The world’s most beautiful gardens will leave you feeling inspired and serene

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The thirst for green spaces in New York City is never more apparent than the first warm day each spring. Thousands of nature-starved city dwellers stake out their territory in parks with beach towels, turning places like Central Park’s Sheep Meadow into a 15-acre patchwork quilt.

There is, however, a peaceful, green oasis in the city complete with lush rain forests, towering cacti and orchids elegantly dripping from hanging pots — and it can be enjoyed even during the most dreary winter days.

The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx has been a world-class institute since 1891 when, in an effort to turn New York City into a global cosmopolitan capital, two eminent botanists took a picturesque piece of city-property and transformed it into a living museum.

Today, the 250-acre estate offers a little bit of everything to visitors. There is a garden home to over 650 varieties of roses, filling the summer air with pure perfume. The rock garden, which trims a meandering stream with alpine blossoms, feels like a piece of Switzerland, instead of a subway ride away from Times Square. There is also a perennial garden filled with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of vibrant flowers.

For keen gardening enthusiasts, the New York Botanical Garden’s Victorian-style glass conservatory may feel familiar. The botanists who founded the Bronx garden drew their inspiration from a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew near London, whose crystalline palm house is iconic.

And New York isn’t the only city with a stunning garden that can help you take a break from the crushing masses — some of the world’s most beautiful botanic gardens can be found in bustling cities like Montreal, Singapore and more.

Click below to see where these living works of art can be found:

Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Huntington Library Cactus Garden, San Marino, California

Image via flickr

Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Giverny, France

Image via flickr

National Orchid Garden, Singapore

Image via flickr

The New York Botanical Garden, New York City

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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Don’t Throw Away Your Easy-Bake Oven! It Can Be Worth A Ton

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If you grew up in any era before the ’00s, chances are you’ve probably heard of the iconic one-stop-shop cooking tool we’ve come to know as the Easy Bake Oven. Since its inception in 1963, the beloved toy has been regarded by many as “peak childhood.”

“There’s just something satisfying about being able to mix and bake cakes on your own without your parents’ help. I think that’s why it’s remained popular for so many years,” says Todd Coopee, author of Light Bulb Baking and an avid collector of the well-known product.

Although the Easy Bake Oven technically was not the first working toy oven for children, the product grew in popularity due to use of a light bulb as a heat source — in addition to the vast array of ingredients and baking utensils available.

While the toy may have gained notoriety in the ’90s, the classic baking machine is worth a ton today. Many have sold their set on eBay and have earned as much as $300 for it.

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Here’s The First Look Inside Disney’s Newest Attraction, “Toy Story Land”

Get ready cowboys and cowgirls, because we don’t have much longer to wait for Toy Story Land to open! That’s right, the film that introduced us to the beautiful minds of Pixar is finally getting it’s own theme park.


Yep, you got a friend in me, because I’m about to tell you all about this amazing dream-like place. Rides include the Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania! (they added the exclamation point, not me).

Image Via Disney

Here’s what their website has to say about Slinky Dog Dash:

“Andy’s assembled his Mega Coaster Play Kit—and Slinky Dog is gonna take you on a wild, toy-filled adventure. Come along for a roller-coaster-style ride as he bends and twists and stretches his way all throughout this new land.”

Image Via Disney

It looks like the Swirling Saucers ride is just a Toy Story spin on bumper cars, but if you can scream, “YOU HAVE SAVED OUR LIVES, WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL,” then I’m all in.

Image Via Disney

Next you have Toy Story Mania! and this seems to be a spin on the classic laser shooting game. In their words, it’s a 4D shootin’ game starring popular characters.

Now if you take you and your family there, you will probably be pretty hungry for overpriced food. There’s nothing you can really do about it, so embrace it at Woody’s Lunch Box!

According to their website it sounds pretty fun also:

“Lasso your hunger with a meal from Woody’s Lunch Box—opening soon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

During your upcoming Toy Story Land adventures, be sure to drop by this food stop for a toy-riffic meal. Dishing out all sorts of tasty treats for “honorary toys,” Woody’s Lunch Box features classic American fare, old-fashioned soda floats and other Toy Story-themed specialties.”

From their images on the website though, it seems like they are serving up glorified pop tarts? I guess I’ll have to just go to give a proper review.

Image Via Disney

So when’s it opening?! Well good news partners, it’s coming this June 30th! It will be at Disney World, aka the Florida one. Take a look below, Good Morning America got a first look at the attraction and it looks like so much fun, no matter what age you are!

So maybe Florida is too far for you? Well if you were already planning on going to Disney Land (the California one) you can still have some Toy Story nostalgia. This past April, they opened “Alien’s Pizza Planet – A Better Place.” It replaced the Red Rose Taverne, and it’s supposed to be temporary but…the Tavern was there for over a year and that was originally slated to be temporary.

From what I’m seeing on Instagram, it looks like a whole lot of fun. There’s nothing more I wanted to do than go to a real Pizza Planet after watching the original Toy Story.

Of course I hope none of you run into Sid while you’re there. It even looks healthy, are those cucumbers on a dang pizza?!

Anyways, if you are planning the family trip to either Disney park, you will be able to have some Toy Story fun for sure!

