Construction workers are most likely to use cocaine and opioids out of all work forces

In a new study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, construction workers are the most likely out of all work forces to use cocaine and misuse opioids for recreational purposes.

The study also found that construction workers are the second most likely to use marijuana.

Analyzed from data from 2005-2014 from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, researchers used a dataset that included 293,492 US adults, including 16,610 construction, mining, and extraction workers and compared these participants to workers in 13 other fields.

Participants then answered questions regarding drug policies at their workplace as well as their personal use of cocaine and marijuana within the past month.

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In addition, they answered questions about their own non medical use of prescription opioids.

It was revealed that construction workers reported the highest frequency of misusing opioids and cocaine use. They also reported the second highest frequency of marijuana use after those in the service industry.

The following findings were also found to be true according to the study:

The researchers saw that construction workers who had unstable jobs or missed work were more likely to use drugs.

Those who were unemployed in the week prior and those who work for three or more employers were more likely to use marijuana or misuse prescription opioids.

Those who missed 1-2 days in the last month due to not wanting to work were more likely to use marijuana, cocaine, and opioids.

Those who missed 3-5 days of work in the past month due to injury or illness were more than twice as likely to miscue prescription opioids.

Researchers reveal that the higher rates make sense as this line of work is labor-intensive and jam-packed with injuries and both opioids and marijuana can help to relieve pain.

Parents dare their son to wear hot dog costumes for school photo ID

A couple based in Maine, Craig and Kari Arsenault, dared their 9-year-old son to dress up as a hot dog for his school photo which after posted it to Facebook page, it went viral.

“My wife and I dared our son to wear a hotdog costume for school pictures,” Craig wrote in a Facebook post. “The school let him do it, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Image via Kari Arsenault

“The costume was my wife’s idea. Jake didn’t know what to wear so she jokingly suggested the hot-dog costume. It was laying around the house after Jake wore it 2 years ago for Halloween,” Craig revealed.

He later agreed to the idea after his parents gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse: $10 in cash.

“He was nervously giddy at the idea of doing it, and he’s a bit of a clown, so thought it would be funny. His classmates thought it was awesome. There were whispers all day in the hall about “some kid who wore a hot dog for pictures,” Craig shared.

Image via Kari Arsenault

The parents then wrote Jake a permission slip to make sure the boy’s teachers knew that the decision was okay. Needless to say, Craig and Kari were very happy with Jake’s new ID which featured a huge smile.

“He’s basically a celebrity at his school now and he loves it,” the dad shared Bored Panda.

The fourth-grader received a lot of attention and was visited by a Wienermobile – Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs-on-wheels – as the company wanted to give Jake an added bonus for the now-viral photo.

Image via Kari Arsenault

Barber creates prolific movement in his backyard, helping men work through their trauma

While Matt Brown is a barber in New Zealand — cutting hair is only part of what he does.

Setting up his own barbershop in his backyard not, it has become an entire movement which helps men to heal from past trauma.

Over a decade ago, Matt started to barber and while he was working in New Zealand — he realized how men come more than just a haircut.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“Men were coming in and not you know, wanting more than just the haircut, they wanted a conversation. And not many places, spaces, allow men to really open up quite like the barber chair,” Matt shared.

Matt knew exactly what he needed to do — and decided to set up his own business which grew into a massive movement called, “She Is Not Your Rehab.”

The business titled, My Father’s Barbers, created a safe space where men can open up with the issues they face despite fear of judgement.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“A lot of my friends were joining gangs, were addicted to sex and drugs, you name it, some committed suicide, some are going into prison. And I just wanted to create a space where men could come and talk,” the barber revealed.

The movement hopes to empower men to address their past traumas through honest conversations.

He shares how men talk about a multitude of topics, including sport, TV and how their weekends went — in addition to their struggles and fears and emotional traumas.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“I’ve had grown men cry; I’ve sat with some of the staunchest, most successful, ruthless men in my city in my chair crying together. This is not a very popular business plan, step one get a barbershop, step two cry with your clients!”

Matt has also faced some very intense struggles while growing up.

He revealed to the media how he grew up in a very abusive household.

“When I look back at that, I think it’s so sad no-one in our world stepped in or said anything for Mum, because Mum would go to church like that; pregnant, bruised face, but no-one said or did anything.”

