Cat decimates 2,432-piece model owner spent days constructing

A sweet little kitten decided to wreck havoc in the way a kitten does best:

Knocking over s***.

An unnamed toy store worker from Thailand recently shared photos on Facebook after his wrecked Doraemon figure that he was constructing for a client.

For those who don’t know, Doraemon is a a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko Fujio, the pen name of the duo Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

He had spent over a week assembling the blocks to create the cartoon character for a client who wanted it ahead of the new year — and took photos for evidence.

Well — maybe he will be able to build it faster this time around, eh?

Baby goat makes surprise appearance in UPS driver’s truck

Maria Helen’s father is a driver for UPS and while he continues throughout the busy season to deliver packages — we was surprised to find an unexpected guest in his truck while on a route.

“I was delivering several packages to a house and the owners weren’t home so I was hauling them into the garage,” Helen’s dad revealed to The Dodo.

But he quickly found out he was not alone.

Image via Twitter

Around the grounds were a few friendly goats, who had taken an interest in the UPS driver.

“I made three trips and each time I came back to the truck, the goats were a little closer,” he said.

But while already making a delivery, Helen’s dad’s vehicle somehow became even more full than before.

“By the final time I came back, one of them was in the back of my truck!” he said.

24-year-old lives in van traveling the country with her dog after quitting her job and dumping boyfriend

Syndey Ferbrache decided to travel all over America along with her dog Ella, after dumping her boyfriend.

And when it comes to finances, Sydney works full-time from her laptop.

Female power hunney!

“The thing I love most about traveling is getting to experience different people and cultures. Nature is insanely beautiful and getting to spend time outside every day is nothing but a gift. However, getting to spend time on native lands and learn about the people who live there from those very people is the best learning experience I could ask for,” Sydney shared with Bored Panda.

Image via Instagram

Sydney purchased a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for $18,000 dollars, then renovating it for another $10,000 dollars. All the while, she researched how to travel alone and decided she would go confidently go for it. She then worked three jobs for two months — saving enough for her travels. But not before adopting a pup to travel along with her.

“I always just say it’s a three-to-five-year plan. It’s been one year, maybe two years from now I’ll re-evaluate and make sure I’m still happy and this is something I still want to do,” Sydney shared with Insider.

“I’ve never woken up once in the last year and not felt like this isn’t exactly what I should be doing. I don’t foresee anywhere in the near future where I want to stop, but I also don’t want to hold myself to this idea that I have to be on the road.”

Bus driver rescues pair of dogs on side of road, gets them home safe for the holidays

A family from Milwaukee experienced a holiday miracle thanks to a compassionate bus driver who lent a helping hand to two dogs in need.

On December 18th, the family had lost their dogs after the pair escaped the yard and wandered off.

The family searched the whole night for the pups — but they did not find them.

Around midnight on the very same day, bus driver Jamie Grabowski, was finishing her route and driving back to the Milwaukee County Transit garage when she spotted two dogs running around on the street.

Both of the pups were then taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission where they were soon reunited with their owners.

What a Christmas miracle!

Sweet seal pup waves at photographer at just the right moment

One photographer was able to capture the best shot of a sweet baby seal lying on beach and waving at the camera.

Johan Siggesson took quite a few photos of the seal pup as it basked in the sun at Horsey Beach in Norfolk earlier in the month.

Johan said:

“It was an amazing experience to spend time with these seals. We had some horrible weather the first days with rain, hail and wind.”

But Johan stuck it out — and it was well worth it!

Image via Caters/Johan Siggesson

Johan visited the beach to do some seal spotting and was not disappointed.

Johan posted to Facebook along with the photos, saying:

“Back to the babies again then. It’s easy to be drawn to these cuties when working on the beach here in the UK.

Image via Caters/Johan Siggesson

“If you lack a bit of inspiration there’s always a cute pup around.”

Amen and amen!

Dog going through an “existential crisis” is the most relatable mood you will feel this holiday season

It is to no one’s surprise that the holiday seasons comes with its roller coaster highs of doing festive things to the realization that January comes swiftly and there are no more holidays to celebrate until most likely February (or not likely for some, so March) which means all the color and joy and light can quickly seep out of your eyes if you let it.

