How Long Does The Flu Last And How To Get Rid Of It

The flu. You’ve probably had it at least once.

But what exactly is it and how can you get rid of it? The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by different influenza viruses.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that the flu has caused between 12,000 and 56,000 annual deaths in the U.S. since 2010. Flu viruses are in the orthomyxoviridae family of viruses, which uses RNA as its genetic code and includes 4 types of influenza: A, B,C, and D.

A and B are the most common and prevalent, and they’re also seasonal. So who can get these viruses?

Wild aquatic birds are the main hosts for type A, but it can infect humans and other mammals. Including pigs, which are hosts of H1N1.

Type A viruses can also morph into new genetic forms, making them tough to kill. Which is the reason why they’re frequently behind flu pandemics.

Meanwhile, influenza B only infects humans and seals. But how do humans get the flu anyway?

Carriers of the flu can infect others 1 day before symptoms show, and 5-7 days after becoming sick. And it can spread to people up to 6 feet away mainly through droplets people make when they sneeze, cough, or talk.

Flu viruses can also spread via contaminated objects, since they can live on things like paper money for up to 10 days.

So how do you get rid of the flu once you have it?

Antiviral drugs can be prescribed, but they’re mainly used in flu cases where the afflicted person is either elderly or immunosuppressed since the side effects can be pretty intense and oftentimes worse than the flu it.

Instead, a flu vaccine is the first and best way to prevent the flu.

But where do those come from?

Flu vaccines are actually made in a process that involves chicken eggs. Candidate vaccine viruses are injected into fertilized hen’s eggs. The eggs are then incubated over several days to allow the virus to replicate. Then, fluid containing the virus gets harvested from these eggs.

The viruses are inactivated for the vaccine, and the virus antigen is purified. But it is worth noting that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies, depending on the flu virus of the season and the person being vaccinated.

Recent studies by the CDC show that vaccination reduces the risk of contracting the flu by between 40% to 60%. And current flu vaccines tend to protect better against viruses A(H1N1) and B.

But if you didn’t get a flu vaccine and you do end up with the flu, what should you do then?

It’s true what they say: wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact with people so you don’t infect others. Staying hydrated is also super important when you have the flu since it often comes with a runny nose and the sweats. Both of which contribute to dehydration.

Staying hydrated while sick helps to restore your electrolyte levels and blood volume. Drinking fluids also helps loosen mucus in your nose, which will relieve congestion.

Your mom told you to drink fluids and that’s actually sage advice

Woman Loses 150 Pounds But Gained It Back After Body Shamers Sent Death Threats

When you are losing weight, you want everyone to know. There’s no better feeling than seeing a group of friend you haven’t seen in a bit and them telling you how good you look. You can get this same satisfaction on social media, but sometimes there are also downsides to that.

This is what Stephanie Seabrook experienced but it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster. Back in 2015 she gained a bunch of followers due to her amazing weight loss journey. She lost 150 pounds and she posted an image with cruel comments that she had received over the years.

After posting that photo, she got surgery to remove that access skin from her weight loss. At first people applauded her for it, but eventually the haters came out with vengeance. This caused her to begin to gain the weight she had originally lost.

She spoke to People Magazine, saying:

“At first I tried to just shrug it off, and not think about it, but it started to get progressively worse and more frequent. I got death threats, and people said I should go kill myself because I’m pathetic. They thought that I was a liar and a fraud, when I was just trying to be loved and accepted like anyone else.”

View this post on Instagram

Weight gain and loss after a tummy tuck is/was interesting to say the least. When I started to gain, due to over eating and not exercising trying to cope with life being a bitch(lol), I didn’t even notice for the longest time until I was 80+ lbs again. It’s weird because I stopped stepping on the scale so wasn’t holding myself accountable that way and apparently I gained weight in totally different places! So my “normal” wiggle bits(that’s what I like to call them) didn’t seem to be getting any wigglier. And then I turned around and omg my back. Rolls. Like Pillsbury style. 😂 (because at any weight- we’re still a snack 😘). But I get a lot of messages about what it’s like to gain and lose after a TT. Let me tell you it’s different but taught me a lot. I’m 78lbs down since my wedding and everything is looking great. And honestly, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t care. My body has been put through A LOT and it’s still here carrying my pain in the ass every day. And for that, I celebrate. My body may not be what it once was, but neither is my mind and spirit. I am so much stronger now just loving the body that I have and accepting it for all it’s magnificent scarred and stretched glory. And someday, if we have a baby it will just add to the love I have for my body and everything it has done for me. And the reason I can say this today is because my mental health took a front seat to my physical health. And what I found was most I interesting is my physical health just kind of followed without much effort. Everything falls into place when you learn to become at peace with who you are and accept yourself regardless of what others might think or feel about you. The only thing that matters is how YOU feel about you. . . . I don’t show side photos because I was insecure about my body. No more. I want to be the change I see in this world. More love. More acceptance. And it has to start with me. As Michael Jackson says… “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” . . . I love each and every single one of you who sees my posts. Thank you for allowing me to share my truth and following me through this crazy life story of mine. 💜💜💜

A post shared by Steph Seabrook Cano (@seabrook715) on

After people began to cyber bully her, she began to gain weight and went into depression.

She continued saying:

“I was getting really depressed, and I couldn’t admit to everyone that I was gaining weight, because I felt that I had a duty to be there for these people who said they could relate to me. I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

People had accused her of photoshopping her photos and when she began to gain weight she actually had to photoshop her photos. She didn’t want to let her followers down.

This eventually led her to shut her account down temporarily and get help from a therapist. She eventually came back to the Gram with a sense of new found self-love.