Thankfully, the he was able to move out of his home when he was just 15 and says he was able to get the help he needed. In addition, he shared how his wife was his main inspiration for changing.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“The real change came when I met my wife, who was my best friend, and when you have a strong woman that can, you know, challenge the status quo and still love you and see behind the masks that I would wear and love me still, that brought a lot of change,” he shared.

Matt hopes that his movement can help create violence-free communities that have men taking responsibility when it comes to healing their trauma instead of projecting them onto their relationships.

“If men take responsibility for their own healing, that will heal the whole family and if women take responsibility for their own healing and do not rescue men, that will heal the whole family because our kids are watching.”

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

Haunted house in hot water for allowing actors to intentionally hurt participants


Coined the “the world’s scariest haunted house,” the attraction has been accused of being a torture chamber after the waiver reveals it allows actors to cause harm to participants.

For those who took want to take part in the McKamey Manor haunt in Summertown, Tennesse, they must undergo a sports fitness test and sign a 40-page waiver, as well as having a doctor’s note, a safe word, proof of medical insurance and a background check — which begs the question: what kind of terrifying place is this?

Image via Caters

Someone has published the haunted house’s waiver, which shows participants agreeing that “a nail may piece their hand’, ‘their hand may be smashed with tools’, and that they may ‘have a plastic bag on their face which could possibly cause suffocation, blackouts etc, and participants will not hold MM responsible or libel.”

If you are able to complete the experience, you get a prize of an impressive but no money has yet to be awarded.

The waiver however says, “there is no quitting unless serious physical or psychological injury is present,” which would suggest that as no one has completed the experience, the must have suffered some type of injury.

Image via Caters

Bethany McPhereson shared the following on Facebook:

“If you’re thinking about going to the McKamey Manor, aka ‘the world’s scariest haunted house,’ that’s been shared around here, just read these. This isn’t a haunted house, it’s a torture chamber where they’re somehow legally allowed to torture people. Almost 100% of people who go end up with PTSD and need intense therapy. They’re allowed to do whatever they want to you.”

Image via Caters

The post included a comment from someone who claimed the haunted house “literally hires past violent criminals with both assault and sexual crimes,” as well as breaking bones, ripping people’s hair out, not obeying safe words and starting the torture prior the waiver has even been completed.

The tour is titled “Desolation,” can take over 10 hours to complete, which participants can brave by themselves or they can take part in a two-person “personalized interactive experience.”

Adorably obese cat “Cinder-Block” does the bare minimum on her treadmill

Cinder-block the cat went viral recently after she was filmed putting in the bare minimum when it came to her exercise regime in an attempt lose the weight.

A man’s voice can be heard in the video asking the cat “are you working out?” while Cinder-block looks on with only one paw on the treadmill.

And while the cat is grumpy, veterinarian Brita Kiffney revealed she is “extremely affectionate” and purrs when you talk to her while the medical director of Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, Kiffney, adding: “she’s very sweet.”

The video went viral earlier this month when the practice shared it on social media with thousands adoring the overweight cat, who found her way at the vet’s due to her health and hygiene issues which was caused by her obesity.

But Kiffney said she did not want to shame the owner in any way, adding how the person was under a lot of stress caring for an ill family member and the situation became “unmanageable.”

After vegetarian eats just one burger, she decides to become a butcher

A former strict vegetarian completely changed her life when she was pregnant with her third child and tried a burger for the first time in decades.

Currently she owns her pasteurized pig farm.

Tammi Jonas, 49, was first a vegetarian in the seventies after reading a book that detailed the ill treatment of animals on farms.

A mother of three from Australia tasted meat for the very first time in 10 years when she would become “dangerously anemic” and then from then on her lifestyle changed in a massive way.

Image via Facebook

She shared with 10 Daily:

“I was at work one day and just thought: ‘a burger would fix this’.”

The 49-year-old continued on, saying:

“I went back to red meat, so beef and lamb, once a week throughout the pregnancy, and it was some years longer before I had any pork or poultry. I never thought it was immoral to take an animal’s life for food – I’ve always been comfortable with my place in the food chain, but I thought it was immoral to treat [animals] cruelly, to not allow them to go outside and breathe fresh air and to be confined in crowds in sheds.”

