Teen with Down Syndrome is overjoyed when she finds out she is going to her dream school

Rachel Grace, who has Down Syndrome, recently received her letter of acceptance to East Stroudsburg University.

Rachel was considering four schools for those with special needs but liked the thought of moving out and being independent.

So she decided to apply to ESU and someone recorded the exact moment Rachel opened her acceptance letter.

Her eyes were wide while her face was full of shock and excitement, screaming: “I got in! I’m going to college!”

East Stroudsburg University was just as excited about having Rachel join in, sharing a video of her opening her acceptance letter on their page with the message:

“Welcome to ESU Rachel Grace! We are lucky to call you a Warrior!”

Excuse me while I happy-sob violently into my pillow.

This cat robot could be the server we didn’t know we needed

Alexa, Nest and Roomba’s make life easier.

But they are not the only bots that can lend a helping beep-boop-beep-hand.

UBTech’s Walker can pull yoga poses while Charmin’s RollBot can speed you a roll of TP when you’re doing the deed and need an extra hand.

An expert revealed that it was very likely that robots exhibited at CES would continue to get more wacky in the future.

Like, BellaBot.

Image via YouTube

BellaBot is a robot cat who waits tables, mewing when it arrives at tables to encourage customers to pick up their food.

And if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it initially reacts with pleasure.

The firm reveals that if the diners stroke BellaBot’s ears, it reacts as it is programmed to respond to heat.

But (like an ol’e fashion cat) if a customer pets it for too long, its expression changes.

“It gets mad to remind you not to interrupt its job,” shares the firm.


Trump administration bans most flavored vape pods

Just this past week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a nationwide ban on many flavored pods in the vaping community this year.

In addition, the HHS is ordering that makers of the electronic nicotine delivery systems (including e-cigarettes and vaping products) halt manufacturing, distribution, as well as sale of these pods within 30 days.

Image via flickr

That is, unless they start an extensive application process for authorization .

They also need to ensure that sufficient age verification is mandatory in both online and physical stores.

I’ll smoke to that!

Young mom can’t afford birthday cake for son, woman decides to step in and help in the sweetest way

A woman witnessed a poor younger mother at a supermarket, struggling to pay for just a single slice of cake for her son’s birthday.

She decided to help after remembering how her own mother struggled to raise both her and her brother but never let them know.

In that moment, she quickly grabbed a pack of candles, a Target gift card and a gift card for gas and ran after the young mom.

Image via Bianca Garibay

She said: “Ma’am, you dropped something,” but the mom shook her head saying it was not.

But Bianca continued on:

“Yes, it’s yours. It’s yours because I got it for you. I want you to take this Target gift card and get your son a birthday present. I want you to take this gift card and put gas in your car. Fill the whole tank. I want you to take these candles. And when your son is about to blow them out, I want you to make a wish, too.”

Bianca then left the woman her number — asking her to call her if she ever needs anything. She then received the following text:

We aren’t crying, YOU’RE crying!

If you use eyelash extensions, doctors want you to check for lash lice

And you believed you couldn’t think of a new, terrifying thing that can happen to the human body.


While lash extensions have become a popular option among many beauty fanatics — many don’t talk enough about the hygiene risks.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Many optometrists have reported an uptick in lash life, or as they are medically known as, Demodex.

Those who use eyelash extensions daily have been urged to clean them consistently.

If you are concerned you may have Demodex, symptoms include itchiness, redness and inflammation — and fun fact: they live only on the oily hair follicle and can be transferred by jumping.

Ah, lovely.

If you were wondering what a pug’s MRI scan looks like: it is worse than you can imagine

Recently, actor and comedian, Andy Richter, shared a photo on Twitter of his friend’s dog’s MRI scan and it is slightly (very) terrifying.

The tweet’s caption simply put was:

“My friend’s pug went to the vet,” paired with the horrifying photo which quickly went viral for obvious reasons.

There are no words. There is only PUG!

Human Ken doll reveals how inside he “always felt like Barbie,” comes out as transgender

The “Human Ken Doll,” Rodrigo Alves relieved his claim to fame for spending $650,000 on surgery and now — he has more plans to go under the knife.

Alves recently announced his decision in the Sunday Mirror to come out as a transgender woman.

“It feels ­amazing to finally tell the world I’m a girl. I’m known as Ken, but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie.”

Human Ken Doll Roddy Alves Comes Out As Transgender Woman
Image via Instagram

Alves, who is now known as Roddy, uses the pronouns “she” and “her.”

She also admits how she will continue to have more surgery given her plans for gender realignment surgery.

She continued, sharing:

“I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine. For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms but I was lying to myself. I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

Pope Francis slaps woman’s hand after she attempts to grab him

The Pope recently slapped a woman’s hand after she grabbed him and attempted to pull him towards her during a New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Pope Francis can be seen in the footage very upset after the woman attempted to drag him over to her.

