Brave sheep herding dog saves hundreds creatures as flames encroaches on farm

This four-legged hero is being praised for saving hundred of animals from the continual and unforgiving Australian wildfires.

Stephen Hill arrived at the farm where he works in Corryong, Victoria, at four in the morning when he quickly realized the blazes were approaching the town. He then grabbed his herd dog Patsy and rushed to the barn where hundreds of sheep were gathered.

The 6-year-old shepherd mix quickly got to work helping wrangle the farm’s livestock away from the flames and into another barn for safety.

All but just six of the 220 sheep survived thanks to Patsy’s help and guidance — especially as it was in the dark.

“If you haven’t got a good dog, you can’t do so much with the sheep,” Hill shared with NBC News. “They’re really difficult to move in any way, shape or form unless you have a good dog.”

“It’s unbelievable and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why we put Patsy’s story out there,” Cath added. “People need something positive.”

This 2014 non-profit ad is going viral again and it is gut wrenching

A nonprofit’s 2014 ad is going viral yet again amid U.S.-Iran tensions and Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Twitter user “StanceGrounded” shared the 2 minute video from an organization that gives aid to children living in conflict, Save the Children.

“This is what war looks like,” he wrote. “Little brown girls lives serve little value in this world but imagine it happening to a little white girl … if that’s what it takes for you to empathize.”

Man robs pharmacy after handing clerk note apologizing as he has a sick child

One man from Philadelphia allegedly robbed a local pharmacy for a heartbreaking and urgent reason.

Posted by the Philadelphia Police, a man can be seen entering a Rite Aid and acting as if he is going to purchase an item. When he approaches the register, he puts down an item along with a note.

“Give me all the money. I’m sorry, I have a sick child. You have 15 seconds,” police reported the note read. 

The clerk then calmly put an “undetermined amount of money” in his shopping bag and the man ran out.

Philadelphia Police ask that if you recognize the above black man between 30 and 40 years old, under 6 feet tall, with facial hair, to please contact the authorities.

Jim Carrey will face trial in ex-girlfriend’s suicidal death

The 30-year-old make up artist, Cathriona White’s mother along with ex-husband are suing Jim Carrey as the pair believe the Hollywood actor was complicit in her suicide.

White was found dead on September 28, 2015, just four days after she overdosed on prescription pills in her home in the LA suburb of Sherman Oaks just days after she and Carrey broke up.

Image via Instagram

Carrey will face trial over the death of his girlfriend, Cathriona White, after he allegedly supplied the prescription drugs with which she used to commit suicide.

Man falls into a coma and dies four years after his colleague poisons his sandwich

A young 23-year-old began to feel very ill in the summer of 2016 after wrapping up a shift at a German metal-fitting company and took himself to the hospital when he could not stop vomiting and barely could stand up.

Then, at age 26, he fell into a coma and suffered severe brain damage but the cause was identified much later as mercury poisoning.

Doctors then realized that the man had been ingesting lead acetate and mercury for years but no one was sure how he could come in contact with the toxin. That is, until two other co-workers fell ill in the exact same way.

Image via PA

The case came together in 2018 after one colleague at the company, ARI Armaturen, noticed a white powder on the bread during his lunch break.

Later, video surveillance were installed at the workplace which captured the suspect, Klaus O, 57, placing the substance on his colleagues’ sandwiches.

Klaus had been working at the factory for 38 years and was convicted of attempted murder as well as bodily injury in march in three cases after two other colleagues suffered kidney damage.

He has been sentenced to life in prison.

Woman’s simple work out challenge will stump most gym goers

Gymnast Jax Kranitz recently garnered over 400k views on Instagram thanks to a new challenge that seems to be impossible for most people.

While she makes it look easy (like a true professional) Jax encourages everyone to tag a friend who you believe could do this.

Spoiler alert: unless they are a gymnast, they probably can’t.

Image via Instagram

The challenge requires you to stand up lying face down on the floor without using your hands or rolling onto your side.

If you are feeling up to the challenge, you can attempt it here.

Godspeed my friend.