But Tammi began taking her meat eating to the next level when she and her husband Stuart did some research

But once she and her husband realized they could make a living from farming on a small scale with the focus on treating animals properly and ethically.

Tammy explains her business, writing on her website the following:

Image via Facebook

“My journey from mindless industrial eater to vegetarian to ethical omnivore led me all the way to become a pig farmer to contribute to the growing movement to get pigs and poultry back out of sheds and onto paddocks. We now grow, butcher and cure all of our meat, and serve 80 households from our thriving community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm.”

Tammy reveals her farm uses ethical and holistic practices, explaining there are no harmful chemicals and the animals are free to live as if they would if they were not on a farm.

Tammi shared Daily Mail Australia:

“Some people will draw an ethical line that killing is bad. But I don’t believe that – I don’t think killing an animal for consumption is unethical if it had a good life.”

Both Tammi and her husband have been running their business, Jonai Farms and Meatsmiths, for eight years.

​Model who flashed chest at World Series reveals stunt cost her 80K

The model who flashed at the World Series, Julia Rose, has said she is not quite finished with x-rated stunts despite the high costs.

Founder of online magazine Shagmag, Rose had lifted her top alongside Kayla Lauren and Lauren Summer at the World Series match between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., USA.

In addition, TV cameras broadcasted the stunt to the entire world — capturing the moment Rose and Summer flashed at the bottom of the seventh inning as pitcher Gerrit Cole stepped up to throw.

According to an interview with Complex, she shared how the stunt cost her and her friends $80,0000 and a lifetime ban.

“We had it planned almost a year ago. I knew I wanted to do something at the World Series. But we just didn’t know, obviously, who was playing, what game, where it would be, the location or anything. Once we found out who the teams were, we then bought the tickets, I believe, not even a week ago. Our overall total tickets for the four that we had, we had six tickets total, for all of them, we paid around $80,000,” she shared.

In addition, the stunt cost her a lifetime ban from Major Leauge Baseball.

Image via Instagram

Rose shared the letter on social media from vice president David Thomas, which read:

“On October 27, 2019, you attended World Series Game 5 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the 7th inning, in order to promote a business. You were also part of a scheme in which you induced others to expose themselves to promote the business. You are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely.”

But despite the strongly worded letter, Rose admits she would do it all again in heartbeat.

She revealed to the New York Post:

“We definitely have some more stuff up our sleeves.”

In addition, she said her group’s future exploits would “100 percent” take place at sporting events.

Good luck ladies, and godspeed.

Revolutionary study reveals all of human race descended from Botswanan woman 200,000 years ago

Researchers believe they have discovered the place where humanity started and it seems that we all have originated from the same place — Botswana.

In the new study, the revelations include looking at genetic information of over 1,2000 people across African populations — which led them to find that the genes preserved in people’s DNA first emerged in the area.

Image via flickr

The data was based on ‘mitochondrial DNA’ (mtDNA) which is passed down through females.

While scientists already at large agree that modern humans (homo sapiens) came from Africa about 200,000 years but until now, it has been unclear which continent we first came from.

The new information clashes with the limited evidence based on fossils which suggested our ancestors first emerged in East Africa.

Vannessa Hayes, anthropologist and senior author of the newspaper, said in a press conference that the findings suggested “everyone walking around today” could trace their mitochondrial DNA back to the area.

Thanks to new research, it has been revealed that for 70,000 years, the first humans thrived in the area now known as Botswana, which was originally a wetland south of Zambezi River.

Image via PA

But due to climate change, what was once the largest lake on the continent is now known as the Kalahri Desert.

This means that the people who lived there were forced to migrate to other places between 130,000 and 110,000 years ago.

It is believed that this move began the development of genetic, ethnic and cultural diversity.

But researchers a few years back claimed to have discovered a footprint in Crete, Greece, that may fundamentally alter the narrative when it comes to early human evolution. It is very possible our ancestors were in modern Europe far earlier than we initially believed.

Ever since researchers discovered fossils of our early ancestors in South and East Africa in the middle of the 20th century, the history of humanity as been concrete.

