Footage of boy comforting classmate with Down’s Syndrome goes viral

After being filmed by a teacher at a school in Mexico, a little boy can be seen trying to calm his classmate by putting his arms around him and stroking his hair.

The little boy even attempted to wipe away his friend’s tears.

The video has reached the hearts of many over the world with over 18 million views.

Grab a box of tissues and scroll on to watch below.

Floridian woman pretends to have medical issue on plane to obtain bigger seat

Currently, a woman from Florida is in custody after faking a medical issue during a flight which caused the plane to be diverted.

A woman who has yet to be identified lied about having a medical issue during an American Airlines flight from Pensacola to Miami in an attempt to upgrade her seat.

The pilot then declared an emergency, turning the plane back to Pensacola after the woman reported having issues breathing. Flight crews then requested authorities to Pensacola International Airport, where the woman eventually admitted she had made up the medical issue to get a larger seat on the plane.

Image via pxhere

Initially, the woman refused to deplane which prompted a complete evacuation of the aircraft but both authorities and the pilot were eventually able to convince her to exit the plane.

Under the state’s Baker Act, the woman was then taken into protective custody which allows authorities to detain individuals believed to pose a threat to themselves or others.

“American Eagle 3508 returned to Pensacola due to a passenger who requested medical assistance,” American Airlines revealed in a statement to NBC News.

“The flight took off at 5:43 a.m. and landed back at Pensacola at 6:26 a.m. and taxied to the gate. All [passengers] deplaned normally at the gate through the main boarding door and onto the jet bridge. The passenger was subsequently removed by law enforcement and medical personnel, and the flight took off again at 7:41 a.m.”

Santa calms autistic boy who patiently waited 6 years to meet him

After finally meeting Santa Claus, an 8-year-old with autism cried happy tears when he finally got to meet Santa Claus.

Baiz Weerts had dreamed of getting a picture with Santa since the age of 2, but his “irrational fears” kept him from getting too close. Baiz asks to go to the mall almost every weekend.

“He’s like ‘I’m gonna do it this time!’ But as soon as we get there, he freezes,” Sheila Seelye, Weerts’ mother, informed TODAY Parents.

Image via Sheila Seelye

“So, we sit and watch from afar while he works through his feelings.”

The Illinois native has an anxiety disorder called selective mutism which means he speaks normally at home, but shuts down in social settings.

Just last weekend, Weert’s twin sister, Layna, decided she wanted a photo with Santa at the Gurnee Mill Shopping Center and ran straight up. Baiz was upset as he wanted to follow her but he couldn’t do it.

As Baiz frustration began to grow, he climbed into a shopping cart and began to cry. Santa who had been watching the scene unfold, slowly got up from his chair and made his way to Baiz. He touched Baiz’s hair, gently rubbed his arm and gave him a candy cane.

“He knew just how to calm Baiz down,” Seelye shared.

Image via Sheila Seelye

“He kept telling him, ‘You’re OK buddy. You’re gonna be OK.’ He knew just what Baiz needed in that moment. I’ve never seen him so happy.”

Seelye shared how Weerts looks like a typical kid so bystanders assume he is just having a temper tantrum but Santa just knew.

“That meant the most to me. He knew Baiz needed him to come over.”

Seelye continued saying that Weerts had been in and out of the hospital over the last few weeks with health problems.

“The timing was perfect,” she said. “Santa picked the right child at the right time.”

Doctors believe postpartum depression can last for years and if left untreated, turn into something much worse

For many new mothers, postpartum depression is a stark reality and for those who cannot afford help, doctors believe if time passes — the harder it is to be treated.

Postpartum depression (PPD) is classified as a mood disorder that disrupts new moms’ mental health after childbirth. According to The Cleveland Clinic, 50 to 75 percent of new mothers will experience the baby blues while 15 percent will develop PPD.

Brittney Pohler, PA-C, MPH, at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – College Station, revealed in an interview that PPD diagnosis cuts off at 12 months — but it doesn’t necessarily mean the disorder does.

Image via flickr

“Postpartum depression typically starts within the first couple of weeks following delivery. It can last, if untreated, from weeks to years. After the first year, we don’t call it PPD, but the biggest risk is PPD lingering on and becoming a chronic depression,” she says.

“We consider postpartum depression existing through 12 months postpartum, and we know it often doesn’t resolve without some kind of intervention,”

A licensed clinical social worker and program coordinator for SCL Health’s Maternal Mental Health program, Keri Hanson, said in an interview with Romper:

“We also know that of the number of women identified as having PPD, only about 50 percent of them actually receive treatment, and a very small percentage of that number receive adequate treatment.”

Image via libreshot

But symptoms of PPD are not just thoughts of harming yourself or your baby but includes feeling sad, hopeless, empty, crying more often than usual, irritability, anger, trouble concentrating and making decisions, eating too little or too much, and having frequent headaches or unexplained muscle pain.