You won’t believe Rebel Wilson’s extreme weight loss

Comedian-singer Rebel Wilson has recently shared her amazing body transformation after coining 2020 as the “year of health.”

Rebel began to work with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson last year.

Image via Instagram

“When I first moved to the States, I had to sell everything that I owned: my car, my computer, my apartment, everything. And I came with one suitcase, a doona [duvet] and a pillow. And I actually lived on… well I paid for a furnished apartment so I had somewhere to stay, but I lived on $60 a week, which is not much. I’d go to this supermarket called Trader Joe’s and get corn chips and stuff and I was surviving on corn chips and guacamole.”

In the famous words of Chris Brown, LOOK AT ME NOW!

Seth Rogen says he has been tagged dozens of time in this uncanny dog photo

When people usually compare you to a dog it is a bad thing but not for Seth Rogan.

In fact, he was over the moon about it.

The doppelganger dog we are referring to? Nori Porkchop who has his own fan following due to his strikingly human face.

But the real question is — is this dog high right now?

Billionaire wants to take you to the moon with him but only if you’re single, want world peace and like space

The Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, named by Elon Musk as the first passenger that Space X will send to the moon is coincidentally looking for a life partner he can give the moon too — I mean, travel to the moon with.

The 44-year-old entrepreneur will be the first civilian passenger to take a journey around the Earth’s only natural satellite in 2023 on SpaceX’s Starship rocket.

In addition to being the first ever commercial trip, Maezawa’s journey will also be the first lunar journey any human has made since 1972.

And what better way to celebrate this journey than with a dating contest!

(Actual content from contest website)

On his site, the billionaire explains his current plight along with his (hopeful) plans for the future.

“As feelings of loneliness and emptiness slowly begin to surge upon me, there’s one thing that I think about: Continuing to love one woman. I want to find a ‘life partner’. With that future partner of mine, I want to shout our love and world peace from outer space.”

Regardless if you are his future space-loving-Stepford-wife or not, that date would be out of this world!

Wife discovers husband hides out to avoid changing diapers, turns of WiFi

One wife quickly found out that her husband was watching videos on his phone while in the bathroom to dodge changing their baby’s diapers and so she decided to get revenge.

What was her trick?

She turned off the Wi-fi.

Image via Max Pixel

The wife, who goes by username FinalWintersEve, shared her story on Reddit and asked her fellow users if they believed she was being an “a**hole* for intervening on his uhm..private time.

The couple were on maternity as well as paternity leave after the birth of their twins and she began to notice him spending A LOT of time in the bathroom.

Sounds like someone needs couples therapy or they’ll be heaping up a HUGE data bill.

Move over Gwyneth Paltrow: the Rock also wants to sell candles that smell like his genitals

You may have recently heard about the candles Gwyneth Paltrow is selling that smell like her vagina.

If you haven’t heard already, Gwyneth Paltrow is selling candles that smell like her vagina and they ALREADY SOLD OUT for $75 a pop.

But that’s not all.

Comedian Adam Ray recently suggested on Instagram that The Yankee Candle Company partake and create a scent that smells like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s balls.

And because the internet is awesome, he actually commented on the post:

It’s 2020: what did you expect?

If you snore, experts say you could have a fat tongue but this will fix it

Cat got your fat tongue?

Experts recently found a link between patients with a mild to severe obstructive sleep apnoea (which leads to snoring) along with a body mass index or BMI over 3o.

Image via pexels

Interestingly enough, those who lost weight found that their sleeping improved by a third. But what does that have to do with your tongue?

Well, it can lose weight too.

According to MRI scans, a reduction in tongue fat volume was what made all the difference.

One of the researchers, Professor Richard Schwab, revealed to The Sun:

“Most experts have not typically focused on fat in the tongue. We now know it is a major factor.”

Look out world: laughter yoga is here and it’s all fun and games

Laughter yoga is not just about a crazy new pose, but more so about getting in touch with yourself through giggling.