Image via Max Pixel

That was until the footprint discovered in Crete (which dates back 5.7 million years) — which confirms that humans have been exploring central Europe for even longer than we first thought.

“This discovery challenges the established narrative of early human evolution head-on and is likely to generate a lot of debate,” said Professor Per Ahlberg, an author on the study at the time.

“Whether the human origins research community will accept fossil footprints as conclusive evidence of the presence of hominins [part of the family of primates that includes humans] in the Miocene of Crete remains to be seen.”

Man contracts brain-eating amoeba while jet skiing, leaving him temporarily paralyzed from neck down

After five months of battling a brain-eating amoeba, a Maryland man finally has his heath back after it left him in a coma as well as temporarily paralyzed him from the neck down.

Ryan Perry was jet skiing with his family on the Susquehanna in early May when he quickly began having severe headaches and nausea.

Perry was hospitalized on May 11, when he began to hallucinate while having “severe tremors, weakness of lower extremities, and his eyes drifted up to the ceiling the majority of his day.”

He was then transferred to the University of Medical Center, where his condition worsened and was then placed in a medically induced coma.

“I tested negative for everything they could test me for,” Perry shared with “Finally, what they determined is water went up my nose when I was jet-skiing. It attacked my brain, traveled to my spinal cord and paralyzed me from the neck down.”

Perry then spent months in the hospital prior to being transferred to an in-patient rehabilitation facility where he worked on gaining back his strength and has even regained the ability to stand.

Image via GoFundMe

Perry even began to drive again and was able to return to work according to his sister, but continues with out-patient therapy.

“Initially it was, ‘We’re not sure if I’m ever going to be able to walk again,’ he shared. “I had a neurology appointment at the University of Maryland and my neurologist told me she can’t believe the progress I’ve made and she thinks I will make if not a full recovery pretty close to it.”

We are not crying, YOU’RE crying!

After testifying he was cash-poor, Elon Musk drops $1 million on planting trees

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson – who is currently campaigning to raise $20 million from fellow YouTube celebrities for a climate change fundraising effort – just received $1 million worth of trees from Elon Musk.

But interestingly enough, Musk has recently admitted in a sworn testimony that he is financially, cash-poor.

Musk revealed to the YouTuber how he would make a donation on Twitter after some pushing from Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee, who had interviewed Musk in the past.

At first, Musk inquired on Twitter about the type of trees being planted as part of MrBeast’s fundraising efforts — to which MrBeast responded that the trees are being planted on every continent except for Antarctica, with the type of tree depending on where it is planted.

But even without Musk’s donation, the fundraising program has raised over $6 million as the project is a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

When Brownlee first shared that information with Musk, he replied with “sounds legit,” and proceeded to pledge 1 million trees.

And while Musk’s name is now attached to a massive positive, he is currently still battling a Twitter-related defamation suit as last year, Musk used his Twitter audience of almost 30 million to call a British cave diver named Vernon Unsworth “pedo guy.”

This happened after Unsworth criticized Musk’s attempts to aid the rescue of a boys soccer team in Thailand that had become trapped in a cave.

Later, Musk revealed to BuzzFeed News that Unsworth was a “child rapist,” adding, “I f*****g hope he sues me.”

Image via Facebook

Unsworth then filed a defamation suit against Musk, and the trial is now set to begin in Los Angeles on December 3rd. In a recent court filing, Musk informed lawyers that despite his overwhelming stock holdings in Tesla and SpaceX, he was financially illiquid. Which, in lamens terms, means his insurer, American International Group Inc., may get involved in any potential court settlement or financial payout as a result of the case.

And that being said, it is surprising to many that Musk has the cash on hand to help plant those trees for charity despite him claiming he was scraping by.

That being said, Musk has already completed his pledged and paid out the $1 million towards the efforts.

As for what is left in his pocket is anyone’s guess now.

Bill Murray reveals how he really wants to work at P.F. Chang’s

Billy Murray recently guest starred on Amy Schumer’s podcast, “3 Girls 1 Kieth,” this past week where he chatted about the types of jobs he would want to pursue outside of acting.

It was then Murray revealed his desire to work for a popular restaurant chain, a wish that has come true in the past.

“I did fill out an application at P.F. Chang’s at the Atlanta airport because I think that’s one of the great places,” Murray told Schumer. 

