Poor Stray Dog Snuggles Up To A Giant Teddy Bear Until Someone Finally Rescued Him

Anyone who abandons their dog needs to go to jail. There needs to be a law and we need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at change.org and see if there’s a petition out there.

Anyways, this doggo either was abandoned or just got lost, and he was just hanging out, waiting to be saved. Who was his savior? It was Kourtnee Blount who is another independent dog rescuer who was just driving through a random neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas.

That’s when she found a dog that was cuddling a giant teddy bear that you find at every Walgreens at Valentine’s Day.

Image Via Kourtnee Blount

Kourtnee talked to The Dodo and said:

“As I turned the corner, I saw him lying there with the bear. I believe he pulled it out of someone’s trash because there was a lot of other trash scattered around him. It broke my heart. It was so sad”

Kourtnee checked around the neighborhood because it was known that some people let there dogs off the leash a lot there. But she got done asking around and came up empty. Nobody claimed him.

Once she got home, she posted pictures all over Facebook of the cute pup cuddling with his bear. Eventually, Destiny Swatzel responded and said she would go and rescue the struggling doggo. She is also an independent dog rescuer. Once she got there, she was scared that she might have not gotten there in time.

Image Via Kourtnee Blount

Destiny told The Dodo:

“I went looking for him on Monday and found him lying in the middle of the road. I honestly thought he was dead and went into panic mode.”

Once she approached Teddy (which he was later named appropriately), he lifted his head up and he was living thank goodness.

Destiny went onto say:

“I whistled for him to come to me. Sweet little guy walked right up to me and let me slip a leash around him.”

She decided against taking the teddy bear since it was looking like it had been dragged through the muck for awhile. Maybe his next owner will get him a big bear he can cuddle with later though.

Destiny Swatzel

The poor guy didn’t have a micro chip, which is super important if you don’t have one for your own dog. It can make sure you never lose your dog and I highly recommend it.

Once she got Teddy in the car, he wasn’t in good shapes. She recalled:

“While in the car, he threw up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, rocks and leaves. He clearly had been surviving on the streets.”

The two got to Destiny’s home and she fed him a hearty meal and gave him a much-needed flea bath. The next day she took him to another rescuer, Mary St. Dizier. Yes that is THREE rescuers that helped out Teddy.

Once Mary saw him, she knew he’d stay with her forever though, saying:

“I cried. I knew he was staying with me.”

Image Via Mary St. Dizier

There’s really only one problem, Mary changed Teddy’s name to Blue and I feel like that’s just wrong. But she concluded:

“He’s doing very well. He’s a sweet, well-behaved dog. He’s a lovable little baby.

Destiny Swatzel

Abandoned Dog Finds A Friend At A Gas Station And It Leads To Saving His Life

You have to always be ready for a dog to show up in your life. I’ve learned that driving a back-country road when a dog hopped out in front of my car, wagging his tail.

That seems to be the case of Shannon Ackerman when she was filling up for gas one day in Missouri City, Texas. The ironic part is that Shannon had just rescued a different dog along with her two husky puppies. That’s when she received a big, wet surprise.

Shannon talked to The Dodo and said:

“As soon as I started pumping gas, I felt something lick me on the back of my knee, which scared me.

When I looked down, this sweet, sad German shepherd, who appeared to have just had a litter, was looking up at me with a look on her face like, ‘Can you please help me?”

Image Via Shannon Ackerman

Shannon looked around the gas station and yelled to see if anyone had misplaced their doggo. Shannon told the Dodo though, “Of course, nobody said anything.”

She also spoke to the gas station owner who said that he saw someone dump the dog and speed away before anyone could say anything. The German Shepard who was eventually named Mercy, was crying while Shannon was trying to figure out what to do.

“It just broke my heart” – Shannon Ackerman

Image Via Whitney Hartman

Shannon had to figure some solution out since she couldn’t take Mercy in her car due to the other doggos inside. So she thought quickly and headed back to where she originally rescued her last pups. There she spoke to Whitney Hartman who was another independent dog rescuer and told her about Mercy at the gas station.

Hartman said, “She told me there was a German shepherd mom in the [gas station] parking lot, whining and trying to get into her car. Of course, I couldn’t leave her there, so I drove over.”

Image Via Sauver Des Chiens

Once Whitney opened her car door, Mercy jumped right in. She was just happy to have someone that wanted her around!

Image Via Whitney Hartman

Mercy had no microchip so they couldn’t track the owner who abandoned poor Mercy. Hartman went onto say, “She was so sweet and smart. She kept nudging my hand to get love.”

Whitney took Mercy back to her house to feed her and clean her up a little. The next day she took Mercy to a foster home with a rescue group, Sauver Des Chiens, who specialize in German Shepards.

Courtney Manske who is the communications director spoke to The Dodo also and said:

“She is doing well. She’s a love and a very sweet dog. But she’s still…looking for her puppies. She’s so confused.”

They are still looking for her puppies, which also means the person that abandoned sweet Mercy at the gas station. They are looking over Craigslist and Facebook to see of any signs of recent German Shepard puppies pop up.

Manske concluded:

“Mercy would love a forever home where she can be showered with all the love and care she deserves, and where she will never have to worry about being thrown out like trash ever again.”

Image Via Sauver Des Chiens

Hikers Go On A 12-Hour Journey To Save An Injured Dog’s Life Who Was Trapped On A Mountain

Seán McCormack had never even thought of hiking a huge mountain before. When they heard about a small dog that was trapped on a mountain in Northern Taiwan, they knew they had to do something.

A friend of McCormack’s had forwarded a Facebook photo to him because he is a small time dog rescuer in Taiwan. A one year old pupper was in the photo and he was inside a metal kiln which was in Taroko National Park.

Here’s a photo that changed McCormack’s life for the better.

Image Via Seán McCormack

McCormack was able to track down the woman who took the photo and she had said that she had seen the dog during her hiking trip and he was badly injured. He had already lost his right paw to a trap and his left leg had also been caught by a trap.

McCormack said according to The Dodo:

“There’s a big problem in Taiwan with traps and snares. Most of our rescues are dogs who have been maimed by one of these devices.”

Image Via Seán McCormack

He told the woman he would attempt the rescue, initially thinking he could just drive there. But this part of Taiwan was very remote. He even put the place into Google Maps, and it said he could drive…but it was super wrong (what’s new there?).