Did You Know There’s A ‘Friends’ Monopoly And It’s Perfect For Your Next Game Night

Oh the 90’s. What a better time in society, even though we were in a different war. It was a somewhat safer time too. Don’t even get me started about how gas prices were wayyyy better. Honestly the best thing about the 90’s though was the TV shows. We had The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld and of course Friends.

Friends graced our screens for ten years and reruns still get huge ratings so it was smart of them and Monopoly to team up for an amazing themed set! Maybe this one won’t even make you hate your friends and family!


The game explains:

“Play as either Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey or Chandler by choosing one of the exclusive tokens which are iconic to the gang.

Will it be Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest or even Phoebe’s acoustic guitar? As you pivot around the table you will be taken down memory lane of the best memories from Friends.”


Matt LeBlanc recently shut down any possible reunion shows, saying:

“I don’t want to do it – simple. People want to know what happened to them. But it was about a finite period in a person’s life after college, before you settle down and start a family. To go back and revisit all these years later, well I don’t know what the story would be now. They would all have moved on from that period so it just wouldn’t be the same.”

More people need to be blunt like that when it comes to reboots. But that doesn’t mean you have to just binge reruns on Netflix! Sidenote, did you know that that was a thing? Yeah you can watch all your favorite episodes on Netflix!


So how can you get your hands on it? You have a few different options, first you can nab it on Amazon which might be the easiest way even though it’s more expensive.

If it’s sold out there a site called “The Works” that sells them from England. Hurry though you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to pass Central Perk instead of GO right?!

So maybe you’re not that into Friends, but you love Monopoly?! Well there are A LOT of different themed versions. Just to name a few there is I Love Lucy, The Three Stooges, The Simpsons, Family Guy, SpongeBob SquarePants or Adventure Time.

Still not sold? Then go to the dark side and get the Monopoly game that is exclusively for the cheaters in your life. Maybe you are even one of them!

Just a few of the cheats that you are trying to get away with include:

– Removing a hotel from someone else’s property
– Moving another player’s token instead of your own on your turn.
– Giving someone less money than you owe them.
– Stealing money from the bank
– Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass go.
– Collecting rent for someone else’s property
– Placing a hotel on one of your pieces of property

Take a look further at this version here!

Alright so I’ve given you like 17 different versions of Monopoly to get mad at your grandma with, but I’m not taking responsibility for your relationships that will go down over this.

You’re About To Go Crazy For This 90s-Themed Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

Cards Against Humanity is like our generation’s bridge. You know that game ever grandma you know plays? Well I can’t wait to play it when I’m an old guy with all the people in the old home.

You know we are going to do it, it’s not like we are going to lose our first love of a card game and go to BRIDGE.

Well to keep the lovers of 90s pop culture loving Cards Against Humanity, they have unleashed a 90s nostalgia pack that is less than $10! It’s even available on Amazon Prime so you can have it ASAP!

Here are few examples of the white cards:

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

Here are a few examples of the black cards:

Image Via Amazon

Image Via Amazon

So what are you waiting for? Grab them now before Y2K happens again!

How Much Each ‘Friends’ Star Is Worth Today

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You can always count on Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross for a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of laughs. But trust us, the net worths of each cast member is no joke.

Jennifer Aniston, Matt Leblanc, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer starred in “Friends” for 10 years, and together built one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time.

The television series launched these six big names into fame — and into a ton of cash. Although the group may have struggled with finances on the show, it’s safe to say the actors are certainly not living paycheck to paycheck in real life.


All together, the group of six is worth a grand total of $540 million — but we broke it down for you to see which star carries the most wealth, according to Did Monica outearn her brother Ross? How is Lisa Kudrow stacking up to Jennifer Aniston today? Which celebrity is currently worth the most?

Check out the net worth of the cast below — some of the numbers may surprise you.

Jennifer Aniston: $150 million


Courteney Cox: $120 million


Lisa Kudrow: $60 million


Matthew Perry: $70 million


Matt Leblanc: $60 million


David Schwimmer: $80 million


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How Much Each ‘Seinfeld’ Star Is Worth Today

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“Seinfeld” is widely recognized as one of the most successful American sitcoms of all time, boasting 10 Emmys, 68 Emmy nominations, 3 Golden Globes, 15 Golden Globe nominations, yada yada yada… the list goes on.

Through nine seasons and years and years of reruns following, the series and cast alike have gathered a cult following. Although a self-described “show about nothing,” “Seinfeld” fans across the world will argue this show is everything.

Written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and starring Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight, the critically acclaimed ’90s sitcom aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998.

Given its enormous success, it’s no surprise each cast member walked away with a hefty paycheck after nine seasons. However, the total net worth of each star 20 years after the series ended may come as a shock.
CNBC analyzed scripts and calculated Jerry Seinfeld made a whopping $13,000 per line by the final season. He was grossing approximately $1 million an episode with his sidekicks Elaine, George and Kramer not far behind, averaging $600,000 an episode each. Check out below to see the total net worth of each individual.

Jerry Seinfeld: $800 million


Larry David: $400 million


Julia Louis-Dreyfus: $200 million


Jason Alexander: $50 million


Michael Richards: $45 million


Wayne Knight: $8 million


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These Are The Craziest Things That Hollywood Stars Have Done To Look Beautiful

Going to extremes to attain a beautiful look isn’t a new thing. All that has changed are the methods that people go to to achieve it. Today, there’s botox, facelifts and a thousand different cosmetic surgery procedures that someone can undergo in the hopes of looking fresher, fitter and flashier. In the past, the means and ways of attaining perfection were even more varied. Some were fads, some worked and many were highly harmful.