“To do what? Just any job?” Schumer asked. Murray answered, saying his alleged application was “just to work there.”

Murray explained his adoration for the Asian-themed chain which has over 300 locations worldwide.

“It looks like they are having the best time working at P.F. Chang’s,” Murray said.

It is not clear why he chose the restaurant’s Atlanta airport spot but according to Yelp, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport spot has a 3.5-star rating.

P.F. Chang quickly responded to the news, inviting the actor to join their team.

“Bill, you’re hired! When can you start?” P.F. Chang’s tweeted. 

Well folks, it looks like I will be headed to Georgia! See you there…

Forensic pathologist believes Jeffery Epstein’s autopsy was not a suicide, but a homicide

Hired by the brother of Jeffrey Epstein, a forensic pathologist claimed the deceased revealed evidence of strangulation and homicide, not suicide, was the likely cause of death.

A former New York City medical examiner and current Fox News contributor, Dr. Michael Baden, made the shocking statement on “Fox and Friends” late last week.

Epstein’s brother had hired Baden to observe the autopsy conducted by New York City medical examiner Barbara Sampson, who concluded that Epstein died by suicide.

Image via Wikipedia

“I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide,” Baden shared, also adding how he had “not seen in 50 years” a suicide case that included injuries like Epstein’s.

Fractures in Epstein’s neck were “extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” Baden said.

In addition the hemorrhages found around Epstein’s eyes also were more common in homicidal strangulation than suicide.

But Baden revealed he could not disprove the official cause of death.

On August 10, Epstein, 66, was found unresponsive in his federal prison cell and was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

He had been awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges from accusations made by dozens of women.

Epstein’s neck injuries were wildly criticized, while forensic experts say that such breaks can occur in people who hang themselves, especially if they are older.

Image via YouTube

Baden also revealed that Epstein’s brother wants authorities to release DNA evidence collected from under Epstein’s fingernails as well as from the ligatures used.

The sudden death inspired many investigations which discovered that the prison’s officials’ procedural failures were the main culprits.

For example, cameras near Epstein’s cell were not functioning properly at the time of his death while officers neglected to check on him as they were required to.

After he served a short sentence for soliciting sex from a minor a decade ago, Epstein was arrested this past July for a similar offense that allegedly took place at his properties in New York, New Mexico, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Couple announces they will adopt any and all babies from mothers who contemplate abortion

At the start of the year, a Virginia couple put out a Facebook post that was searching for mothers who were seeking abortion to instead, allow them to adopt their future babies.

Their venture would become overwhelmingly successful.

The viral Facebook post read:

“This offer remains open indefinitely! Don’t abort your baby! We will adopt! Please contact us if you’d be open to adoption as an option! We will adopt from any state. Please do not hesitate to contact us!”

Image via Stephanie Parker

The post was shared on January 28th, 2019, and quickly received over thousands of likes and shares.

Sarah Marie then posted an update to her Facebook page, saying:

“Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in helping these women. At this time, we are no longer receiving messages and the women who contacted us have been referred to Pregnancy Resource Centers or adoption agencies. Thank you! Dozens of expectant mothers contacted us, many of whom were contemplating or planning abortions. Many of those mothers are now considering parenting their babies and others are actively pursuing adoption. We have had the great honor of accepting one mother’s request that we adopt her baby. It has been a whirlwind of a week and we are still processing all of it. We are so grateful for all of these babies’ lives and their mothers, and we feel so privileged and honored to be parents again in approximately 7 months!”

Image via Stephanie Parker

But this child will not be the first to enter their family through adoption.

The Thomas family is currently raising a 1-year-old biological son together along with 3-year-old Kayden who was adopted through foster care.

The couple has described him as a “blessing and such a joy.”

Priest welcomes stray dogs into Sunday mass so families will adopt them

One priest in Brazil is not only helping reduce the number of stray dogs wandering into the streets but also giving them forever homes.

Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes invites stray pups into his church and has made them part of his service in hopes their future families are sitting in the pews.

Gomes is the head of the parish of Santana in the city of Gravatá, who frequently attempts to help the pups find new owners by incoporating them into the service.

Image via Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes

While some dogs fall asleep at the altar, others enjoy tummy rubs during the service — talk about a sanctuary!