The only way to get there was a six hour hike there and a six hour hike back, with an injured doggo. After reaching out to his friend, Ross Tweedie who owns a company who called Taiwan Adventures. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but agreed to do it.

He also told The Dodo:

“It’s a brutal hike. It’s not one for beginners, and Sean was in the beginner category. He told me that he hadn’t done anything like that before.”

Image Via Seán McCormack

And it was very tough, McCormack almost gave up a few times. They finally got there and there was just one problem, they couldn’t find the dog, later named Sandy.

McCormack said:

“We looked in the outside kitchen area, but the dog wasn’t there. We didn’t say anything to each other, but I know we were both thinking, ‘Oh crap.’”

But they kept searching and saw something moving underneath a bunch of plastic chairs. McCormack went onto say:

“This little dog was under there, wagging his whole back end. Once we saw him, we both just changed our attitudes again — I suddenly had a lot of energy, and Ross was going to get that dog out no matter who complained about it.”

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

Sandy wouldn’t have survived much longer if they hadn’t shown up. The wound on his left leg had gotten worse and bone was visible. McCormack recalled:

“He was very happy to see us, but obviously in pain. When we bandaged up his leg, he was so good.”

They got ready to leave and loaded Sandy into Tweedie’s backpack. He didn’t whine or anything, he must have known that his guardian angels had come to save him. Once they made it down the mountain, McCormack rushed Sandy to the vet.

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

After all was was said and done, the vet had to amputate a few parts of both his front legs. He wouldn’t have been able to live if this hadn’t happened.

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

McCormack said after the surgery:

“He’s doing amazingly well. He was just so happy. He immediately started playing with some of the younger dogs here, and he’s just a very sweet, happy dog”

Doesn’t this just make you want to hop on a plane to Taiwan and bring Sandy back home?! Sandy is safe and sound recovering and it all happened because of Facebook. I guess Zuckerberg got something right…

Image Via Seán McCormack

Support Dog Secretly Guides His Blind Owner Into His Favorite Dog Toy Store

Dogs prove on a daily basis why they are the best creatures on earth. Today’s proof is coming from a pupper named Thai. He likes to take his human mom to stores he likes to go in and heeds anywhere she actually wants to go to.

It all started when Thai would lead her owner, Danielle Sykora, to Starbucks. Danielle is blind and needs a seeing eye dog to go anywhere, that’s when Thai came on the scene, which was four years ago. So when Danielle went to school, she would go to Starbucks and Thai learned about the legendary (according to dogs) Puppaccino.

Image Via Misopup

Even though Thai is supposed to take Danielle to things she wants to see, sometimes he veers off to adventures he wants to be on.

Danielle attends Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and on the weekends the duo travel back home to New Jersey. Danielle, Michele and Thai love to go shopping at the mall when they are all together.

Image Via Michele Sykora

One time though, along with their dad, Michele saw Thai taking a bit of a detour. Apparently Thai enjoys the “Cool Dog Gear” shop and wanted to take a look, and Danielle had no clue.

Image Via Michele Sykora

Michele told The Dodo:

“The first time my sister ever went to this mall, she was with my dad and Thai just veered right into the store without her knowing.

The second time we went back there, I wanted to witness it for myself, so we walked in the direction of the pet store and of course he walked right in there again!”

The video has over seven million views along side almost half a million retweets so safe to say Thai and Danielle went a little viral.

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Michele went onto say:

“Thai and Danielle have a relationship only a person with a service dog could ever understand. He is her eyes. He goes with her absolutely everywhere.

Even when Thai isn’t working and we are home, if she leaves the room he will get up and follow her everywhere.”

Image Via Michele Sykora

Danielle has been blind since she was two, after going through retinoblastoma surgery. With Thai around now though, life has been much easier for Danielle. Michele said:

“[A cane] only shows you obstacles below waist level. Thai helps her get around much more easily and finds things on command such as elevators, empty seats, stairs, and obviously … pet stores.”

Image Via Michele Sykora

Michele concluded:

“The foundation my sister got him from, The Guide Dog Foundation, selects dogs for you based off their personality. Thankfully, they stuck her with Thai because not only is he her service dog, but he is definitely our family’s entertainment as well.”

I guess going to a few pet stores isn’t much trouble to Danielle for such an amazing friendship with her dog, Thai.

Terrified Tortoise Was Found In Bad Condition After Someone Poured Red Paint All Over Him

When you are in Florida, you should just expect to see weird things. One day you might see a dude running through the streets naked on drugs and the next you could see a painted red tortoise on the road.

Sadly, the latter happened recently in Osceola County, Florida. The couple who was on the side of the road got in contact

It was Kim Titterington who founded Swamp Girl Adventures, which is an organization that rescues and helps wild animals get back into the wild. She is also a partner at the Central Florida Wildlife Center. Basically the first person you want on the scene was on call!

She told The Dodo:

“The woman said, ‘I didn’t realize we had red turtles like that.’ Then they got closer and realized the animal’s situation.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

No Florida doesn’t have red turtles, it was just a gopher tortoise that was in a bad condition. The poor animal was covered in paint as well as bits of concrete.

This is what Titterington said when she saw the tortoise:

“My first reaction was disgust, because I hate to see any animal in a bad situation, and I was definitely very concerned because we don’t know what kind of paint it was, and we didn’t know how long it had been on there.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures
Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

It’s possible that the concrete happened incidentally, but the paint definitely was on purpose in Titterington’s mind.

“Unless we actually speak to the person who did it and find out more details, we don’t know exact facts. But what we do know is that the concrete ended up on him first … and from there, it looks like he was spray-painted. Basically 95 percent of his body was covered in paint.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Even though they were working to get the paint off, they noticed the turtle was moving around almost as if he was drunk. It seemed as though he had gotten the paint toxins into his body sadly.

They used a combo of Dawn dish soap and a mild vinegar solution to work to get the paint of off Raphael, which is what they eventually named him. They also made sure to get fluids to hydrate Raphael and get those dang toxins out of this system.

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Titterington went onto say:

“We noticed a great improvement in his ability to walk and function in about 24 hours. He was walking in a straight line and he was much more responsive.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Gopher tortoises are very important to the Florida ecosystem because of the burrows they make. These burrows are vital because they also home 360 other types of animals. So this savior was vital to the surrounding Florida area!

Titterington and her team are keeping Raphael just for a little bit longer to make sure he’s ready to go back to the wild. She concluded:

“He’s a very hyper, very driven tortoise. He kind of has this, ‘I’m going to do what I want to do’ attitude, which is very good. He wants to be wild.”