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Sure. She gained weight. She also gained: Self love. Freedom. A love of delicious foods. An open mind. Sleep. A sense of self worth. Enjoyment in life. Peace with her body. Room in her mind for more important things. The time to relax. The knowledge of what and who she needs in her life. A sense of humor. HAPPINESS. (She also gained a clean mirror! 😆) 🤔 Gaining doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all! Remember: the fat on our bodies doesn’t define who we are! What matters is what WE get out of life and what we leave behind for others. Enjoy those fries, sleep in when you need to or if you miss a workout don’t stress… there is always tomorrow! I choose to live with moderation and not deprivation. I will never forget being out a bar with my best friends and everyone was drinking except me. Which is fine but I said no to the drink because of the calories and I had goals. You know what I remember from that night 5 years ago? That I said no to a drink because of the calories. I didn’t remember the fun we had. I don’t remember the games of pool we probably played. Or how many times we laughed. I was even sober. No. I remember feeling guilty for wanting to indulge. I remember feeling scared of becoming fat again. I remember feeling insecure that I was still “the fat girl” at the bar. Shitty, right? Now, I chose to LIVE in the moment and not think about the trivial things. Think I’m fat? Ok, cool. Think I’ve failed? No prob. Think I should stfu? No gonna happen. And also not my prob. I’m too busy having fun, eating food, working out because I like to and not because I “have” to and living life to the fullest. Other people’s opinions about us shouldn’t effect us they way they do. (Easier said than done, I know). At the end of the day their words do to us what we allow them to. I will no longer allowed them to hurt me. But this is YOUR life. So do with it whatever you want!!! I wanted to eat the French fries… so I did. And OMG they’re good! 😂 Love you all! . . . . . . #mentalhealth #fatdoesntdefineyou #behappy #weightloss #weightgain #selfworth #happiness #mmmfrenchfries #fitfam #fitspo #igainedalotmorethanjustweight

A post shared by Steph Seabrook Cano (@seabrook715) on

She reflected with a caption:

“Sure. She gained weight,” the caption reads. “She also gained: Self love. Freedom. A love of delicious foods. An open mind. Sleep. A sense of self worth. Enjoyment in life. Peace with her body. Room in her mind for more important things. The time to relax. The knowledge of what and who she needs in her life. A sense of humor. HAPPINESS.”

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It’s crazy to think that I wasn’t much happier at 185 from 340. It was like superficial happiness. Like “oh I have a ‘great’ body now so life will be easier and I’m getting attention.” Sure at 24 I thought that was happiness but oh was I wrong. I clearly did not learn everything I needed to so I started to gain weight; my journey was not over. Around the time my relationship with Kaycee became turbulent I started gaining weight. I went back into my old eating habits when I am upset or stressed. Fast food mostly. It was comforting again. But then I realized I was gaining weight I was too ashamed to admit it. I felt like I let myself down and let everyone else down. I tried to alter my photos to try make myself feel happy again. Thinking people will comment and say I looked good and maybe that would be the motivation I needed to succeed. Nope. That was a huge learning moment in my life. 1. Not all people are who they seem or portray. 2. Being dishonest will never bring happiness. Once I was, inappropriately, outed the flood gates of hate opened. After months of trying to deal with that I shut this account down for almost a year. On Jan. 20th, 2017 I decided no one gets to make me feel bad ever again, including myself. I came back, admitted my mistakes and moved forward. Sometimes it takes a period of time for reflection to figure out what changes need to be made. I needed to take time for me to heal and find myself again. I learned never to apologize for me and to just love and do the right thing every time. I have never been happier in my life and my relationship with my husband has never been better. I am human and will always make mistakes but it’s about not repeating the same mistakes. I know you have had hard times. But try to look at them as a positive. Because hard times are what allow us to grow and learn. Right? Don’t let a number or fat on your body limit your love for yourself. Errbody needs more LOVE! If you ever feel like you need to talk, vent or just need someone to listen I am always here. ♥️

A post shared by Steph Seabrook Cano (@seabrook715) on

As of recent she has embraced her body and has found a new identity on Instagram. She posted a before and after of almost six years, with a big long caption. What stood out was when she said:

“My goal, in all of this posting, is to hopefully show people that when you truly love yourself it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. You will be comfortable no matter what size because you know OUR SIZE DOES NOT DICTATE OUR WORTH.”

No matter who you are those words can resonate with you and really help I think. Give Stephanie a follow here and see her journey in real time.

Experts Say That The Great Barrier Reef Is Showing Signs Of Recovery

These days it seems that humans are the reasons for many extinctions that are happening everyday. Whether it’s this funky looking green turtle, the blue macaw or the white rhino we are usually telling you about a recent extinction. This is due to humans taking over ecosystems and deforestation, but it seems that at least one thing in nature is working hard on a come back.

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In grade school I remember learning about The Great Barrier Reef and how it was suffering due to pollution and global warming, but at least for now experts have seen a “significant sign of recovery.”


A non-profit organization, The Reef & Rainforest Research Centre, have been working on behalf of the government to see if the reef was showing any signs of improvement. While it’s going to still be a long road to recovery they have said that the improvement is partly due to having a milder summer this past year.

Sheriden Morris who is the managing director of the report said:

“Saxon Reef, for example, suffered some form of bleaching on 47.1 percent of its live coral cover during the 2016 event. Fortunately, much of the bleached coral recovered thanks to better conditions experienced in 2018.”


Law makers have been working towards this moment since even the 1980s when they passed laws to make sure there was no waste dumping near the reef. Researchers concluded in 2014:

“There certainly appear to be arguments to support the view of Dr Ward that Australia may not be in compliance with its obligations under the World Heritage Convention to protect world heritage for future generations in relation to the Great Barrier Reef and by proceeding without adequate information of the effects of disposal, in circumstances where the Reef is already in a degraded state and has reduced resilience.”


The current recovery status of the reef of course still depends on continued efforts to make the environment a better place for all. Morris went onto say:

“We all know that the reef may suffer further bleaching events as the climate continues to warm, but we have to do everything we possibly can to help protect our Great Barrier Reef.”

The reef will continue to rebound as long as the area isn’t effected by disease, pollution or extreme temperatures. This will help the algae to stick and grow to the coral which acts as a protector.


Morris concluded:

“It is important to realize that bleaching occurs in multiple stages, ranging from the equivalent of a mild sunburn to coral mortality.”

It’s not just important to keep the coral thriving for tourism. The Great Barrier Reef is home to a plethora of marine species, and if it was to die they would be forced to adapt as well.


Let’s hope that the reef continues it’s recovery even though we are still seeing the effects of global warming elsewhere in the world.

