Security expert wants you to stop borrowing everyone else’s charging cable

Everyone has been there. You were commuting or out and about and forgot about packing your charging cable. So, you ask to borrow someone else’s.

But did you know that this simple act could put your passwords at risk?

Charles Henderson, Global Managing Partner and Head of X-Force Red at IBM Security, runs a team of hackers that clients hire to break into their computer systems in order to expose vulnerabilities.

Henderson shared with Forbes:

“There are certain things in life that you just don’t borrow. If you were on a trip and realised you forgot to pack underwear, you wouldn’t ask all your co-travellers if you could borrow their underwear. You’d go to a store and buy new underwear.”

The expert urged that as hackers have figured out a way to implant charging cables with malware (which can remotely hijack devices and computers) it is better to proceed with caution when it comes to borrowing chargers.

Image via pixabay

His team teaches clients to be less trusting of third-party charging cables by sending them fake iPhone cables in the mail which are branded with something, “like a vendor or a partner that they have listed on their website.” Then then check to see if the person plugs the cable in.

And while malicious charging cables are not a threat currently, Henderson says we will see it in the future.

He went on to share:

“The technology is really small and really cheap. It can get so small that it looks like an ordinary cable but has the capability and the intelligence to plant malware on its victim. These things are only going to get cheaper to produce and it’s not something your average consumer is going to be tracking to know when it becomes viable on a mass scale.”

The O.MG Cable is a perfect example of this, a product which was revealed in August of this year.

This farting contest in India wants to “normalize the process”

The country’s very first farting contest is due to take place this month in India in the city of Surat in the western state of Gujarat.

The “What The Fart” competition is the idea of singer Yatin Sangoi along with entrants will be judged on the volume, length and musicality of their flatulence.

The 48-year-old was inspired to set up the competition up after a joke he decided to take quite literally.

When speaking to VICE, he shared:

“I farted in the middle of watching a movie with my family and one of them laughed, and said that if there was a contest, I would’ve won. That’s when it hit me that while fart contests happen in countries like China, UK and US, and even have a world cup, we don’t have anything like it in India.”

Image via flickr

He continued, sharing:

“I want to [normalize] the process of farting. Even 20-25 years back, people used to fart openly, but now they’ve become all sophisticated and consider it gross, often shamed for farting publicly, when even doctors will tell you that farting is one of the healthiest human body functions.”

There will be trophies at his competition as well as cash prizes between 5,000 rupees (£56.76) and 15,000 rupees (£170.28).

Sangoi also has a few tips on how entrants can prepare for the event, recommending a diet of radishes, beans and boiled potatoes.

School sign addressing vaccinating local children goes viral

A school sign is going viral which addresses parents and vaccinating their kids.

The sign states that only children with proven immunization records will be enrolled in one New Mexico institution.


The false claim that immunization “cause” autism was first broadcasted after a paper was published in 1998 alleging that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine caused autism.

Researchers along with their conclusions were later discredited.

According to Medical News Today, vaccines do not cause autism. In a very recent “large scale” Danish study, the study revealed possible links between the MMR vaccine and autism in “at risk individuals.”

Scientists had data on 657,461 children, of which 6,517 were diagnosed with autism within 10 years.

Image via pixnio

Researchers then “compared autism rates in children who had received the MMR vaccination and compared them against children who had not had the jab.”

In addition there were no increased threats of getting autism when vaccinated.

To learn more, you can click here.

Teacher reveals 8 global problems mainstream media does not want Americans to know right now

Not many Americans know but news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities and even video game developers are being directed by just six media companies.

The coporations are under zero obligation to report impartially and present consumers with the truth, instead, promoting their own agendas, giving the average person an “illusion of choice.”

“With the country’s widest disseminators of news, commentary, and ideas firmly entrenched among a small number of the world’s wealthiest corporations, it may not be surprising that their news and commentary is limited to an unrepresentative, narrow spectrum of politics,” Ben Bagdikian writes in his book ‘The New Media Monopoly.’

But despite the alarming “big 6” mega-media conglomerations, Climate Ben is a good Samaritan who instead of attempting to ignore the message, desires to inform the world and calls every human to action in his fully-sourced, science backed information.

Scroll on to see one of the most important Twitter threads you may ever read in your lifetime.

Headless dolls appear everywhere in small Midwest town, community is frightened

Stuffed, life-sized dolls have been sprouting around a small Missouri town on the sides of roads, behind dumpsters and leaning on streetlight poles.

Why you ask? Good question.

The dolls began to pop up in random places earlier in the month in Jefferson County, Missouri.

And to make it even more weird: the dolls don’t have faces while others don’t have heads at all.