Before the dawn of modern surgery, vintage Hollywood stars did everything they could to look their best. Did you know that the most respected movie star veterans did beauty practices that would be considered shocking by today’s standards?

Here’s a look at the extreme lengths old Hollywood stars went to for beauty:

Source: Biography

Joan Crawford was one of the biggest stars of Depression era cinema, and is the only person to have the strange honor of being both an Oscar winning actress and chairman of the Pepsi-Cola company. She also explained, in her autobiography, that during her years on the silver screen, she had a really weird beauty treatment. She cleaned her eyes with boric acid twice a day to make them sparkle. This might sound incredibly dangerous, and it is, but apparently Crawford was onto something. Most modern eye wash solutions use boric acid, albeit in a very diluted form. Just to be clear, however, applying undiluted boric acid onto the eyes is very dangerous and should never be tried at home.

Source: Pinterest

Marlene Dietrich was another Depression era Hollywood screen actor. To break into Hollywood, she had to translate her appeal in German cinema to the American audience. To do this, she had a very expensive trick. She sprinkled real gold dust in her wigs to make them shine. If that sounds expensive now, imagine what it would have been like during the Great Depression. Each wig required over $400 worth of gold to be added every time it was dusted. This trick worked, and Dietrich soon became one of the highest paid actresses in the world.  

Source: Listal

Fannie Ward was a silent film star who was famous for her perpetually young looks. Her method of attaining this youthful look was through undergoing perhaps the cheapest beauty regime known to man: hanging upside down. She hung upside down for 30 minutes each day to maintain her youthful look. Seeing as her young appearance was noted throughout her life, it seems to have been effective.

Source: The Telegraph

Judy Garland is eternally famous for playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Sadly, the story of how she had to break into the cinema industry is dark. Pioneering Hollywood producer Louis B Mayer immediately signed her to MGM when he heard her singing voice, but after seeing her onscreen for the first time, when she was 13, he was convinced that she looked too fat for Hollywood. He made her undergo a wide range of extreme diets. By the time she was 18, she was put on a diet of chicken soup, black coffee, and 80 cigarettes a day to lose weight. All of the stresses of having to undergo such a strict and unhealthy diet at such a young age would have terrible consequences on her mental and physical health, and Judy Garland died of a drug overdose aged 47.

Source: Wikipedia

Rita Hayworth was the number 1 pin up girl for American soldiers during World War II. However, in the 1930s, she struggled to gain success. So in 1936, at the insistence of Columbia Pictures, she underwent several changes. She changed her last name from Cansino to Hayworth, and to look less “ethnic,” she went through a year’s worth of electrolysis to raise her hairline. Afterward, her career began to steadily rise, until she became an outright star in the 1941.

Source: Telegraph

Gloria Grahame was known as a 1940s and ‘50s sexpot. In particular, the fullness of her lips were famously attractive to audiences.To achieve this look, she stuffed cotton and paper below her upper lip, exaggerating her real features. The men she kissed on screen only became aware of this beauty trick during the filming of the scene, as the paper had a tendency to transfer to the men during the kiss. In later years, she underwent cosmetic surgery on her lips, to make them look fuller. However, due to the rudimentary nature of plastic surgery at the time, she inadvertently ended up permanently paralysing her lip.  

The things we do for beauty.

Header Image Source: Silver Screenings

Meet the Girl Who Inspired ‘Alice in Wonderland’…She Looks Just Like Her!

This is what the real life Alice from the 1951 Alice in Wonderland Disney animation looked like.

Kathryn Beaumont was the girl who voiced the character and played Alice for Disney’s animators. Walt Disney originally chose Beaumont to only be the voice of Alice. But he loved her look so much that she also became a model for the character.

Image source: D23

Animators used Beaumont’s body movements and facial expressions for the animated Alice. The process is called live action reference. Disney often used footage of real actors as inspiration for their illustrations. It helped them draw more accordingly.

In an interview in the 1980s, Beaumont said of seeing the Alice in Wonderland animation again, “When I look at the film now, I can recognize some of the movements. It’s a little like seeing myself 30 years ago. I can see some of the mannerisms I used, which the animators captured to give the characters a naturalness of movement.”

Image Source: Bored Panda

Beaumont went on to voice Wendy Darling in Peter Pan. Once again, she acted out the physical movements of the character for the animators to reference. However, this time the performance required her to be hoisted into the air on wires, to aid with animating the flying sequences.

File:Wendy Darling disney.jpg

Image Source: Descendants Wiki

After this performance, she decided to put off her acting career. Instead, she enrolled in the University of Southern California and became a teacher. For the rest of the 20th century, Beaumont only took on two more brief acting roles on the screen and occasionally recorded dialogue for other Disney related items, such as on Theme park attractions.  

However, her roles as Alice and Wendy constantly overshadowed Beaumont’s teaching career. In an interview in 2011 with Hero Complex, she recounted how a concerned motheronce came to her, saying that her daughter and her had gotten into an argument after the the daughter insisted that Alice in Alice in Wonderland was actually her teacher. Beaumont informed the mother that her daughter was correct and had detected her actual voice in the animation.