Father João shared how the idea came to him when someone had gave him some cookies. And when he left them out, they were quickly eaten by his congregation, which gave him an idea when he came across a dog kennel with 96 dogs.

He shared with Metro the following:

“Then I began to bring the dogs to mass, with the same hopes of giving them away. In six months, I finished this process. All dogs were adopted. Now I work with street dogs. They sometimes come into the church looking for food and water. During service, we speak about dogs of the street, about how to respect and protect them. The church also helps with a castration project (to limit the number of stray dogs). We also help dogs in emergencies such as victims of violence or health problems.”

Image via Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes

And due to his selfless acts, the amount of stray dogs who living in the city has massively decreased.

Not a bad reason to go to church!

Woman are more likely to be attracted to a psychopath, new study says

Researchers from Brock University along with Carleton University in Canada recently investigated the connection between desire and psychopathy in romantic connections.

Kristopher Brazil, PhD student, recruited 46 males between the ages of 17 and 25. A female assistant then interviewed them on video — asking what they enjoyed to do on a first date as well as what they believed to be important in a relationship.

Image via peakpx

The exact same men were then graded by the researchers on their psychopathic personality traits as well as gauged on their social intelligence and views on sex — like how they would engage in a sexual affair outside a committed relationship.

The 108 women (who were either in their first or second year at school) were then shown the two-minute clips of the selected males where they rated their attractiveness, sexiness as well as how confident they were.

Published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, the study found the men who turned in the highest results on the psychopathic scale were more attractive to women. And according to Brazil, psychopaths have a personality style that aids them when it comes to dating.

Image via Max Pixel

Brazil shared:

“Psychopathic men have a personality style that makes them appear attractive to women in dating encounters. This may be because they are extra confident or feel at ease or know exactly what to say to get the attention of women. Psychopathic individuals may use their charm and exciting personality to elicit trust and desire, but their ultimate goal seems to be selfish pleasure. The old cliché of getting to know someone well may be one maxim to live by to protect oneself from getting into a relationship with a psychopathic individual. According to the American Psychological Association, psychopathy is characterized by ‘exploitation of others, deceitfulness, impulsivity, aggressiveness… [and] accompanied by lack of guilt, remorse and empathy’.”

And while you may be thinking that faking psychopathy is one avenue to getting your next girl but before you jump in, you may want to know the following. Brazil added:

“By virtue of being psychopathic, one never really fits in long-term in a social group. Connections to others are tenuous and rarely will someone have your back when it really matters. These costs should make it clear that the potential benefits of ‘investing’ in psychopathic traits as a young man will come with some negative consequences as well.”

Woman who identifies as a cat believes her animal role play makes her a better partner

A woman who was identified as a cat since she was a teen says her lifestyle has not only brought her closer to her partner but also helped her become her “true self.”

Kat first realized she was a “cat” in high school and has been into kitten role play ever since. Currently, Kat is a model who works at Cat Girl Manor a residence in Colorado Springs that hosts animal role play through BDSM events.

Kat met her partner, Robrecht Berg, 52, at a Comic Con event eight months ago. According to each of them, they are in a loving relationship despite being harshly criticized over their age-gap, role playing relationship.

Image via Instagram

Kat revealed to The Daily Mail:

“I have always been different. I just always had a fascination with cats and I felt myself, I’m a cat. I go through life being a cat – it’s just who I am.”

She continued, saying:

“I’ve always worn cat ears. It started when I was in high school, I don’t remember exactly what age I was but it [came from] an anime.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. I want to be that in real life,’ so I just started applying that to my real life. I don’t think I started the ears, tail, the collar and all that stuff until later on. I was bullied a lot for wearing the ears and just being a nerd. So I kind of kept it a little bit hidden.”

Kat then decided to embrace her kitten alter-ego publicly when she discovered the Cat Manor. She felt the courage to do so after learning there were others out there who identified as felines.

She said:

“I just saw other girls doing it, so I felt more comfortable doing it myself.”

Image via Instagram

An aerospace engineer who also works as an artist and organizes annual cosplay events, Rob, revealed that he was no surprised about Kat’s role play.

He revealed to the newspaper:

“She might have been wearing ears at the time but I didn’t notice that.”

