This Viral Image Of A Gorilla Hugging Her Caretaker Just Won Wildlife Photo Of The Year

The story behind this photo is honestly just as good as the photo itself! I think we all first found our love of chimpanzees and gorillas was when Jane Goodall was taking us to school for the past 50 years. She made us all endear our close relatives as our friends, and that’s pretty cool.

Perhaps this is a moment Jane Goodall would love to have been apart of. We find ourselves at an animal sanctuary in Cameroon with Jo-Anne McArthur. She’s a Canadian photographer that is capturing our hearts once again.

Jo-Anne McArthur / Via UK Natural History Museum

So who’s in the picture? Pikin is a 6-year-old rescued lowland gorilla and she’s cuddling with her caretaker, Appolinaire Ndohoudou.

After 50,000 photographs were sent in, McArthur won the online voting contest. The Natural History Museum in London does this every year and their staff chose 24 other images for the People’s Choice Award competition.

Image Via ArtFund.Org

The image was taken back in 2009 at the Ape Action Africa sanctuary in Mefou, Cameroon, and Buzzfeed News was assured there was no time limit on these images for the award.

In her book, We Animals, she talks about the photo and says:

“Even though it’s unadvisable, to say the least, to get into a vehicle with a gorilla — given how they might panic in the unfamiliar, bouncing confines of a moving car — Pikin had been sedated and was being held by Appolinaire.

Worryingly for me, Pikin woke up earlier than anticipated and looked around sleepily. Luckily, she seemed content to be in the arms of her caretaker, and eventually lay her head back down to rest and nodded off.”

Image Via Ape Action Africa And Youtube

Pikin had been rescued by Ape Action Africa after her mother was killed by hunters. This is sadly a common thing that Ape Action Africa is involved in.

This past January when McArthur learned that the photo had won, she reached out to Pikin’s caretaker Ndohoudou. She wanted to see what he remembered about the photo. He said:

“When Pikin arrived I saw that she was very clever. She really loved me and I loved her. She didn’t like the other gorillas coming near me as she was jealous and she would shout if they tried to come and give me hugs. I was her father, I belonged to her.

Pikin loved me and respected me like her father; when I [said] ‘no,’ she would accept but then she was clever as she would wait until she thought I had forgotten and then she would do it! She was very funny.”

Image Via Jo-Anne McArthur

Sadly, Pikin passed away in 2014 after a big fall.

Ndohoudou recalled to McArthur about Pikin:

“When Pikin died I was very sad for a long time and I didn’t want to think about Pikin as it made me sad.

Now I know Pikin never left me, as she is always with me every day in my head and in my heart. And I know she misses me like I miss her.”


Woman Gets Reunited With Her Best Friend After Adopting An Elderly Dog

If you are clicking on this article it’s probably true that 98% of you have a special affinity with your first dog. Mine? A Samoyed named Sammie was my first dog and she was the best. Sound off in the comments what yours was!

Anyways Nicole Renae had a pup when she was younger named Chloe. Renae got Chloe on her 10th birthday, and it was given to her by her grandmother. And from the start, Chloe and Renae were best buds that were indivisible.

Image Via Nicole Renae

The two were together for four years and their love only grew. Renae told The Dodo in an interview that, “She was such a sweet dog. She’d lick your face forever if you didn’t stop her.”

Sadly though, Renae’s dad got a job when she was 14 where he needed to work from home. Her home had to be a sanctuary and that meant it couldn’t have a yapping dog. Renae was devastated when hearing that they had to get rid of Chloe.

Image Via Nicole Renae

Renae continued by saying, “We had no choice. I was just a kid, so I obviously didn’t have any choice in the matter. It was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog.”

They didn’t even have a family friend that could take care of the pupper, so they had to take Chloe to the closest humane society. They could only hope they would find a good home for her.

Renae said that she, “just felt so sick and sad about it. I thought I’d never see or hear from her ever again.”

And honestly most people would be right to think this. Renae tried calling the humane society years later to see if she could track down Chloe but they couldn’t give out any information.

Image Via Nicole Renae

So fast forward to recently, as Renae finds herself married and with a kid of her own. She still never forgot about her gray doggo Chloe though.

Image Via Nicole Renae

She remembered the joy she had from Chloe and wanted her daughter to experience the same adoration for a dog. She originally was looking for puppy until she came upon a Facebook post about a senior dog that needed a family.

Renae couldn’t believe her eyes.

She said, “I saw the picture of the dog and thought, ‘That dog looks kind of familiar.’ Then I read the name — it was Chloe. The same spelling as my old dog. I thought that was such a coincidence.”

At this point she wanted to adopt the lookalike and didn’t even know the most amazing part of the story. She went to go meet her new-ish friend and something weird happened.

Image Via Nicole Renae

“She just ran up to me and started licking my face,” Renae said. “As the day went on, all these characteristics just reminded me of my old dog.”

She couldn’t believe it was really Chloe! But Chloe knew exactly who it was even after all these years.

She said, “I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I just knew in my heart that it was her.”

Image Via Nicole Renae

Renae’s mom thought she was nuts but they had a way to prove it. They checked with Chloe’s original vet, to see what her microchip number was. After a few quick calls to other vets, it turned out that it wasn’t a fluke. They were exact matches!

“She’s made herself right at home,” Renae concluded. “Chloe is happy. I think she knows now that she’ll be with me forever.”

Image Via Nicole Renae

Family Dedicates Their Lives To Caring For Over 3,000 Stray Dogs And It Looks Like Heaven For Dog Lovers

Remember in the 90’s there was a movie called “All Dogs Go To Heaven”? It was a damn classic and I wore that VHS tape out till it couldn’t rewind anymore. Well that movie was basically this story except the dogs aren’t going to heaven and they can’t talk. BUT THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM.

It seems that this shelter in Taiwan has over 3,000 dogs but it didn’t start that way.

Image Via Angel Wang

Take a look at Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary, it opened five years ago and there are somehow more dogs than people there. Taiwan has a huge overpopulation of stray puppers and there aren’t many people helping like Hsu!