Image Source: Reddit

Fifty years after her original work on Alice in Wonderland, Beaumont reprised her role as Alice in the animated TV show Disney’s House of Mouse. Not many actors get to reprise their characters half a century after their first appearance. Beaumont also lent her vocal talents to the 2002 video game Kingdom Hearts, reprising both Alice and Wendy.

Beaumont decided to retire from both Wendy and Alice after the release of Kingdom Hearts. However, her career with Disney continued, and in 2010 she played Kairi’s Grandma in the video game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.  

Image Source: Kingdom Hearts Wiki

She is now 79 years old and hasn’t voiced a role in 7 years. However, with the enduring appeal of Disney, she may well return.

With a span of 59 years between roles, voicing a character in 1951 and then another in 2010 means that Beaumont is technically one of the actors with the longest Disney careers of all. Even before she returned to Disney, she was awarded the prestigious Disney Legends award in 1998, for extraordinary contribution to the corporation.

What a fascinating behind the scenes look at our favorite Disney movies.

Header Image Source: IMDB/First for Women

There are Over 43 Quintillion Ways To Solve A Rubik’s Cube And 19 Other Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Toy

The Rubik’s Cube has been a fixture in people’s lives for decades. It’s both a strong symbol of ‘80s culture and something that kids and adults still like to play with in the present day. Like Lego, the Rubik’s Cube is timeless, appeals across the world and has occupied countless spare hours.  

While some people love Rubik’s Cubes and others get extremely frustrated by them, there’s no denying that the Rubik’s Cube has impacted the world in a way few toys do. As you may imagine for such an appealing and popular toy, there are many interesting facts about it.

Here are some things about the Rubik’s Cube that you may not have known:

The Rubik’s Cube was created by Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, in 1974. He wanted to create an “apparently impossible object.” So impossible, in fact, that it took Rubik himself over a month to solve it the first time round.
Image Source: Wikipedia

When Rubik invented his Cube, he wasn’t even intending it to be a toy. He only noticed its appealing puzzling quality when he was first trying to solve it.  

It was originally called “Magic Cube,” and from 1977, it was only available in Budapest. However, strong sales and promotion in a Nuremberg toy fair led to international distributors wanting to license the toy.
Image Source: Wikipedia

In 1980, the toy’s international distributor, Ideal Toy Corp, changed the name to “Rubik’s Cube,” in the fear of it sounding “too witchy.” Before settling on “Rubik’s Cube”, the distributor also considered naming it “The Gordian Knot” and “Inca Gold.”

It has become the best selling toy in the world, with over 350 million purchases. Image Source: Yahoo

It even won the top toy awards in the UK, France, Germany and the US in 1980.

The Rubik’s Cube was featured on the cover of Scientific American in 1981. Image Source: We Are The mutants

Many instructional books on how to solve the Cube were written during its initial craze. In fact, three of the best selling books in America in 1981 were about solving the Rubik’s Cube, including the top selling book The Simple Solution To Rubik’s Cube by James G. Nourse. This 64 page book sold 6,680,000 copies in its first year.

For many years, the largest Rubik’s Cube of all time stood at ten feet high and was constructed for the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair. However, a 26 feet high version was revealed at Burning Man in 2011.
Image Source: PC World

There was even a cartoon show about the toy called Rubik, the Amazing Cube. This show starred a magic Rubik’s Cube called Rubik. He could fly and had many superhero powers. However, he only came to life when his puzzle was solved. 13 episodes were made.  

The 26 miniature cubes that make up the apparatus are called cubies or cubelets.

Image Source: Quora

There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different ways to solve it. That’s right, over 43 quintillion.

The Rubik’s Cube also has an international governing body, The World Cube Association. Since 2003, it has been organizing worldwide competitions and keeping world records.

Image Source: The World Cube Association

The Rubik’s Cube has even inspired its own sport: speedcubing. As you may guess from the name, speedcubers attempt to solve Rubik’s Cubes and other similar toys as fast as possible. The first speedcubing championship took place in 1981 in Munich.

The World Cube Association also hosts events where cubes are solved in more challenging ways. These include blindfolded solving, single handed solving and feet only solving.

Image Source: Memory Sports

The current world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube is 4.59 Seconds. South Korean SeungBeom Cho set this record on 28th October 2017 in an event held in Chicago Illinois. He was 18 years old at the time.

The world record for one handed Rubik’s Cube solving is 6.88 seconds. Australian Feliks Zemdegs set this record in 2017 in Malaysia.

The world record for feet only Rubik’s Cube solving is 20.57 seconds. Polish Jakub Kipa set this record in 2015 at an event in Poland.Image source: BT

However, robots have already beaten humans to the record of fastest Rubik’s Cube solving time. A robot called Sub1 solved one in 0.887 seconds.

In later years, Erno Rubik invented other puzzles, including the Rubik’s Snake. More recently, he founded a range of organizations that aim to get more young people into science, math and problem solving careers, by using his puzzles as a starting point. These organizations are called Beyond Rubik’s Cube, the Rubik Learning Initiative and the Judit Polgar Foundation.

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Header Image Source: Fortune

These 18 Simpsons Tattoos Are Incredible! Will You Get All The References?

For most millennials, The Simpsons is more than just a TV show: it’s part of who they are. They grew up with The Simpsons, and its humor, characters and cultural references will stay with them forever. Some fans have taken this to a whole new level. These people love The Simpsons so much that they made it official by getting tattoos.