And one dog in particular channeled this apathetic energy in the most relatable way.

Last week, human-mom, Lauren Carter, tweeted out a picture of her two pets from a professional photo shoot and the post has gone viral because of one pup’s “mood.”

Opiee, the more chipper of the two pups, smiles photogenically at the camera.

But Mika, her other dog, is staring apathetically into the distance — unphased by her jolly accessories.

Most people commented: “How I feel on the outside vs. How I feel on the inside”

And all I can say, is same Mika — same.

Thousands of phallic looking fish scattered on California beach

A beach in California was covered one morning in early December after the ocean washed up thousands upon thousands of “penis fish” on shore.

Talk about a rude awakening!

Image via Instagram

Bay Nature Magazine captured the photos on the shore of Drake’s Beach which covered corner to corner with the marine worm.

Image via Instagram

While their scientific name is Urechis caupo, they are commonly known as fat inkeeper fish or penis fish. Because, well, you get it.

Each one measures at 10-inches of pink flesh with a bulge and a narrow opening at one end.

Hmmm…sounds oddly familiar!

A pet alligator crosses the street in Canada: this is not a joke

This past week, an alligator crossed the street in a Montreal neighborhood, an no that is not the opener to a joke.

Many cars stopped as they did not want to run over the reptile.

Thankfully, Montreal police confirmed the animal had in fact escaped the van and was safely returned to its owner.

Image via flickr

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante tweeted out how the animal’s owner had all the correct permits to own the reptile as it is apart of an animal education program.

But maybe next time, its owner will be sure to keep an eye on the alligator in the future.

Dog and pig who are obsessed with each other have a play date every single week

While Carlton and Colt are completely two different species, the two are closer than ever despite being a pig and a dog. For the odd but lovable duo, it was an fast-moving friendship.

“Their friendship was instant!” Carlton’s mom, Amanda Quick, shared with The Dodo. “Colt couldn’t take his eyes off of Carl. They were doing zoomies and grazing together, even wrestling and playing in the leaf piles.”

And when Quick first laid eyes on a photo of Carlton, she knew he belonged with her.

“I had been hoping to rescue a pig to train as a therapy animal like I’ve done with my two previous rescue dogs,” Quick shared. “As soon as I saw his sweet baby face I knew he was the one. I drove an hour to get him that night.”

Image via Amanda Quick

One day, Quick decided to bring Carlton along with her to her weekly singing practice with her friend, Mary.

Carlton met his best friend, Colt there.

Their play dates have become tradition and the two are inseparable.

“Ever since that first time, Carlton waits by the door on Mondays,” Quick said. “He knows when it’s time to go. He trots from the car to Mary’s front door and Colt starts hopping the second we come in. Even after weeks, they’re still this excited to see one another every Monday.”

May we only be as lucky to have friendships as sweet as Carlton and Colts’-!

Cat unable to destroy Christmas tree thanks to bizarre fear of nectarines

Victor the cat is a vivacious and adoring cat but beyond his confidence, lies a deep seated fear of….fruit.

Since he was a little kitten, Victor’s mother found that the one thing he despises the most is tangerines.

“We were together on the couch, I grabbed a tangerine and, as I began to peel it, he hissed and ran away,” Irene Olocco, Victor’s mom, revealed to The Dodo.

Olocco then quickly realized that any similar orange fruits didn’t mix well when Victor was around — and Victor would steer clear.

Image via Irene Olocco

So when Victor started to get naughty and continue to ignore his mom when she yelled at him to stop playing with ornaments, she decided to whip out a secret weapon.

She decided to place nectarines all around the Christmas tree and not so surprisingly, her plan worked!

“I was sick of yelling at him to not touch the balls,” Olocco said. “In the middle of the morning I decided to eat a tangerine and the brilliant idea struck … It worked immediately!”

Better luck next time, Victor!

This 10-year-old boy’s pure reaction to a captured fish will melt your heart

Ke’mari Cooper from Quincy, Florida, was fishing with his dad this month when he caught a 7.1 pound bass.

It was the biggest he has ever caught and he caught it with his lucky “black trick worm” lure.

Velt Cooper, the fisherman’s father, recorded his son as he carefully brings the fish to shore while encouraging and cheering him on the whole time.