Hopefully soon he will be back in the swamps of Florida!

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Dog Is Abandoned Due To His Deformed Face, But His New Family Loves Him No Matter What

Dogs are some of the most beautiful creatures on planet Earth. They love you unconditionally, and they don’t care who you are, just that you are existing and petting them. Humans aren’t as forgiving sometimes though, and that’s what faced our new favorite pup, Beaux Tox.

Yes it could be the greatest name ever for a pup, but it gets better when you hear his story!

Image Via Jamie Hulit

Even though he’s constantly smiling, Beaux’s past isn’t that great. Before his current owners he was discarded by his previous ones due to his facial deformity. His face got this way by his brothers and sisters smushing up against his face in the womb before birth.

But one day Jamie Hulit saw a picture on Facebook and knew she had to at least see this beautiful creature.

She told The Dodo:

“A friend of mine posted a picture of Beaux on Facebook saying he needed a foster or to be adopted — anything. That day I sent him a message saying, ‘I would love to take that dog in and give him a home.’”

Image Via Jamie Hulit
Image Via Jamie Hulit

Some thought that Beaux might have a brain problem due to how his head was shaped, but after visiting a vet, a MRI confirmed his brain was just fine!

Beaux had bounced around before Hulit made her house his forever home. She said:

“Because of his facial deformity, the people who were breeding couldn’t sell him. So they gave him away for free.”

But then the man who received Beaux, his name was Lucky at the time, just left him out in the yard because his cats didn’t get along with Beaux. He was out there on his own outside for five years. It’s so sad.

Image Via Jamie Hulit
Image Via Jamie Hulit

But that didn’t stop Beaux and his journey to find an owner for himself. Rescue groups tried to help and nothing changed. Hulit went to this man’s house and found a skeleton of a dog, it was tragic. She knew she had to save him.

“At that point I didn’t care how badly he might be ill. I just didn’t want him to go into the foster system again and be returned.”

Image Via Jamie Hulit

After getting Beaux away from his terrible owner, Hulit took him to the vet and didn’t get the best of news. The vet said that he had a 50-50 chance of survival due to a heartworm infection.

Hulit didn’t care and just kept believing.

Image Via Jamie Hulit

Beaux was on a oxygen tank for the first month of his recovery but Dr. Jay Rydberg stuck with him. It looked bad but the two just kept up hope.

And he finally started to show signs of recovery. Beaux gained enough weight and was able to go through with the heartworm treatment.

Hulit said:

“There are people who will pay high dollar for a dog’s papers, and I feel like I paid for his health certificate. “But I am 100 percent OK with that, knowing that he is now a happy, free guy.”

Image Via Jamie Hulit

Now Hulit and Beaux Tox are loving and life and back home. Hulit also has a 13-year old golden retriever mix, Riley, and they have become the best of friends.

Hulit concluded:

“He’s so full of life and he’s just brought so much to us.”

Image Via Jamie Hulit

Photographer Captures Incredibly Sad Images Of Shopping Mall Zoo In Thailand

You want to know what two things should never go together? Peanut Butter and gasoline. There is no scenario in life where those two words should be used in the same sentence. Another instance of this is Shopping Mall Zoo.

Image Via Trip Advisor

That’s what photographer Aaron Gekoski found himself in at the Pata Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. Yes that’s right you walk into an elevator at a mall, go up, and see some of the most distressed animals in captivity. This looks like something you would see in the apocalypse, not 2018.

Gekoski talked to The Dodo and said:

“The mall itself is innocuous, a little run-down, though you’d never guess such a place existed at the top of it.”

Image Via Aaron Gekoski

Once he got there he couldn’t believe how terrible the conditions were. He then saw a orangutan laying defeated on the ground.

He went on to say:

“[It] was a sobering experience. In the wild, orangutans are generally solitary animals and spend very little time on the ground. They even build nests and sleep high up in the canopy. So to see them acting this way is completely unnatural behavior.”

Image Via Aaron Gekoski

In addition to the orangutan there were two chimpanzees, a gorilla and three more orangutans. They had other animals too like flamingoes, ponies and more random animals. I really don’t get why PETA hasn’t caused an uproar about this place.

Gekoski said:

“It was a very dark, dirty and depressing place to visit and felt a little postapocalyptic. Orangutans share over 96 percent DNA with us and possess many human emotions — they seemed incredibly bored and depressed, as did the chimp.

One of the enclosures was so dirty you could barely make out there was a chimpanzee inside.”

Image Via Aaron Gekoski
Image Via Aaron Gekoski

The gorilla that sits in his cage has been there for over 30 years. Her name is Bua Noi and she’s been there since she was a baby. Even though some conservationists have tried to save her, they have failed and she is still there.

Gekoski said that she, “just sat there tearing up pieces of paper and drinking from a plastic bottle.”

Image Via Aaron Gekoski

He also mentioned:

“Tourists can get ahold of food to give to the animals. Behavior wasn’t being monitored closely. I even saw one man pulling and playing with an orangutan’s lip.”

Image Via Aaron Gekoski

I wanted to seek another opinion other than Gekoski just to see how bad it really was. Look at a few of these Trip Advisor reviews.

Image Via Trip Advisor
Image Via Trip Advisor
Image Via Trip Advisor

Gekoski concluded:

“Of the thousands of images I took in Thailand, this was one of the most hard-hitting. I’ve even had people contact me on social media saying it made them cry.

This is the sort of response I want to evoke in people — we need to get emotional about cruel wildlife tourism.”

Abandoned Cat Walks 12 Miles Back To His Home Only To Be Abandoned Once Again

Sometimes when you move you can’t have your pet come with you. Either way you should still care about your animal and be sad about not being able to bring them. That wasn’t the case for Toby the cat.

This past February Toby was given away to another family but he had no clue why. For some reason he doesn’t speak English and his family couldn’t tell him. He must have thought it was a mistake because he ran away from his new family.

He actually ran 12 miles away back to his home with his old family. The fact was though, they didn’t want him.

Image Via SPCA of Wake County

Tara Lynn who is the communications director for the SPCA of Wake County told The Dodo what happened next:

“They took him to a shelter and asked them to euthanize him. It was just so heartbreaking to know he made it all the way back to his family, and that was their response.”