These are the best Simpsons tattoos:

Source: Pinterest

It takes guts for someone to get a tattoo of perpetual loser and Bart’s sidekick, Milhouse. Admittedly, that the text is of one of Milhouse’s funniest jokes on the show helps. It’s not hard to imagine this tattoo brightening up even the most difficult work days. Source: Pinterest

Drawing on one of the trippiest Simpsons episodes ever, El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), this tattoo depicts Home Simpson’s journey of self discovery. Fun fact: the space coyote from this episode was played by Johnny Cash. Source: Pinterest

Wow, this tattoo looks pretty dark. Taken out of context (which must happen with a tattoo like this frequently) it looks like it’s just lamenting Barney’s death. However, what this actually depicts is a scene from a short film that Barney made in one episode.  Source: Pinterest

Another interesting choice for a tattoo. Without her hair, it will be hard for most to recognize that that’s supposed to be Lisa Simpson and that toddler aged Bart has just done something extremely mischievous. Source: Pinterest

Someone apparently loves Lisa’s grunge phase, perhaps a little too much. This one comes from the episode where the Simpson family all go on a beach vacation, for those who can’t quite remember. Source: Pinterest

On first glance, it’s hard to even recognize this as a Simpsons reference. This joke will resonate to anyone with an obscure name, who was never able to find any
merchandise with their names printed on it while growing up.


This is certainly a memorable scene. Homer’s hyper religious neighbor Ned Flanders goes skiing, exclaiming that his outfit makes him feel like he’s wearing nothing at all. The scene wouldn’t go out of Homer’s head, and neither could it for this person, it seems. Source: Pinterest

The Simpsons/X-Files crossover episode climax clearly resonated with this dedicated viewer. Again, for those that haven’t seen it, they may just think it’s a bad likeness of Mr Burns.  Source:

The second tattoo from the film festival episode on this list. Hans Moleman’s clothes don’t match the character on the show though. Weird.
Source: Pinterest

Another one that to the untrained eye could just look like a bad likeness. Hint: that’s not actually Homer. That’s a fish and a lightbulb combined. Source: Pinterest

Kang and Kodos. One for each leg. This looks like one that the owner may some day regret.Source:

The second tattoo with a Lisa that’s hard to recognize as Lisa. It’s a shame they didn’t also have Ralph Wiggum’s attempt at Idaho stood next to her.

Source: Sink The Ink

Perhaps Milhouse has a higher appreciation than previously thought. Not bad for a character named after a failed president (Nixon’s middle name was Milhous.)Source: Pinterest

A recognizable Lisa delivering a strong political message. This message is more poignant than ever.Source:

Rainier Wolfcastle delivers his most famous, perhaps only famous, line.Source:

A young Homer, believe it or not.Source: Pinterest

A donut Homer, believe it or not. Considering Homer is arguably the most famous character, it’s interesting to see him so underrepresented in tattoo form.Source: Pinterest

This one must be the king of hard-to-recognize Simpsons tattoos. Also, surprisingly, the third Millhouse related item.

Header Image Source: News Locker

Ever thought about what your last words will be? These are the awesome last words of famous people.

“They Couldn’t Hit An Elephant At This Distance.” That was the last thing that Union General John Sedgwick ever said before being shot to death by Confederate troops.

Source: Wikipedia

Ever thought about what your last words will be? Whether you’re as well spoken as Shakespeare or a monosyllabic slob, the last thing you ever say will surely be poignant. In many instances, people’s last words become something that resonates with those who remember them. Not everyone has the luxury of knowing when they will say the last thing they ever say, but others get one last opportunity to remind people of who they were.

Many famous dead people are known not just for their careers but also for the profound, shocking and sometimes downright funny things they said just before dying. Here are some of the most famous last words and the stories behind them:

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO.

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

These words might sound strange, but in context they are touching. Jobs was looking at his children and long term partner when he made these exclamations. He then lost consciousness, never to wake again. Tragically, Steve Jobs’ death at the age of 56 appears to have been completely avoidable. He had the only treatable form of pancreatic cancer, but he decided to rely on alternative medicine, which did not cure him the way he expected.

Source: The Telegraph

Groucho Marx, Comedian.

“Die my dear? Why, that’s the last thing I’ll do!”

Groucho Marx was one of the wittiest comedians of all time, so it’s apt that his last words were as ironic as his humor. Marx was 86 when he died and had lived a hugely successful life. Interestingly, his grave contains no message. Perhaps those he left behind thought that nothing would top these last words.

Source: The Mob Museum

Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Mob Leader.

“Tell Georgie I want to get in the movies one way or another.”

The mobster said this to a movie producer moments before his luck finally ran out and he had a heart attack. To date, actors have played Luciano in over a dozen movies, meaning that his last wish came true.


Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the U.K.

“I’m so bored with it all.”

Seeing as Winston Churchill had led a hugely successful life, winning the biggest war in history, serving as UK prime minister twice, winning the Nobel Prize in literature and a whole host of other achievements, these words may sound strange. However, there was a much darker side to Winston Churchill than many ever saw publicly. He suffered from depression throughout his entire life, which he called “the black dog.” By the time of his death, he had also suffered from 10 different strokes and was mostly deaf.


Salvador Dali, Surrealist Painter.

“Where is my clock?”