The viral video shows Ke’mari elated when he sees just how big his fish is.

“Is this your personal best?” Cooper asked.

Ke’mari then screams and breaks into a dance, quickly returning to send the fish back but not before telling it a very adorable goodbye.

“Let’s put this beauty back in the water, my personal best,” Ke’mari says sweetly. “I hope you grow even bigger, baby.”

“One day we’ll meet back again,” he adds, petting the fish before he releases it.

Woman’s cat reacts to her singing in the most violent way possible

A woman named Liz, who says her cat, Helen, is not a huge fan of her voice.

Liz likes to chronicle her cat’s reactions of her singing, sharing dozens of videos of herself on Instagram belting every song under the song.

The only catch is that the clips never end with applause but with her cat reacting in a not-very-positive way.

Image via Instagram

And only moments after Liz opens her mouth in each clip, Helen can be seen “attacking” her by jumping on her head and stopping her performance until further notice.

That’s gonna be a no for me dawg!

You can watch the (multiple) incidents right here.

This groundbreaking robot will clean up after your dog’s doo-doo for you


A robot that cleans up your dog’s poop!

A true Christmas miracle: the machine, called Beetl, is decked out with a computer vision and front cameras to help them detect poop. Much like a Roomba. But for poop.

Once it is finished detecting, the robot moves right over it and uses a mechanical claw to scoop it up.

Thankfully, the robot does have its own little sealed container for holding the poop until it can be disposed of.

Images via Beetl Robotics

Beetl’s sensors also allow for it to avoid any obstacles in its way and stay within a set perimeter.

As a user, all you have to do is set the boundaries on your lawn, and then let the robot roam free to work its magic.

And as it is an advanced AI, it can connect to a cloud network which allows the robot to learn and develop in new ways.

We should note however that the machinery is still in its testing state which means, until it is released, you’ll have to clean up after your dog the ol’e fashion way.

Family discovers massive bear living beneath their house

A family in Lake Tahoe, California, was carrying on one November day when they suddenly heard a strange and loud noise from their crawl space from below their house.

And after listening closely, they determined there was a massive bear in their crawlspace after accidentally leaving it unlocked.

The couple quickly called BEAR League, which is a group that regularly handles these types of situations.

Image via BEAR League

“Crawl spaces are perfect because they’re cave-like,” Executive director of BEAR League, Ann Bryant, shared with The Dodo. “They’re dark, they’re quiet, they’re dry, they’re safe — they’re just absolutely perfect, so if a bear finds an opening, they go in and go, ‘Oh wow, this is great!’ In the winter we deal with it pretty much every day.”

Bryant then promised the couple she would head out there the very next day and help move the bear to a different spot but as the day continued on, the couple stopped hearing sounds, so they believed the bear had moved out and so the husband closed the door to the crawl space.

But that was not the end of this story, as it turns out, the bear was still there.

“During the night he [the husband] heard him and he was horrified because he realized, ‘Oh no, I locked him in there,’” Bryant said. 

The family felt horrible that they had left the bear under their house but thankfully, Bryant came first thing the very next day to help get him out again.

And as Bryant deals with these situations on the daily, she knew just what to do. She discovered another entrance to the crawl space and managed to get herself behind the bear where he could not see her and used a special tool to create loud noises to attempt and scare the bear out of the crawl space. She then told the wife to watch from the window and yell when the bear came out but the bear decided not to move.

So Bryant decided to go outside to figure out why exactly he had not come out yet — which was exactly the moment when the bear decided to leave.

“He poked his head out and I said, ‘He’s coming out!’ I backed out enough so the bear wasn’t afraid of me,” Bryant said. “He stood there first wondering, ‘What do I do, what do I do?’ And then he ran!” 

Bryant was thankful she was able to help him get back on his journey.

Dog captured on security footage offering his girlfriend adorable present

Holly is a black Lab who lives in New York with her family and it is safe to say, she is perfectly paw-dorable!

And for the past few years, Holly has had a “boyfriend” named Harry, a golden retriever. Harry, who lives just next door, loves to run and play with Holly.

But just because they have been together for a long time, it doesn’t mean they are bored with each other yet!