So why exactly would PPD not be treated? Because for most women, it is not as easy as you would believe.

“There are a ton of barriers to care,” reveals Hanson. “It’s difficult to find a therapist who has experience with perinatal emotional health, and the barrier of just finding a therapist who happens to be contracted with your specific insurance provider. And one of the largest barriers, in my opinion, is the barrier between mental and physical health. Patients are having to access to two care systems for their needs.”

But Hanson reveals that despite the difficulty of finding care, it is worth the time and effort as there are many risks of leaving PPD untreated and it is not likely to go away on its own.

Daughter asks dad if he was a bully growing up, admits fault and apologizes to victim decades later

Louie Amundson’s 10-year-old daughter asked him if he had ever bullied someone in school — he informed her, regretfully, yes.

This caused Louie to reach out to Chad Morrisette, the person he bullied back in junior high school.

Chad accepted the apology, and both parties felt an emotional weight gone from their lives.

Read on for the full messages between the two.

Image via Insider Edition
Image via Insider Edition

While bullying is a complex issue that cannot be solved by a simple “sorry,” it can be solved with school’s understanding that the bullies themselves may be lashing out due to serious issues at school, at home or in their personal lives.

To learn how you can put an end to bullying, click here.

New true crime documentary reveals the ugly eight warning signs of domestic abusers

Last year on April 22, 2018, Hollie Kerrell was absent from her home nestled in mid-Wales, and was never to be seen again.

Hollie’s husband, Chris Kerrell, initially showed worry over her absence but police quickly caught on, as he later admitted to her murder.

At first, Chris said the murder had been one that happened in the heat of the moment but evidence from Hollie revealed this to be inaccurate.

The case, which is explored in Murdered by my Husband: The Hollie Kerrell Story, was the first of its kind in a week long domestic abuse focused program event from Crime+Investigation.

The documentary reveals a larger issue at hand: how controlling behavior can be a red flag that could lead to death.

Pictured: Hollie Kerrell
Image via Crime+Investigation

Dr. Jane Monckton Smith who is a police officer turned criminologist who commentates on the documentary: revealing her research of the ‘eight warning signs’ of domestic abusers.

In her work, Smith highlights how most of these domestic abuse crimes are not random but can be traced back before the relationship had even started.

Smith formally identified the “eight warning signs” model after observing 372 cases of domestic abuse killings, conducting interviews with family members as well as public protection professionals.

The first step is an individual’s “pre-relationship history.” The abuser more than likely has a criminal record, or a history of “control, domestic abuse or stalking” in previous relationships. And while victims may be aware of these allegations, they do not always believe them.

While the second step comes at the “early relationship state, where the relationship may accelerate with early declarations of love, possessiveness and jealousy.”

And the from this, the third step usually comes forth, where the relationship is “dominated by coercive control, usually with some of the high risk markers.”

Smith reveals how “the further you get along those stages, the more danger there is,” which makes recognizing these patterns as quickly as possible could save a life.

The fourth step is defined by “triggers,” where the abuser’s power is threatened by events like separation, illness or financial troubles.

Followed by the fifth step which is coined “escalation,” which could include more frequent or severe control tactics which could involve suicide threats, violent behavior, stalking and begging.

Pictured: Chris Kerrell
Image via Crime+Investigation

But later into these stages, the danger accelerates along with the risk of homicide rising by 900% following a separation. At this point, a victim needs to be careful when planning their escape.

The sixth step is defined by a “change in thinking,” with the perpetrator driven to make a decision based on “feelings of revenge, injustice or humiliation,” all which could involve “moving on, revenge, or potentially homicide.”

Step seven is the “planning” stage where the abuser purchases weapons, looks to get the victim alone and conducts stalking and threats.

The eighth step is murder, which potentially involves, “extreme violence, suicide, suspicious death, missing person, multiple victims.”

If you or someone you know suspects domestic violence in your circle, please click here for her more information and to get help now.

“You don’t have to exhaust yourself to be a good mother:” Mom’s post on parenting goes viral

Laura Mazza is an Australian blogger who runs The Mum on the Run after battling postnatal depression with her first child, Luca.

She began the blog three years ago after feeling isolated and began to connect with other mothers who might be going through a similar situation.

The blog has over 250K followers, a space jam packed with down-to-earth and reassuring posts that read like your best friend is telling you that it is all going to be okay and you are not crazy for having a rough day with the kids.

Her latest post went viral for a message that is not heard enough. Laura writes:

“People always say to me “I don’t know how you do it with 3. I can’t do it with 1” And I’ll always say, the first is your hardest. I had never been more shocked, more overwhelmed and more sleep deprived ever in my life. Yes, 3 is hard. But entering motherhood for the first time is like a tornado that swirls you in and spits you out. Those days are by far the hardest.”