This one is debated, but if it’s true, it is apt. Salvador Dali’s most famous painting is The Persistence of Memory, which is known by many as “the melting clock picture.” Dali’s last years were difficult. His wife of 49 years tragically died in 1983, and he made several suicide attempts. Eventually, he would die of heart failure in 1989.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Roger Ebert, Film Critic.

“See you at the movies.”

The famous film critic had actually lost the ability to speak many years before his death. Therefore, most people cite his last published article before dying as his last words. For someone who spent so much of his life in movie theaters, these words had a strong resonance.


Frank Sinatra, Singer.

“I’m losing it.”

When the musical legend died, he was with his wife in the hospital. She encouraged him to fight off the effects of his heart attack. “I’m losing it” was his reply. Sinatra was also suffering from dementia at the time of his death, meaning that his words had even more poignancy.

Source: The Guardian

James Brown, Singer.

“I’m going away tonight.”

James Brown died of a heart attack on Christmas Day in 2006. These were his words on Christmas morning. It seems that he realized how severe his heart attack was. A sad end for a musical great.

Source: Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger, Birth Control Activist.

“A party! Let’s have a party.”

The last words of Margaret Sanger may seem odd, but her lifelong battle for birth control for women had finally achieved success shortly before her death. Sanger had opened the US’ first birth control clinic in 1916 and founded Planned Parenthood in the 1950s, but birth control was only legalized throughout the US a year before she died.

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Did You Know That Red Lips Were Once A Sign Of Witchcraft? Here’s The Surprising History Of Red Lipstick

Red lips are a classic beauty trend. But how did it become so iconic? It turns out that red lipstick is much older than you thought, dating back to the earliest days of civilization. Also, red lips have meant many different things over the years, some of them shocking.

Here’s the fascinating history of red lipstick:

3000 – 30 BC

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It is thought that Ancient Mesopotamian men and women were the first to invent lipstick. Evidence states that they used crushed gemstones to color their lips. Also, the Indus Valley Civilization of South Asia liked to use red dye on their lips. It isn’t known if one culture influenced the other with their red lipstick trends, but it seems likely.

The Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra was the first historical figure to use red lipstick. She used crushed ants, carmine, and beeswax for a red pout. However, this use of lipstick had nothing to do with femininity. In Ancient Egypt, lipstick was a sign of social status, worn by men and women. Egyptians other than Cleopatra made red lipstick from a combination of fucus algin, iodine and bromine mannite. However, this is a toxic combination, and it meant that most who used this lipstick suffered terrible illnesses.

The influence of Egypt’s use of lipstick spread throughout Europe. Both the Greek and Roman empires used lipstick, most notably for actors.

One civilization that started using lipstick without any influence from other civilizations was the Aboriginals of Australia. Aboriginal girls often painted their mouths red with a clay called ochre as a sign of reaching puberty.

Dark Ages-1500s

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Red lipstick died out for a number of reasons. Most notably, lipstick was condemned as satanic by the most prominent force in Europe, the Catholic Church. Still, red lipstick was sometimes used in Europe, but it had a bad reputation, as people considered it only fit for lower-class women,

Red lipstick had a revival in 16th century England. Queen Elizabeth I wore it and paired red lips with a pale face. The English red lipstick of the time was made with beeswax and red plants. Much like in Egyptian times, red lipstick became a status symbol, worn only by those in high society. However, actors did also continue to use it.  After Queen Elizabeth I’s death, red lipstick became unpopular in England again.

1770 -1880

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British parliament deemed that red lips were a type of witchery. They even passed a law stating that women who wore makeup were witches luring men into marriage. Similarly in America, (which was still a British colony at the time) the government decreed that a man could annul his marriage if a woman wore lipstick during their courtship, as this was interpreted as trickery.

This negative perception of red lipstick stuck, and up until the late 19th century using red lipstick was discouraged.


Image Source: Red Typewriter

French actress Sarah Bernhardt started the re-emergence of red lipstick and cosmetics in general. She began wearing lipstick and other make-up off the stage. It was controversial at the time, but it had an effect. Sears started offering red lipstick for the first time in the 1890s.

Early 1900s

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Red lipstick really started to take off in the beginning of the 20th century. American women who kept up with fashion trends all started applying it. However, there were still a range of articles published that urged women to use it sparingly.

In 1915, Maurice Levy invented the first metal lipstick tube. Before that, lipstick was wrapped in silk paper. Pretty quickly, beauty companies like Chanel and Estée Lauder began selling lipstick.

By the 1920s, red lipstick was more acceptable in American society than ever before. Flapper women wore dark red lipstick as a symbol of independence. Some strange restrictions remained. For example, it was acceptable to publicly apply lipstick at lunch but never dinner.


At the start of the 1940s, all lipstick, including red lipstick, was scarce due to wartime shortages.

However, by the end of the decade, red lipstick was seen in workplaces across the United States, due to women entering the workforce. Also, Hazel Bishop invented long lasting lipstick, which would allow women to get through the workday with their lipstick intact.


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By the ‘50s, every silver screen actress donned red lips. This had a huge effect on the American public. A survey from 1951 showed that over 2/3s of female teenagers in the US wore lipstick.

1960s and ‘70s

The ‘60s and ‘70s was not a big era for red lipstick. These decades saw more nude shades with the mod era and darker colors during the punk movement.