“It wasn’t until talking to her on Messenger later that I found out that she was more into the kitten side of things and did that regularly since she was a teenager.”

Rob continued:

“Everyone has something different that they do. I see it as another outlet for a person to enjoy, relax, be themselves and be creative.”

Kat submerges herself into the submissive role in the relationship while Rob is the “master.”

Image via Instagram

And while they both adore how things worked out — Kat shared that not everyone respects their play.

She shared:

“My family and certain people are not accepting and they don’t want to know anything about it. It’s hard but I’m going to be who I am no matter if people are going to be accepting of this lifestyle or not. I’m just going to be who I am.”

She continued on, saying:

“I’ve always felt like I was a cat. When I’m in my kitten mode I’m happy. It’s my space. Growing up I had to pretend to be normal and not be the cat person, but now I get to be myself. I get to express myself – I get to climb, if I want to climb, I can if I want to drink out of a bowl, I can if I want to wear a collar, if I want to wear my ears, I can do it. I don’t have anybody stopping me saying, ‘Okay, well, you need to be normal.’ Now I can just be myself.”

Woman creates the most epic group costume for herself along with her 7 dogs

Sasha Hobson adores dressing up with her family for Halloween but creating a group costume for her and her seven dogs was a bit of a challenge.

Image via Sasha Hobson

“Every year we dress up the dogs for Halloween and do a photo shoot,” Hobson shared with The Dodo. “The dogs are now so used to it that when we say the words ‘photo shoot’ the dogs all jump to attention because they know they are about to get some treats!”

Hobson’s dogs ages range from 6 to 12 years old and are made up from everything to a small Chihuahua mix to a huge black Labrador.

“This Halloween is the first year with all seven of them, so we wanted to find a way to incorporate them all,” she said. “We originally were going to make them characters from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ … but then I suggested ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ It was too perfect to pass up!”

Image via Sasha Hobson

While Hobson discovered different items of clothing that looked just like Snow White’s dress, creating her dog’s handmade costumes along with her mother-in-law was another feat.

“The hard part was just sewing everything and making sure it fit everyone,” Hobson said. “The dogs at this point are used to costume fittings so if treats are visible … they have no problem sitting still and letting us size everything just right.”

What was easy was Hobson matching each dog to their character like Goddess Isis, whom Hobson describes as “a bull in a china shop,” was Dopey. Haileigh Bug, who Hobson says is the “laziest dog I have ever had,” was Sleepy, and Zoey, whose “favorite things to do are bark and wrestle with the other dogs,” was Grumpy.

Image via Sasha Hobson

Hobson can’t wait for the best Halloween with all of her seven pups.

“People think we are crazy for having seven dogs and who knows? Maybe they are right,” Hobson said. “But we love our time with them and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“These dogs have it made and are without a doubt the spoiled kids on the block,” she continued.

They are scary cute that’s for sure!

Multiple monkeys and dogs suffer violent abuse in German lab revealed in undercover footage


At a German laboratory, undercover footage was filmed by animal rights activists revealing monkeys and dogs suffering abuse.

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The horrifing clips have been released by German animal rights organization Soko Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International, who allege to have uncovered monkeys being strapped into metal harnesses and kept in tiny containers at the lab in Mienenbüttel in Neu Wulmstorf, Lower Saxony.

Both cats and dogs were left bleeding and dying after toxicity testing.

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The footage was obtained thanks to a joint operation which saw an undercover worker secure a job at the lab after the LPT Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology put out an advert for new employees in Autumn 2018.

Friedrich Mülln from Soko Tierschutz said:

“In 2013, we also tried to get a job there, but were not successful. From December 2018 to March 2019, the undercover investigator worked in the lab.”

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Reportedly, the undercover worker saw toxicology testing on animals – including beagles, monkeys, cats and rabbits – supposedly carried out for companies in Germany as well as worldwide.

The animals were allegedly kept in awful conditions.

Beagles allegedly had pipes forced down their throats and were given capsules prior to being left to bleed and suffer following the experiments.

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Mülln said:

“The animals were even still waggling their tails when they were being taken to be killed, the dogs were desperate for human contact.”

In addition, photos reveal monkeys strapped to seats in rows along the wall white others had their heads in restraints.