Two Players Knelt During The National Anthem In The Opening Weekend Of The NFL Season

The NFL sure has had their share of controversy in the past few years. Whether they are dealing with domestic violence, concussions or kneeling during the anthem you can bet that each week during this NFL season people will be talking about non-football topics.

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Before the official season ever started, Nike torched the world with their new ad campaign and sent people into a frenzy, tapping on Colin Kaepernick to star in their latest ad. While that was still hot in people’s minds, the first week of the NFL season came and went and only two players knelt during the National Anthem.

Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson of the Miami Dolphins took a knee and began the 2018 season with continuing their protest of police brutality in the United States.

The two also did this during a preseason game. Colin Kaepernick tweeted in support of the two afterwards saying, “My Brothers @kstills and @ithinkisee12 continue to show their unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed! They have not backed down, even when attacked and intimidated. Their courage will move the world forward!”

This all happens during turmoil within the NFL about this kneeling rule. Earlier in the year the team owners put a policy in place that would ban players from doing just this thing. The NFL Players Association filed a grievance against this rule and nothing has moved forward since this happened in July.

Stills and Wilson were the only ones to kneel but others participated in the protest as well. Marquise Goodwin of the 49ers (Kaepernick’s last team), Russell Okung of the LA Chargers both raised a fist during the anthem.

In other forms of protest, Duane Brown, Branden Jackson and Quinton Jefferson of the Seattle Seahawks stayed inside the locker room during the anthem.

Even before all this happened, of course Donald Trump weighed in on the subject.

He must have still been thinking about the NFL for the next hour and how he wasn’t able to buy the Buffalo Bills back in the day because he complained about the ratings.

He linked the anthem protests as the reason to why there was a decline in ratings. Other actual experts speculated that it was because the game opened with a weather delay, which makes a lot of sense.

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Trump has repeatedly said that the protests are about race relations but how can he say whether or not that’s the fact when he isn’t the one protesting. Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles, who co-founded the Players Coalition, was on the field for the anthem, but before the game had tweeted about what the real problems they were fighting for were.

Trump hasn’t tweeted anything out since his Sunday morning NFL outburst, but as the season picks up don’t expect him to halt on this topic.

Twitter Conspiracy Theorists Think They’ve Found Melania Trump’s Body Double

This article originally appeared and was published on

Earlier this month, an absurd conspiracy theory began to spread alleging Melania Trump employed a body double — and now people claim they’ve found her.

Since February, a woman, who just seems to be a Secret Service agent, has been pictured with the first family on several occasions. In photos, the woman appears to be dressed like a typical Secret Service agent, wearing black or dark blue pantsuits and sensible shoes.

But to many online, the woman looks strikingly similar to Melania Trump — which has further fueled the wild conspiracy theory that the first lady has a body double.

We’ve gathered the “evidence” from this advanced theory and collected a few photos of the mysterious woman with Trump.

This is not the first time a woman in the political sphere faced accusations of using body doubles.

During the presidential election last year, then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton began trending online with hashtags such as #bodydouble or #hillarysbodydouble.

And still, a year after the Clinton body double claims were denounced as false, Melania Trump is now facing her own side-by-side image comparisons by social media.

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Parents Should Know Exactly How Experts Are Changing Car Seat Safety Guidelines For The Better

It seems that every year we always hear some news about how car seats are becoming more safe and technologically advanced, but now experts that have put actual science behind their findings are speaking out.

Now when your best friend Sally shares an image on Facebook you can let her know the actual truth. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “the most dangerous thing that U.S. children do as part of daily life is ride in a car.”


Before these findings came out, the previous advice was for kids to stay in rear facing car seats until they are two. But now with research that has spanned the last ten years, they are advising for people to leave them in as long as possible.

So this can range from kids from under the age of two of course but also as old as four. According to ABC News, Kerry Chausmer, who is the director of certification at Safe Kids said that:

“Every month that a child rides rear-facing a little bit longer gives more time for the head, neck and spine to develop. And that’s really why we want kids to ride rear-facing.”


The complete guidelines say:

“Children should ride in a rear-facing car safety seat as long as possible, up to the limits of their car safety seat. This will include virtually all children under 2 years of age and most children up to age 4.

Once they have been turned around, children should remain in a forward-facing car safety seatup to that seat’s weight and length limits. Most seats can accommodate children up to 60 pounds or more.”


They go on:

“When they exceed these limits, child passengers should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat until they can use a seat belt that fits correctly.

Once they exceed the booster limits and are large enough to use the vehicle seat belt alone, they should always use a lap and shoulder belt.

All children younger than 13 years should be restrained in the rear seats of vehicles for optimal protection.”


Dr. Ben Hoffman who is the chairperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics also said that he understand’s children’s want to graduate to a big kid seat, but it’s important to stand strong on this subject.


Speaking of how a child’s car seat can save lives, this was the exact thing that happened to this mom all due to a text message to her husband.

Sometimes you just have to pay attention to the details. Moms are the best when it comes to this and sometimes dads just don’t see the whole picture. That’s what happened in this story when Rebecca Tafaro Boyer saw that there was something off about her child’s car seat. Her husband had sent a text of their baby all strapped in and she noticed something about the straps.

Image Via Facebook

Many people would think she was “nagging” but this detail saved her child’s life. She posted on Facebook later that day with the story.

She said:

“Friends, let’s have a quick chat about something that some of my family members think makes me a super annoying overprotective mom – car seat safety.

So today, my first day back from maternity leave, I demanded that my husband send me hourly updates and recaps on how baby William was handling his first day away from mommy. This afternoon around 2:15, I got a text from my hubby during their trip to Walgreens.

My nagging wife reply was to correct William’s position in the car seat – the straps were too loose and the chest clip was way too low. And because I know my husband, I’m sure that he laughed at me and rolled his eyes before tightening the car seat and fixing the chest clip.”


Then the unthinkable happened and her husband and child were in an accident. Her post continued:

“At 2:30 my phone rang, my husband’s panicked voice came through the line, “Honey, we had a car wreck. We are fine, but the car is going to be totaled.”