Image via JeffCo 411/Facebook

“Somebody thinks it’s funny, somebody thinks it’s cute, it’s all fun and games until somebody stops, thinking it’s a child in distress, and gets hit trying to help out,” shared Tim Lewis, Festus Chief of Police.

“So whoever’s doing it, we know you think it’s fun and games, but it could be a very dangerous situation,” Lewis added.

“The hands are sown to the face, there’s no face on it,” Lewis shared. “If you see it from behind, that looks like a little girl crying… somebody’s going to stop. In this town, people are kind-hearted. People are going to stop and make sure that’s not a child.”

“And then they’re going to get hit, or there’s a chance they’re going to get out of the car and get run over,” he continued.

Image via JeffCo 411/Facebook

While the dolls not only pose a danger for potential passersbyers but also they are a little…creepy for the residents of Festus and Crystal City.

“At first, I didn’t realize it was a doll,” a local resident shared. “I was like, ‘What is that?’ It looked like it was crying and in time out … I was like, ‘That’s kind of creepy now.’”

According to the outlet, police believe the work is that of a prankster but are investigating while continuing to get multiple calls about the dolls.

Rats can actually show empathy but only to certain rats with these specific traits

Researchers at the University of Chicago decided to investigate if animals are capable of emotions and empathy with rats and the results may surprise you!

“Finding helping in rats is exciting because it tells us that this is a biological inheritance,” professor Mason shared with Bored Panda. She also added that it means that we don’t teach helping. “In fact what appears to be the case is that around 4 years of age, kids start to learn who NOT to help,” the scientist shared.

Image via Boredpanda

And according to scientific research, rats are capable of empathy — even when it comes to strangers.

The research was spread over a few years and involved multiple experiments all conducted by Professor of Neurobiology Peggy Mason, who, after a 25-year focus on the cellular mechanisms of pain modulation, swapped her focus to the biological basis of empathy and helping.

The initial study started in 2007 and was published in 2011. It focused on whether rats could help each other in distress under different circumstances. Professor Mason shared how it was her colleagues Inbal Ben-ami Bartal’s idea and she was excited to be invited to the project.

Image via Boredpanda

Along with Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal and Jean Decety, professor Mason set up an experiment where one rat was trapped in a tube while its cage-mate was released into an “arena” where only the free rat can open the door of the tube.

At first, it was found that in a short amount of time, the free rat attempted to figure out a way to help its cage-mate. And in 12 days of testing, the rat finally figured out how to open the door – releasing his friend within the 3-6 days. After his friend was released they followed each other and jumped up down — almost as if they were elated.

Over the next few days, the free rat, once placed in the “arena” almost immediately releases the trapped cage-mate. The researchers then placed 2 containers in the space, one with the trapped rat and the other with 5 chocolate chips. The team behind the study was astounded when the free rat not only opened both containers in no particular order but also shared the treats with the liberated rat instead of opening the containers with chocolate first and taking the goodies for itself.

Image via Boredpanda

The first research concluded that rats who released their trapped cage-mate were on the same level as getting a chocolate treat in the rat’s books. The researchers also argued that it was the trapped rat who inspired said behavior, as the free rat would not open the door if the tube was empty or contained a toy rat. It also would open the door even if it wouldn’t get the chance to be reunited with the trapped rat, as in it did not just want to play with it.

Professor Mason continued her research on rats and empathy and in the following years, revealed a few surprising results. Her study which was conducted in 2014 revealed that rats are “selective” about who they empathize with. And when the rat is introduced to a different, unknown strain of rats, the free rat would not free the trapped rat.

Image via Boredpanda

“We call this the switched-at-birth or Mowgli experiment,” professor Mason added. The research came to the conclusion that empathy is based on the rat’s social experiences but is not limited to only the individual rats it knew, as the free rat would help a stranger rat if it was ever exposed to its strain.

In another experiment, the free rats were given anti-anxiety medicine and because of it, they no longer set the trapped rat free. The researchers found that because the rat could no longer feel stress and emotions by empathy, it wouldn’t understand what the trapped rat was feeling and had no urgency to set it free.

You can watch the experiment in action, below:

Woody Harrelson said his dinner conversation with Trump was so bad he had to go smoke

Woody Harrelson, Oscar-nominee, recently revealed in an interview with Esquire how he could not get through an uninterrupted conversation with Trump back in the early 2000s prior to him becoming president.

Harrelson, shared that his friend Jesse Ventura,invited him to eat with the businessman and future first lady Melania Trump at the Trump Hotel. According to Harrelson, Trump was interested in having Ventura as a running mate for the 2004 Democratic ticket.