The 83-year-old was walking out in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City which led many to surround him.

Image via AP

In the clip, people can be heard shouting: “Pope!” and “Happy New Year!” as he walks past, stopping to touch hands with excited members of the public.

However, as he turns to walk away one woman makes a grab for his hand and refuses to let go, despite his attempts to shake her off.

His security staff don’t seem to be up to much, so in the end, Pope Francis appears to have had enough and slaps the woman’s hand away.

Man brings skeleton of amputated arm wherever he goes

A man from Canada decided he wanted to shift his tragedy into a conversation starter when he decided to have his injured arm amputated and turned into a taxidermied prop of sorts.

Mark Holmgren was only 17 when he decided to borrow his friend’s motorcycle and was then involved in a crash — which left him with an injured shoulder.

Almost two decades later, he decided to amputate his non-working arm.

But while he was not ready to part with his limb — Holmgren made the choice to get it preserved so he could hold onto it. Literally.

Image via Instagram

“The highlight of the year has got to be working on this incredible project we were honored with. Our client Mark was in a severe motor cycle accident over 15 years ago and lost use of his arm. Finally this past year he was able to get it amputated and asked if we would clean it up for him. Its the oddest project we have ever had but one of the most fulfilling seeing it all come together.”

Boyfriend gifts woman cleaning equipment as Christmas prank, does not go over well

Javed Easton decided it would be a good idea to gift his girlfriend Chloe Hartshorne cleaning items for Christmas.

And let’s just say: it did not go over well.

He then filmed the entire exchange for our viewing pleasure.

Javed posted the clip to Facebook along with the caption: “Why treat the lady in your life to a Michael Kors when she can have a Michael Floors?”

You can watch the entire exchange below:

Sweet seal pup waves at photographer at just the right moment

One photographer was able to capture the best shot of a sweet baby seal lying on beach and waving at the camera.

Johan Siggesson took quite a few photos of the seal pup as it basked in the sun at Horsey Beach in Norfolk earlier in the month.

Johan said:

“It was an amazing experience to spend time with these seals. We had some horrible weather the first days with rain, hail and wind.”

But Johan stuck it out — and it was well worth it!

Image via Caters/Johan Siggesson

Johan visited the beach to do some seal spotting and was not disappointed.

Johan posted to Facebook along with the photos, saying:

“Back to the babies again then. It’s easy to be drawn to these cuties when working on the beach here in the UK.

Image via Caters/Johan Siggesson

“If you lack a bit of inspiration there’s always a cute pup around.”

Amen and amen!

This hotel coffee machine sounds just like Britney Spears

A coffee machine at a hotel is going viral after a guest realized a coffee machine sounded just like the intro to Britney Spears‘ banger, Stronger.

And with over 42.7K views —- it is a worthwhile watch.

The clip was posted to Twitter by self proclaimed Samantha Stoakes from Philadelphia who wrote:

“The coffee machine at my hotel sounds just like the intro to ‘Stronger’ by Britney Spears.”

And believe it or not, it does!

Couple uses life-size cardboard cut-out to stop son from crying when leaving the room

One mother has found a new hack to stop her child from crying when she leaves the room — she leaves a cardboard cut-out of herself behind, tricking the boy into thinking she is still there.

Fuki Sato along with her husband, shared two photos on Twitter and many were impressed. In both photos posted, their son is having fun in his playpen. One cut-out version of her is in the kitchen, while the other picture of her is her crouching down as if she is about to play with him.

Image via Twitter

It should be noted however that both replicas are just out the baby’s reach so the jig would not be up.

The dad also noted that at no point was their son left alone completely as both parents are not far away and check on him every 20 minutes.

Okay parents, time to find the nearest life-size-card-board-cut-out store by you, am I right?!

Man who was “folded in half” finally able to stand up straight after decades

The “Folding Man” is now standing up straight thanks to doctors at Shenzhen University General Hospital who broke and rebuilt Li Hua’s entire spine over the course of four operations this past year.

Lia’s condition, ankylosing spondylitisan, is considered an aggressive form of arthritis — which left his face pressed against his thighs for over two decades, causing him to be hunchback.

The teach hospital medics’ described the severe spinal deformity as “three-on,” which is chin on chest, sternum on pubic, and face on femur.

Image via Asia Wire

Images post-operative show Li’s whole body having been opened up which allowed him to lie flat, sit up and stand straight for the first time in just 28 years.

Now, he is able to move around thanks to the help of a walker but Professor Tao states he will regain normal movement with just two to three months of physical therapy.

The medic said:

“Of course he won’t be able to do anything too extreme like boxing or playing tennis, but all regular bodily movements will not be a problem.”