Image via Facebook

“But what I do know is this; the days of feeling like you’ve been kicked up the vagina and hungover are few. You can hug your baby, he can sleep in your arms, you can have a routine or not and nothing bad will come of it. Some days you’ll shower, other days you’ll smell like an orangutan, picking fleas off your head. Some days you’ll feel blessed, other days you’ll hate yourself for struggling because all you wanted was a baby. But both are okay, neither makes you a bad mother.”

Image via Facebook

“Getting a babysitter, sleeping, passing your baby over to your partner like a football, or putting the baby down in her bed nice and safe while you take a minute – is ok. Your mental health matters. Your self care is still important. You’re still a person. You don’t have to exhaust yourself to be a good mother. You don’t have to lose yourself.”

Image via Facebook

“No one is cleaning their house every day. No one is having sex every day. No one has it all together. We are ALL losing our s***. Even Becky with the good hair.”

Image via Facebook

“I’ve had a c section that was hard work, a vaginal birth that was hard work. I’ve formula fed, breast fed, donor fed my babies – all of it hard work. All of it amazing, and yet my kids still swear at the wrong time and throw tantrums and eat off the floor. All 3. Don’t beat yourself up.”

Image via Facebook

“I’ve never fought more with my husband than ever. Two ships sailing in the night. But you meet again, I promise. So I don’t know how I do it with 3, and I don’t know how you do it with 1, but the fact is, we ARE doing it and doing it well.”

Image via Facebook

“You’re amazing. Through the tears, the s****y nappies, the first steps, you’re amazing. Don’t ever second guess it because those little turds, they never do. To them, you are a wonderful. To them, you are everything.”

When asked about what spurred her to write the post, Laura revealed it was a critic of all people.

“I actually wrote the post because someone had messaged me with something nasty, responding to a post I wrote about depression,” Laura told revealed to Bored Panda. “She then apologized after telling me she had a bad day. After talking to her I realized she was a first time mum with depression and was beating herself up so I kinda wrote it for her.”

“She reminded me of those early days and I think so many first time mums, and just mums in general, need to hear that’s it’s ok and that they are doing an amazing job.”

Image via Facebook

Laura is a social worker with a her masters in psychology with the goal of helping new mothers cope with life transitions.

She was caught off guard by how popular her post was, as it came from a place that is near and dear to her.

“Sometimes, I just write what flies off the tongue (or the fingers?) and I thought, ‘well if she sees it then that’s all that matters.’ I didn’t expect it to resonate with a lot of mums,” she shared.

So if you are a mother, father or care-taker reading this: you are doing a great job.

Barber creates prolific movement in his backyard, helping men work through their trauma

While Matt Brown is a barber in New Zealand — cutting hair is only part of what he does.

Setting up his own barbershop in his backyard not, it has become an entire movement which helps men to heal from past trauma.

Over a decade ago, Matt started to barber and while he was working in New Zealand — he realized how men come more than just a haircut.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“Men were coming in and not you know, wanting more than just the haircut, they wanted a conversation. And not many places, spaces, allow men to really open up quite like the barber chair,” Matt shared.

Matt knew exactly what he needed to do — and decided to set up his own business which grew into a massive movement called, “She Is Not Your Rehab.”

The business titled, My Father’s Barbers, created a safe space where men can open up with the issues they face despite fear of judgement.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“A lot of my friends were joining gangs, were addicted to sex and drugs, you name it, some committed suicide, some are going into prison. And I just wanted to create a space where men could come and talk,” the barber revealed.

The movement hopes to empower men to address their past traumas through honest conversations.

He shares how men talk about a multitude of topics, including sport, TV and how their weekends went — in addition to their struggles and fears and emotional traumas.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“I’ve had grown men cry; I’ve sat with some of the staunchest, most successful, ruthless men in my city in my chair crying together. This is not a very popular business plan, step one get a barbershop, step two cry with your clients!”

Matt has also faced some very intense struggles while growing up.

He revealed to the media how he grew up in a very abusive household.

“When I look back at that, I think it’s so sad no-one in our world stepped in or said anything for Mum, because Mum would go to church like that; pregnant, bruised face, but no-one said or did anything.”

Thankfully, the he was able to move out of his home when he was just 15 and says he was able to get the help he needed. In addition, he shared how his wife was his main inspiration for changing.

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

“The real change came when I met my wife, who was my best friend, and when you have a strong woman that can, you know, challenge the status quo and still love you and see behind the masks that I would wear and love me still, that brought a lot of change,” he shared.

Matt hopes that his movement can help create violence-free communities that have men taking responsibility when it comes to healing their trauma instead of projecting them onto their relationships.

“If men take responsibility for their own healing, that will heal the whole family and if women take responsibility for their own healing and do not rescue men, that will heal the whole family because our kids are watching.”