“And it was, let me tell you, a brutal dinner,” Harrelson said in the article, “Two and a half hours.”

The 58-year-old said the conversation was unbearable because he could barely get a word in.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

“Now, at a fair table with four people, each person is entitled to 25 percent of the conversation, right?” he said. “I’d say Melania got about 0.1 percent, maybe. I got about 1 percent. And the governor, Jesse, he got about 3 percent. Trump took the rest.”

Harrelson admitted he hat to go outside for a break to endure the entire conversation.

“It got so bad I had to go outside and burn one before returning to the monologue monopoly,” he said. “Listen, I came up through Hollywood, so I’ve seen narcissists. This guy was beyond. It blew my mind.”

Harrelson did share that Trump “did say one thing that was interesting, though.”

“He said, ‘You know, I’m worth four billion dollars,’ or maybe he said five billion dollars—one of those numbers, I forget,” he said. “‘But when I die, no matter how much it is, I know my kids are going to fight over it.’ That was the one true statement he made that night, and I thought, OK, yeah, that’s pretty cool.”

Trump just signed off on cyanide bombs that destroy wildlife: what it means for our animals

The Trump administration has re-authorized the use of poison traps otherwise known ass “cyanide bombs” to kill wild foxes, coyotes and feral dogs despite a strong push back from conservation groups.

The devices, or M-44s, are implanted in the ground and look a lot like lawn sprinklers.

They use a spring-loaded ejector to release sodium cyanide when an animal tugs on its baited capsule holder.

The government stopped the use of the devices last year after one of them was responsible for injuring an Idaho boy as well as killing his dog.

Image via pixabay

The family has also filed a case against the federal government.

The choice to re-instate their use was announced in the Federal Registrar earlier this month and was met with severe opposition by environmental groups that led a campaign to flood the Environmental Protection Agency with over 20,000 letters.

“They’re incredibly dangerous to people, their pets and endangered wildlife, they’re just too risky to be used,” carnivore conservation director for the Center for Biological Diversity, Collette Adkins, shared with AFP earlier this month.

“The livestock industry wants it,” she said, adding that agriculture industry groups sent around 10 comments in favor of re-authorizing M-44s to the EPA.

In 2018, M-44s killed 6,579 animals, including more than 200 “nontarget” animals including opossums, raccoons, skunks and a bear according to government data.

Image via Max Pixel

“These numbers probably significantly under-estimate the true death toll since Wildlife Services is notorious for poor data collection and an entrenched ‘shoot, shovel, shut up’ mentality,” the Center for Biological Diversity revealed in a statement.

The EPA was able to add certain new restrictions, including that devices may not be placed within 100 feet of the road and that a warning should be required to be placed within 15 feet of the device.

That being said, it would not reduce deaths of non-target wildlife.

Adkins shared her organization would continue to lobby for state-level bans – that latest of which was passed in May by the state of Oregon.

This dad gets out of his car to play his saxophone for unsuspecting audience, they quickly fall in love with him

A man by the name of Richard Herrmann, who hails from Oregon, has been learning how to play the saxophone for about seven months and is getting better each and every day. And while he does not often get the opportunity to play for an audience, when he and his wife were out on a run together — they came up with a great idea.

“My wife and I run together past the field occasionally,” Herrmann told The Dodo. “The cows always seem curious. I asked my wife, ‘I wonder if they would come if I played the saxophone?’ She said, ‘Let’s try it.’”

There are videos across the internet of folks playing music for animals and Herrmann decided it was his turn to give it a try. Both he and his wife drove out to the field, got out of the car and Herrmann got into position.

“Actually, this is my first audition for a live audience,” Herrmann said to the camera as his wife began to record. “Let’s see how it goes!” 

Hermann decided to kick things off with “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder — and right when he began to play, all of the cows in the field halted and gave their attention to Herrmann.

“They were walking one direction and when I started to play, you could see them freeze for a few seconds and then started walking over to the fence where I was,” Herrmann said. 

And before long, every single cow in the field was rushing to the fence like they were at a rock concert – pushing past each other to get as close to the music as possible. After his first song, Herrmann went on to play “Careless Whisper” by George Michael and “Tequila” by The Champs.

The cows were entranced each time he played.

“I thought they might come over, but I wasn’t sure,” Herrmann said. 

After viewing the videos, Herrmann’s daughter wanted to share them online — and the world quickly fell in love with the frontman-dad and his adoring audience.

One could say they were moo-ved by his music!

This same-sex couple gets married onstage in the middle of Broadway play

After a performance of The Prom on Broadway, Armelle Kay Harper and Jody Kay Smith got onstage and got married.