The boys were less than three miles from our house when a woman pulled into oncoming traffic to try and make a quick left turn. David just didn’t have enough time to stop – it could have happened to anyone.

He slammed on the brakes at nearly 50 miles an hour before colliding with the front passenger side door of her SUV. My precious little bundle of joy was so well restrained in his car seat, THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN WAKE UP”

Image Via Facebook

Her husband didn’t have the same luck as their baby and had a broken foot and dislocated a few toes. But the real win was their baby didn’t suffer anything and it was all for Rebecca’s quick thinking.

Her post went justifiably viral and was shared over 40k times. She concluded her post with:

“Thank you all for reading and for being so vigilant about the safety of your children! I love all of the women who are tagging their husbands. Feel free to share if you think that this post will help educate someone you love in protecting their little miracles!”


We are just happy everyone is safe and sound and there was no tragedies at the end of this story. So if you have kids in car seats, make sure they are strapped in properly so you never have the opposite of this story.

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High School Senior Goes Viral After Tweeting The Simple Facts Of Vaccinations

Vaccinations work, to prove this theory look around you right now. Do you see anyone with polio? No? That’s because we don’t have to live in the 1950’s anymore because science!

Some people try and prove that vaccinations can lead to autism but there is no scientific proof to this thought. Yet somehow there is still many people that don’t think vaccinations work.

Recently a high school senior, Taylor Sharp, wrote a thesis paper on this exact subject went viral after posting her findings on Twitter. Now if a high school senior can figure these simple facts out, why can’t adults?

She began her thread by saying, “I actually did my senior paper on vaccinations so let me hit you with the facts real quick.”

Don’t worry these facts also include related gifs so if you have a hard time following along, just enjoy the moving pictures.

90%! That’s science and why would you not vaccinate with that type of research?

I guess this is why Fake News has spread so easily, people believe wrong these from the internet.

She explains how easy it is to pass on the disease especially with children…

Then she combatted the notion of vaccines being related to autism.

She concludes with the fact that the US gives us the power to make these diseases disappear for good.

Many applauded her research, and really it’s crazy that adult parents can’t do this research on their own. Even the experts loved her thread!

So where is Sharp going after high school? It seems that this fall she will be attending Slippery Rock University according to Scary Mommy. She won’t studying medicine, but she will be studying international education which she thinks can help her spread her message about vaccinations even further. Great work Taylor!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legend, Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds passed away at the age of 82 and the world has been in mourning. But what better way to remember one of the greatest actors of our time than to reminisce about what we may have forgotten about the legend.

Reynolds died in a hospital in Florida, after going a few days earlier due to cardiac arrest and was with his family at the time. So let’s take a look at the good times and we wish his family the best.

9. Burt Reynolds once released a country album in 1973 titled, “Ask Me What I Am.” Let’s just say that he stuck with acting after it came out. You can listen to the title track below.

8. When he was filming a movie in 1984 called “City Heat,” he was hit with a chair to the face and it broke his jaw very badly. He developed TMJ and eventually lost 40 pounds due to not being able to eat solid foods for awhile. The weight loss sparked rumors that he had gotten AIDS and he spent his life refuted these speculations.

He also had chronic pain for the rest of his life and depended on drugs to get him through the pain.


7. He posed nude in Cosmopolitan, which is widely known, but he was also “very embarrassed” by the photoshoot. He once told Piers Morgan this in an interview. The pose has become famous in pop culture though, with many recreating it.

View this post on Instagram

He did it first. And best. And naked. #BurtReynolds

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

6. Reynolds turned down many big roles such as John McClane in Die Hard, Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman, McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Han Solo in Star Wars.

Can you imagine a Die Hard without Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford not flying the Millennium Falcon?!


5. I think this is one of the cooler facts, Reynolds got into a pie fight with Marc Summers on the Tonight Show once. If you don’t know who that is, he was the host of Double Dare (still is, they rebooted it) and it was totally unplanned. It wasn’t totally in jest though, and eventually ended in a very awkward exchange. Overall I don’t think Reynolds was impressed by the Double Dare host and Jay Leno had no clue what to do.

4. Reynolds also turned down his role in Boogie Nights. He just turn it down once, but SEVEN times! Director Paul Thomas Anderson didn’t stop pestering him though and eventually landed Reynolds. Even though he was eventually nominated for an Academy Award, he fired his agent after the filming of the movie.


3. Didn’t Reynolds just look like a dude that would own a night clue in the 1970’s? Well funny enough he opened a nightclub called “Burt’s Place.” Sadly the place closed after only a year.


2. In 2015, Reynolds (but mostly his stache) was inducted into the International Mustache Hall of Fame which was the first class of inductees. Others in this elite class included Richard Pryor, Freddie Mercury and Walter Cronkite.


1. Reynolds attended Florida State University on a football scholarship, but only played in two seasons. He was a star running back. His college football career was ended by a knee injury. Maybe this inspired his role in the Longest Yard.


The Blue Macaw Is The Next Animal To Reach “Extinction In The Wild”

Extinction can claim some of the most amazing animals in the world purely to human greed. People point to the signs that an animal is endangered, give steps for improvement but humanity just gets in the way most of the time.

There would be no better article title than “Animal Population Miraculously Recovers And Is Thriving In It’s Habitat,” but sadly this is the opposite. Now the Spix Blue Macaw Parrot isn’t totally extinct, but you won’t be able to find them in the wild.

The bird was widely known as “The bird from the movie Rio,” but they’ve been dazzling us with their beauty long before the movie came out.


Recently eight species were added to the list of confirmed extinctions or extremely close to extinction. Along with the blue macaw, the Pernambuco pygmy-owl was added and both are due to deforestation in South America.

Stuart Butchart who co-wrote the report said that:

“The last known individual [Spix’s macaw] in the wild disappeared in 2001, but searches have been ongoing since then and it is only now that we feel confident enough to classify it as extinct in the wild.”


Birds have been going extinct due to human’s and their growth since 1500. According to researchers, 187 species of birds have gone extinct or likely to be extinct since that year. The study was made by BirdLife International who is the go-to source of info for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

It’s a hard task to really determine if the bird is extinct or at least “extinct in the wild” but the team did exhaustive research within the South American region to come to this conclusion.