Image via sheisnotyourrehab

Piglet the pup who is blind and deaf inspires children worldwide to celebrate what make them different

A sweet creature by the name of Piglet who is deaf and blind is inspiring young students around the world to be courageous despite road blocks.

A Connecticut veterinarian, Melissa Shapiro, offered to foster the pup after he was rescued and sent to a shelter.

The dachshund-Chihuahua mix was meant to temporarily stay with Shapiro but after just two months, Piglet was not going anywhere.

Image via Instagram

Piglet was born in a Georgia home with 35 other puppies.

The pup is Shapiro’s seventh dog and while he is now living “like a little prince,” the transition in to the family was not an easy one.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Shapiro shared:

“It was quite a decision to make. He is a lot of work and he is like a full-time job, taking care of a little disabled baby. But he’s so cute, and we couldn’t give him away at that point. He was so anxious, he was screaming constantly. He would play, then go to sleep, but when he wasn’t doing either of those, he was screaming. I couldn’t leave the house the first month I had the dog here.”

Image via Instagram

Shapiro has recorded Piglet’s journey on Instagram where he was garnered over 100,000 followers.

Piglet has gone from a scared pup to a courageous doggo — but Shapiro says “he needs to have some bigger meaning.”

Piglet’s story found its way to a third-grade classroom in Massachusetts where a teacher used the dog as an example of why you should never give up and how life’s obstacles can sometimes lead to growth.

Shapiro shared:

“She called it Piglet Mindset, and we corresponded throughout the year. At the end of the year, we surprised the kids. They thought we were going to FaceTime, and we walked in with Piggy in his stroller and three of my other dogs, and everyone was crying.”

Image via Instagram

Classrooms in Alabama, Connecticut, Japan and Australia are now promoters of the Piglet Mindset Outreach program, all which teaches kids how to fight problems and use what they have to their best advantage.

Thanks to social media ads and merchandise, Shapiro and Piglet’s fundraising efforts have exceeded over $30,000, all of which has been donated to special needs dog rescues as well as other non-profit organizations.

Shapiro hopes to start up a non-profit herself to help give money to additional rescues.

Shapiro added:

“People are afraid to adopt these animals, they think that it’s going to be too much work. But people see Piglet’s page and I get so many notes from people that because of him, they just adopted. It’s rewarding to know that people are taking the lead and being inspired by Piggy. It makes a lot of people really happy to know him.”

Mother who requested “Make-A-Wish” donations on behalf of daughter now charged with her murder

A mother from Colorado who received media coverage along with thousands of dollars of donations after her daughters was allegedly diagnosed with a terminal illness has now been charged with the girl’s murder.

Kelly Renee Turner, 41, was arrested mid-October after two years of her daughter, 7-year-old Olivia Gant, died from what authorities thought to be at the time, natural medical causes.

But in a new grand jury indictment revealed last Monday, it is alleged that Turner actually caused Gant’s death. The indictment states 13 total charges against the 41-year-old, which includes first-degree murder, child abuse, theft and charitable fraud.

Image via flickr

Olivia was born in 2010 and began receiving a variety of treatments for multiple ailments at Children’s Hospital Colorado in 2013.

But multiple doctors at the hospital informed investigators that the girl did not have a terminal illness.

That being said, Turner claimed her daughter was dying and the family received $11,000 in donations from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which donates gifts and experiences to critically ill children.

In addition, she received over $22,000 in donations from a GoFundMe campaign, called “Peace 4 Olivia,” which the company has since banned from its site.

Image via

A spokesperson for GoFundMe revealed to KMGH-TV how the company is in the process of generating refunds to donors.

“We are deeply disturbed by the allegations in this case and intend to follow it closely in the hope of learning exactly what happened,” Sarah Murphy, a Make-A-Wish Colorado spokesperson, shared in a statement on this past Monday.

In addition, Turner is also accused of defrauding Medicaid as well as HealthFirst Colorado of over $500,000 over several years, in addition to the funeral home and the cemetery where Olivia was buried of additional costs.

“Us being a victim of theft is so minor compared to what happened to her daughter that it’s irrelevant,” says director of customer care at Seven Stones Cemetery, Rebecca Holm.

Last year, NBC reported on the investigation into Olivia’s death after Turner brought her older daughter into the hospital with “bone pain.”

Image via pexels

Turner also spontaneously brought up Munchausen syndrome — a psychological disorder in which caregivers seek attention for the illnesses of people they look after, even sometimes causing those illnesses themselves — in an interview with investigators.

“That has never been my case, like at all, whatsoever,” Turner revealed in the interview.

Investigators decided to separate Turner from her daughter to see if she would continue to report injuries and illnesses. The girl (who is now 11) has since reported zero serious issues since the two were separated last October.

Turner faces three counts of charitable fraud and is currently being held without bond at the Douglas County Detention Facility.