Harper is a script coordinator for the musical as well as one of the show’s writers.

They decided to pick the production not solely because Harper worked on it (Smith is an actor although she is not in the musical) but rather due to the musical — a show about two Broadway actors who try to help a lesbian high school student in Indiana take her girlfriend to the prom — a tale about being inclusive.

Harper shared with the Times:

“There are so many shows where lesbians are secondary characters or the butt of the joke,” Ms. Harper revealed in an interview. “We all love ‘Fun Home,’ but it’s a drama. So ‘The Prom’ is really unique in that it’s a celebration, and it’s funny without being at the expense of lesbians. It’s just so much joy.”

Harper and Smith were engaged just 19 days after meeting and are planning a family wedding in September but wanted a small ceremony first.

If you are working and pregnant, this expert suggests you should take out a loan to cover your leave

Many are reeling at the comments from the Heritage Foundation’s Rachel Grezler, saying expectant parents should take out a loan for their very own parental leave.

Grezler revealed this highly controversial option at a recent panel hosted by the Ethics and Public Policy Center that included speakers from the conservative Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.

Grezler shared the following per the Atlantic:

“At one point during the panel discussion, Greszler suggested that instead of relying on the government, Americans seeking to take parental leave could take more initiative by “going to the bank and taking out a loan in your own name.”

Image via pxhere

“I don’t think banks offer loans for parental leave,” one of her fellow discussants pointed out.

“They don’t now, but maybe they would,” Greszler responded. “Banks offer loans for all types of reasons.”

She added: “If the private sector doesn’t provide it and we have to go to the government to get it, then you’re relying on the government,”

“You’re not relying on yourself.”

Grezler also encouraged a since debunked idea that additional tax cuts like the one pushed through the Trump administration would lead to more companies feeling generous and giving their employees more benefits out of the goodness of their hearts.

Image via pixabay

“The more money that you put back in workers’ pockets and in businesses’ revenues, the better able the businesses are to provide paid family leave,” Greszler shared.

A resident scholar, Aparna Mathur, a very conservative American Enterprise Institute who understood the lack of paid leave is an issue that needs solving at a larger scale.

“We cannot stop the conversation at, ‘There are costs, so let’s forget about it,’” Mathur shared prior to asking “rhetorically,” in the words of the Atlantic, “What’s the larger goal of conservatives? Is it to encourage human economic opportunity, to encourage human flourishing? Or is it just to minimize the size of government?”

America’s endangered species are in more danger than ever before

This past Monday, the Trump administration announced how it would fix how the Endangered Species Act is applied, which would in turn make it more difficult to protect wildlife from the many threats climate change poses.

The new rules would make it easy to remove a species from the endangered list and weaken protections for threatened species, the classification one step below endangered.

In addition, regulators would be allowed to conduct economic assessments estimating lost revenue from a prohibition on logging in a critical habitat when deciding whether a species warrants protection.

The changes would also make it harder for regulators to factor in the effects of climate change on wildlife when making those decisions as those threats tend to be decades away, not immediate.

Image via pixabay

The newly revised rule will help make way for new mining, oil and gas drilling along with development in areas where protected species live.

David Bernhardt, Interior Secretary, said the following in a statement:

“The act’s effectiveness rests on clear, consistent and efficient implementation.”

The newly revised rules are expected to go into effect as soon as next month.

Democratic state attorneys general and Democrats in Congress as well as environmental group denounced the changes and vowed to challenge them in Congress and in the courts.

Image via Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

The attorney general of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, said the changes were “reckless” and states would “do everything we can to oppose these actions.”

The top Democrat on the committee that oversees the Interior Department’s budget, senator Tom Udall, said Democrats were considering invoking the Congressional Review Act.

It is a 1996 law that gives Congress broad authority to invalidate rules established by federal agencies to block the changes.

The Endangered Species Act has been regulators’ most important tool for protecting fish, plants and wildlife since it was signed into law by President Richard M Nixon in 1973.

Image via pexels

Republicans have been saying how the law hurts landowners, hampers industry and economic growth.

In addition, they make the case that the law is not reasonable as species are rarely removed from the list. Since the law was passed, over 1,650 have been listed as threatened or endangered while just 47 have been delisted.

Republicans made a huge push to overhaul the law. Despite holding a majority in both houses of Congress, the proposals were never taken up in the Senate. With Democrats now in control of the House, there is a small chance of those bills passing.

This single mom paid down $77K in debt and now she wants to help you next

A 33-year-old mother who previously struggled with balancing her budget now is a financial counselor and is known by her 1.5 million followers and counting as “The Budget Mom.”