They began with a small group of dogs but it’s grown to a staggering 3,000+ dog population today. Originally they had a small shelter but someone donated a HUGE facility and now the doggos have room to run and play.

Image Via Angel Wang

In an interview with The Dodo, Angel Wang says, “I really love dogs, but especially the stray dogs. Because there are so many, our shelter has become the largest one in Taiwan.”

Wang started volunteering four years ago at the shelter after seeing the homeless dog problem firsthand.

Image Via Angel Wang

Taiwan became the first country ever to ban euthanizing stray dogs as a means to control the population. Shelters like Mrs. Hsu’s work to raise awareness about spaying and neutering so hopefully in the coming years the population won’t be so insane.

Some dogs come to Mrs. Hsu’s as strays, but a majority of them are rescues from car and motorcycle accidents. Also gin traps are a major opponent of these dogs. No it’s not a Gin And Tonic on top of a trap, but they are steel traps put up by farmers to keep other animals away from their crops.

Image Via Angel Wang

Wang continued on saying, “We have a vet in our shelter, but if the dog has an injury that is too critical, they’re brought to a local animal hospital. We have a number of dogs with missing legs or paralysis in the back legs.”

The shelter has many workers and volunteers but they also have another special someone that builds things for the dogs. If they have lost a limb they will create small custom wheelchairs for the pups.

Image Via Angel Wang

The shelter also has a huge grooming room, a place for the dogs to nap as well as a room just for the feline friends.

Image Via Angel Wang

Wang concluded “I love being with the dogs and seeing them happy. Their smiles are my favorite part.”

Image Via Angel Wang
Image Via Angel Wang

Do you want to have your own tear-jerking adoption story? Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

Image Via Angel Wang
Image Via Angel Wang

Opossum Loses Family And Refused To Go Back To The Wild So His Saviors Bring Him Into Their House

There are some animals in life that are just too annoying. Opossums and raccoons are both in this category. I mean why do raccoons have the nickname of trash pandas? Because they are the worst, they are slimy and who wants to cuddle with either opossums or raccoons?

Well apparently Sheri Kassalias is a special human being because she actually specializes in rehabilitating opossums. I don’t know how you find yourself in that job, but let’s find out more!

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

This story starts off with three opossums actually, one that came in from a dog attack and two others that lost their mother to a car accident. That’s when Kassalias said she would take care of the trio and get them back to the wild.

Two of the three were very down with that plan. The third, who was named Opie, had a different idea.

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

Kassalias was talking to The Dodo and said, “Opie was so sweet he demanded to be held. He climbed up my sleeve.”

Uh oh we have a clingy opossum on our hands it looks like!

She had never seen an opossum like this and knew she had two options. She could sever all contact with Opie to make him releasable or adopt him and never let go!

Kassalias then said, “So here we are almost two years later.” So you can see what option she went with.

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

The two have made South Carolina home with her husband and along with an older Boston terrier, a 25-year-old tortoise named Bubba and another foster dog. It’s not a zoo but it definitely sounds like a fun sitcom!

Everyone gets along and get taken to all the normal events like pictures with Santa! I don’t know about you but if I was that Santa I’d pass on that picture.

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

Other than hanging with Santa, Opie has other things to do, like educate kids about animals like him.

Opie travels around to schools and elsewhere to teach people about opossums. He’s been registered with the USDA and who knew this was even a thing?!

Some fun facts about Opie’s kind?

– Opossums are mostly immune to rabies

– Opossums have superpowers against snakes. They have partial or total immunity to the venom produced by rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and other pit vipers

– They have opposable “thumbs.” Only primates and opossums have them!

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

Kassalias also went onto explain that opossums are really not that bad. People just think they are ugly and scary and think they are bad critters. They will eat pests from your lawn, not dig it up and won’t crawl to your attic.

She says:

“[They] appreciate an abandoned hole under a tree log, a spot in the back of the garage or an open area to your basement. I love that they give back to nature instead of taking from it. They are gentle even when injured.”

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

Opie just celebrated his birthday and it was a bittersweet moment due to opossums short lifespans. Kassalias remarked positively though:

“Regardless of how much time I have left with him, I know I have done absolutely everything in my power. If his longevity was based on love, he would live to be 100.”

Image Via Sheri Kassalias

Scientists Warn That Cuddling Your Cat Can Kill You

This article originally appeared and was published on

Researchers already spoke out about the dangers of being affectionate to chickens; now they are warning against getting close to a more commonly beloved pet: cats.

Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put together a survey of a cat-born disease called “Cat-Scratch Fever” (CSF) and it may be potentially dangerous. It’s the first large-scale study on the disease done in fifteen years.


The knowledge of Cat-Scratch Fever is not new, but it was once thought of to be mild. Due to this survey, the CDC concluded that it can be fatal.

“The scope and impact of the disease is a little bit larger than we thought,” said Dr. Christina Nelson, lead author of the study and medical epidemiologist at the CDC.

CSF is a bacterial disease that can be transferred by kissing cats or touching your face after touching a cat’s fur. Kittens are more likely to be carriers of the disease than older cats.


Thankfully, CSF is preventable. The CDC recommends you watch your hands after interacting with cats. Nelson also recommends to use proper flea control and to keep cats indoors if you cannot avoid them entirely (or don’t want to).

“Cat-scratch is preventable,” Nelson said. “If we can identify the populations at risk and the patterns of disease, we can focus the prevention efforts.”

For now, it’s best to keep cautious when giving some love to your cat — and remember to always disinfect.


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This Very Good Dog Has Won “Employee Of The Month” Every Month Since His Owner Started Working From Home

There’s a reason why dogs are a man’s best friend. They love you unconditionally forever and ever and that’s really the only reason you need for them to be your best friend. After learning what dogs dream about, you will feel the same way your dog feels about you for them.

Now that you’re feeling the love, meet Meeka a pupper that has been loving her dad’s new job. There are only three staff members at Accuride International Inc’s southeastern sales HQ. Well there’s only one human that is.

That would be Michael Reeg. He, Meeka and Kya (another dog! two dogs in one story for the SAME price!) complete the sales team now that Reeg works from home.