Image Via SPCA of Wake County

The public shelter couldn’t do such a thing, so they called the SPCA and they took him in right away. Toby was saved from his family who didn’t want him, so it was a win-win for everyone it seemed.

Once Toby was in the SPCA’s care, they gave him the proper medical treatment he needed.

Lynn said:

“He tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, and also had an upper respiratory infection. We got him treated for the infection, which took a little while.”

Image Via SPCA of Wake County

I don’t think he missed his family anymore after his second relocation. The SPCA staff gave him all the love and attention he had previously begged for probably.

Lynn continued:

“He was very friendly. Just your sweet, typical cat — they want to get love and to love you.”

Now it was time to find Toby’s forever home. His adorable pictures got posted to social media and the phone was ringing off the hook for Toby.

Michele Puckett was the first to get to the shelter to meet him and it was like bread meeting butter for the first time. Lynn said:

“She had no hesitation whatsoever. She was on a job site and just dropped everything to come here.

Image Via SPCA of Wake County

Puckett adopted him last week and her two other cats welcomed Toby home like he had been there forever.

Puckett also talked to The Dodo and said:

“He is just so sweet, cuddly and loving. He’s also pretty much taken over our bed, as if he’s lived here forever. He loves to relax and lay under our pillows.”

Image Via Jenny Winston Photography

Puckett couldn’t believe Toby’s past, it just didn’t make sense. All she cares about is that he found his way to her though. She’s incredibly grateful.

Because of Toby’s adoption story, Lynn is hopeful that other people will be more inclined to adopt. She concluded:

“There are tons of pets who are easily discarded by their families or a breeder. I really hope he inspires other people to go out and adopt.”

Image Via Michele Puckett

Puppy Left To Die With A Zip Tie Around His Mouth Gets Saved When Someone Spotted Him On The Side Of The Road

When you’re out driving, enjoying the country roads the last thing you expect to see is a 10 week old puppy wandering around without anyone near him.

That’s what happened to Liz Heatherly as she was driving down the road in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. At first she didn’t know what it was, but as she got closer she knew she had to do something.

The pup wasn’t just alone, he was in bad condition. Whoever abandoned him, didn’t want him to live because he had his mouth zip-tied shut. If Heatherly hadn’t found him, he wouldn’t have made it.

Image Via Liz Heatherly

She, along with her mom and sister, parked the car and went back to try and gather the puppy. At first he was skittish and was hard to pin him down. Heatherly told The Dodo:

“Once we walked back to the spot where we had seen him, he ran from us into a drainage ditch that was about 6 feet down.

We had to slide on our bottoms to get down and my sister pulled us back up with a spare leash we had in the car.”

They immediately took the zip tie off and rushed him off to the nearby veterinarian.

Image Via Liz Heatherly

After being looked at by Dr. Bryant Phillips, the poor puppy was dehydrated, malnourished and had intestinal parasites that needed to be taken care of. Dr. Phillips thought that the pup had spent two or three days with the zip tie around his mouth.

Look at him! Who could ever do such a thing to those puppy eyes?!

Image Via Liz Heatherly

Heatherly and her family couldn’t let go of the pup who they eventually named Norman (great dog name by the way). They weren’t sure about how their other rescue dog, Jackson, would deal with a new dog in the family. But it’s safe to say she didn’t worry long…

Heatherly went on to say:

“I’ll never forget this, but when I walked in the backyard and Norman whined in my arms, Jackson jumped up to lick him and let him know it was going to be OK. Jackson loves Norman and it makes my heart so full looking at them playing together.”

Image Via Liz Heatherly
Image Via Liz Heatherly

It took a little bit, but threw hard work Norman eventually began to trust people once again.

“He’s so resilient. He took a horrible situation and he didn’t let it get him down. I honestly thought Norman would have trust issues or be afraid to let people touch around his mouth, but he has none of those issues. He is a leaping bundle of black fur that I wouldn’t trade for anything!”

As for Norman’s beauty marks? It’s been a few weeks since his rescue and he’s showing signs of healing. Norman is once again proving people wrong as he is bouncing back from a traumatic injury.

Heatherly concluded:

“Norman is our little miracle and I wouldn’t change him for the world.”

Image Via Liz Heatherly
Image Via Liz Heatherly
Image Via Liz Heatherly

Woman Never Thought That This Feral Cat She Took In Would Ever Have Such A Sweet Relationship With Her Rescue Dog

It’s always refreshing to find people that are always open to helping animals. Those people need their own award show, like the oscars of rescuing animals. Our newest nominee for an imaginary award is…

Kara Burrow!

Burrow runs “Ralphy’s Retreat Animal Sanctuary” which is in Ontario, Canada and they primarily focus on rescuing pigs of all things but she found herself saving a different type of animal this time.

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

One night she saw a pair of glowing eyes out her window as a cat looked straight at her. She told The Dodo about what happened next:

“As I walked into the kitchen, I saw a little black and white face peering in through the sliding doors. The cat had scratches all over his face. When he turned and ran away, I saw his tail was very badly injured.”

She knew she had to do something. Burrow borrowed a live trap from a local shelter so when her feline friend came back, she’d be ready.

He didn’t come back for two days and she thought he was gone forever before he came back…

“One night, while shutting up the shipping container [a storage space for the sanctuary], I saw two eyes peering at me! I put the live trap in the container and locked the door.

By morning, Ralph was in the trap.”

She named it instantly I guess…

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

It wasn’t all good yet like above yet though.

She said, “Ralph was wild, hissing and running at the side of the trap. He was also badly injured and needed a vet urgently.”

Not vet would see her though because of how feral this cat was. Ralph wouldn’t calm down and no one wanted to be near him. But Burrow persisted.

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

Eventually they found a vet that would see Ralph and they learned that his tail needed to be amputated. They got that taken care of as well as a few rotten teeth were removed.

They went home and for the next two weeks Ralph would hiss and attack Burrow when she brought him food and cleaned his litter.

But then one day he changed his tactics…

“One day he head-bumped my hand! The next day he rubbed my arm as I fed him, and then he allowed me to rub his head!”

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

She let him out of his one bedroom apartment and let him roam free in the house. He was like a different cat she said.

“He cuddles with the other cats and he is in love with our rescue dog, Henri. They are never far apart!”

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

Now Ralph is loving his new life with Burrow and the rest of her animals. “He will sit on our knees and cuddle with humans too,” Burrow concluded that “he’s done a complete 360!”