Kumiko Love runs a successful blog that has freed many from financial binds.

Image via Instagram

“I really want to teach my readers [they can] have this life they truly love, but living in a way where it’s not putting them in debt,” Love shared with “Good Morning America.”

“It’s about showing what that looks like in a real person’s life, which is why I share my real numbers with my readers.”

Love recently posted her budgeting method on her site where it has been shared 141,000 times.

“My budgeting process incorporates three different methods — the Calendar Method, the Paycheck Method and the Cash Envelope System,” Love writes on

“Trust me, no one in the world had printables or worksheets that incorporated all three of these methods into one system or template. So, I decided to design my own.”

Image via Instagram

“I am a firm believer that my budgeting method can work for anyone, no matter their income size or schedule. As long as you put in the work to make it personal and realistic to your own life, there is no doubt in my mind that you can be successful.”

The first method Love suggests using is the Calendar Method.

First, you have to identify the regular bills you are responsible for which are bills that are usually around the same amount each month.

For example: rent, student loan payment, gym membership, utilities, etc.

Using a calendar, Love also designates dates for expenses as well. In addition, she writes down the calendar dates when she gets paid.

Love considers herself a paycheck budgeter, which means she creates a budget each and every time she is paid.

Image via Instagram

“It’s a matter of writing down all my regular bills — my monthly bills first,” Love shares in her Youtube tutorial. “Then what I do is I assign which bills I want to pay with what paycheck.”

In addition, Love also uses the calendar to identify pop-up expenses for birthdays as well as holidays.

The second method Love suggests using is the Paycheck Method.

Love suggests that before you budget, you MUST know where your money is going.

“[R]evealing the ugly truth about your spending can be scary, and you might not even want to know the truth. But if you don’t face it head on, you will never make any progress with your finances,” she posts on

“First comes awareness, and then comes progress.”

Once your are aware of your expenses, you can start budgeting with Love’s paycheck bill tracker.

The bill tracker was designed to create a zero-based budget which means your income minus expenses equals zero.

Image via Instagram

“Zero based budget is to create a plan for every dollar,” Love shared. “So every dollar [you] make is being used for a place in your budget. If it already has a place, then we get rid of mindless spending.”

Love has two bill trackers for each month – one for the paycheck she receives on the 5th of the month and another for the paycheck she receives on the 20th.

And last but not least, Love also uses the Cash Envelope System.

Once all of your bills are accounted for on your calendar, figuring out and budgeting all of your other monthly expenses comes next.

Love titles these as “variable bills,” and they are separate from priority bills like rent and electric.

“For example, one month you might spend $30 on clothes, the next month you might spend $400,” Love posts on her blog. “You have complete control over how much you spend on these items.”

Image via Instagram

An example or two of these variable expenses include:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Household Items
  • Gas

After you have decided which categories in your budget are variable expenses, then you can set a limit for each.

“Remember, you will probably tweak these limits as you go, and you should be updating or looking at these limits every time you update your budget,” Love shares.

In addition, using cash limits your debit and credit card use so you are not putting yourself in more debt when paying for variable expenses.

Love shared how it is also important to track your ever-increasing net worth to make sure you are making progress throughout your budgeting journey.

Which means you should not be increasing your lifestyle costs whenever your income increases.

Image via Instagram

With Love’s budgeting methods, she met her goal of leaving behind $77,000 in debt which included $32,000 in student loans, a $16,000 car loan and some some credit card debt.

You can learn more on how to balance your budget, here.

Tennessee pastor refuses to bury deathly ill 71-year-old because his son is gay

In Sweetwater, Tennessee, one pastor is refusing to grant a 71-year-old man’s dying wish: to be buried in the first church he ever attended.

Jessie Goodman says that his father is dying and only has a few days to live.

He revealed to ABC affiliate News 9 that Pastor Jay Scruggs of Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church will not bury his father if Jessie or his fiancé “take part in any way,” including just attending the ceremony.

Image via RawStory

“They’re punishing my dad for a lifestyle choice I’ve made. It’s not me up there in a casket. It’s him,” Goodman says.

Pastor Scruggs would not comment, “but did say he would talk with us after Jessie’s father is in the grave,” according to News 9.

The family has since decided to have the funeral elsewhere when Jessie’s father passes.

Author explains peeing and pooping in space to reveal why NASA did not send women into space sooner

While the first woman flew into space in 1963, it was not until twenty years later that female astronauts became common.

To understand why that was so, author Mary Robinette Kowal recently published an essay called, “To Make It to the Moon, Women Have to Escape Earth’s Gender Bias.”

Many folks however instantly argued the text, claiming that NASA did not send women into orbit because it lacked the technology to deal with their bodily functions.