Mother of adopted daughter, 9, claims she is actually a 22-year-old sociopath dwarf

A mother accused of felony neglect for abandoning her nine-year-old adopted daughter has claimed that she was not a little girl at all but actually a 22-year-old sociopath who attempted to kill her on one than more occasion.

The 45-year-old Kristine Barnett is a mother-of-three and author of a renowned parenting book.

Image via Kristine Barnett

Barnett is accused of dumping Ukranian-born Natalia Grace at an apartment in Indiana back in 2013 when she was an alleged nine years old before fleeing to Canada with her ex-husband, Michael Barnett, 43, and their other children.

Allegedly, the couple broke off contact with their adopted daughter, paying rent for the apartment they left her in, but not supporting her financially in any other way. Police report that Natalia was left to fend for herself for three years despite having a rare form of dwarfism which meant she was just three-feet-tall and had issues walking.

Image via Kristine Barnett

But Kristine is adamant that the real victims of this scenario are herself and her family due to Natalia being 22 at the time. The mother claims her family were terrorized by the girl on multiple occasions.

The 45-year-old in an interview with Daily Mail TV.

S”he would make statements and draw pictures saying she wanted to kill family members, roll them up in a blanket and put them in the backyard. She was standing over people in the middle of the night. You couldn’t go to sleep. We had to hide all the sharp objects. I saw her putting chemicals, bleach, Windex something like that, in my coffee and I asked her, what are you doing? She said, ‘I am trying to poison you’. The media is painting me to be a child abuser but there is no child here.”

Image via Kristine Barnett

The mother continued to reveal how Natalia was a woman, saying:

“She had periods. She had adult teeth. She never grew a single inch, which would happen even with a child with dwarfism.”

Both Kristine and Michael adopted Natalia in 2010 from Ukraine but Kristine shares how she began to get suspicious that everything was not as it seemed as once, she was giving her a bath when she noticed “she had full pubic hair.”

After having a doctor perform a bone density tests, they allegedly proved the young girl was at least 14 and Kristine says how she began purchasing her more “age-appropriate” clothes. But at this point, the girl’s mental health began to deteriorate.

Image via Kristine Barnett

The mother revealed how Natalia smeared bodily fluids on the walls, made death threats and even attempted to drag her onto an electric fence during a birthday outing in 2012. She claims they realized the adoption was a scam and made the choice to leave.

But earlier in the month, 43-year-old Michael reportedly told a detective earlier this month how he and his wife he had Natalia’s age legally changed to 22 in June of 2012, and his wife told her to tell anyone who asked that she “looks young but was actually 22.”

Natalia was interviewed by the police in 2014 and had shared with them she had “had not seen the Barnett’s since they moved to Canada.”

Image via Tippecanoe County Jail

Investigators wrote in the affidavit the following:

“She was left alone in the apartment in Lafayette while the rest of the Barnett family moved to Canada.”

Kristine disputes the charges against her, saying how she is “sick and devastated” and will continue to maintain they how are false charges.

Both Kristine and Michael have been charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent.

Demi Moore reveals her mother allegedly sold her to rapist for $500

Demi Moore recently shared how she was raped by a man who alleged Moore’s mother “sold” her to him in a new interview with Diane Sawyer for Good Morning America.

Moore went on to reveal the different parts of her tragic childhood, which is detailed in her new memoir, Inside Out.

Of the horrifying tales, one included a time when Moore found an older man she knew in her home had been given a key. Moore alleges the man raped her and then asked her:

“How does it feel to be whored by your mother for 500 dollars?” 

When Sawyer then asked if Moore believed her mother, she replied:

“In my deep heart, no, I don’t think it was a straightforward transaction. But she still did give him the access and put me in harm’s way.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Moore’s mother would allegedly take her to bars as a teen in order to get attention from men.

Moore also revealed how her mother attempted to die by suicide “many, many times,” and that she was once forced to revive her by removing pills from her mouth. Moore was only 12 at the time, and she says that it was this incident that Moore claimed ended her childhood.

“[It was] a life-changing moment.”

Eventually, Moore cut off contact with her mother but reconciled before her mother’s death from cancer in 1998. Moore’s father, Danny Guynes, died by suicide in 1980.

Moore currently is working towards strengthening the bond between both her and her daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis — all from whom she was previously estranged.

This 11-year-old boy supports his mother during the labor of his little sister

“I kept my pregnancy secret till I went to the doctors to confirm it: I was eight weeks along. I reached out to the father and he wanted no part of it, wanted to pay for an abortion. I had no one else to talk to or confide in.”

The mother of her then 11-year-old son, Daylen, went on to detail her internal struggle. She explained the situation, listing her three options for her pre-teen son to help her choose: abortion, adoption, or to keep the baby. Daylen responded to his mother, saying:

“Mom we got this. I always wanted a sibling. If that guy wants no part, he’s a coward. It’s his loss,” he said. “I will be there, Mom, don’t worry.”

