Cuddling pigs for their forever homes sound like your dream job? Start packing your bags!

If you are a pig lover, this information is for you and be warned: you may squeal with delight from what you find.

A South Carolina rescue farm is seeking volunteers to socialize about 100 rescue pigs to get them ready for adoption, according to an ad posted to Facebook.

So what exactly entails socialization of piglets?

Belly scratches, feeding them cookies (yes, cookies) and talking to them.

If this sounds like you, click above for more info!

Woman sends sister creative and detailed 2-page PDF on how to dog sit

A woman recently was given a deeply descriptive and enticingly colorful, 2-page PDF on how to dog sit and the results are nothing short of absolutely bonkers.

Of course, the PDF went viral after the sister posted it to Twitter with the caption:

“I’m dogsitting for my sister this weekend and look what I just received as a PDF,”

To summarize it for you if you don’t feel like reading it below, let’s just say I feel like Gus is now my dog.

My personal favorite section is the Fast Facts. Happy Reading!

Cat goes viral for seriously contemplating starting petty fight with dog

In recent viral footage sweeping the interwebs, a cat is doing what cats do best and starting a fight with its fellow dog — but not before seriously plotting it out.

The cat’s owner, Ruto, posted the video to Twitter but was later taken down.

Luckily, someone decided to share it to YouTube for the world to continue to watch over and over.

Cats, am I right?!

Theme park forces pig bungee jump 230 feet into air

A theme park in China has recently been in hot water due to its new attraction which involves forcing a pig to do a bungee jump.

In the footage uploaded to China’s Twitter-type social media service, Weibo, the animal is slung from a 230 foot platform, squealing throughout the entire incident.

The pig was allegedly hauled to the very top of the structure by four men prior to being tied up in a harness and tossed off.

You can watch the disturbing video below.

Brave sheep herding dog saves hundreds creatures as flames encroaches on farm

This four-legged hero is being praised for saving hundred of animals from the continual and unforgiving Australian wildfires.

Stephen Hill arrived at the farm where he works in Corryong, Victoria, at four in the morning when he quickly realized the blazes were approaching the town. He then grabbed his herd dog Patsy and rushed to the barn where hundreds of sheep were gathered.

The 6-year-old shepherd mix quickly got to work helping wrangle the farm’s livestock away from the flames and into another barn for safety.

All but just six of the 220 sheep survived thanks to Patsy’s help and guidance — especially as it was in the dark.

“If you haven’t got a good dog, you can’t do so much with the sheep,” Hill shared with NBC News. “They’re really difficult to move in any way, shape or form unless you have a good dog.”

“It’s unbelievable and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why we put Patsy’s story out there,” Cath added. “People need something positive.”

Tigress pictured with her multiple cubs are warming hearts all over the globe

A magnificent photo of a tigress walking through a forest along with her five cubs is popping up everywhere for the best reasons.

Shared by Parveen Kaswan who works for the Indian Forest Service – he additionally is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

After efforts to help aid the species to come back from being on the verge of extinction, the tigress spotted with the five cubs – two more than the average litter, is sharing hope for all of the world too see.

Kaswan wrote:

“This is magical picture. Count the cubs with tigress. I know for a reason how few people will be elated after seeing this. Efforts are helping in making this species bounce back from verge of extinction.”

Seth Rogen says he has been tagged dozens of time in this uncanny dog photo

When people usually compare you to a dog it is a bad thing but not for Seth Rogan.

In fact, he was over the moon about it.

The doppelganger dog we are referring to? Nori Porkchop who has his own fan following due to his strikingly human face.

But the real question is — is this dog high right now?

Helicopters dump carrots all over to help feed wildlife amidst devastating blaze

As fires rage across Australia consuming precious wildlife, across the country at least 27 people have died from the tumultuous blaze.

But in New South Wales, the government is attempting to aid the surviving animals by dropping thousands of pounds of carrots as well as sweet potatoes from helicopters.

The mission targets rock wallabies, which usually feed off the grasses, shrubs and leaves but these have been set aflame.

And as the species was already classed as endangered prior to the fires, making it a success is vital.

You can continue to follow the journey via Twitter above.

California buck’s antlers trapped in holiday decorations

A deer was found trapped in festive lights in Northern California according to the Marin Humane Society.

Just north of San Fransisco, the buck was spotted completely entangled in Christmas lights.

The organization then posted the photos of the animal on its Facebook page adding how they had been unable to capture it and remove the lights.

“This serves as a good reminder that when hanging holiday decorations, make sure they’re secure and high enough where they’re less likely to be an issue for wildlife,” the post read. “We’re lucky to share our space with so many animals in Marin County so let’s be mindful of their safety, even when we’re getting festive!”

Heroic neighbor saves pup from being strangled on elevator

Johnny Mathias was headed to his apartment in Houston when something out of a nightmare happened.

As he was exiting the elevator and one of his neighbors was getting on, along with her dog who was on a leash.

“When she got on, I was looking at the dog, because it was a cute dog,” Mathis revealed to CNN. “I noticed the leash was kinda long but I didn’t think it wasn’t going to make it on the elevator or anything.”

But the dog did not make it in — and as the doors shut, the small Pomeranian was stuck in the hallway.

Mathias attempted to yell for his neighbor but it was too late. As the doors closed the elevator began to rise and pulled the dog’s leash with it.

Mathias heroically stepped in and save the dog by quickly removing its leash before it was too late.

The vial pigeons wearing cowboy hats found to be abused

After many theories about pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats, the ruling is out and it is not a pretty one.

Just last week, a startling number of Las Vegas residents saw at least two pigeons wearing tiny red cowboy hats.