Image Via Michael Reeg

Reeg works as the district sales manager for the drawer slide manufacturer, very exciting stuff, and found out quickly working from home could get boring.

He said to The Dodo:

“Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change. It’s quiet here. You need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. Having a faithful companion in the office certainly helps.”

Image Via Michael Reeg

Speaking from experience this is very true, I work with a dog at my feet at all times. We have scheduled meetings that he’s never late for, it’s great.

Even though she can’t talk Meeka really helps out Reeg out in many ways, he continues:

“There are times that I’ll even talk to her as I work through a problem or map out a customer solution. I try out my sales pitches and presentations on her. She’s not easily impressed or swayed. All she hears is ‘blah, blah, blah, Meeka’ — but she likes to hear my voice and I love that she pays attention. Having her in my office all day is something that we both look forward to.”

Image Via Michael Reeg

Now anyone that isn’t a dog lover might say Reeg was crazy, but we all know he’s exactly right. Dogs are the best listeners and probably give you more feedback than your co-worker Sharon.

Kya isn’t impressed with any of this work nonsense. So the employee of the month award is only between the two…anddd Reeg isn’t going to give it to himself right?!

Image Via Michael Reeg

Even when Reeg goes out of town for work, Meeka hung out in the office all by her lonesome.

Image Via Michael Reeg

Madison, Reeg’s daughter said to The Dodo:

“I was not surprised at all when my dad first showed me the framed picture of Meeka as Employee of the Quarter because Meeka is very loyal to my dad and his (their) work. I just thought it was hilarious.”

Image Via Michael Reeg
Image Via Michael Reeg

She just keeps on winning!

Somehow word got out to the actual company Reeg works for and they support one of their best “good boys.”

They said that Reeg “sends an update after every quarter. Meeka is an outstanding support to Michael and his work. Dogs are the best.”

Image Via Michael Reeg

I mean they aren’t wrong!

Image Via Michael Reeg

Very Smart Good Dog Pretends To Be Sick So His Dad Won’t Go To Work

I mean who hasn’t done this before when they were a kid? “Eh Mom/Dad I realllly don’t feel good. I think I have a stomach ache. Is it okay if I stay home for the day from school?” you say as you just don’t feel like taking that English spelling test.

Image Via Giphy

I don’t know about you I guess, but I did that enough times to count all of Jay-Z’s problems. Well it looks like Sullivan the dog felt the same or at least had a serious case of lovesickness.

His owners, Alex and Kennady, and he live in Utah and one day he Sullivan found a way to hang with his owner in a very unconventional way. You need to share this to anyone who believes dogs aren’t smart!

Image Via Kennady Longhurst

One day, Kennady figured she come home for lunch to get away from work. But when she was ready to go back to work, Sullivan started acting weird. He started to make a coughing noise, and Kennady wasn’t sure what to do. Sullivan must have heard his owners and thought he was a parrot…

In an interview with The Dodo, Kennady said, “It really, really freaked me out. He was wagging his tail and running around and just wanted to play but also kept making this horrific noise.”

Image Via Kennady Longhurst

After calling her husband Alex, they decided that he would come home from work and watch over Sullivan so he wouldn’t be alone and not feeling well. But as soon as the pup started getting some extra love the cough magically disappeared.

They, “figured he must have just gotten something stuck in his throat and finally got it out.” It was the only logical explanation, right?

Image Via Kennady Longhurst

Nope, the next morning it was back again right when the two were getting home from work. Alex stayed home again…and like that his cough was gone again. Desperate to figure out what was going on with the pupper, Alex took him to the vet later that day. What did he find out?

Yeah. Looks like even our dogs are capable of fake news these days. It seems after the vet did a few tests, there was proof that…nothing was wrong at all!

Image Via Giphy

The couple wanted to get a second opinion but the results were the same. Kennady went onto say, “Almost all of them said he could be acting sick in the mornings or when we leave him because he knows if he acts different or sick we pay more attention to him and stay with him.”

Damn Sullivan you’re pretty smart!

Image Via Kennady Longhurst

Kennady concluded, “I’m actually not surprised at all that he could pull this off. He has been an insanely smart dog since we got him when he was a puppy. He learned and picked up on stuff really fast. He’s a really great dog.”

Image Via Kennady Longhurst
Image Via Kennady Longhurst


Dog Is Abandoned By Her Family In The Cold, But These Firefighters Adopted Her And Now She’s The Happiest Pup Ever

It’s always good when a story has a happy ending. Sometimes they start off sad and get way better and Ashley’s story is no different.

Before she was saved, Ashley’s family didn’t feed her or let her go outside, and just overall didn’t take care of her. Good thing Erica Mahnken, aka the cofounder of No More Pain Rescue, and her fiance Michael Favor, came to her just in the nick of time.

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In an interview with The Dodo, Mahnken says, “We got a phone call from somebody that there was a couple living in an abandoned house. They had no heat or electricity, and they had a dog there.”

Image Via Erica Mahnken
Image Via Erica Mahnken

Ashley’s previous family must have been in dire financial trouble because they not only abandoned their dog but their home in general. After a snowstorm came through, they left Ashley all alone and No More Pain Rescue rushed to the house.

Image Via Erica Mahnken

Favor rushed into the house while Mahnken stayed in the car because they weren’t sure what they were getting into. Later Mahken said that her fiance said the house had, “No food, no water for her. The house was a disaster. The windows were broken, and there was feces all over the place.”

These are conditions no dog should ever have to endure.

Image Via Erica Mahnken

Surprisingly, Ashley was unharmed and and not skittish at all, considering not having any food or water. Mahnken said, “She came running down, super happy. She jumped straight into my car.” If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!

She continued onto say, “All you saw were her ribs – she was so skinny. And the vet later said she was 25 pounds underweight.” They also noticed the worst part of this whole ordeal, there were cigarette burns on the top of her head.

No More Pain Rescue doesn’t have an actual shelter, so they needed to find a home for sweet Ashley. That’s when they reached out to the New York City Fire Department, mainly the Fort Pitt station. They had a dog previously, so they asked them to watch Ashley until they could find a forever home.