Image via Asia Wire

While Li shared:

“There would’ve been no cure for me without Doctor Tao. He’s my saviour, and my gratitude to him is second only to my mother.”

When describing Li’s case, the hospital compared it to the surgical equivalent of Mount Everest as it was the first time in history such severe spinal deformities have been corrected in China.

How you can trap your Elf in an Amazon Echo this holiday season

If you and your kids adore Elf on the Shelf, then you will NEED this amazing new hiding place that everyone is talking about.

One mother has discovered a way to infuse technology with Christmas magic by having Elfie gets stuck in an electrical device.

If you have an Alexa or Amazon Echo, you are in luck!

In a video on Facebook, the mother explained how to execute the clever idea.

Image via flickr

She captioned it:

“FYI to all parents using the elf this year. If you have an Alexa go to the app. Settings>my profile.

Change your name to the name of your elf. Then go to messages (communicate).

Type a message from the elf. Then ask Alexa: ‘Alexa play my messages’. The elf talks to your kids.”

What are you waiting for?!

Builder wins the lottery, continues to show up for work and refuses to charge clients

A builder from across the pond found himself with £105 million ($138m) thanks to EuroMillions but that’s not the whole story. Allegedly, he refused to accept payments from his clients as he wanted them to save their money for the Christmas season.

Steve Thomson, 42, decided to continue on with his life after winning a record EuroMillion jackpot just last month.

The father of three has since refused to charge multiple clients for jobs he has completed. One customer shared after Thomson finished his work:

“He didn’t charge. It shows he’s a top bloke, a decent man. We didn’t ask him about the win because he’s probably had enough of talking about it. I think it’s quite nice for him to be able to work still because it takes his mind off the pressures of what to do with the money.”

Image via PA

She went on to share how he is still using his old yellow work van, sharing:

“He’s not buying a new one as he intends to complete outstanding jobs and stop working. He doesn’t see the point if he’s not got long left [working].”

Describing the moment he realized he had won, he said:

When asked to describe the moment he had won, Thompsan shared:

“I am not sure I even looked at the first two lines, the third one just jumped out and I could instantly tell they all matched. I started shaking a lot. I knew it was a really big win but didn’t know what to do. I went out to my van, walked back in, thought about knocking on a neighbour’s door, went back to the van – I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack.”

Dog going through an “existential crisis” is the most relatable mood you will feel this holiday season

It is to no one’s surprise that the holiday seasons comes with its roller coaster highs of doing festive things to the realization that January comes swiftly and there are no more holidays to celebrate until most likely February (or not likely for some, so March) which means all the color and joy and light can quickly seep out of your eyes if you let it.

And one dog in particular channeled this apathetic energy in the most relatable way.

Last week, human-mom, Lauren Carter, tweeted out a picture of her two pets from a professional photo shoot and the post has gone viral because of one pup’s “mood.”

Opiee, the more chipper of the two pups, smiles photogenically at the camera.

But Mika, her other dog, is staring apathetically into the distance — unphased by her jolly accessories.

Most people commented: “How I feel on the outside vs. How I feel on the inside”

And all I can say, is same Mika — same.

Couple accidentally throws out diamond wedding rings, sifts through mountains of trash to find valuables

A couple from Australia was distraught after learning their diamond wedding as well as engagement rings were missing.

The couple, who requested to keep their identities hidden, were renovating their home in the Melbourne area when they dropped off a load of garbage at the nearby waste collection center and drove home.

It wasn’t until later they realized they had accidentally thrown away a small jewelry box that contained an “impressive engagement and wedding ring,” Carden said.

Image via flickr

They quickly called the collection center but it was closing and they were told to return the next day. Return they did — at 4 a.m. after a “sleepless night.”

The trash collectors as well as city workers opened the truck which contained 30 tons of trash. Thankfully, the couple finally located the pink trash bag with the jewelry box and the rings inside.

Carden said the recovery was a “a little bit of Christmas magic,” and thanked the workers for going “above and beyond” to help the couple.

Newlyweds attacked for not immediately sending thank you cards after anonymous guest sends nasty note

A couple was attacked on a wedding shaming group on Reddit for not quickly sending out thank you cards after their wedding.

The couple posted a picture of the note, along with a caption that read:

“I still have the list and cards to send out of thank yous that unfortunately have been set aside, so to the both of us working 100+ hours a week, coaching a softball team from the second the wedding was over, raising our girls and trying to stay afloat in every day life.”

Image via Reddit

“I apologise we haven’t sent  them, I had every intention of doing so but unfortunately life hasn’t been kind to our family since our wedding day and your cards got a back seat.”

The newlyweds then posted the message to Instagram to find the person who sent it and talk it out but so far, no one has come forward.