1980s and ‘90s

Image source: The Blogazine

Red made a comeback in the ‘80s and ‘90s with Madonna. To this day, red remains a classic lip color. However, there are more shades of lipstick available than ever before.

Despite this competition, it’s hard to imagine red lipstick disappearing. As the last 5000 years have shown, it’s got staying power.

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James Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1 (and 19 other interesting facts about The Terminator)

Even communist filmmakers that hated Hollywood cinema loved The Terminator. For example, Tarkovsky, a crazy Russian auteur, who famously usually hated any film that was for a large audience, said its “vision of the future and the relation between man and its destiny is pushing the frontier of cinema as an art.” This trend of high praise has continued into present day; The Terminator still has a rare 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, for example.    

Seeing as The Terminator is something that even the harshest critics have praised, it’s not hard to imagine that there are many interesting, strange and incredible facts about its making, release and reception.

Here are the things you may not have known about The Terminator:

  1. The idea for the movie came from a nightmare director James Cameron had. Cameron had dreamed of a solid chrome torso crawling out of an explosion. After he woke up, he wrote up the story for The Terminator.
  2. Cameron’s other inspirations for The Terminator included 1960s TV series The Outer Limits, Halloween, The Driver and Mad Max 2.  
  3. Cameron’s agent hated the concept for The Terminator and insisted that Cameron work on a different project. Cameron refused and fired his agent.   
  4. The Terminator was only Cameron’s second full length film. His first was Piranha II: The Spawning. However, Cameron later stated that he doesn’t consider Piranha II as his first movie, due to not having much of a say during the production.  
  5. An early idea was for two terminators to be sent back in time. This idea was used in the movie’s sequels.
  6. Cameron wrote the film with his friend, Bill Wisher, long distance. They would discuss what they were writing by telephone and record the conversations.
  7. Cameron sold the rights to The Terminator for $1. He made Gale Anne Hurd, whom he sold it to, promise that he would direct the film in exchange for this very low price.
  8. During the pitch meeting for the movie, Cameron had actor Lance Henriksen, who plays detective Hal Vukovich, dress as the Terminator. Henriksen broke down the office door while wearing a ripped shirt, combat boots and foil. Executives loved the gimmick and greenlit the movie.
  9. The studio originally wanted O.J. Simpson to play the Terminator. The part was also offered to both Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson, but after a successful meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron knew he was right for the role.
  10. Cameron stated that O.J Simpson was not right as the Terminator, as he didn’t feel Simpson was believable as a killer.
  11. Initially, Schwarzenegger did not think that The Terminator would be very successful. He stated in his memoir that “it took a while to figure out that Cameron was the real deal.”
  12. And Sting was considered for the role of Kyle Reese before it went to Michael Biehn.
  13. Biehn researched the resistance movement in Poland in World War II to get into the character of Reese.
  14. Seven artists worked on the Terminator skeleton puppet. It was made out of clay, plaster, urethane molding and an epoxy and fiberglass casting. It was then chrome-plated and distressed.
  15. In a gap during production of The Terminator, Cameron wrote the script for Rambo: First Blood Part II.
  16. One week before shooting started, Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor, sprained her ankle, which led to last minute scheduling changes so she could recover. Nevertheless, she spent most of the shoot in pain.
  17. Schwarzenegger had difficulty pronouncing the line, “I’ll be back” and tried to change it. He wanted it changed to, “I will be back,” but Cameron refused.
  18. When the movie finished editing, Orion Pictures, the studio, did not have much faith and thought it would get very negative reviews.

  19. Harlan Ellison, a writer, threatened to sue The Terminator, as he thought it infringed the copyright of an episode of The Outer Limits that he had written. Despite the threat, he still said that he loved the film.
  20. Orion settled Ellison’s infringement claim out of court for an undisclosed sum of money.

Remember dELiA*s? Bet you didn’t know that it was actually started by 2 MEN (and 15 other interesting facts about every ‘90s girl’s favorite fashion catalog!

Many young women in the USA today would probably cite dELiA*s as a huge influence on their upbringing. dELiA*s wasn’t just any old fashion catalog, it was the place for teenage and pre-teen girls to find the best clothing that wouldn’t break their pocket money budgets.

For such a once ubiquitous brand, not that many know the story behind its creation, innovation, and saturation. For example, did you know the following info about one of your favorite childhood memories?

  1. dELiA*s was founded in 1993 by 2 former Yale roommates, Stephen Kahn and Christopher Edgar.
  2. Though young women’s fashion was and is a highly competitive marketplace, the founders of dELiA*s convinced investors by pitching the company as the MTV of the fashion world.

  3. It was originally aimed at college-aged women, but that demographic wasn’t so keen on it. But their little sisters were. So dELiA*s was marketed to high school students instead.
  4. Within 4 years, the company had annual sales of $158 million.
  5. At the height of its popularity, dELiA*s received up to 5000 catalog requests every single day.
  6. It is estimated that 10% of the 40 million female millennials currently living in the U.S. have requested a dELiA*s catalog.
  7. There was a version for boys called Droog, but it wasn’t as popular and folded in 2000.
  8. Creative director Charlene Benson worked on the catalog when she wasn’t at her day job at Mademoiselle. Benson said that she enjoyed working for dELiA*s because it gave her more unique opportunities than at Condé Nast, such as using photos where models were making faces and incorporating randomly capitalized font.
  9. Benson also admitted that she conducted zero market research while creating dELiA*s. However, she has said that she looked at numerous teen magazines of the time and decided that the catalogue was to be aimed at that market, but in a different way. Her decision was that instead of being focused on girls that were solely looking to attract boys, dELiA*s was about girls that were focused on creativity, interesting styles and friends. 
  10. The photoshoots were reportedly super fun. According to former dELiA*s models, the photographer would turn on the music and let girls just do their thing, which resulted in more expressive poses and facial expressions.
  11. And if you’re wondering where the name dELiA*s came from. That remains a mystery.