Image Via @probyash

Little did they know, Fort Pitt was going to be Ashley’s forever home. A few days after having her they asked to keep her.

Mahnken said, “As soon as she walked into the firehouse, her tail was wagging, and she was licking and greeting everybody. She was super happy. From where she came from, you wouldn’t really expect that. You would think that she’d be a little skittish, but she wasn’t at all.”

Image Via @probyash
Image Via @probyash

Looks like Ashley will fit right in, even though she’s not a dalmation! Sounds like she’s loving it there too. Mahnken said that:

“She’s constantly on the go – she goes on smaller runs with them, she goes on the fire truck with them. They walk her about 30 times a day. They bring her on the roof to play. She’s constantly in the kitchen watching them eat. She has endless supplies of treats. She has the life over there.”

I told you there was a light at the end of the story!

Image Via @probyash
Image Via @probyash

If you want to see more images of how Ashley is doing, check out her Instagram here!

Woman Finds Her Cat That Was Missing For 2 Years After Looking At Shelter’s Facebook Page

Cats are some interesting creatures. Predominantly, cats are pets that like their alone time. A lot of the cats I know are very cool with laying alone in the sun all day and if you leave cool, if you don’t, also cool. So this story might happen way more than we’d like to admit.

Meet Jimmy. A cat that loves to be on his own. He loves to be adventurous and hang outside until he wants to come in and he would meow. Jimmy would go on walks with the dog, visit neighbors and even sneak into cars that leave their windows open. Well that would turn out to be how Sue Zelitsky, Jimmy’s mom, lost him.

Image Via Sue Zelitsky

Jimmy was 13 back in 2014 when he went missing. Zelitsky’s husband had let him outside to do his normal playing, but when it was time to come back in, Jimmy was no where to be seen.

They put up fliers with Jimmy on them, trying to get him back but to no avail. Everytime Zelitsky went on a walk with their dog, she would call to Jimmy but still nothing. Eventually it seemed that Jimmy was never coming back home.

Image Via Sue Zelitsky

Here’s when things get way better. Fast forward to two and a half years and Sue is browsing Facebook. All of a sudden she sees a post from the West Milford Animal Shelter about a cat that they had just found. They believed it to be a stray…but it looked strikingly like Jimmy.

Sue told The Dodo, “He was found approximately 10 miles from our home after the big March blizzard and brought in to the West Milford Animal Shelter. After some sharing of pictures and other physical attributes I went to see him.”

Image Via West Milford Animal Shelter

Sue brought a few items that Jimmy might recognize and enjoy and headed to the shelter with her neighbor who also loved Jimmy. Once they got to the shelter, the staff brought out Jimmy and his reaction was priceless. According to a Facebook post:

“The cat’s reaction to them was amazing. They figured out that he has been missing for 2 1/2 years. He went missing the day someone in the family went to visit other friends in High Crest. At the time her cat “Jimmy” would jump into the cars in the driveway and sleep in them- they think he must have hitched a ride to High Crest and been making friends there this whole time. They were so happy! They had found Jimmy.

She left and came back with her husband Bob, who was Jimmy’s buddy. Her husband immediately said “that’s my boy” and of course everyone was crying very happy tears!”

Image Via West Milford Animal Shelter

So Jimmy is 15 years old now and back with his family which is so dang heartwarming. Sue concluded, “We are over the moon. It’s the greatest story ever and almost too good to be true…but it is!”

Tiny Dwarf Horse Loves To Run With The Big Horses And Doesn’t Understand He’s So Small

I wish having a mini-horse as a pet was just as acceptable as having a cat or dog as a pet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk your majestic horse wherever you go? I think it would be great, so maybe when I have kids I can actually come through with the tiny pony promise.

I could only hope that my horse would be as awesome as Munchie. He lives in Hitchcock, Texas at a Habitat for Horses, and all his friends are at least three times his size. He stands less than two feet, but loves all his huge horse pals.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Amber Barnes (okay was she destined for this job?) of Habitat for Horses told The Dodo, “It’s like he doesn’t notice how big they [the other horses] are or care how big they are. He’s just kind of like, ‘So what you’re big? Whatever.”

Too bad all of us can’t have that same attitude!

Before coming to HFH, Munchie was in San Antonio, and not being properly cared for.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Barnes continued, “He was about 2 months old when we rescued him. He came in with a family of smaller miniature horses and also larger horses. It was a very large cruelty seizure case in San Antonio. There were actually several horses who had died that were on the property when we got there. So it’s a sad case.”

Thank goodness they came when they did though. Munchie and his mom came to HFH to live a much better life.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

On the way back to HFH, Munchie didn’t even have to sit in the back. He sat in the front seat on someone’s lap. I mean have you ever heard of a lap-horse?! Because that’s what I want in my life.

Once they got back home, the staff came to the conclusion that Munchie was a dwarf mini-horse which explained his small size. This is common they said due to negligent breeders.

Barnes said that, “There’s structural differences…and this can often lead to health problems. It can even be fatal.” But thankfully, Munchie only has a curved “roach” back as well as an underbite. But that’s okay because he’s cute as can be!

Image Via Habitat For Horses

He also has an enlarged belly, because most of his organs are all normal size.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

Look at this also! Barnes said that, “Munchie loves being groomed, so he likes getting his hair brushed out and braided.”


Image Via Habitat For Horses

Munchie serves a greater purpose than just eating and napping all day at HFH. He’s the official ambassador for the program. When HFH talks to schools and libraries, they bring Munchie to show children and help them understand “plight of other horses.”

Munchie brings love to nursing homes as well <3. [caption id="attachment_1833" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image Via Habitat For Horses[/caption]

Barnes also said that Munchie isn’t worried about the bigger horses at the shelter. “They’ll be right nearby, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, give me my hay. Where are my carrots? I’m not worried about you. But you’ll have the same giant horse look at Munchie and get kind of startled and not know what to do. It’s kind of amusing.”

It’s like a tiny lap dog barking it’s face off at a pitbull, sometimes you just have to act the part.

Image Via Habitat For Horses

If you were inspired by Munchie’s story, you can donate to the Habitat for Horses here!