Holmes went on to say how her pregnancy was bittersweet, especially after finding out she was having a girl (something she had always wanted). But Daylen put on a brave face for his mother, in turn, giving her hope throughout the process.

Image via Justyn M. Freeman

“Daylen came to majority of my appointments and sat in the waiting room just to be supportive. He wanted to see his sister any chance he could, so he was allowed to come into the ultrasound appointments and his face would brighten up every time when he saw her on the screen. The technician would always print him his own picture and he would put it in his school folder to show his guidance counselor and friends.”

Daylen even used his allowance to purchase his sister shoes, bibs and socks once Christmas came around. Holmes felt like she had everything she needed.

As Holmes continued on, she was informed at 34 weeks how she had gestational diabetes and was urged she change her diet. Then, at 38 weeks, she was told to schedule a C-section as her amino fluids were low.

But Holmes refused, saying she would leave it in the hands of a higher power as Daylen had a traumatic emergency C-section.

Above all else, Holmes wanted Daylen to experience of a natural birth with her as well.

Image via flickr

“I wanted Daylen to learn and experience it with me as well. From that day on, I tried natural ways to go into labor. I took supplements, made natural drinks, and ate differently. Daylen would go to the store for me and get whatever I needed. At this point I was tired all the time and on bed rest. He noticed the stress I was under and would insists on rubbing my feet or my back just so that I felt a little better.”

Holmes continued, revealing what happened when her water broke.

“Days before my due date, I decided to go out and run some errands — I wanted to make sure I had everything I would need when the baby got home. I didn’t want to bother Daylen, as I felt he was already doing so much. Well, my water broke in the supermarket parking lot. I went home, waited for Daylen to get home from school, and drove us to the hospital.”

Image via Amanda Holmes

What happened next was a moment both Holmes and her son would never forget.

“Through the whole labor, Daylen didn’t leave my side. He rubbed my back when the contractions would come, and sat up all night with me just to make sure everything was going smoothly. Went to get me water and crackers when I needed. He was so hands on and I was proud! Over 30 hours in labor and both of us were exhausted.”

She later had to have a C-section but soon after, the pair welcomed Ava who weighed 5 pounds and 9 ounces.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world. This experience had its ups and downs but in the end I wouldn’t change it. It’s been three months since Ava was born and the unbreakable bond of a big brother and little sister is priceless. The life of a single mother is sometimes so hard and you want to give up, but then you look at the little people you created and everything just seems to make sense.”

Image via Amanda Holmes

Will and Jada Smith staged an “intervention” for their son after his scary eating habits

Both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were “really nervous,” about their son, Jaden Smith’s eating habits.

The celebrity family recently opened up about their relationship with food on Red Table Talk after Will called an “emergency” meeting.

During the conversation, which also included Willow Smith, Trey Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Will talked to his family about gaining weight for Aladdin and explaining what he consumes food “like an addict.”

“I get bored and I start to eat,” Will shared in regards to eating.

Jada said that both she and Jaden would rather “not eat” than pick at food throughout the day, saying how it is “uncomfortable.”

They went on to share how they needed to stage an intervention for Jaden over his food choices.

“Will and I had a bit of an intervention with Jaden because he’s a vegan now, but we realized he wasn’t getting enough protein,” Jada said. “So he was wasting away. He just looked drained, he was just depleted, he wasn’t getting the nutrients.”

Will also shared how Jaden had “dark circles” under his eyes.

“There was even a little grayness to his skin,” Will revealed. “We got really nervous. But you’re definitely looking better now.”

“I also just wanna say that I’m vegetarian, that I’ve tried to be vegan,” Jaden replied. “I’m vegetarian, you know, I’ve tried to eat vegan meals. I’ll go vegan for a week or so but for the past year I’ve been vegetarian.”

“I was just eating like two meals a day…maybe one,” Jaden continued. “Maybe just that one big meal and I’m like, ‘Oh, you know, I didn’t get around to it.'”

After man refuses to stop smoking, restaurant owner sprays him in the face with fire extinguisher

A business owner in Utah was filmed spraying a man in the face with a fire extinguisher as he refused to stop smoking by his restaurant.

The man smoking in the video, Jon Bird, shared footage of the incident between him and Alex Jamison who owns two restaurants near the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City.

Jamison in the video says Bird is in a “customer area” and should not be smoking there.

Jamison can then be seen arguing with Bird along with another man. A woman is recording the events in live time. She asks the business owner:

“Are you really going to spray him with that fire extinguisher?”

Image via Jon Bird/Facebook

He then replies that Bird needs to put his cigarette out. Bird then puts it in his mouth and continues to smoke while Jamison points the extinguisher at his face. He then says: “Do it.”

He then proceeds to spray a short burst in his face before backing away.

Bird then tells the man next to him to “call the cops.”

Jamison then replies: “Call the cops. You can’t f**king smoke right here.”

Bird later shared the footage on Facebook.