Butchart also said:

“People think of extinctions and think of the dodo but our analysis shows that extinctions are continuing and accelerating today. Historically 90% of bird extinctions have been small populations on remote islands.

Our evidence shows there is a growing wave of extinctions on continents, resulting from habitat loss and degradation driven by unsustainable agriculture and logging in particular.”


Out of the eight birds, five of the extinctions were found in South America and four were within the boarders of Brazil. Deforestation is happening at such an alarming rate there, and this is just one of the consequences.

Another animal that has recently reached almost extinction is this funky green turtle, read more below!

Sadly, these Mary River turtles have been on the endangered species list aka the IUCN Red List since the 90’s.

Now you might be asking, what makes these animals so dang cool? Well yes their green algae like hair helps but they have another hidden talent.

These turtles can stay under water for three days in a row thanks to an..interesting feature of the turtle. They have glands that are the Mary River turtle’s butt and genitals. Sadly, they have gotten the not so pretty nickname of “butt breather” and kids on the playground are really mean to them I guess.

People online are really loving them now they know about them.

You can find these turtles in the, you guessed it (if you know about Australian geography), Mary River in Queensland, Australia. The species decline is due to building of a dam nearby as well as people poaching the turtle’s eggs for pets. Despicable!

Another reason why the turtle’s population is in decline is because the creatures wait so long to reproduce. They don’t reach sexual maturity till they are 25 years old, and many males wait till they are 30 to actual do the deed.

(This isn’t them but seemed relevant)

With the combo of damn dams being built and the mature decision to wait till marriage is why they have been placed into the Zoological Society of London’s new list of the world’s most vulnerable reptiles. They are clocking in at the 29th spot. Does that mean we have 28 other animals we need to save too?

Safe to say Twitter users freaked out when they found such an awesome looking animal on the list…

I’m just wondering how long it takes for a punk band to be named after the Mary River Turtle. I’d go rage to them for sure.

Dr. James Liu, who is the director of communications for the Turtle Conservancy told The Dodo:

“The most important thing that we like to convey to the public is that people need to realize that turtles and tortoises are one of the most threatened groups of animals, especially vertebrates, on the planet — but no one’s talking about them.

While whales and ‘great apes’ get a lot of press, turtles and tortoises have been here 250 million years, and now over 50 percent of all species are threatened with extinction.”

Liu concluded:

It’s a shame to lose these animals, and no one’s aware that it’s happening but it’s not too late to save these animals, and a lot can be done!

You can donate to the Australian Geographic Society here if you want punk, I mean the Mary River Turtle to never die!

New 36-foot Outdoor Glass Slide Will Leave You Terrified

If you have a fear of heights you may want to think twice before taking on one of Los Angeles’ newest upcoming tourist attractions.

An outrageous 36-foot-long glass slide built alongside the U.S. Bank Tower, the highest building on the West Coast, will hang riders a whopping 1,000 feet above downtown LA.

Daredevils up for the ride will slide between the tower’s 69th and 70th stories on top of a 1.25-inch thick glass to experience a birds-eye view of the city.

The thrill seeker attraction known as the Skyslide is a part of the all-new OUE Skyspace LA project, which is set to become the tallest open-air observation deck in California.

If you’re not in the adventurous mood, no worries, Skyspace will also feature an exclusive rooftop restaurant.

Skyspace opens to the public on June 25, 2016 and guests will have to pay a $25 entrance fee, as well as an additional $8 to take on the Skyslide.

Tickets are currently being pre-sold and official sales begin March 18, 2016.

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Can You Find The Cellphone Hidden On This Rug?

This article originally appeared and was published on

Move over, Dudolf — there’s a new, mind-blowing “hidden object” sweeping the web.

A woman in the Philippines shared an image on Facebook on July 2 that has even the most advanced internet puzzle-solvers in a tizzy.

“Let’s play a game. Look for the cell phone [sic],” reads the caption on Jeya May Cruz’s photo.

Sounds simple enough — except the phone’s floral case is so similar to the carpet’s pattern that the device is rendered nearly invisible.

Since it was posted, the photo has amassed over 18,000 shares and 140,000 likes.

Cruz has even apologized for making everyone’s “eyes hurt and head ache” since the photo went viral — an apology to which we say, too little, too late.

So,have you found it yet?

To save your sanity, we’ll give you a hint: Look by the table’s right leg.

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Seven-Year-Old Goes To Claires For Ear Piercing And Immediately Has To Go To The Emergency Room

Going to Claires as a little kid is every little girl’s dream. They just want to look grown up and part of that is getting their ears pierced at Claires. I remember my sister begging our parents to go until they finally let her one weekend.

It seems that that was seven-year-old Lily Nesbet’s dream as well but it all came with a bit of pain as well. Her and her mother had gone to Claire’s to get her ear pierced and they thought that was going to be the end of the story.

Image Via Mercury Press

This happened in Harlow, North London and several weeks later Lily had a lot of pain near where she had been pierced. Her and her mother rushed to the hospital where staff eventually had to removed pieces of the earring from her ear with a scalpel.

Lily was in so much pain she needed to be given oxygen and gas as well as a anesthetic due to how much pain she was in.

Image Via Mercury Press

Lily’s mother, Suzie, feels like this is due to Claire’s instructions on how to care for the piercing after it happened. She said that she waited the prescribed about of time and then changed out the first set of earrings. Once that happened though she started showing signs of an infection within a few days.

Suzie said to the Mercury Press:

“We didn’t think it was possible for the back to get stuck in her ear due to the size of it and searched her bed to try and find it. I couldn’t push the earring back or forwards, it was absolutely horrible.”

Image Via Mercury Press

She continued to tell her horrific story about how her daughter went through too much pain:

“At that point they said it was too embedded and that she would need to use a scalpel. Those 20 minutes felt like four hours, it was so traumatising for us all.

When the needle went into her ear it obviously really hurt her as it was so sensitive, and she screamed out. She was then properly crying too, it was horrendous.

When the anesthetic kicked in the nurse got the scalpel and had to re-open the wound and pop it out. It was horrific watching her go through such agony.”