Crazy Owner Dyes Her Little Dog Purple And Almost Kills It But She Fought Back

The first time I can remember not approving of a dog owner was Paris Hilton and her pup. Now she probably showered it in gifts, but all I can remember is her carrying it in that tiny bag. It was a chihuahua and it was around the same time the Taco Bell dog was a thing. So thus my tiny child brain thought, hey why doesn’t Paris’ dog say something!

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Now why do I tell you the inner workings of my beautiful mind? Because BEING MEAN TO DOGS SUCKS!

And I don’t know how this could ever happen, but this little pup had a really dumb (putting it nicely) owner.

Image Via Pinellas County Animal Services

This is Violet (you’ll get the name in a sec) and her (ex)owner thought it was a good idea to dye her hair purple. This 5-pound Maltese’s hair wasn’t good enough for her previous owner and it almost cost Violet her life.

This story comes to us from Florida, mainly Pinellas County Animal Services, and they are the heros that saved Violet. She came to Pinellas after she’d been pick up after being a stray dog. She had seen better days, her fur had been turned purple with a hair dye intended for humans.

Image Via Pinellas County Animal Services

The dye had a terrible side effect which cause burns on a lot Violet’s skin. One of her eyes was almost sewn shut. I think it’s safe to say that Pinellas came in the nick of time. They weren’t even sure if Violet would survive after they picked her up.

In a Facebook post, Pinellas wrote:

“We gave fluids, pain meds and we gently washed as much of the chemical dye off as we could. We bandaged her up. Then we waited. Violet went home with our veterinarian and we waited.”

Image Via Pinellas County Animal Services

“We began the arduous process of shaving off her hair to really measure the damage — [and] to our horror her skin began to slough off,” the shelter wrote. “Good thing Violet was peacefully anesthetized. It was so much worse than we initially thought — how would this little dog make it through?!”

It wasn’t instantaneous but in the course of three months, Violet fought back. She slowly recovered and began to show that sweet side we all know and love Malteses for.

Image Via Pinellas County Animal Services

She roamed the halls more and more everyday as she got her energy back. She was really showing that resilient spirit and that a little purple dye wasn’t going to keep her down.

“When the final bandages came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief. Violet was beautiful.”

And the story gets better!

Violet was eventually adopted and never has to worry about being a color other than white ever again.

Image Via Pinellas County Animal Services

The shelter additionally wrote:

“Do not, under any circumstances, use hair color intended for humans on your pets. Chemicals in hair dye are toxic, causing a wide array of external injury to your pet — possible burns, blindness and, because an animal’s first instinct is to lick, it can cause poisoning or internal burns. Just don’t.”

So be nice to puppers and don’t dye them! Check and check!

Instead Of Bringing Live Presents For Her Owner, This Cat Figured Giant Leaves Were The Next Best Option

Oh cats. They love to hate us and love to love us all at the same time. Many of them like to show that love in the form of gifts. Now they are going to the store and getting your chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but moreover live rodents and such.

For some reason, cats don’t understand that we aren’t into those types of gifts. Most aren’t as smart as Baloo, aka the cat we are about to meet.


After bringing her owner, Ben, a bunch of grossness, he said in an interview with The Dodo that Baloo “always looked so confused and sad, which made me feel pretty bad.”


She kept bringing him dead (or sometimes still alive) critters, and Ben wasn’t a fan. So being the smart kitty she is, she found a new gift for Ben. What was it? Diamond rings? Children’s shoes? Spare rakes? Nope none of the above!


“It took a couple of months of me rejecting her gifts for her to start bringing me leaves. They were always big, nice looking leaves,” Ben said. “It was such a relief from the live mice every morning that I would show my gratitude by taking the leaf and playing with it while she sat on my chest.”

So it’s safe to say that giant leaves are better than live mice. Good to know.


After getting a bunch of praise from Ben, he said, “She knew she was doing something right now.” Good work Baloo! Breaking your old cat ways and finding a human friendly gift. Who doesn’t love a nice big leaf! My dog has definitely never given me anything like that before…

She only found the biggest and best leaves. You could call Baloo a very highly skilled curator of only the most magnificent leaves.


I bet Ben and Baloo’s relationship is way better now.


Ben also continued to say:

She’s not a lap cat by any means, but when I’m upset or nervous she will hop up onto me, push me back so I lay down and then she’ll just sit on my chest purring like mad and nuzzling my face with her nose. She’s a very loving cat.


Ben and Baloo have a third friend, and I really wish it started with a B but it doesn’t. It is the second best option though! The other cat on his Instagram is named Floof! I figured Floof needed some love too so take a look at this kitty.


If you want to see more of these guys, take a look at Ben’s Instagram, mostlyjustpicturesofmycats. Out of all the cat accounts to get this kind of fame, I like his username the best. I wonder if it was Baloo or Floof that thought of that. And he’s right it is just mostly cats but he has snuck a few puppers in there for you guys that are more dog lovers.

Angry Pet Owner Runs Over Dog Killer With His Car Into A Brick Wall

Come on guys, dogs are our best friends. If you had any doubt, just take a look at what they are dreaming about here and you will be rid of any notion that they weren’t.

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Sadly though some people are the worst and feel like not treating dogs with the dignity and respect they all deserve. They are just furry humans that can’t talk or use their thumbs! Someone felt like they had to take the law into their own hands when they heard about a dog abuser.

Image Via Giphy

A man that was suspected and sadly never convicted of animal murder and abuse, was run over by one of the owners whose dog he killed.

Footage has been posted online according to The Metro, but must have since been taken down. It shows the deceased dog killer on a scooter with a dart gun. He then shoots the dog and [presumably] scoots away.

Photo Via Asia Wire

The dog owner then comes around and sees their paralyzed dog with the dart deep into her skin and then they go after the man.

Photo Via Asia Wire

After the dog owner gets in his car, he chases down the dog murderer on the scooter until eventually he rammed the guy on the scooter into a brick wall.

These photos aren’t for the faint of heart.