He wrote:

“Keep an eye out for this guy at the Gallivan Center. Need to get his info. Assaulted me and ran from the scene before the cops showed up. Anyone know any attorneys that can help? Never thought this would happen.”

Image via Jon Bird/Facebook

When speaking to WSBT, Bird revealed how he was volunteering for an arts festival when the incident took place when a security guard allegedly told him he was okay to smoke in the area.

According to Utah Law, smoking within 25 feet of a business entrance is illegal.

While Salt Lake police arrived at the scene, Jamison had left by the time they had gotten there. Police has since confirmed they are investigating the case but have declined to comment further. In the interim, Bird has hired an attorney to pursue an assault claim.

Image via flickr

Jamison later apologized to Bird in a statement to KSL TV, saying:

“I’m not proud of my behavior. I let myself get egged on and I overreacted.

“I’m a protective small business owner who has asked hundreds of people not to smoke near our patio in the interest of our customers and our neighbors’ customers. I try to be respectful and generally always get good responses.”

“I asked him multiple times during the day to please go to the designated smoking area but should not have reacted to feeling disrespected. I certainly owe the other person involved an apology and would like to make it right with him however I need to.”

“I did not mean to cause him any harm. Our business is committed to fighting for animal rights and this must include other people. I’m sorry.”

Teen girl in viral video convinces others that eating used tampons is normal

In a viral hoax, one 18-year-old decided to decided to spread the rumor “that girls eat their tampon after they’re done with it to reabsorb all the blood that they just lost.”

Caroline Majcher from Canada thus inspired a slew of other women on TikTok posting their own versions of the same video.

“Why do boys still not believe that we eat our tampons to reabsorb the blood we lost??,” the text reads, “I realize it sounds dumb but like fr.”

Image via TikTok

“I thought I could probably make up a lie about girls and any boy would believe it,” Majcher revealed to BuzzFeed News.

And while it is unconfirmed whether anyone believes this to be true — just a reminder: it is not healthy to eat a used tampon and please do not try it.


After 15 surgical procedures, this woman almost triples the size of her lips

A woman has almost tripled the size of her lips after going through 15 lip procedures but claims she is the happiest she has ever been with her dramatic pout.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova hails from Bulgaria and currently is studying German Philology. She says that since she was little, she dreamed of having full lips.

Image via Jam Press

Andrea says she has visited dozens of clinics in her home and shells out 300 Lev in Bulgaria ($168) per treatment.

Andrea shared:

“I like my lips now, more than before and I feel very good and very happy with my new lips, because according to me with bigger lips I look prettier and in Bulgaria this is fashion now. I have visited almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in Sofia and I put in my lips almost all kinds of lips fillers. I didn’t count the money for these procedures, I don’t know exactly how much money have I spent on my lips, but one millilitre of hyaluronic acid is a standard 300 Lev in Bulgaria ($168).”

Her look has gained over thousands of followers on social media, with over 15,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Image via Jam Press

Andrea admits that while many praise her for her daring look, others cut her down but it does not phase her.

“There are people who like me with bigger lips and there are people who like me with smaller lips,” she said. “But it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s important for me how I like it. Other’s people opinion is irrelevant. Each person’s lips are different, and each person has an individual restriction on enlargement, how many millilitres of filler can the lips endure. I can’t give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big, because for each person: ‘big’, ‘bigger’ and ‘too big’ are different concepts. I’m broad-minded and I think people should be free to choose, which one is for them big, bigger or too big. There are no boundaries for me.”

Image via Jam Press

That being said, she claims she is not addicted to fillers and says she does not copy celebrities when it comes to her look.

And when asked if she wants to have the biggest lips in the world, she replied:

“Yes, why not? But in my country the big lips are fashionable and there are many girls with fillers in the lips too. And for the biggest lips in the world I think I still have competition.”

Image via Jam Press

Andrea hopes to inspire others to follow their own path and not be caught up in what others may believe about their choices.

“I’m glad that the universe gave me the chance many people to see me and to know that I exist and I want to tell people: Be happy and do what you like, don’t let others restrict your choice. Each of us must follow our heart and our goals without being influenced by other’s opinions. The world needs change from a new, free and unlimited thinking to a lot of art, happiness and kindness. We are the creators of the present. If each of us is satisfied, then the entire planet will be [harmonized.]”

Therapist reveals Millenials’ biggest issue: having too many choices

Tess Brigham, or known as the “millennial therapist,” explains the complaint she hears the most from her patients which is that they have too many choices and cannot decide what to do.

Nintey percent of her patients are between the ages of 23 and 38 and are so worried about making the wrong choice.

Image via pexels

And according to a recent survey from heycar, making decisions can actually affect our mental health.

Dr. Arun Thiyagarajan, Bupa Health Clinics’ Medical Director, shared with UNILAD how stress can affect our judgement making decisions.