The two have vowed never to walk into a Claire’s ever again due to this awful experience. Suzie was told in the store that it would only take three weeks to heal but since then she has learned that time is more like six weeks.

A statement from Claire’s reads:

“Our piercing procedure and all of our piercing instruments, supplies and earrings are designed to promote the safest and most hygienic piercing experience.

The rapid after care lotion is dermatologist and pediatrician tested for the effective care of the pierced ear. Three weeks of use is an appropriate and approved length of time. The Rapid lotion is safe, and allergy tested, and its soothing formula is skin friendly.”

Image Via Mercury Press

So if you are thinking about taking your girl to Claire’s think twice about how to care for it!

Pat Tillman’s Wife Doesn’t Want You To Use Her Husband’s Death As A Way To Attack Colin Kaepernick

There’s been a lot of controversy over the recent 30th Anniversary ad campaign from Nike involving Colin Kaepernick. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an amazing masterpiece that should make you feel good inside but some people just can’t comprehend it. Take a look for yourself if you haven’t seen it yet.

After seeing this some conservatives went a bit off the deep end and started burning and cutting up their Nike apparel. I don’t think Nike cares about that customer base because their stocks are doing just fine.

Conservatives then had suggestions for Nike since they are experts in most things and suggested that Pat Tillman should have been the face of the Nike Campaign, suggesting that “he gave a lot more up than Kaep.”

Tillman was killed in Afghanistan in 2004 due to friendly fire and his death rocked the nation at the time.

Sadly this has happened before, conservatives using Tillman’s death as reason Kaepernick should be prosecuted. Trump did it back in 2017 and Marie Tillman, Pat’s widow said this to CNN:

“As a football player and soldier, Pat inspired countless Americans to unify. It is my hope that his memory should always remind people that we must come together.

Pat’s service, along with that of every man and woman’s service, should never be politicized in a way that divides us. We are too great of a country for that.”

Those that serve fight for the American ideals of freedom, justice and democracy. They and their families know the cost of that fight. I know the very personal costs in a way I feel acutely every day. The very action of self expression and the freedom to speak from one’s heart — no matter those views — is what Pat and so many other Americans have given their lives for. Even if they didn’t always agree with those views.

It is my sincere hope that our leaders both understand and learn from the lessons of Pat’s life and death, and also those of so many other brave Americans.”

Now Marie hasn’t put out a statement this time, because well she shouldn’t have to every time someone tries to hijack her husband’s death, but Jon Krakauer has. Krakauer wrote “Where Men Win Glory,” a biography of Tillman and he told the Washington Post:

“Pat would have found Kaepernick an extremely admirable person for what he believed in. I have no doubt if he was in the NFL today, he would be the first to kneel. So there is irony about what is going on.”

Many other soldiers have echoed this sentiment. They haven’t just begun this but have been saying this for awhile since Kaep was persecuted out of the NFL.

Most begin with saying that they fought for this country so people like Kaepernick can fight for what he believes in. That sounds like what this country was founded on, but who knows. Let’s just see what the pundits of Fox News say about it, right? If anyone wants to have a true conversation (where both sides listen to each other) talk to me on Twitter.

Why Isn’t There A Male Birth Control Option Yet?

Birth control. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and methods…

But there is one kind of birth control that all women look forward to: and that’s a hormonal male contraceptive.
Maybe we could have them overlap or something? Combine somehow? Or maybe combine just a white pill with the male symbol and then do an ‘explosion’ and the reveal will be the blue pill

You know, for the fellas.

So what’s the deal? Why don’t we have a hormonal male birth control method yet?

When it comes to male-centric birth control options, there are really only two choices.

Condoms or vasectomies.

Condoms being that sheath-like barrier, typically made from latex, that prevent semen from entering a sexual partner.

While a vasectomy is a form of male sterilization which prevents pregnancy by sealing the vas deferens to keep sperm from entering the urethra and ultimately leaving the body during ejaculation.

Combined, these two methods only make up around 23% of total contraceptive use. Which leaves the remaining 77% to women.

Talk about heavy lifting. But that’s the problem. Contraception has long been thought of as exclusively a “women’s issue” even though it takes two to tango.

And if making a baby is 50% a woman’s job, and 50% a man’s, then why isn’t preventing a baby 50/50 too?

Why don’t we have a hormonal male birth control yet?! Surprisingly, it really has nothing to do with the efficacy of the drugs. Funding is one of the main major obstacles in the quest for a male pill.

Broadly speaking, new drugs cost tens of millions of dollars to test and put on the market. And when it comes to male birth control, there’s not much incentive to fund it since, well, the ladies have it covered already.

Not to mention many major drug companies—which are led by older white men—don’t see the value in creating a hormonal male contraceptive because it’s thought that men won’t go for it.

And when trials of male birth control do get rolling, they’re frequently canceled due to side effects of the liver, since the contraceptives typically contain testosterone which can be pretty toxic.

Quick side note here: female hormonal contraceptives carry side effects too, including spotting, nausea, changing your level of sexual desire, an increased risk of blood clots and/or stroke and 0, but you know…Whatever.

Which really just goes back to an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude about female hormonal birth control.

Contraception is viewed as a women’s issue most likely because it’s women who carry the children. Which is weird considering that the type of sex involved in making a baby involves both a man and a woman.

But that’s not to say a hormonal male birth control won’t ever happen. There’s actually a potentially promising one in trials right now called dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU.

But who knows how long it’ll be ‘til it hits shelves, if it all. Until then, what can I say? Ladies, the burden falls on you. Then again, are we really prepared to trust men with remembering to take a daily pill?

26 Tweets About The Controversial Nike And Colin Kaepernick Ad That Are Too Dang Funny

If you’ve been living under a rock, WAKE UP! Some crazy stuff has been going down involving Nike and Colin Kaepernick. The company, along with Kaep, posted this image and it set off conservatives to no end.

For some reason when things like this happen, the next option for people on the opposing side is for them to burn their existing apparel, like that would help.

For example this guy had already bought these socks but then destroyed them. Yeah you really showed them.