Image via U.S. Air Force photo/ Senior Airman Bobby Cummings

In response to this, Kowal posted a comprehensive guide on peeing and pooping in space via Twitter and the read is a sticky one….

“Let’s talk about peeing in space. Several people, in response to my NY Times essay, have said that women couldn’t go into space because we lacked the technology for them to pee in space. When the Mercury program was proposed, doctors were worried that people would not be able to urinate or even swallow without the aid of gravity. And yet, they still made plans to send a man into space.”

Kowal continues, saying:

“When Alan Shepherd became the first American man to go into space, it was scheduled to be a fifteen-minute mission. Up. Hello space! Back down. They made no plans for peeing. Launchpad delays meant that Shepherd hit a point where he needed to go. Badly. He asked Mission Control for permission to go in his suit. After consultation with flight surgeons & suit technicians, they gave him permission to do so. So he wet himself & still went into space.”

She then explains what NASA developed in response to the mishap.

Image via pixabay

“Later, they solved this problem by developing a sheath, that looked much like a condom. It worked great in testing, but when the actual astronauts used it, the sheath kept blowing off and leaving them with pee in their suits. Was this about extended time in the spacesuit? The sheaths came in small, medium, and large. It turns out, the men were all saying that they needed a Large sheath. They did not. Subsequently, the astronauts called the sheaths were called “Extra-large,” “Immense,” and “Unbelievable.”

Oh and when it came to pooping in space? Ah, it was a bit messy to say the least…

“They had to tape a bag to their a** to poop. That worked well for Gemini and Mercury. And by well, I mean there was still urine in the capsule and it stank of feces. Apollo needed a different solution. Alas, they still had to poop into a bag, but for peeing, they could slip on a condom attached to a valve, turn the valve and have their urine sucked into the vacuum of space. If you timed it right. Open the valve a fraction too late, and urine escaped to float around the cabin. Open it too early and the vacuum of space reached through the valve to grab your manhood. Apparently, the venting of pee into space is very pretty. It catches the sunlight and sparkles.”

While sparkling pee is quite the sight to behold I am sure, containing it is not.

Image via NASA

“Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon, but the first to pee there. During Apollo13, everyone who has seen the movie knows that Fred Haise got sick. Do you know why, though? After the accident, they couldn’t use the regular vent, because it needed to be heated to keep the pee from freezing. The alternate system caused droplets to float around the ship. Mission Control told them to stop dumping pee. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent ban, but the crew didn’t understand that. So they were stashing pee in every bag or container possible.”

“The fastest option was to store it in the collection bags they wore in their suits. Haise kept his on for hours and hours, basically bathing in pee. He got a UTI and then a kidney infection. Finally, a decade later, NASA decides to send women into space. NOW they have a reason to come up with how to handle peeing in space if you don’t have a penis. To launch and for a spacewalk, they developed the MAG. Maximum Absorbency Garment. It’s a diaper.”

And the MAG was so popular, that the men started using those too.

“The men switched over to using those because it was more comfortable and less prone to leave pee floating around the cabin than the condom sheath. They also developed a zero-G toilet so that astronauts no longer had to tape a bag to their ass. Peeing or pooping in space is now a lengthy process, involving a fan, a targeting system, and a fair amount of prayer. Fun pooping in space fact: Without gravity, the poop doesn’t break off as it exits your body. You have to reach back and help with special gloves.”

Image via pxhere

“Peeing is a little more straightforward. It’s basically a funnel, a tube, a bag, and a fan for suction. Sometimes though, the toilet breaks down. At that point, they return to using “relief bags” taped to their ass and “manual urine containment.” During a malfunction, it is also possible for a giant floating globe of pee to exit the toilet.”

“Fun fact: Due to chemicals, it is bright purple and acidic. Fun fact: Poop regularly escapes, which is why you never eat a milk dud found floating in the ISS.

“All of which is to say that the reason women didn’t go into space had nothing to do with lacking the technology to pee. We didn’t have the technology for men to pee in space when they started either. And some days, the best solution is still a diaper or a bag taped to the a**.”

Image via NeedPix

Kowal then brought up periods in space, saying:

“What about periods in space? – According to women who have been there, “It’s just like a period on Earth.” It turns out menstrual blood moves via a wicking action. Gravity can speed that up, but is unnecessary. Also, tampons exist.”

“Fun fact: When Sally Ride was preparing to go into space, NASA engineers asked her if 100 tampons would be the right number for a week. She said, “No. That would not be the right number.” They cut it back to 50…”

Maybe NASA need to research the female body first before they plan their next mission…it could save them hundreds of dollars in tampons.