Burrow wants Ralph’s story to help spread knowledge that feral cats can change and be purrrific family members. I’m sorry to use such a cheap pun.

She said, “They can make wonderful pets!”

Image Via Ralphy’s Retreat

This House Was Raided And It Was Filled With Over 10,000 Endangered Turtles

When you look at this house from the outside, you would have had no idea what type of secret that was inside of it. It all began when police received a tip that they needed to break into a home in Toliara, Madagascar earlier last week.

Turns out that whoever tipped them off was an angel because police found over 11,000 radiated tortoises inside. I can’t even imagine finding 11,000 turtle beanie babies in one spot, let alone actual living ones.

Image Via Turtle Survival Alliance

Rick Hudson who is the president and CEO of Turtle Survival Alliance told The Dodo:

“Every room was covered with tortoises. This is the largest confiscation that we’ve ever dealt with with any kind of turtle. It’s just of monumental proportions.”

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Sadly the Radiated Tortoise is unique and awesome looking with a beautiful intricate star pattern. Pet owners desire them, which has sent these guys to the endangered list. They steal the tortoises from Madagascar and then ship them to Asian nations that will buy them as pets.


That’s where Hudson thinks these tortoises were off too, before they were saved. Since they were saved though, around 300 have died since they were malnourished from improper care.

Hudson went onto say:

“We saw no evidence of food or water. Typically they don’t seem to think that tortoises have any biological needs. They just keep them until they’re ready to ship them.”

Image Via Turtle Survival Alliance

The group of tortoises went to a tortoise sanctuary but for some reason caring for 10,000+ turtles is being difficult. Hudson and the Turtle Survival Alliance have sent volunteers to help, but they are still struggling.

Hudson said:

“Dehydration is our worst enemy in these situations. We have to go in with plastic tubs and things to put the tortoises in. We’re hoping that they just need a good soak and rehydration will perk them up.”


While they will eventually be released back into the wild, they will need to be checked up first to see if they can even return in the first place. Since they don’t know how long they were in captivity, they must make sure they won’t simply just die when they get released.

Image Via Turtle Survival Alliance

Hudson compared this tortoise’s decline to when we lost the American Bison. He also said:

“This used to be one of the most numerous tortoises in the world, estimated at 12 million, and now we’re just watching this rapid decline.”

As of now, local police have taken three men into custody that were connected to the tortoise heist. They think this cracked a major poaching ring which is a huge win if we can find goodness in this story.

Hudson concluded:

“We need to get the word out, we need to ramp up international outrage, and put pressure on local authorities to keep doing their job.”

You heard him! So share this article in an email chain with whoever and lets make sure this never happens again!

Image Via Turtle Survival Alliance

Woman Adopts Dog That Has Special Needs Which Led To Her Having….20 More!?

Our story starts in Waverly, Alabama where Paula Peek was just trying to help a friend out. She was driving to Georgia to pick up a litter of newborn puppies for a friend. Once Paula got to the shelter, she saw another pup that wasn’t in the litter she was picking up.

The poor pupper was about to be euthanized she was told, and she said this to The Dodo:

“They had the injection [needle] out, and I was like, ‘Stop! You can’t do that in front of me.’ And I was like, ‘What’s wrong with him?’ And they said, ‘He’s been here for 10 days. All of his other siblings got adopted. And he can’t walk.’

Image Via Paula Peek

It seemed that this little pup, named Weeble, had spina bifida which is where his spinal cord won’t ever fully develop. Paula didn’t care though, and took him home to Alabama as well.

She continued:

“I said, ‘I will not have these puppies if I can’t have that dog.’ So they gave me Weeble…and after about a month of playing and healthy food and a little bit of therapy, Weeble can now walk and run. Weeble can now jump on and off the bed. He is just a wonderful, happy and healthy dog.”

Just a little hope and this pup perked right up, so inspiring.

Image Via Paula Peek

Paula was well versed in taking care of dogs, before Weeble, she would foster newborn litters of puppies. She would make sure they were taken care of before they could find their forever homes.

In 2013, Paula found Weeble and began her journey of taking care of special needs dogs.

Image Via Paula Peek

She started taking in dogs that had cancer, kidney diseases and dogs with spinal conditions. She is always trying to take more dogs in, but right now she is currently at maximum capacity at twenty.

Image Via Paula Peek

Most of her four legged friends are either chihuahuas and terriers.

Image Via Paula Peek

One of the more well known doggos in Paula’s squad is Anna Banana, she said:

“Anna Banana came with some pretty severe liver issues. We got her on a special food and we got her on some medication that regulates her blood pressure and which helps with her liver problems…and Anna Banana has now turned into queen of the house.”

Image Via Paula Peek

I don’t know how she does it. I have a rule in my house that there can only be one dog for each hand I have (I have two). Another cute pupper is Gertie. She is a two and a half pound dog who was too small to carry a litter for breeding purposes. She was rescued by a friend of Paula’s and they gave Gertie to Paula.

Image Via Paula Peek

She said:

“The size of this animal is mind-boggling. When she came to me, she was timid. Now she comes to you, and she knows how to sit. She is the beauty of the house.”

Image Via Paula Peek

Why is Paula so loving to all these animals? Well she was inspired by someone else in her life…

“My great-grandmother loved animals … and I was very sick when I was young, and I stayed with her more than I went to school. And I remember how she took care of me, and she spent eight years in a nursing home, vegetative with Alzheimer’s. We need to take care of our elderly, whether they’re human or whether they’re animals. We can’t just abandon them.”

Image Via Paula Peek
Image Via Paula Peek
Image Via Paula Peek

Paula could use your help on her GoFundMe to help with raising all her dog children. And when she was asked about how long she will do this, she used on word “forever.”

Instead Of Giving Their Owner “Gifts” These Cats Brings Goodies To Their New Automatic Feeder Now

Two years ago, Cee Webster wasn’t having the best day. Turns out what started as a bad day, turned out to be a life changing day. She went to an animal shelter, the Pixie Project, that’s in Portland, Oregon to go pet some animals and feel better.

Webster then met two kittens that were only 8-weeks-old, and they were the cutest little furballs. The two couldn’t be separated and they were brothers so they were kind of a package deal.

Image Via Cee Webster

There was just one problem. Webster said to The Dodo:

“I’m allergic to cats, and definitely shouldn’t have cats. Tucker was this tiny little nugget and he started kneading on my face and purring.”