It’s safe to say that Twitter had some hilarious jokes about these silly people.



























After Racist Student Trolls Another Student With Blackface, School Responds But Is It Enough?

Here’s a quick guide to know if you should ever use blackface, I hope you can follow along.

Should you do blackface? No you shouldn’t.

Easy enough right? Well it seems that these very simple thoughts didn’t go through this student’s or her parents heads because we are finding ourselves in this terrible situation. Taylor Carpenter, who is a student at Fishers High School in Indiana, got in a high school drama fight with another student who is black. Instead of calling her names like a normal high school kid, she went home and got into blackface and posted images online.

Someone else shared the images posted on Facebook and that got shared thousands of times. The post read:

“This is Taylor Carpenter.
She is a student at Fishers High School.
Taylor got into a dispute with a black girl named Destini and decided to make fun of Destini’s 1 month old baby by calling her a monkey and doing black face. Facebook, do your thing.”

Image Via Facebook

Her profile on Facebook has gone into private mode, but people are still able to share her normal profile picture and then comment on that. It’s safe to say she’s been getting dragged online.

Some comments read:

“This girl is a racist, she likes to put on blackface and call African American babies monkeys! She is a piece of white trash! Whose boyfriend looks like he is 12. She is basically a white supremacist. She loves to mock the African American race by wearing black face.”

“Hey look everyone! It’s a racist!”

“This the girl that made the black face ??? First of all she needs to find out where her damn lip disappeared”

Image Via Facebook

Someone else who claimed to be a fellow student of Carpenter’s also said this isn’t the first time she has been a racist.

Image Via Facebook

Now this seems something that the school should be addressing you know since racism of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated. But their response going forward sounds like something that might come out of the mouth of the current POTUS. They said:

That was posted last Saturday and as of right now, we still haven’t heard anything about disciplining Carpenter. Hopefully someday people will learn that they can’t just post anything they want on social media. There must be reprimand.

For example this company acted swiftly to make sure nothing would ever happen like this again:

A St. Louis woman was just trying to get a job when an employer let her know they wouldn’t even be considering her because of her name.

Hermeisha Robinson was applying to Mantality Health in St. Louis, Missouri when she got a very disturbing message.

The position was for a customer service representative and it seems that whoever responded needs to take some notes on customer service. She posted a screenshot of how someone from Mantality Health responded to her. She captioned the screenshot with:

“My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second guessing my name, trying to figure out if my name is really that ‘ghetto.'”

What is even more disconcerting is that she isn’t the only woman that got this message. According to KMOV, Dorneshia Zachery also received this same note.

Zachery said:

“The company looked at my name and said we don’t care about what you’ve done in life your name is going to dismiss you completely.”

While Mantality Health didn’t deny the messages, they did say they thought they were hacked. Even Police have gotten involved due to the alleged hacking. CEO of Mantality said, “This is not a reflection of who we are as a company. This is deplorable.”

This 96-Year-Old Veteran Is Such An Adrenaline Junkie She Earned The Name The “Iron Grandmother”

Maria Koltakova is known in her homeland of Russia as the “Iron Grandmother”.

Her steely demeanor and unshakable courage has led her on a number of adventures over the years. She’s been hang gliding, scuba diving, go-karting, and even flew in a hot air balloon.

But her biggest claim to adrenaline-seeking fame came in 2015, when she performed her first skydive jump at the age of 93.

Her death-defying jumps continued, with her most recent in 2017.

“Last time I jumped on September 13th in 2017 in Crimea, on the Klementiev Mountain. It is 4,200 meters [high].”

Koltakova’s first skydive was dedicated to her brother Evgeny, who died in World War II fighting the Japanese in Russia.

Koltakova is also a World War II veteran. She served as a medic, and participated in a number of key moments during the war, including the Battle of Kursk and the operation that liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp.

She earned 46 awards for her service, including the Order of Glory and the Medal For Courage, which she received after carrying 27 injured soldiers from the battlefield.

After her time on the front lines, a trip to an indoor skydiving facility may seem like small potatoes. But it’s an experience that Koltakova celebrates.

This trip was her first time in a vertical wind tunnel, at the age of 95. And she hadn’t even heard of the simulator before trying it out.

“I have better impressions rather than you. I have done this flight for the first time. I did not know what this air tube is, but today it has been shown to me. And I liked it very much. I have even asked [to fly] for the second time and to fly even higher. It was amazing.”

Now that she’s had the experience, Koltakova wants to push it to the limit. Her goal is to set the record by surpassing nine trips in the simulator.

You might be wondering what’s next for the “Iron Grandmother”. Well, in addition to breaking the record, she says that going to space isn’t out of the question.

Truly, no death-defying feat is too adventurous for the Iron Grandmother.

Over 450 Pigs Were Rescued From A Farm And Need To Be Adopted

Whenever I see someone with a pet pig, I think of two things in this order.

1) “Awww how cute!”

2) “But what if it poops in the house…”

And honestly if that second thought didn’t creep into my head, I probably would have like three pet pigs and it would be a hilarious sitcom. But sadly that’s not the case and I just have two dogs.


Anyways speaking of pigs as pets, it’s time for about 450 people to step up and adopt! Recently animal rescuers in Kentucky found a very sad story that I didn’t even know was possible.

The rescuers took away 458 pigs from an animal hoarder and many of them have been malnourished and mistreated during their lives.

Pigs Advocates League posted on their Facebook this message:

“458 pigs in Kentucky have a clock on their precious souls. We have 19 days to vet and place as many of these pigs as possible before the state of Kentucky euthanizes them. There has never been a more desperate time in the pig community as there is right now.

Pig Advocates League has teamed up with Atti’s Acres, Red Oaks Animal Rescue, Cotton Branch Sanctuary, Ziggy’s Refuge, The Pig Preserve, and Esther’s Army to save as many of these pigs as possible. PAL will be collecting all donations for this massive effort and distribute them for spays/neuters, microchips, health certificates, feed, and any other care needed for these animals.”

Image Via Facebook

The post then goes onto explain how you can help the cause. If you aren’t in Kentucky or feel like making the roadtrip, you can donate here. If you are able to give a home to a little piggy, the foster and adoption application is here.

