we saw Karan lying on his back on the floor with [the] teachers around him. He appeared to be in a state of pre-arrest. He had very slow respiration – he was gasping for air. His skin was red and there appeared to be hives.”

Oppatt knew he had to make a call for help due to the severity of the situation but had to go outside the building as his radio could not get reception. Oppatt then went to his vehicle, informing the communications center he needed the assistance of an advanced paramedic and additional crew at the job.

Oppatt then started the process of drawing up inter-muscular adrenaline when his fellow paramedic informed him Karan had stopped breathing.

Both paramedics began to perform CPR on Karan, also administering adrenaline and using a defibrillator while waiting for back up to arrive.

When back up came, Karan was taken out on a stretcher to the ambulance.

The boy died ten days later on July 9th, his parents by his bedside at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Image via YouTube

Rina Cheema, Karan’s mother, along with his two brothers and sister were at court on September 19th.

Rina shared that on behalf of her family, they demand answers as she was left devastated over the loss of Karan.

The accountant mother said Karan could have been anything he wanted.

Image via YouTube

A 13-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the time of Karan’s death but has yet to be charged.

Ahead of the full inquest, Detective Sergeant Christian Rodgers read through a list of potential witnesses with the coroner, stating “The person involved is no longer at the school.”

The full inquest is said to be held at a later date.

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After This Dog Was Stolen And Abandoned, He Bravely Takes Himself To The Hospital

In recent news, a stolen German Shepherd had managed to check himself into a hospital all by himself after being abandoned.

We knew dogs were intelligent, but this takes canine intelligence to a whole new level! In the Amasya province of northern Turkey, nine-month-old Silla was stolen while his owner – Serdar Keskindir – was busy working.

As most pet owners could imagine, Serdar was left heartbroken when he found that his pup was stolen, as Silla is not only his good friend but also work companion.

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Serdar was desperate to ensure Silla’s safe and swift return, so Serdar posted a 2,000-TRY (£238) reward for recovery of the pup.

Serdar now believes he made it harder for the thieves to attempt to sell Silla.

It was believed Silla was then dumped by the dog kidnappers, with no regard for the pup’s safety or wellbeing. The situation escalated when Silla was later attacked and injured by a pack of stray dogs. But Silla preserved and had her wits about her.

In an amazing video featured below, Silla was able to be his own knight in shining armor.

Despite being distressed and most likely in shock, the dog was able to take himself to the hospital for treatment where his wounds were tended to by professionals.

Image via YouTube

In every day life, Silla usually sticks by his human dad’s side to work. Serdar recovers vehicles which have been involved in car crashes.

Serdar believes the smart dog was able to recognize the ambulance and somehow associate that there were in fact doctors at the hospital who could help treat his injuries.

The shocking footage shows Silla quickly running up to the entrance of the emergency room of the Vocational Training facility in Amasya — almost as if he knew exactly where he was headed.

Image via YouTube

A second video was released of Silla having his injured leg being gently treated by a doctor.

As of now, it has been reported that Silla is not only stable but also reunited with his human owner.

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Serdar was nothing short of joyous when he learned his dog was in better health.

Image via YouTube

He has since graciously thanked the workers at the emergency room for taking such good care of his precious pet, saying:

“When the dog was then attacked by stray dogs and had its left leg injured, it went to search for help at an emergency unit.”

There has been no update on whether the perpetrators have been identified.

We can only hope their fate is swift and just, as no animal deserves to be treated cruelly.

Watch the video of brave Silla, below.

To learn more on how you can help stop dogs like Silla from being stolen and or abandoned, click here for resources and to sign the petition.

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Shakespeare Did Not Write Some Plays Himself

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

As it turns out, Shakespeare had some helps with several of his plays.

According to Big Data, Christopher Marlowe co-wrote three of Shakespeare’s works and will now be credited as such. Gary Taylor, one of the senior editors of the project, told Reuters, “Shakespeare has entered the world of Big Data and there are certain questions that we are now able to answer more confidently that people have been asking for a very long time.”

This settles part of a centuries-long debate over whether Shakespeare really authored his plays. Taylor, also a professor at Florida State University, said that academics knew that the playwright co-wrote on at least some of his works.

Given this development, the Oxford University Press will add Marlowe as a co-writer to the Henry VI plays — parts 1, 2, and 3.

The project involved 23 international scholars. They all analyzed Marlowe’s work; this included his repeated phrases and idiosyncrasies. They did the same with other contemporary writers of Shakespeare’s time.

Some academics, however, don’t believe that Marlowe was a co-writer. “I believe Shakespeare collaborated with all kinds of people … but I would be very surprised if Marlowe was one of them,” Carol Rutter told BBC News. Rutter is a professor of Shakespeare and performance studies at the University of Warwick.

She said, however, that disagreeing adds to the ongoing discourse of the worse. “We have really stopped thinking about the richness of the writing experience in the early modern theatre,” she said, “and by crediting Marlowe, people like Gary Taylor are making us attend to that.”

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