Well that could have been an issue, but she didn’t care. She left that afternoon, and couldn’t stop thinking about Tucker and his brother, Finley. She continued:

“I just felt like those cats are special. I was like, ‘I just have to go get them.'”

Image Via Cee Webster

Even though she had allergies, she found herself with two cats of her own. And she wouldn’t want it any other way. She spoke about how the mental health benefits outweighed her poor nose’s predicament.

So the two best friends got a new human best friend, and they they are now the three best friends!


She said that, “These guys are best friends. They sleep together and groom each other.”

View this post on Instagram

Your cat does this too, right? #tuckerandfinley

A post shared by cee (@ceepdx) on

They eat A LOT too apparently. Webster has to work them out before dinner so they keep their lean (not mean) bodies. They play with little toy “mousies,” Finley especially. He likes to chase after the mousie after Webster throws it, and they’ve gotten used to playing fetch.

But the two brothers think that playing with a mouse means they are eating now. So the next step she said was:

“I got them the feeder so they could have some dry food throughout the day and it would portion it out. It’s on a timer, too. So maybe they wouldn’t wake me up at 5 in the morning.”

Image Via Cee Webster

At first, Tucker and Finley were leery of their new robot friend. It was noisy and something that was just very foreign to them.

“When I first set it up they got freaked out because it made a weird noise. And Finley walked away with his tail puffed up.”

Image Via Cee Webster

But since it’s on a timer they eventually got used to it, and learned their new friend’s schedule. It makes a noise and once that’s initiated they sprint over to it now. They even have learned when it’s going to happen, and wait five minutes beforehand.

What could have made it an even funnier sight?

They stopped bringing the mousies to Webster and instead, they brought the mousies to the feeder.

Webster concluded:

“It’s like the singularity — that point when artificial intelligence has taken over. There was actually a mousie in the food bowl this morning when I went down.”

And it’s still happening to this day. Now Webster gets more sleep and the kitties are still happy. A win/win!

Image Via Cee Webster

Orangutan Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Rescuer After Spending His Whole Life Living In A Box

Before I woke up this morning, I didn’t know that my new goal in life was to hug an orangutan. But now that’s the dream and I will keep blogging about cute things till it happens.

We first find this tiny orangutan in West Borneo in Indonesia. A rescue squad from the International Animal Rescue who we’ve heard from before, found a five year old Orangutan in bad shapes. He was inside a small wooden cage that only measured three by five feet.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

That’s Utu, and he couldn’t have been happier to see the IAR team come to the rescue. Utu was there due to someone killed his mother and took him as a pet. It’s a truly tragic story but with a beautiful ending.

Lis Key, who is the PR and communications manager of IAR, talked to The Dodo and said:

“It is quite probable that Utu witnessed the killing of his mother. As a baby orangutan, he was probably clinging to her when she was killed. We have encountered cases where a baby orangutan has been injured with a machete or shot with an airgun, which almost certainly occurred when the baby’s mother was being attacked.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

If you need Kleenex for this article, I’ve provided you a link here.

Anyways, Utu had been in that cage for his whole life essentially so that was the first red flag. Then the IAR team saw that he was also very malnourished. Normally Utu’s diet should consist of leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, honey, insects and more things but it seems that his captor only gave him rice and some fruit every once and awhile.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Key continued to say:

“People who take in baby orangutans have no real knowledge of their natural diet and don’t know how much to feed them, and this is why many of the orangutans we rescue are in poor health and in some cases seriously ill.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

IAR also learned of how Utu’s mother died and it’s truly horrific. They shot and killed her and eventually ate her meat. What would drive people to do such a thing so close to cannibalism?! Utu might have been around for the whole disgusting ordeal also.

There was a second rescue in West Borneo that day as well. Joy, another young orangutan was saved from the exact same wooden box ordeal. Why is this a thing!? This owner had bought Joy for $21 from a hunter and only fed her rice, bananas, sugarcane and sweet potatoes. I guess there isn’t any How To books in West Borneo even if they do illegally obtain an orangutan.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Good news is both Utu and Joy are safe and sound and getting plenty of the right type of food for them.

Key also said:

“Encountering orangutans being kept in captivity as pets is always sad, but…it is doubly sad to find two young orangutans shut away behind bars, without their mothers and far from their natural home in the forest.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Karmele L Sanchez, who is the program director for IAR, concluded in a statement:

“This is the time for all who keep orangutans to realize that if they continue to violate this law, orangutans will soon be extinct. People who encounter those that sell orangutans should not buy the orangutans and should immediately report them to the authorities. If people do not cooperate by handing over orangutans, then law enforcement is needed.”

If you want to help Utu and Joy get back to the wild, you can donate to the IAR here!

Image Via International Animal Rescue

These Adorable Service Dogs In Training Took A Trip To Disneyland And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

This might be the most amazing thing ever to happen at Disneyland. Yeah there are engagements and other cute things but have you ever seen a set a more happy doggos?!

Image Via Kendra Clark

These awesome labs are a part of the Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit from California that looks to help people that need pups in their life. And what better way to get them acclimated to people than to take them to a place with a bunch of people, Disneyland!

They are in the midst of their training and this little field trip was made to improve their socialization skills.

Kendra Clark told The Dodo:

“Disneyland is the perfect place to socialize our puppies to crowds, loud noises, different sights and smells, and different kinds of people.”

Clark helped to bring this field trip to fruition. It’s safe to say that these guys passed the Disneyland test with flying colors, making all sorts of friends. Also headsup, there are no photos with Goofy so be prepared for about 3% of disappointment.

Image Via Kendra Clark

Clark went onto say:

“The pups absolutely loved walking around the park. They posed in photos with their Mickey ears and ate up all the attention they drew from the crowds.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

The dogs meeting all the friends that they could though, I’m surprised how much they enjoyed that part. Their training must be working because they are trying to comfort even the costumed characters!

Clark said, “Seeing how happy they got when they met the characters sure was a treat! The characters were almost as excited as the dogs were to say hello!”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

Nicole Brown tweeted a photo of the happy doggos and of course it caught fire and went a tad viral.

She also talked to The Dodo and said:

“I have always been a dog person, specifically Labs and golden retrievers. But to see them at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse ears was the cutest thing. You could tell they were so happy to be there. They were loving all of the attention they were getting from both tourists and the Disney characters.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

The group plans to come back more due to the success. It seems like it really helped everyone involved mutually.