Photo Via Asia Wire

The driver has been arrested but his family says he has a defense ready for the murder charges on his end. Apparently he didn’t mean to kill him, he just “got the pedals confused.” I mean sure yeah that could work…maybe in a universe where the judge is a dog.

Photo Via Asia Wire

A relative of the dog murderer said this after hearing the defense, “Even if we were in the wrong, that does not give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner.”

Yeah they have a point, even though your family member was the worst.

Photo Via Asia Wire

Sadly this is a common occurrence in China, dogs are getting killed via darts and taken for their meat.

The Telegraph interviewed Wendy Higgins, from the Humane Society International and she said this about the issue:

“The use of poison to catch dogs for the meat trade is a cruelty that very often sees people’s beloved pets targeted and the animals involved can suffer enormously.

The dog meat trade in China is organised, large scale and facilitated by crime, with as many as 20 million dogs and four million cats killed every year, so stopping the gangs involved is a major step in the right direction.”

Image Via Giphy

Okay there’s a cute puppy gif because that was way too sad of an explanation. Let’s hope everyone in that crazy dog meat industry gets justice someday?

A Harvard Expert Tells All About Whether Your Dog Or Cat Is Dreaming Or Not

We all have wondered it. We’ve all seen it. Our pets love to sleep and at some point or the other they have moved, ran, barked and many other things while they sleep. So what’s going on in our furry friends brains? It seems like a whole lot.

People Magazine talked to Dr. Deirdre Barrett, aka a teacher and a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist at Harvard Medical School. So it’s safe to say if anyone knows about our pets dreams, it’s her.

Image Via Giphy

“Anything about what animals dream, or even if they dream, is speculative. The only two animals even suggested to have ever told their dreams to a human are the signing gorillas Koko and Michael. Researcher Penny Patterson reports that Koko occasionally signs about fantastic events, people and places she has not seen recently only upon awakening. Michael, who is known to have been captured when poachers killed his entire family, sometimes wakes up and signs “Bad people kill gorillas.”

Image Via Giphy

“What we do know for sure is that most mammals have a similar sleep cycle to humans, going into a deep sleep stage, in which the brain is much less active, and then into periods of activity called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, in which dreams occur for humans. That certainly makes it the best guess that other mammals are dreaming, too.”

Image Via Giphy

If you ask my super unscientific opinion, I’d have to say that my dog definitely dreams. He yip, runs, barks and snarls and I live in an apartment. He also falls asleep after longingly looking out the window at all the squirrels he wants to chase.

Image Via Giphy

What she said next specifically about your dog will make you love them even more!

“Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell and of pleasing or annoying you.”

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OMG! We are what they dream about?! I want all the dogs now!

Image Via Giphy

So now that we know about “Man’s Best Friend” what about…well cats? Barrett goes on to say:

“We actually know more about cats dreams, because one of the earliest sleep researchers, Michel Jouvet, destroyed the tiny area in cat brains that inhibits movements during REM sleep. Cats lay quietly through the other stages of sleep, and when REM began, they leapt up, stalked, pounced, arched their backs and hissed.”

Image Via Giphy

Sounds very cat-like to me. Instead of thinking about how lovely we are they are plotting our demises.

Alright so can we maybe enhance our pet’s dreams? Of course there is! Barrett concludes with:

“The best way to give ourselves or our children better dreams is to have happy daytime experiences and to get plenty of sleep in a safe and comfortable environment. It’s a good bet this is also best for pets’ dreams.”

Image Via Giphy

Alright guys can you do that?! I mean if you know that they are going to be dreaming about the fun you just had, why wouldn’t you?!

Image Via Giphy

Steve-O Flew To Peru To Adopt A Street Dog And This Might Be The Most Beautiful Love Story Of 2018

Dogs are the most amazing animals in the universe. Sure you can boast that other animals can help do different things in life, but dogs give us humans the most joy possible. Sorry your pet gerbil can’t compete.

Steve-O, yes that Steve-O from Jackass, has cleaned his life up in the past few years. He’s been sober for longer than 8 years now, but don’t worry he still doesn’t awesome stuff. He’s the true definition of showing others that you don’t need other substances to have fun.

But it’s still fun to reflect on all the crazy shit he did…

Image Via Giphy & MTV

Steve-O is doing a new show with Youtube Red now, and his mission was to go hike a mountain that looked like a boob. Glad to know some things never change. I don’t even think Steve-O was prepared for a new friendship like the one he found in Peru though.

He got to the South American country and immediately looked for a street dog to accompany him up the boob mountain. He got dog food and set out on his mission.

Image Via Youtube

Honestly the most ballsy thing he did on this trip was to feed wild dogs I think. He could have gotten rabies, but I guess when your Steve-O some rabies is nothing.

After a few dogs and no luck, he found Wendy. Cue the aww’s because this is where the story gets touching. After feeding Wendy, he and the crew needed to eat themselves so they went to a restaurant that didn’t allow dogs. He thought that would be the last of Wendy…

…until that night when they found each other again. Somehow Wendy not only found Steve-O but told all her doggo friends about her new friend who had food. I think Steve-O looks the happiest we’ve ever seen him buried in dogs.

Image Via Youtube

They eventually left, but Wendy followed and Steve-O tried to smuggle her into his hotel. It initially worked but then the manager asked him to not bring dogs in. After some talking (and bribing) he let Wendy stay and Steve-O and Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy gave Wendy her a [first] bath.

Image Via Youtube

In the following days, he took her to the vet and gave her a more official bath and got her situated with all the necessary shots. Steve-O plans on making Wendy a service dog so the two never have to be separated. It’s always great to see when a human and dog have such an amazing bond.

Later on in the video, Gus says, “Forget what everyone has said, you’re not an asshole.” Yes you’re hearing that right ladies and gentleman, Steve-O is a changed man.

Image Via Youtube

This whole video was to prepare everyone for a new Youtube Red show where Steve-O and 7 other kinda famous people trek around the world. It’s called Ultimate Expedition and has people like The Dudesons, Chuck Liddell and many more kinda famous names.

PS don’t tell Chuck I called him “kinda famous.”

Watch the full video below and I challenge you to not get goosebumps (you will fail).