“As we go through life, big decisions – such as buying a house, changing jobs and retirement – may cause us to feel stressed. High impact decisions can alter the course of our lives and it can feel like a lot of pressure to make sure we’re getting things right. Stress can narrow our attention and impede our judgment, so, if we’re about to make a big decision and could do with some clarity of thought, stress may make it more difficult for us to choose which direction to go in.”

“Everyone reacts differently to stress – some people cope with it well, whereas others feel it can take a toll on their wellbeing. Stress can affect your mental wellbeing in several ways, including making you feel moody; aggressive; overwhelmed; depressed or anxious.”

Image via Max Pixel

And having too many decisions in a day can cause you to experience exhaustaion known as “decision fatigue,” a syndrome coined by social psychologist Dr. Roy F. Baumeiste.

One way to avoid this syndrome is to get rid of a few minor decisions you have to make every day. For example: what to wear. While it may be not as fun to wear the same combinations every other day — it could leave you with more energy to make bigger decisions.

People are giving up alcohol because of “hangover anxiety”

Hangover anxiety is a legit phenomenon which directly affects people’s moods and usually, is accompanied by physical hangover symptoms.

Hanxiety (according to Drinkaware) happens when the sedative effects of the alcohol wears off as your body processes it.

“You can begin to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms similar to feelings people who are dependent on alcohol may have,” the site said.

Image via flickr

Psychological symptoms include feeling depressed or anxious, with many feeling the effects of this as they are feeling the effects of alcohol withdraw.

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings explained to UNILAD:

“As alcohol leaves the body during the night, it also depletes your levels of serotonin, the chemical that regulates our mood, so you might feel even more stressed the next day. If you’ve had a pretty standard hangover before and then get your first proper hangxiety attack, you are much more likely to have them in the future.”

Image via flickr

In addition, our brains “remember” the additional feelings of stress, guilt, concern as well as our fear of experiencing hangxiety again — therefore heightening our stress and increasing the chances of it happening.

It should also be noted that hanxiety is more prevalent in people who are prone to anxiety in the first place — especially those who use alcohol as a social lubricant to calm their nerves.

A psychotherapist from London, Hilda Burke, shares a similar narrative, stating:

“While alcohol may feel initially like a conversation “lubricant”, unfortunately it can seem like more of an inappropriate “laxative” for others.”

Image via Nice Pik

Burke also works with many clients who “self medicate” with alcohol in an attempt to silence their anxious thoughts only to find that these exact thoughts are exaggerated the very next day with their hangover.

Burke continued to share:

“Most of my clients who self medicate this way also feel intense shame about it – they often express a sense of frustration about why they do it to themselves knowing that the outcome will be that they feel twice as bad about themselves. So while the act itself feels self destructive, their self judgement on that act compounds the feeling even further.”

While this boy lay dying on ground, 50 teenagers recorded him from a distance on their phones

A 16-year-old died after being stabbed during a street fight in New York on earlier in the month.

Close to 50 other teens witnessed the fight, according to police, but instead of helping – stood by and filmed the incident — posting it to social media.

Khaseen Morris, the victim, died in the hospital after suffering stab wounds.

Image via Pix11

Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick of the Nassau County Police Department told reporters in a press conference the following:

“They videoed his death instead of helping him. This can’t go on. Your friends are dying while you stand there and video it. That’s egregious.”

And when speaking about the number of people who appear to be in the video, Fitzpatrick added:

“There’s got to be about 50, 60, 70 kids here. We have a handful of kids that have come forward and have identified subjects involved in this. There is definitely more.”

He added any witnesses should come forward as soon as possible, saying “after I put handcuffs on you is not going to be the time.”

Image via Pix11

Authorities have yet to make any arrests, but Fitzpatrick said they have persons of interest they are looking into and believe the incident to be a targeted attack. The fight alleged broke out over a girl.

Kedeemah Morris, Khaseen’s older sister, shared with the New York Times she believed the fight happened after a 10th-grade girl asked Khaseen to walk her home — which she suspected was intended to make an ex-boyfriend jealous.

Kadeemah also alleged her brother had been threatened by the ex-boyfriend.

“My brother, he shrugged stuff like that off. He told the boy he didn’t want his girlfriend, it was nothing like that, he just walked her home. The boy said he didn’t care,” she said.

Image via Pix11

Kadeemah said her brother was a “sweet,” and “funny” boy who said he was “friends with everyone.”

An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, saw the tragic event unfold, saying Khaseen was ‘ambushed’.

They shared with ABC7:

“There was a bunch of people sitting by the Chinese restaurant… about 15 kids, and then all of a sudden while I was on the phone speaking – eight, seven or eight kids came from the north and targeted certain people that I believe they were looking for.”

Detective Fitzpatrick relayed how police are now searching for six to seven different assailants, each reportedly from different schools and how he believes “all players are known to each other.”