Actual video footage shows meat “crawl” away from a plate

In a bizarre video that shows a slab of raw meat moving by itself — the world may decide to collectively go vegetarian.

In the clip, the skinned meat can be seen being piled upon a plate with other similar-looking pieces of meat.

But then, it hoists itself up and moves towards the edge of the plate, falling off the plate and hits the deck.

The woman who is about to prepare the meat then starts to scream for obvious reasons.

People are alleging the meat was a chicken or a frog – my vote is frog because it seems to have no problem jumping ship.

Image via YouTube

The internet truly was beside themselves as they tried to wrap their head around what they just saw.

But some commenters have said that the phenomena can happen when nerve endings in the animal have not died yet.

While others allege that the meat reacted to being salted.

Earlier in the year, another odd and viral clip showed a live octopus fighting back after a vlogger attempted to eat it.

Known as “seaside girl Little Seven,” the vlogger shared a short clip of herself holding up the octopus when it suddenly latches on to her face.

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During the shrieking, she can be heard saying:

“Look how hard it’s sucking.”

She continues, saying: “I can’t remove it.”

She then decides to rip the octopus off her face before real panic-mode began.

After showing her face to the camera, the vlogger shares:

“My face is disfigured.”

Yikes! Be careful what you eat, kids.

Father dies after rescuing his 8-year-old daughter from vicious rip current

A Georgia father drowned earlier this month after saving his 8-year-old daughter from a dangerous rip current in Florida.

Thomas Zakrewski, 46, drowned off the coast of Upper Captiva Island.

This was after he, his daughter and at least four other members of his family battled trouble in the water while walking along a sandbar.

The distress call went out at around 5:30 p.m. that day and the Upper Captiva Fire District arrived at the scene to discover between six and eight people struggling to get out of the water.

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Chief of the island’s fire department, Jason Martin, says that four members of the family managed to escape but Zakrewski was swept away by the outgoing rip tide after passing his daughter to her mother.

Along with law enforcement, the department spent three hours searching for the father before divers from the U.S. Coast Guard stepped in to assist with the effort.

A video from the sheriff’s office reveal searchers scanning the waters by both boat and helicopter.

The rescue team located Zakrewski’s body later that evening about a half-mile from where he was last seen.

This year, 28 deaths in the US have been officially attributed to rip currents according to the National Weather Service.

Twelve of them have occurred in Florida alone but authorities are determining if Zakrewski’s death was the result of being caught in one.

Son streams Fortnite for over 10 hours to raise money for dad’s cancer treatments

A boy from Canada decided he would start a fundraiser for his dad.

But it wasn’t just any fundraiser — it was brought to Twitch as the boy decided what he could do best to help his family — which is playing Fornite.

First, his dad took over his stream to explain his situation.

On September 14, 2018, he was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer.

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The boy’s father shared:

“It’s very hard. It gives you so much trouble that you cannot walk. Some days, I feel I have to lay down for days in bed. I cannot move. But I have to fight,” he shared in the live stream.

The goal was to raise 5,000 Canadian Dollars for his dad’s treatment and in order to achieve that — he was ready to spend long hours in front of the screen.

It too the boy close to three days to collect just 30% of his desired sum.

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But despite not having a massive audience, the boy was able to manage to stream more than 20 hours during this period and collect almost 1,500 Canadian Dollars needed for his father’s cancer treatment, which seemed like a decent start.

But then, there came a breakthrough.

Close to the 4th day of his fundraising, he sat down in front of his computer for anther stream — too stubborn to go forward with it until he managed to reach his seemingly impossible goal.

But to his surprise, he did did not know what this stream would get him.

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CoL MackWood was the first pro gamer to donate as well as spread the word.

And after that happened, people began to flood the stream – overloading the boy with questions about his dad and not forgetting to donate – which led him to collect the rest of the sum in just an hour.

After he reached his goal, he shared a sweet message via Twitter:

“OMG EVERYONE! I can’t even thank anyone from this stream with words. I’m truly speechless. You guys changed my and my dad’s life forever and me and my dad will remember this my whole life.”

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Children in Vietnam village cross river in plastic bags to get to school

For children in Huoi, Ha, a remote village in the Dien Bien province, Vietnam, they understand that education is absolutely necessary if they are to get out of poverty.

That being said, they will go to extremes when it comes to attending class.

Even if it means climbing into a plastic bag to be dragged across a raging river.

Image via VOV

Most of the year, flimsy bamboo bridges and rafts are used in the village but during the rainy season when the river floods — it is not safe.

“Healthy men, fluent in rivers,” are given the task of pulling more than 50 schoolkids across the deadly torrents.