Mülln continued:

“The worst treatment was kept for the monkeys. The macaques breed of monkeys are small, relatively light primates, which are often used for animal experiments at LPT. They are kept in cramped conditions in small cages. Many of the animals have developed compulsive tendencies and are seen going round in circles.”

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Meanwhile, the cats are reportedly given up to 13 injections per day by untrained professionals and left to die.

The undercover activist in addition shared how the animals are treated with violence by the workers, all of which who are not trained animal carers.

LPT is a family-owned contract-testing laboratory carrying out toxicity testing for pharmaceutical, the industrial and agro-chemical companies from all over the world, according to Cruelty Free International.

Cruelty Free International said:

“Toxicity testing involves poisoning animals to see how much of a chemical or drug it takes to cause serious harm, in an attempt to measure what a ‘safe’ dose for humans might be.”

“Animals are injected with or made to eat or inhale increasing amounts of a substance to measure the toxic effects which can be severe and include vomiting, internal bleeding, respiratory distress, fever, weight loss, lethargy, skin problems, organ failure and even death. No [anesthetics] or pain relief are provided.”

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Chief Executive of Cruelty Free International, Michelle Thew, stated:

“Our investigation has uncovered appalling animal suffering, inadequate care, poor practices and breaches of European and German law.”

She continued on, sharing:

“We are calling for the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) to be closed. We are also calling for a comprehensive review into the use of animals in regulatory toxicity testing in Europe, including the UK. Every investigation, without fail, shows a similar tale of misery and disregard of the law.”

The police are currently investigating the police thanks to the animal activists. In addition, they are vetting for laws in Germany to strengthen animal protection.

Fiji Water donates $750 million in climate change research to California Institute of Technology

Stewart and Lynda Resnick have pledged to donate $750 million to the California Institute of Technology to aid climate change.

The billionaire couple who co-own The Wonderful Company, which is the largest producer of almonds and pistachios whose brands include Fiji Water, said the pledge donation is to support environmental sustainability research.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

According to the university, the donation is the largest fit ever recorded in Caltech’s history as well as the second largest gift given to a US academic institution.

Chairman and president of The Wonderful Company, Stewart Resnick, is also a senior member of the Caltech board of trustees. He states the investment is vital if climate change is ever to be conquered.

He shared in a statement:

“In order to comprehensively manage the climate crisis, we need breakthrough innovations, the kind that will only be possible through significant investment in university research. Science and bold creativity must unite to address the most pressing challenges facing energy, water, and sustainability.”

Caltech as a result of the pledge plans to build a 75,000 square foot building called the Resnick Sustainability Research Center which will serve as a center for the research. In addition it will provide state-of-the-art undergraduate teaching laboratories.

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The areas of research will focus on measuring, modelling and mitigating climate change; managing water resources; global ecology; building smarter electricity infrastructure; and conversion of the sun’s energy into fuels, per the university.

Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum said, according to Forbes:

“Sustainability is the challenge of our times. Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s generosity and vision will permit Caltech to tackle issues of water, energy, food, and waste in a world confronting rapid climate change. The Resnick Sustainability Institute will now be able to mount efforts at scale, letting researchers across campus follow their imaginations and translate fundamental discovery into technologies that dramatically advance solutions to society’s most pressing problems.”

Unvaccinated children in New York officially banned from school, parents livid

During one of the worst measles outbreak in decades this summer, New York passed a law that ended religious exemptions to vaccinations for children in public schools.

Parent were then given a two week grace period after the beginning of school to offer up vaccination records or their children would be not be allowed to attend school.

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Many parents are furious that the law continues to be upheld but it should be note students are able to return to school if their parents vaccinate them.

According to state officials, 26, 217 unvaccinated New York children in public schools, private schools, parochial schools, daycare centers, as well as prekindergarten programs were able to obtain religious exemptions during the 2017-18 school year.

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The measles outbreak that first prompted the new law is finally waning down.

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared an end to the measles outbreak earlier this month in New York City. Since October 2018, there have been 654 mealses cases in the city as well as 414 in other parts of the state where transmission has also, slowed.

Children are most at risk from measles, according to the CDC, as one out of every 20 children infected with measles will contract pneumonia.