Of course, this news went viral and many attempted to find out why this was happening.

Co-founder of the Las Vegas-based rescue group, Lofty Hopes, Mariah Hillman, was able to track down one of the birds.

She then posted to discovery to Facebook.

I would say hat’s off but it’s too soon.

Facebook footage reveals woman abandoning her handicapped dog

Footage of a woman leaving a handicapped dog on the side of the road in Brazil is going viral.

Band Jornalismo, a Brazilian news network, shared security footage of the woman getting out of her white car in São Leopoldo in Port Alegre.

She then proceeds to open a rear passenger door, and two dogs – one black and another white – tumble out.

She then instructs the black dog to hop back into the car but shoos the white one away, which is missing its front limbs. Then the woman drives away.

Thankfully, the dog was found, and many have already expressed interest in adopting the sweet dog.

Shark washes up on Australian beach half-eaten


A few tourists were horrified when they came across a half-eaten shark that had washed up on the shores of Australia.

G’Day Adventure Tours was leading a trip around Bribie Island when they stumbled upon a mauled carcass.

Image via G’Day Adventure Tours

Jason Brown, the tour operator’s owner, said the tourists were not at all shocked.

“The tourists all thought it was very cool as it’s not something you see every day,” he shared with Mail Online.

They are braver than I, that’s for sure!

Pug angry poops on family’s favorite things when he feels slighted

Holly Munoz believes that her seven-year-old dog Frank is house-trained but when he feels slighted — he takes her revenge by pooping on her possessions.

“You name it, Frank’s pooed on it. He has incredible aim. He definitely does it on purpose, he wants to make sure we know he’s angry. One time, I came back from a trip and he had pooed on my crackers and in my makeup bag. He’s an angry pooer.”

Image via Mercury Press & Media

“If we go on vacation then he will poo on something. My son, Oliver, is his favourite person, they sleep together and they’re attached at the hip – so when he went to a sleepover Frank was annoyed and he pooed in my shoe. I’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.”

And that’s why I am a cat person!

Teens pile in koalas to rescue them from raging bushfires

A video has recently been posted to Reddit that reveals two cousins traveling in some of the areas hit by the Australian bushfires and collecting koalas and taking them to safety in their car.

The very short clip reveals a car filled with koalas that have been rescued in a car. The entire exchange was filmed on Kangaroo Island

Image via Reddit/Steve_OH

Almost half of the Kangaroo Island is believed to be destroyed by the fires. It is estimated that over 20,000 koalas have died — which is over half of the island’s 50,000-strong population.But thankfully, a small few escaped being involved in that number.

Japanese businessman forks over $1.8 million on epicly large tuna

One Japanese man invested $1.8 million on a massive tuna fish at a New Year’s auction at Tokyo’s fish market this past week.

Self-described as the “Tuna King,” Kiyoshi Kimura runs the restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai and paid 193 million yen (about $1.8 million) for a 608-pound bluefin tuna.

Image via YouTube

And that, is #goals my friends. And/or a lotta soosh!

This cat robot could be the server we didn’t know we needed

Alexa, Nest and Roomba’s make life easier.

But they are not the only bots that can lend a helping beep-boop-beep-hand.

UBTech’s Walker can pull yoga poses while Charmin’s RollBot can speed you a roll of TP when you’re doing the deed and need an extra hand.

An expert revealed that it was very likely that robots exhibited at CES would continue to get more wacky in the future.

Like, BellaBot.

Image via YouTube

BellaBot is a robot cat who waits tables, mewing when it arrives at tables to encourage customers to pick up their food.

And if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it initially reacts with pleasure.

The firm reveals that if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it reacts as it is programmed to respond to heat.

But (like an ol’e fashion cat) if a customer pets it for too long, its expression changes.

“It gets mad to remind you not to interrupt its job,” shares the firm.


Australians continue to escape to beaches despite growing wildfires

This past week, thousands were stranded along the southeast coast of Australia as wildfires consumed the country.

Currently, the army has sent supplies, personnel, and vehicles while stunning beach towns quickly turned to smoke-filled wastelands this past week.

Stunning beach towns quickly turned to smoke-filled wastelands as Australia rang in the new year.

In the town of Mallacoota, at least 4,000 people rushed to the shore to seek safety but the fires are getting to be so dangerous, that people are sheltering on boats in the water or finding refuge in the water itself.

In total so far, 900 homes have been decimated while millions of acres have been set on fire.

Over 500 million animals have been killed and due to climate change, there is no end to the fires that have continued to grow worse by the day.

If you were wondering what a pug’s MRI scan looks like: it is worse than you can imagine

Recently, actor and comedian, Andy Richter, shared a photo on Twitter of his friend’s dog’s MRI scan and it is slightly (very) terrifying.

The tweet’s caption simply put was:

“My friend’s pug went to the vet,” paired with the horrifying photo which quickly went viral for obvious reasons.

There are no words. There is only PUG!

If you have always wanted a hyper-realistic mask of your pet, congratulations they now exist


A hyper-realistic mask of your furry-best-friend to let them know who is REALLY in charge around here!

You can thank two Japanese firms for creating the odd (disturbing?) masks — Shindo Rinka along with workshop 91.

Image via Shindo Rinka

But you’ve got to be really committed to the cause, because they don’t come cheap; a typical mask will set you back ¥300,000, which is the equivalent of £2,100 / $2,800.

But this is no novelty buy — with prices starting at ¥300,000, which is the equivalent of $2,800.

The project is titled “My Family” which allows people to have custom-made masks to resemble their furry family members.

Because, it is 2020 people! Why not?!