  12. dELiA*s founded the website It wasn’t a retail site but instead focused on sports, dating and lifestyle issues for young people. However, was sold to Seventeen Magazine in 2001.
  13. For some, was just as important as dELiA*s. When it was at its height, it had three million unique visitors every month and articles now exist that talk fondly of how it helped young women learn about growing up.
  14. Some even state that was the precursor to important feminist websites such as Jezebel.
  15. Alloy Inc. purchased the dELiA*s in 2003, for $50 million.  
  16. dELiA*s declared bankruptcy in 2015, but re-opened less than a year later as an online merchant.

15 Wacky Facts About Your Favorite 90s Movie: The Mask

It’s hard to imagine a more ‘90s movie than The Mask. It came out in the middle of the decade, starred two giants of ‘90s cinema and had the most ‘90s style logo of all time.

Most people that grew up in the ‘90s have watched The Mask many many times. However, there are a range of interesting things about the movie that you may not be aware of. Did you know any of the following facts?

1. The special effects team saved a lot of money and time, because Jim Carrey’s natural body movements were so cartoonish, that most of the time they didn’t need to digitally enhance them.

2. The oversized teeth the Mask wears were only meant to be used in scenes without speech. But Carrey learned to talk while wearing them, which only enhanced the character’s wackiness.

3. The Mask’s yellow suit was based on an outfit that Jim Carrey’s mother made for him when he first tried to perform stand up comedy.

4. Jim Carrey stated that what attracted him to the role of Stanley Ipkiss was the character’s love of cartoons. Carrey is a huge cartoon fan himself.

5. Many actors were considered for the role of Stanley Ipkiss, including Matthew Broderick, Steve Martin, Rick Moranis and Martin Short. But it’s hard to imagine anyone else but Carrey in the film.

6. Anna Nicole Smith was initially suggested for the role of Tina Carlyle, but it ultimately went to Cameron Diaz, who was discovered while leaving a modeling agency and had no acting credits at the time.

7. It wasn’t easy for Cameron Diaz to get the role, however. Due to her inexperience, she auditioned 12 times and only got cast one week before the movie started shooting.

8. Richard Gere was considered for the role of Lt. Mitch Kellaway, the police detective that hunts the Mask throughout the movie.  

9. Carrey purportedly earned $450,000 for The Mask, since the deal was signed before Ace Ventura: Pet Detective became a hit. After the success of both films, Carrey was reportedly paid $7 million for Dumb and Dumber.

10. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber were all released in 1994.

11. The Mask had its own spin-off animated TV series. If you were a child in the 90s, you probably already knew this, but did you know that the show only lasted for three seasons, with 54 episodes in total? It may seem like there were more, as it was repeated constantly.   

12. The movie was nominated for the Best Visual Effects Oscar but lost to Forrest Gump?

13. A very dark early idea for the movie was to make it about a mask maker that takes the faces from dead bodies and then puts them on teens to transform them into zombies.

14. Although you may not think it, The Mask is considered a superhero movie. In fact, it became the second highest grossing superhero movie of all time shortly after its release.

15. Mike Richardson, the writer of the original The Mask comics, has said that there may be another sequel to The Mask in the future.

7 Incredible Facts About Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Did you know that the iconic 90s kids’ TV show Sabrina the Teenage is coming back? It’s set to be much darker and mature than the original show. While it won’t be on air until the end of 2018, it certainly sounds like an intriguing new take on the concept.

As a celebration of the show’s return, here are some fun facts that you may not have known about Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

  1. Sabrina actually first appeared in an Archie Comic in 1962, and Sabrina actor Melissa Joan Hart’s mom was a big reason it got turned into a show. After someone handed her the Archie Comic on a playground in Manhattan, she sold it to Viacom as a Showtime movie, which starred Ryan Reynolds. He portrayed Sabrina’s brief love interest, Seth. Then ABC and NBC ended up in a bidding war for the series 
  2. Cassandra Peterson, who played Elvira, accused the show of ripping her off. Even though Sabrina the character existed long before Elvira, Peterson claimed the show ripped off her failed CBS pilot, which included a talking black cat, 2 aunts, and a teenage girl.

  3. Aside from an animatronic puppet, Salem was portrayed by 3 separate live black cats named Elvis, Witch, and Warlock. 
  4. Nick Bakay was the voice of salem, and he also wrote 12 episodes of the show. 
  5. A Turkish version called Acemi Cadi or Novice Witch was made where the aunts were named Selda and Melda. It wasn’t as popular as the original show and only lasted for one season of 3 episodes. 
  6. Though billed as being a “teenage witch” Melissa Joan Hart was 20 years old when the show began. 
  7. The zip code of Sabrina’s home is the same as as zip code in Salem Massachusetts, even though the show was set in a fictional Massachusetts home.