One night, Holly’s family noticed her whimpering at something just beyond the front door.

Who else was it but Harry who surprised his girlfriend with a toy and an invite to play.

And of course, Holly accepted Harry’s offer but she was not the only one overwhelmed by the sweet gesture.

“My heart is so full!” shared Holly’s owner, Casi Cook. “If you listen when my brother opens the door, I’m in complete shock and I didn’t believe it.”

Scientists want you to know the oceans are running out of oxygen and fast

Oceans are rapidly running out of oxygen at an alarming rate due to the climate change, according to scientists.

A massively high number of ecosystems are in danger of collapse. In particular, sharks, tuna, marlin and other large fish species are found to be at risk.

Dead zones (where oxygen is effectively absent) have quadrupled in the last half-century and currently, there are at least 700 acres where oxygen is at dangerously low levels, up from 45 where research was first recorded in the 1960s.

Image via pixabay

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) presented the findings on Saturday, December 7, at the UN Climate Conference in Madrid, where officials are currently negotiating ways to tackle the climate crisis.

The threat to oceans has become increasingly more severe due to climate change and global warming. And as more carbon dioxide is released, enhancing the greenhouse effect, much of the heat is absorbed by the oceans.

By the end of this century, oceans are expected to lose around 3-4% of their oxygen.

If you can stomach the disturbing, then you should look at this colony of Huntsman Spiders in a box


A non-profit organization by the name of Bush Heritage Australia found an alarming discovery to say the least when they found a thriving huntsman spider colony.

“I’m cute right?”

Image via flickr

The conservationists in Western Australia were originally checking in on boxes that they would hope to become a habitat for possums but were met with different guests instead.

Angela Sanders, from Bush Heritage Australia, shared:

“Pygmy possums quickly took up resident in the nest boxes we erected in a restored habitat. What we didn’t expect were the large colonies of social spiders that also moved in. It all started about the same time we were finding pygmy possums in the boxes. But on lifting the lids of some, we found many huntsman spiders of all sizes whizzing around inside.”

Image via Bush Heritage Australia

Males are able to grow up to almost a foot, leg span wise, but on average they are around 6 inches. Huntsman spiders don’t typically bother with humans but they will bite when acting in defense. They reside in the woods and are drawn to a warm, tropical climate.

Sanders continued:

“They’re a species of huntsman that live together, normally under the bark of trees. In the restored area, tree bark is in short supply at present and they’ve found the wooden boxes suitable.”

If you live in a coastal area of the U.S. — you may want to heed this warning. For the rest of you, count your blessings because your backyard could be filled with a lot worse!

When his mom isn’t looking, cat takes a bite out of each and every tortilla in the pack

When he was just a little kitten, Cowboy was taken in by Fishtails Animal Rescue in Philadelphia when he was just a little kitten. And when he came down with an upper respiratory infection, a volunteer with the rescue, Cat Keegan, decided to foster him while he healed.

Besides Cowboy, Keegan has three other cats including a few special needs rescues and Cowboy keeps the crowd entertained.

Image via Cat Keegan

He can be found getting into things and places he should not and his mom expects it at this point.

“He’s an expert at causing trouble and he’s too smart for his own good,” Keegan told The Dodo

Cowboy’s favorite way to cause trouble is by stealing food.

Image via Cat Keegan

“It is his life mission to eat human food,” Keegan said. “I often have to put him in a separate room just so I can cook and eat. He even tries to sneak bites from the other end of a burrito or slice of pizza. He’ll lick a bowl of pasta sauce clean if he can get to it.” 

In addition to her rescue work, Keegan is also a vet tech at a 24/7 hospital so she she can keep up with her mischievous kitty.

One evening, Keegan had just returned from the store and put all of the groceries in the kitchen before running to the bathroom. She was out of the room for just a minute but Cowboy took that small amount of time to dig through the grocery bag and rip into a pack of tortillas.

Image via Cat Keegan

“He took a bite out of every single tortilla in the pack,” Keegan said. “20 tortillas.” 

Cowboy was able to bite into every single tortilla.

“He’s an expert at this now,” Keegan said. 

Classic cat shenanigans if you ask me!

Image via Cat Keegan