“As puppy raisers, part of our job is educating the public about service dogs and Canine Companions’ mission. So it was really wonderful that the crowds were not only incredibly interested in our service pups in training, but also so respectful of the fact that they were working.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

You can take a look at Canine Companions for Independence’s site and learn more about the puppers in training.

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

What Is This Crazy Cross Between A Raccoon and a Dog?

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Can you guess what this creature is? No, it’s not a raccoon. And not exactly a dog, either. It’s kind of both. Oh and, fun fact, the Japanese are absolutely fascinated with its testicles.

Got any guesses?

It’s called a tanuki and we’re willing to bet you’ve actually seen one before.

The tanuki is also known as the raccoon dog, and it’s a canid, which is a family that includes dogs and dog-like mammals including wolves, foxes, and coyotes.



It’s native to Japan and is found predominantly throughout East Asia. They live in monogamous pairs and close-knit groups, and mainly insects, rodents, amphibians, and fruits and berries. Or garbage, which is partly why they get confused for raccoons.

And if you haven’t been lucky enough to see one in real life, you may recognize this creature from Super Mario Bros 3. The “tanooki suit” is what allows Mario or Luigi to fly and turn into a statue.

Which is likely because Japanese folklore saw the tanuki as a mythical shape-shifter. One of their earliest appearances in Japanese folklore describes tanuki as turning into humans and singing songs.



Other stories have them transforming into monks or samurais to take advantage of services offered only to humans. And it’s not just humans they can transform into. One famous story involves a tanuki turning into a teapot.

Legend also has it that these guys are notorious tricksters.

While in human form, the “money” that they use eventually turns into dried leaves. But while shapeshifting is indeed very impressive, perhaps the tanuki’s most interesting characteristic is its “expanding scrotum”

And no, it’s got nothing to do with their…virility.



Tanuki have been depicted using their testicles as nets, drums, and smothering devices. They’re even depicted with large scrotums in Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko. But not to worry, life does not imitate art since real-life tanuki have normal sized…you know, bits.

So why are they drawn as being so…well-endowed?

The most common explanation is that metal workers would wrap gold in the skin of tanuki testicles when making gold leaf. The point was to hammer the gold to the thinnest sheet possible, so it was important to have a very stretchy skin that wouldn’t break. Turns out tanuki scrotum did the trick.



Wallets and lucky charms were eventually made from tanuki scrotum as it was said to stretch your money the way they stretched gold. Nowadays, the tanuki’s association with prosperity is still strong, as statues of the large-scrotumed creature are often placed at restaurant and bar entrances.

Actually, there’s a wide variety of tanuki statues fit for any situation.

Which begs the question:
Where the lady tanukis at?



Meet The Most Beautiful Sea Slugs

Nameless Network is up for a Webby award for Everything Explained – the smartest show on the internet! We’re in the same category as VICE, BBC, National Geographic and Conde Nast – so it’s safe to say we need your vote! Click here to help us win!

Do you know what these crazy colorful creatures are? They’re some of the most overlooked beauties in the deep void that is the ocean.

But don’t let their looks fool you, some of these guys have the ominous super power of being able to eat the most highly poisonous creatures on the planet and then harvest their prey’s toxins for themselves.

Making them some of the most beautiful predators in the open seas. They’re called nudibranchs. Which are soft-bodied marine gastropod mollusks part of the sea-slug family.

They’re pretty tiny, ranging from about a quarter inch to twelve inches long. And there are over 3,000 species of these guys.Talk about a big family.


The name “nudibranch” actually means “naked gills”. Which refers to the exposed gills that sprout out of their backs. But some species of nudibranchs can retract their gills in order to protect them.

They’ve got no eyes, but instead have two tentacles, called rhinophores, located on top of their head. These things are super sensitive to touch, smell, and taste, which helps the nudibranch navigate its surroundings and locate prey and mates.

And they have two of them so they can tell from which direction a scent is coming from based on the intensity on each rhinomphore. Most mollusks—like snails, clams, and oysters—have hard shells as a means of protection.


But not the nudibranch. They actually ditch their shells during the larval stage in favor of other defense mechanisms. Which actually has a lot to do with their wild colors.

Nudibranchs derive their colors from the things they eat. Which includes sponges, anemones, and even other nudibranchs. The colors act as a warning sign to potential predators since the bright colors are often associated with poison.

But some nudibranchs don’t just look poisonous. They might be poisonous for real. In addition to adopting the color of their prey, nudibranchs can also retain the toxic chemicals it ingests and save it for themselves.


The blue dragon is an especially toxic nudibranch. This guy eats the Portuguese Man O’ War, which is a venomous jellyfish-like ocean floater.

Once the blue dragon ingests the man o’ war, it concentrates its stinging cells and stores them in its long external outgrowths. And the blue dragon can actually accumulate a large number of these stinging cells, which makes them even more dangerous than the man o’ war itself.

In other words, some nudibranchs are poisonous and inedible, while others just pretend to be. Which is actually a solid strategy if you ask me.

Now, as with all strange creatures of the deep, you may be wondering how these guys reproduce. Nudibranchs are actually hermaphrodites, which means they have a set of male and female reproductive organs allowing them to mate with any other mature and consenting member of their species.


And a mating couple can produce up to 1 million eggs at once. So where can you see some of these things for yourself?

All over the world, really. And at all depths. But they do tend to favor warm temperate and tropical seas. Although some species have even been found in Antarctic waters.

Actually, new nudibranchs are identified almost daily. So who knows, maybe you’ll discover one for yourself. What would you name a nudibranch if you had the chance?


This Puppy Was Abandoned In An Alley And He Was So Small People Thought He Was A Rat

We will never know the bad part of this tiny puppy’s story, but that doesn’t matter because that part is behind her and she’s on the road to love and happiness now.

It all started when a boy in Washington DC saw something scurry underneath a fence towards her. At first, the boy thought it was a rat and he jumped on the fence to get away, but then he realized it was a tiny, sick puppy.

Image Via Instagram

Eventually named Pumpkin, the puppy wouldn’t have made it much longer on her own. The boy’s family took her in, but couldn’t keep her for long. They started to text friends to see if anyone would take her in. I wish they had texted me, look how dang cute little Pumpkin is!

Image Via Instagram

Alicia Mathis was the person to answer the call for help for Pumpkin and once she saw pictures of her, she knew her and her husband needed to see the tiny puppy.