The kids, while they are afraid, are determined. The crossing is very dangerous as only a small mistake can be swept away by very strong floodwaters.

The head of Huoi Ha village, Mr. Vo A Giong, stated:

“Now this stream is very dangerous, my relatives usually take the children by raft but now cannot use it. I hope that the state will invest in suspension bridges soon for people to travel more conveniently. ”

Image via VOV

Principal of Na Sang secondary school boarding school, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy, also believed that something needed to be done about the situation.

“The flood rains have divided Huoi Ha village,” she said. “From our school, there are more than 50 students in Huoi Ha village and so far, the teachers and parents have mobilized the children to attend classes the best they can.”

“However, traveling is also difficult. We also hope that in the coming school years, there will be more investment from the state with more modern bridges to bring children to school in these rainy seasons.”

As getting across the river is just the beginning for these loyal kids, a hike of five hours in slippery forest roads awaits them before they even step foot at school.

Image via VOV

Thanks to Vov.Vn and their investigative journalism, it seems that a solution to this issue could be coming soon – as after the release of the original article – the Minister of Transport Nguyen Van stated the following:

“After receiving the press agencies’ feedback on the situation of students still in the village Huoi Ha having to carry plastic bags to cross Nam Chim flood stream to school due to lack of investment in transport infrastructure, the Ministry of Transport has instructed Vietnam Road Administration to coordinate with local authorities at all levels to check and consider this issue.”

Vietnam is working towards bettering their teaching practices — wanting schools to learn more about their teaching methodologies and materials used by foreign-language training centers in Vietnam.

But many English teachers in Vietnamese schools are poorly qualified.

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The Ministry’s Department of Secondary Education, Dang Hiep Giang, explained how teachers’ qualifications varied from region to region.

With most teachers in disadvantaged areas having lower qualifications, while the better teachers in said areas left for bigger cities.

Vietnam has two English-training programes, including one for third to 12th graders in provinces and cities with developed socio-economic conditions and the other for sixth to 12th graders in less developed areas.

Giang said the former program should be used in the entire country.

Russian doctors stunned to find man who has lived entire life with only half his brain

Doctors in Russian have been shocked to discover a 60-year-old retired engineer has been living his whole life with “only half a brain.”

And while most may think a half a brain is severely limiting, the older gentleman has served in the armed forces, raised a family and holds a degree.

The typical brain is supposed to have two hemisphere, a left and a right.

But this man was found to be missing the entire left hemisphere of his brain — showing up as a “black hole” in his scull when doctors conducted an MRI.

Image via East2West News

The medical staff who examined him believes that his case is “unique” but agreed to respect the man’s privacy and not reveal his identify.

In addition, he rejected their requests for permission to perform further tests on him.

Marina Anikina, one of the many neurologists in Moscow who examined the man shared:

“The man was admitted to a district clinic in the south of Moscow region due to an ischemic attack. This is a blood circulation failure in the brain. It is different from a stroke when part of the brain is irreversibly damaged.”

Image via Staff Sgt. Kevin Iinuma

“This patient had problems moving one arm and one leg. Radiologists performed a computer tomography of his head and were puzzled for some time – the part of the brain of the retired man where the ischemia attack was supposed to have happened was not there at all. Instead of the left side of the brain there was a black ‘hole’ in computer images.”

It seems that for most of this man’s life, he had relied on solely the right side of his brain to perform all tasks.

The man shared how he wanted to be left alone, informing his doctors:

“I have lived a normal life, nothing worried me at all. And now I do not want any kind of popularity.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The patient grew up in the Soviet era and had zero issues with his physical or mental state. He has good eyesight and developed physically as any other healthy child.

He did fairly well in school and was able to get an engineering degree before being enlisted into the Red Army.

In addition, he married, had kids and is currently retired.

Dr. Anikina continued on, saying:

“Scientists are aware of certain cases when parts of the brain were missing. It often happens with the people who suffer from cerebral infantile paralysis.”

Pictured: Dr. Anikina
Image via East2West News

“Their intellect is fine but almost always they have problems with moving around. In this recent case we face a different situation when the failure in brain development took place at an earlier stage of pregnancy, possibly in the embryo.”

“Maybe it was blood effusion or some other dramatic event. It usually leads to miscarriage but in this very unique case it ended quite successfully. At this stage of pregnancy the functions of [the] embryo’s brain are not assigned to certain centers in the brain. When one half was damaged, the second half simply got hold of all functions.”

She also noted how if the man had been conceived today along with the technology we have now to detect these issues, the the mother would have been recommended to abort for medical reasons.

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