Abandoned Dog Shows Up To Shelter In A Plastic Bag But That Didn’t Stop Her From Smiling From Ear To Ear

Dogs are some of the most loyal, beautiful creatures in this world. I’m pretty sure you agree with me and that’s why you’re reading this lovely story.

It’s always inspiring to see a dog be treated so poorly and they don’t even act any different. Unconditional love is what we all need and Blackie the doge is here to show us an example of that!

Image Via Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Blackie showed up to the front steps of the shelter like this, and excuse me while I go cut these onions even more. Her owners were so blinded by her condition, they didn’t care about the well-being of the dog.

Apparently Blackie had a bleeding tumor on her tail and instead of taking her to a vet they dropped their bundle of joy at Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.

“Blackie was surrendered because she was bleeding all over,” Kelly Smíšek, executive director of Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF), told The Dodo.

Image Via Frosted Faces Foundation

After being dropped off though, Blackie didn’t let being in pain stop her from being a fun-loving dog. She was put in the medical area of the shelter and they began her treatment right away.

After seeing a video on Facebook, FFF came to the rescue and picked Blackie up from Carson Animal Shelter.

Smíšek went on to say that, “She is eager to please, curious and quickly finds her human’s side in times of uncertainty. But you can tell that her love has not been reciprocated for a long time.”

Image Via Frosted Faces Foundation

After leaving Carson Animal Shelter, Blackie took a nice long nap in the back of the van they were transporting her in. “She slept for the entire car ride, and when she arrived at FFF, she wanted to sniff everyone and everything,” Smíšek recounted. She knew life was going to get way better.

They gave her a nice bath and she seems to have enjoyed that after looking at these images. She probably couldn’t even remember the last time she had a bath. That’s not due to a dog’s poor memory, just because it probably hadn’t happened in a good long time.

Image Via Frosted Faces Foundation

Blackie is expected to make a full recovery from her tumor on her tail, and in the meantime the volunteers at FFF are giving her all the tender loving care she needs, including giving her hearty meals that she loves.

Smíšek concluded, “We are privileged to be able to provide Blackie the care she desperately needed, offer the compassion that her family clearly did not qualify her for and we are honored to find her a family that she, FFF and all her virtual supporters will be proud of.”

Image Via Frosted Faces Foundation

Do you want to have your own tear-jerking adoption story? Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

Header Image Via Frosted Faces Foundation

Shark Recognizes Diver Whenever He Comes Down To See Her And Begs To Be Cuddled

BUT MOM IT’S SHARK WEEK! Sharks have a special place in our hearts. We dedicate a whole damn week to them and it was forever immortalized by Step Brothers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about close your computer or put down your phone and head find a stream of that NOW…and then come back.

Now you get it right? Okay now that we are all on the same page, let’s get down to business.


Image Via Rick Anderson

Most people can’t stand them but say hi to Rick Anderson who loves to sleep with the fishes swim with the sharks.

He mainly likes to dive off the coast of Nobbys Beach in New South Wales, Australia where he has a special friend. For some weird reason she doesn’t have a name, but she’s a 6-foot female Port Jackson shark.

Image Via Rick Anderson

You’re probably wondering why these pictures don’t look like a scene out of Jaws. Wikipedia has this to say about Port Jackson sharks.

“It also does not pose any danger to humans. In October 2011 a man was ‘bitten’ by a Port Jackson shark at Elwood Beach near Melbourne. The bite did not pierce the skin and the man was able to swim away while the shark was latched on to his calf.”

So this isn’t too strange for Anderson to have a best friend that’s a Port Jackson shark!

Image Via Rick Anderson

Anderson told The Dodo, “I started playing with her about seven years ago when she was just a pup about 6 inches long. I approached her carefully so as not to spook her, then began to gently pat her. Once she got used to me, I would cradle her in my hand and talk soothingly to her through my regulator.”

Image Via Giphy

Yeah I can hear the Netflix Original bells ringing, someone get this duo a sitcom.

Image Via Rick Anderson

After the first season he met her, he kept petting her and she kept coming back. So as each season came the two met and hung out under the sea. He went on:

“I did this each time in the first season she was here. Then over the following seasons, she’d recognize me and would swim up to me for a pat and cuddle. She soon got used to me – to the point where she will swim up to me when I’m going past, and tap me on the legs until I hold my arms out for her to lay on for a cuddle.”

Image Via Rick Anderson
Image Via Rick Anderson

He also said that other divers can never believe him when he tells them this story. He also never feeds them and basically treats them like a dog.

Image Via Rick Anderson

Anderson has been diving for 27 years and owns a dive school. So basically you wouldn’t want to go into the seas with anyone who isn’t named Rick Anderson. He also noted that he hopes these sweet interactions make people less afraid of sharks.

Image Via Rick Anderson

Header Image Via Rick Anderson

Man Stops Suddenly After Seeing Three Abandoned Puppies On The Side Of The Highway

It’s always good to keep your eyes on the road, unless there are puppies. Maybe next time I get pulled over I will use that line andddd it probably won’t work. Either way puppies are damn important and three of them got saved in this story!

After visiting his girlfriend, Andrei Matei was driving back home and saw something cross the road. Now it definitely wasn’t a chicken so keep looking for those answers, but it was way better than that! He slowed down and then saw a couple more anim scurry across the road and that’s when he knew he had to stop.

Matei told The Dodo, “I immediately braked and stopped the car, and started going backwards. I went out of the car and there were three puppies, jumping on my leg and very happy. They did not have any idea that they were one inch close to death.”

Image Via Andrei Matei

At first he wasn’t sure what to do. They were so cuddly and cute how could he not bring the furry trio into his car?! So that’s exactly what he did.

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei is in a long distance relationship so he had three more hours in the car with the little guys! Since they are tiny little fuzz balls they all eventually passed out now that they knew they were safe!

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei’s first step was posting (adorable) pictures on Facebook to see if anyone knew anyone that knew these puppers. One of his friends connected Matei with his neighbor who was a seasoned veteran in rescuing dogs. After speaking to them, they decided the next best step was to bring the three little amigos to a veterinarian.

