UPS Drivers Have A Secret Facebook Group. What It’s About Is Incredible!

UPS drivers have a Facebook group about the dogs on their route, and it’s amazing. It turns out thousands of UPS drivers across the globe have been fostering unique relationships with dogs for years. Now, they’re sharing them with the world.

UPS Dogs, the group, pays tribute to the furry friends postal workers meet on their routes. Workers from across the U.S. post photos and videos of the dogs that make their workdays a little better.

Some of the postal workers have known the dogs for years and have well-established treat exchange systems. The dogs even help out with postal deliveries sometimes.


As you may imagine, the group is highly popular, with almost 800,000 people following. Updates come from all over the world and regularly gain tens of thousands of likes and other reactions.

The posts can be surprisingly heartfelt. A recent post discusses how one Mike Edwards, a UPS driver in Brookline, Massachusetts, had been bitten by a dog. The post then discusses Mike’s recovery process and how the turned into a dog lover himself. The post has made an impact, being shared over 6.2k times in just 8 hours.  

And it’s not just dogs that love UPS. Other animals appear in the group, ranging from the everyday to the more unusual, such as cats, goats, pigs, deer and opossums.


UPS dogs has been running since 2013. In this time, they’ve documented thousands of heartfelt moments from across the world. They also recently started an Instagram account, with similar content. You can follow their Instagram here.

There’s no shortage of dog related content on the internet. UPS Dogs, however, maybe the best source out there.

While UPS can be annoying to use at times, it’s great to know that their hard working employees are brightening up everyone’s day.

This Guy Was Inspired By The Pixar Movie Up And Flew With Balloons!

This man pulled off a real life Up and used 100 helium filled balloons to fly 8,000 feet in the air.

Tom Morgan, who runs the adventure company “The Adventurists,” flew 15.5 miles across South Africa using balloons and a chair.


Morgan and his team ran several tests before taking flight and made sure their take-off point wasn’t in a place where he’d risk veering into the ocean. He had several failed attempts before take off. The successful flight was going to be his last attempt, due to running low on helium.

It took two days to inflate all the balloons with enough helium. One major difficulty took place during this prep time. It was difficult to protect the balloons from bursting.

Morgan took flight from Johannesburg and stayed in the air for 2 hours. He described the event as “magical.”

“I had to keep my cool and start gradually cutting the balloons,” Morgan told BBC News about flying and planning his descent.

Morgan landed safely and was greeted by his teammates


It’s well worth checking out the Adventurists’ other feats. Their website shows all of their crazy accomplishments. Highlights include driving to Mongolia from London, sailing across the Indian Ocean in homemade boat and flying through the USA with a fan powered parachute.

The Adventurists’ story began in 2004. Tom Morgan was living in Czech Republic, and on a whim decided to to drive to Mongolia. He enjoyed the experience so much that he organized a follow up journey next year, with six teams competing against one another. Morgan and others then organized many more adventures. Today, the Adventurists comprise of over 12,000 people.

The Adventurists are dedicated to making the world less boring through daring endeavors. In this instance, mission accomplished.


This Guy Was Struck By Lightning 4 Times. He Survived The First 3.

This man might be the unluckiest person in history. Major Summerford was struck by lightning 4 times. Even after dying, he got hit by a bolt.


Major Summerford was a British cavalry officer during the First World War. One day during battle, as Summerford rode his horse across the field, he was struck by lightning. The horse was killed, and Summerford was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.


After the war, Major Summerford moved to Vancouver, Canada where he took up fishing. One day in 1924,  while fishing on the riverbank, the tree that he was leaning against was struck by lightning, which resulted in his being paralyzed down one side of his body

Luckily, Summerford recovered, but in 1930, while out on a walk, he was struck by lightning and permanently paralyzed. He died in 1932, but 4 years later, a bolt of lightning smashed into his tombstone, which caused it to shatter.

Talk about unlucky.


WTF Is LARPing Anyway?

LARP stands for Live Action Role-Playing but what is it and how did it start? Larp is a form of role-playing where participants act out their characters’ actions and portray characters in a fictional setting and improvise their speech and movement. 

Typically player actions in the real world represent character actions in an imaginary setting, however, no one LARP follows the same rules and regulations as another. Instead, arrangers called gamemasters determine the rules and setting.


A LARP could be a one-off game, or a series in the same setting. The length of a LARP may last from hours to days and the number of players could range from a few to thousands.

LARP is rooted in tabletop role-playing games and the desire to physically experience them. The first recorded LARP group is “dagorhir” and was founded in 1977. Now LARPs take place all over the world.