Speaking of adoption, take a look at this beautiful story of this woman knowing she just had to help this little pup.

When you move in together with a significant other, your life changes greatly. Recently Jessica Williams did this with her boyfriend Jared and the building they moved into allowed dogs so you know that was high on their priority list.

Originally Jared told Jessica they would get a dog for her birthday in November but that’s a million years away in dog years so she figured why not just look.

(Trust me never just look, it’s a gateway.)

Jessica didn’t get a chance to hear my advice though, and she began perusing different shelter websites in preparation for November.

That’s when she saw Benji. He was a stray that had been found in Los Angeles and was taken to a shelter nearby.

Image Via Jessica Williams

He was very scared of people and if anyone passed by his cage he would snap and growl. On top of that he also had a bad flea allergy which was causing him to lose his hair. Even though there were red flags, Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about little Benji.

She told The Dodo:

“He was at the shelter for 10 days and wasn’t handling it well. He would snarl and snap at people as they walked by. I had never seen a sadder dog and knew we couldn’t leave him there.”

Image Via Jessica Williams

The couple were in Sacramento, but knew they needed to drive the six hours to rescue this poor little guy. Once they got to the shelter, even the staff tried to tell them Benji wasn’t suitable for them. Jessica went onto say:

“The shelter also told us he wasn’t friendly and refused to take us into a calm waiting area to get to know him because ‘he wouldn’t be a dog that would come over to us to be cuddly.’ We knew that he had a high possibility of being euthanized and didn’t want him to die.”

Image Via Jessica Williams

They heeded the warnings of staff and eventually began the journey home with Benji in the car. At first Benji was very confused, as would any dog, to be traveling with strangers in a moving box.

The first few days at home were rough but the new family of three kept trying. Eventually he began to show signs of happiness…

Image Via Jessica Williams

Speaking of the transformation they saw in Benji, Jessica said:

“He loves to come up and lick our faces and play with his toys. He is such a goofball now! He has crazy zoomies after he gets bathed. He will also start barking the second we get in the car as if to say, ‘We have to start moving! Let’s go!’”

Image Via Jessica Williams

This just goes to show you that dogs just aren’t born bad. With the right amount of love and care, any dog can understand that humans just want to love them. Once they figure that out they are more than ready to reciprocate.

If you are looking to adopt a pup in your area, take a look at Facebook pages in your area or look at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals here.

Donald Trump Was Pouting In The Oval Office And It’s The Internet Latest Meme

When you Google Donald Trump, what comes back to you is some form of weird news of the day from the POTUS. He was recently very sad about that had tried to fight with the inanimate algorithm over Twitter. I imagine that he sat at his desk in the Oval Office and looked something like this latest meme when he wrote those Tweets.

He also struck this Presidential pose when asked about John McCain’s death this past week. The White House raised the American Flag to full mast before the former Senator’s body was even laid to rest, something that is very uncommon.

He responded to those questions with a very Trumpesque pose and the internet couldn’t help themselves to mock him.

Don’t worry they don’t really get any better (or worse) from whatever viewpoint you have.

This one relates to what’s going on inbetween POTUS’s ears every night when he eats dinner:

Many felt that maybe Trump was just having a gassy day…

Here are a few more:

The photo eventually made it’s way to Reddit’s Photoshop Battles and the internet continued to be the ruthless savages we know and love.

Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit
Image Via Reddit

If that wasn’t enough meme-ification of Trump for you, then take a look at what the Internet had to say about his meeting with Russia here…

The Real Reason Why Cats Purr Isn’t What You Thought

We all know this sound…

It’s a cat purring. But how and why do they make this sound?

The truth is, no one knows for sure, but there are quite a few theories as to why cats purr. It’s thought that kittens learn how to purr when they’re just a few days old. This early purring is a way for them to communicate to their mom that they’re close by and doing just fine.

In this way, purring also acts as a bonding mechanism between baby and mama cats. But, as we know, cats continue to purr as they grow older.

It’s thought that cats purr to express pleasure and contentment. Or as a general form of close communication, since purrs can’t travel very far.

And because purring usually occurs in close social situations like grooming or nursing.

But cats can also purr when they’re injured and in pain.

Research scientist and bio-acoustic specialist Dr. Elizabeth Von Muggenthaler suggests that the low frequency vibrations that purring produces act as a “natural healing mechanism”.

In this sense, it is also thought that purring can be a tool used by cats to calm themselves when they’re in a particularly stressful situation.

Some veterinarians have even observed cats lying next to each other purring when one is injured in a behavior known as “purr therapy”.

Dr. Von Muggenthaler also believes that purring may have bone healing properties. She found that cats purr in the range of 20 to 150 Hertz.

Which, according to the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, is the frequency range that induces increased bone density.

The thinking behind this theory is that as cats spend time lying around waiting to hunt, purring stimulates their bones and prevents them from becoming weak or brittle.

Another theory suggests that cats purr to communicate peaceful intentions and to signal that they’re not going to attack.

Older cats, for instance, have been found to purr when approaching younger ones to communicate friendly intentions.

So there’s many reasons why cats purr, and each purr should be analyzed in context.

And it’s not just house cats.

Bobcats, pumas, and even cheetahs have been found to purr.

Meanwhile lions, leopards, jaguars, and tigers can’t. But they can roar.

In fact, early 19th century taxonomists thought that cats could either purr or roar, and split them into subfamilies along these lines. The purrers are grouped in the subfamily Felinae, and the roarers are in Pantherinae.

But today it’s believed that most cats—big and small—can purr, barring the exceptions I just mentioned.

But how do purring cats actually purr?

The most widely accepted idea is that a cat’s brain will signal to its laryngeal muscles in its voicebox to vibrate.
The muscles open and close the glottis, which is the space between the vocal cords, and allows air to pass through the voicebox and causes the purring sound.

One reason why researchers are confident that this is how purring works is because cats with laryngeal paralysis can’t purr.

But given the vast array of possible reasons cats purr, the jury’s still out on whether cats purr voluntarily or if it’s an involuntary reaction.

So the next time your cat purrs, listen closely. You might just learn something.