She told The Dodo:

“When we got there, and we both saw her, we were shocked at how small she was. I was expecting a normal-ish size puppy, but she was literally the size of a rat. She just buried herself into me with all her might, and I knew she was never going to the shelter and she would always be by my side as long as she lived.”

I don’t know about you but if you haven’t had one of these experiences, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. When you know, you know, and Mathis knew that Pumpkin belonged in her life.

Image Via Instagram

The couple brought Pumpkin home, but she was very very sick and they knew they needed to do something to save her. Mathis said that, “She was just this tiny helpless creature who had been abandoned and left to die in a freezing cold alley, and I didn’t want her to feel fear or loneliness ever again.”

They worked on getting Pumpkin to the vet as soon as possible, and the prognosis was that she was very malnourished, and only weighed 3.9 pounds. She also had many parasites that needed to be taken care of.

Image Via Instagram

The vet continued to say that if they hadn’t found her the day they did, Pumpkin might have not lasted much longer. Once they got her the proper medicine she needed and fed her heartedly, she began to regain strength. She was also assisted by her big sister Laila, a boxer (I’m really hoping they named her after Laila Ali because of the boxer correlation).

Mathis continued onto say:

“Laila was very gentle and patient with her at first. I think she could tell she was sickly and in need of nurturing. Pumpkin LOVED Laila (still does) and completely latched onto her. Because she was so young — too young to be separated from her mom and littermates — Laila took the place of both.”

Image Via Instagram

Mathis concluded with:

“I think having Pumpkin has inspired me to do more to advocate for animal welfare, especially the welfare of pit bulls who are widely misunderstood and disproportionately treated.”

Are you still feeling all warm and fuzzy from Pumpkin’s adoption story?! Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

Image Via Instagram

Village Comes Together To Help These Frozen Birds In The Most Amazing Way

I’m not sure where you are in the world, but the general consensus is that it’s getting warmer. Thank goodness because I don’t think I could handle much more cold weather.

It seems like these birds in Bulgaria (good band name?) were getting a bit too chilly and they might have regretted not flying more South for the winter. They were freezing to death but these kind Bulgarians didn’t let that happen.

It was so cold in Bulgaria that these wild storks couldn’t even fly because their wings were icy. Unlike Southwest Airlines they didn’t have any de-icer so the next best thing was to get to shelter.

That’s when this village hopped into action.

Image Via Facebook/Шумен Днес

It all started with Safet Halil, a 53-year-old maintenance worker that knew he had to help. He told a news report:

“I found five frozen storks near the village road the day before yesterday. I took them home, lit a stove to warm them and fed them fish.”

You know, just what any normal Bulgarian would do, right? Once the town heard of what he was doing on social media, others did the same. Safet started a movement of people bringing in storks into their homes.

Image Via Twitter/aishejamal

In a video posted on Facebook, shows a man and his family just hanging out with storks. It shows him helping one stork get ice off it’s wings with others huddling around for warmth on a blanket and the surrounding couches. Even the man’s child is just hanging out with the storks.

It seems like the that Safet’s generosity really caught wind in the village of Zaritsa, Bulgaria. Their news reported that over 40 birds received shelter from people around the village. Someone even gave up their bed for these beautiful storks?! Maybe the people of Bulgaria need to show America how to be kind.

Image Via Twitter/aishejamal

All these heroic acts basically saved these stork’s lives. Hristina Klisurova, a spokesperson from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center said that these birds are used to a warmer spring. She said to AFP, “It’s the first time that we have seen so many storks in distress in Bulgaria.”

She also stressed to make sure that the people should only take in birds that are sick or injured and to release them as soon as possible so they are able to stay wild.

Image Via Twitter/aishejamal

The good people of Bulgaria aren’t the only heroes in this story, the great men and women from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center have been out in the snow looking to help the storks as well.

Safet said that, “I already received two or three beak pinches on the arms,” but he’s still keeping them for a bit longer. Apparently the weather isn’t getting any better.

If you were inspired by this amazing story, you can donate to Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center so they can keep the heat on for the storks!

After Being Abandoned At The Vet, This Baby Bulldog Became Their Newest Employee

Originally this tiny puppy named Huck was bought from a breeder. But there was something a little bit off about him. He was able to get potty trained but it wasn’t even his fault.

His family at the time thought there was something much more off about him so they tried to take him back to the breeder but he didn’t take any returns. He did give the family a second bulldog pup so now they had two dogs, but didn’t know what to do with Huck.

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

That’s when they brought him to Harbor Point Animal Hospital. It’s a local vet and the family hoped they would know what to do with Huck. They originally brought their second puppy to the vet to get him checked out (why wouldn’t they take both?) and they mentioned Huck and his odd behavior.

Dr. Jamie Laity is the vet on duty and she said to bring Huck in and she’d take a look at him. After a thorough exam and x-rays, Dr. Laity thought that Huck had spina bifida.

According to the Mayo Clinic, spina bifida is:

“A birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly.”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

The family sadly didn’t want Huck and surrendered him to the animal hospital. Dr. Laity wanted a second opinion so she kept Huck over the weekend but during that time she couldn’t get enough of Huck. This is the reason why I could never be a vet, I would want all the animals.

She got the second opinion and her prognosis of spina bifida was correct. Next she made it official and adopted the fun loving Huck.

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Amy Laity, Jamie’s wife, is the manager at Harbor Point and she told The Dodo:

“Dr. Laity couldn’t resist Huck and she and everyone at Harbor Point fell in love with him instantly. She couldn’t give him up and risk that he would end up in a home that couldn’t properly care for him, or even worse, end up euthanized.”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Since Dr. Laity is well you know, a vet, she was totally equipped with the skills to take care of Huck. He wears a diaper around and doesn’t seem to care at all. Honestly I think he sports it with class.

The staff at Harbor Point loves him, and he hangs out in the reception area during the day saying hi to everyone that comes through the door.

Amy continued to say:

“He loves trying to hop into the bathtub and seems to really enjoy the water. He has quickly learned to stand and hold still for his frequent diaper changes, and is a really good sport about wearing all of the silly outfits we put him in!”

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

He is currently in doggy day care, learning all the right skills to be a good boy. People that come in to the vet love him and they take selfies with him because he’s so dang cute!

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital

Amy concluded:

“You really wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him if he didn’t have his diapers. He is a happy, healthy, playful puppy!”

Are you still feeling all warm and fuzzy from Suzi’s adoption story?! Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

Via Harbor Point Animal Hospital