Laughter yoga coach, Francine Shore, runs a practice that focuses on diaphragmatic breathing rather than posture and seeks to help students heal as well as feel through a collective experience based in laughter and silliness.

Image via flickr

Chalk full of mental and physical health benefits, laughter yoga strengthens the immune system, decreases depression and anxiety as well as fosters a sense of connectivity.

There are over 16,000 laughter clubs today around the globe, so what are you waiting for?

Ring camera employees caught spying on customers after multiple incidents

Four Ring employees were fired after the company found they had accessed customers footage without warrant.

The news came in a letter that Amazon’s vice president of public policy, Brian Huseman, wrote in response to a number of senators who wrote to Ring’s parent company to discuss safety concerns about the device in November 2019.

Image via Wikipedia

“Over the last four years, Ring has received four complaints or inquiries regarding a team member’s access to Ring video data,” Huseman revealed in a response letter, dated Jan. 6. “Although each of the individuals involved in these incidents was authorized to view video data, the attempted access to that data exceeded what was necessary for their job functions.”

The letter went on to say that once it learned of the alleged conduct, it began an investigation and fired the individuals who were found to have violated company policy.

In addition, they have since taken “multiple actions” to limit the number of employees who are able to access customer videos.

Panera Bread is bringing back French Onion Soup thanks to this “Office” cast member

If you adore Panera Bread and you also equally adore their French Onion Soup, then you are in luck my friend.

Just last fall, the chain got rid of the menu item but after receiving over 1,000 complaints on social media in just a few short week, the team at Panera along with Phyllis Smith (The Office star) brought it back.

Thanks Phyllis!

U-Haul announces they will halt hiring those who use nicotine in these 21 states

The moving equipment and storage rental company, U-Haul, is the first of its kind to deny job opportunities to applicants who are nicotine users.

The business, which states it is “committed to promoting and empowering a healthy workforce,” announced its controversial stance in an official press release last week.

Image via flickr

The new policy will go into effect in the following 21 U.S. states starting on February 1.

Employees hired prior to February will not be affected by the new initiative.

States affected: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

“The Bachelor” Peter Weber has a history of auditioning for reality TV, dating back to just 12-years-old

Season 24 of “The Bachelor” kicked off this past Monday night in a three-hour season finale that revealed more about the show’s star, Peter Weber.

But currently living with his parents is not the only thing the world discovered about Peter.

Thanks to Reddit, users revealed Weber’s very first television debut when he auditioned for the third season of a show called “Endurance,” on Discovery Kids.

You can see Webber in the first clip which starts at 15:41 —- you’re welcome!

My Chemical Romance parades back into our hearts at reunion concert

My Chemical Romance had its first show in seven years at Los Angeles’s Shrine Expo Hall — and it sold out in just four minutes.

Cut to Friday, December 20 — all 6,300 fans gathered under Gerard Way’s lead.

“It’s been a long time, mothef***ers!” shouted Gerard. “We didn’t know if this was ever going to happen again, so we appreciate you showing up!”

The vocalist was so excited that he was beaming, shouting:

“This is so much fun! We’re having fun!” all through the evening, along with: “What a great time! What else you could be doing tonight?”

Nicki Minaj’s wax figure goes viral for all the wrong reasons

One wax figure that looks just like hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj, recently debuted at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Berlin and fans were not very impressed.

And not because she wasn’t the real thing — but more like she looked nothing like the real thing.

That statue depicts the rapper as she appeared in the music video “Anaconda,” with many fans making fun of the statue.

That’s a big OOPH for me, dawg.

Despite the divide, Meghan Markle signs deal with Disney

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you already know about the tumultuous drama that is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepping down as a senior member of the royal family.

According to quite a few reports, the Duchess of Sussex has allegedly signed a voice over deal with Disney in exchange for a donation to wildlife charity.

The deal will benefit the conservation charity Elephants Without Borders, an organization that helps to track and protect the animals from poaching.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

But the publication notes how the deal was signed prior to the royal couple made their announcement earlier this week.

Both Meghan and Harry have previously worked with Disney attending the London premiere of of The Lion King back in July.