Image Via Andrei Matei

After their vet check-up, they were determined to be around 4-5 weeks old. Their only problem was that they had fleas, so not too bad for being out in the wild on their own. Whoever abandoned these guys must have had no heart. The trio were super energetic and loved everyone they met!

Image Via Andrei Matei

Matei left the pups with the vet on the promise that they all would get the perfect forever homes. He said, “I left after with her promise that all the pups will be fine and that she will take care finding them new homes. I checked after one week on her Facebook page and all the pups were with their new families, safe and happy.”

Image Via Giphy

Are you still feeling all warm and fuzzy from this trio’s adoption story?! Well head on over to ASPCA’s (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) site and find out how to adopt your own four-legged friend!

This Guy Made A Business Out Of Cockroach Farming And Now He’s Rich

The Cockroach. It’s a loathed household pest but also a potential moneymaker. Taiwan based Robert Chen has turned cockroach breeding into a business scheme.

Robert Chen.jpg

Source: Ruptly

Insects are a common food source for many animals like hamsters, lizards and tree frogs. And since cockroaches are easy to breed, they are a popular choice among farmers and a sustainable high-protein food source. Also, many domestic pet owners are taking advantage of the ease of his service, realizing that cockroaches are both more nutritious for their pets and cheaper to buy. As Chen himself explains, cockroaches are high in protein and low in fat.

Source: National Geographic

Chen’s business is thriving. There’s such high-demand for Chen’s cockroaches that he’s expanding his business. Though Chen’s business is fast turning into an empire, it has a humble origin. He told Ruptly that, “Four years ago I had a pet tree frog. During that time, I raised different insects to feed it, including fruit flies, crickets and later cockroaches. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly, and it became my top preference.” Shortly after he discovered that cockroaches were the best for breeding, he got the idea to turn this solution into his primary source of income.

Once he gets an order, he packs them up in plastic and cardboard containers for delivery. Inside the containers are egg cartons, which the cockroaches enjoy running over. Despite the fact that Chen is Taiwanese himself, the cockroaches that he selected for breeding are not native to his home country. Rather, he chose them because they are the most well behaved. They never leave any of the containers that he places them in!

Source: Nola

There’s another long term market opening up for Chen: human consumption. At the moment very few humans want to eat cockroaches, for obvious reasons. However, in the coming years, as overpopulation goes out of control and famine increases, many communities may not have much choice. The UN’s food and agriculture division even recently released a report that recommended the consumption of insects. The report claimed that insects are a more sustainable way to tackle pollution and global hunger. Apparently, insect breeding produces significantly less waste than animal breeding and at a much greater yield. So Chen’s business is not only great for farm animals and pets, it could also save the world!

Source: YouTube

Chen is technically not the first person to farm cockroaches. In China, cockroaches have been farmed for years. However, most of those cockroaches go to different markets than Chen’s. In traditional Asian medicine, cockroach is an important ingredient. Additionally, a range of Chinese cosmetic companies are keen on buying dead cockroaches, as they are a cheap source of cellulose. These Chinese farms, while not interfering with Chen’s business, are still strong money spinners for their owners. 1 pound of cockroaches sells for around $20, with the price fast increasing as demand ramps up. This is reportedly a much higher price than farming traditional livestock, such as pigs. Additionally, the overheads are far lower than with traditional livestock farming. Perhaps cockroach farming will be a big industry in America one day.  

Header image source: Los Angeles Times

This Cat Holds The Guinness World Record For Longest Tail, But His Story Has A Tragic End

Cygnus is a Maine Coon whose tail is 17 inches long. He recently earned the title of domestic cat with the longest tail. But it’s not too surprising since Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds.

Coincidentally, Cygnus lived with another Guinness World Record holding cat, Arcturus, who is a 2-year-old Savannah cat that holds the title of world’s tallest domestic cat at 19 inches.

There was no competition between Cygnus and Arcturus. The cats were apparently best friends, who played with each other and snuggled. Both cats were owned by Will and Lauren Powers, who had made some accommodations for their big cats. They installed a medium-sized dog door for Arcturus and were extra careful when closing doors, in case they trapped Cygnus’ long tail.

However, there was a tragic development in the cats’ and the Powers’ story. On Sunday November 12, in the middle of the night, a fire started in the Powers’ home. Will and a friend were the only people in the home. When they realized the building was ablaze, Will’s friend and her pet corgi jumped out a window, but Will stayed, searching throughout his house, desperate to find his beloved cats. However, no matter how hard Will tried, he could not spot them. Eventually, Will started to succumb to the smoke in the building and had to evacuate before he suffocated. On his way out, his last act was to open several doors and windows, in the hope that they would be able to escape.

After firefighters tackled the blaze, and treated Will for smoke inhalation and fire induced injuries, there was very little left of the Powers’ former home. However, the one consolation was that no one could find any evidence of the cats in the rubble. What happened to all of them, no one knows. Since the fire, they have not been spotted by anyone. The Powers lived in a very rural area, though, so there’s a chance that they’re all nestled in the woods together.

As you can probably imagine, the Powers were devastated by both the house fire and the loss of their cats. The cats were incredibly precious to them. In fact, they even posted a $100,000 reward for the return of all four cats, and are willing to pay $25,000 per cat. Since this reward was posted, people have been looking for the cats every day, to no avail. The search continues.

Hopefully, the Powers will get their pets back. They have spent their entire lives selflessly helping animals. They run the Ferndale Cat Shelter, which provides medical care and foster and adoption services for cats. The money earned from their cats’ Guinness Records was used to provide care for stray and abandoned cats. After the fire, all Will and Lauren had left was the clothes they were wearing and a few items that Lauren had taken with her. Despite this devastating loss, all they care about is the animals that they cared for for years. Hopefully, all four missing cats are found soon.

If you live near the Detroit area, perhaps you can help. One of the cats, Arcturus, wears a Tile tracker collar. If you install the free Tile app onto your phone, it will alert you and the Powers as to where Arcturus is. If you do find them, you’d make the Powers incredibly happy and could earn up to $100,000. Alternatively, you can donate to their animal shelter to show your support.