Most Common Myths About Your Bra

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Bras have been around for centuries, giving women the daily support they need. But not everything you’ve heard about this taboo undergarment is true. Check out these common myths:

Myth 1: Wearing bras long-term may cause your breasts to sag
NYU Professor Dr. Amber Guth blames another culprit for this unwanted body change: time and gravity. Breasts tend to undergo most changes upon pregnancy and breastfeeding

Women come in different shapes and sizes and so do their breasts.
Some women may need more bra support than others.

Myth 2: Wearing a bra to sleep will perk up your breasts
Halle Berry revealed in an interview, that she wore bras to sleep. She may have envious assets but has nothing to do with her bra habits. Naturally, over time breast will become less perky.

Myth 3: Sleeping in a bra causes breast cancer.

According to the experts, Sleeping with a bra does not cause cancer. Studies show There was no real difference in risk between women who wore a bra and women who didn’t wear a bra. Tight bras may cause irritation to the surrounding tissues but there is no evidence that it causes cancer.

Myth 4: A new bra should fit at the last hook
Buying a bra that fits at the last hook isn’t the best idea. Instead find a bra that fits perfectly in the middle hook. Bras tend to stretch out after a while so going down a hook would adjust accordingly.

Myth 5: Your bra size is the same in every brand.
Just because a 34B Victoria Secret bra fits doesn’t mean a 34B Aerie bra will fit the same. Every brand models off different sized women. Always try different on different sizes for each brand go with what feels and fits right.

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Things You Never Knew About Left-Handed People

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There are a lot of myths surrounding what it means to be left-handed and throughout history, those who favor the left hand haven’t always received the warmest welcome.

But there are a lot of cool things about being a leftie. Here are six facts about them you might not have known before:

1. 10 percent of the population is left-handed. Researchers in France found that this percentage of left-handedness hasn’t really changed since the Neolithic times.

2. How do you determine if you’re a righty or a lefty? A study found it’s determined by how our hair grows. If the hair grows clockwise out of the scalp, you’re more likely to be a righty. Lefties don’t show any pattern of hair growth.

3. Left-handed people are better in fights. Researchers believe people who favor their left hand are better in combat because their opponents aren’t expecting the left hand hook.

4. Lefties have different cognitive advantages. An older study found that left-handed people were better at “divergent thinking”, and a more recent research cites lefties have better working memories and mental flexibility.

5. Don’t get too comfortable with your right hand. A study from 2007 found that as we age, we can become more ambidextrous because we start losing dexterity in our dominant hand.

6. If you’re a leftie, you fall into the same group as President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo da Vinci and Marie Curie.

Not a bad batch.

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Dad With Four Daughters Tweets Their Hilarious Conversations And They Are Too Adorable

James Breakwell has been going viral for longer than the normal 15 minutes of fame that most viral sensations get. No for the past few years he has been a hit on Twitter because he just posts conversations with his daughters. His FOUR daughters.

Breakwell has been at it since April 2016, and it seems that his million followers do it for one reason. The hilarity of it all. He once told Buzzfeed:

“My wife is grudgingly tolerant of my Twitter addiction. She was well-aware I was a jerk when she married me, so my tweets haven’t changed her opinion of me in the slightest.”

Take a look at some of our favorites and give him a follow here!


















ABBA Is Reuniting And Working On New Music For The First Time In 35 Years

Dust off those dancing shoes because ABBA is back and recording music! If you don’t think music has been good since the 70’s, get ready to rock those bellbottoms again. I wish I could name all the hits that ABBA had, but a few include Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme Gimme!, and Mamma Mia.

It seems that the group coming back together is a “unexpected consequence” that stemmed from the ABBA avatar tour project.


They released a statement on the group’s official Instagram.

“The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence.

We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio. So we did.

And it was like time had stood still and that we had only been away on a short holiday. An extremely joyous experience.”


They continued to say:

“It resulted in two new songs and one of them “I Still Have Faith In You” will be performed by our digital selves in a TV special produced by NBC and the BBC aimed for broadcasting in December.

We may have come of age, but the song is new. And it feels good”

View this post on Instagram

❤️ #abbaofficial #abba

A post shared by ABBA (@abba) on


If you are looking to reminisce with classic ABBA hits, here are the top five according to Billboard.

5. “One of Us”

4. “Knowing Me Knowing You”

3. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”

2. “Take a Chance on Me”

1. “Dancing Queen”


Fans were excited to hear that ABBA had a new tour coming up, but fans were sad when the word that there would be no singing or dancing from the classic band. They are really embracing the virtual “Abbatars” that they’ve been working on recently.


Cutest Pit Bull Ever Helps His Blind Dog Friend And Never Leaves His Side

Sometimes you come across a story that makes you feel all good inside. When you’re surrounded by bad news all day long, this is a nice break. This profoundly beautiful story comes to us from Richmond, Virginia.

A few weeks ago, a cute six-year-old pit bull was given to Richmond Animal Care and Control aka RACC. Alongside him though was a blind 12-year-old dachshund and they could tell they were inseparable.

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

Blue the pit bull and OJ the dachshund were being given to the RACC because their owner had just become homeless. Before this moment though, the two friends had been together for the past four years. You could say that Blue had become a seeing-eye-dog for OJ.

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

Christie Chipps Peters who is RACC’s director told The Dodo:

“She [the previous owner] said they had been living in her car for a while and she had been through some other personal things recently. All she wanted was to find them a new home together.”

There was only one condition from the previous owner and that was they had to stick together.

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

It was apparent that these two doggos had a strong bond, and Peters knew that that promise had to be kept. When they first got to the shelter, they were a little timid, but they eventually settled in.

Peters went onto say:

“We don’t see a combination like this very often. It’s so comical and sweet. Blue is like this super tough muscular guy, then OJ is a teeny tiny dachshund. Seeing them together is super cute.”

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

No matter what, Blue didn’t stray away from OJ even during outside playtime.

Peters continued onto say:

“They’ve been pals for at least four years, so they have this understanding of sticking by each other. When we’d go outside, it was like OJ was Blue’s little shadow.”

There journey wasn’t over yet though. After only two days of being at the shelter, a family agreed to take Blue and OJ home and RACC thought that was the end of their wonderful story. But it wasn’t…

OJ was found wandering the streets after the new owner had agreed to take care of both of them. Not sure how they convinced RACC to let them adopt, but it was so sad. Thank goodness a man saw him wandering the road and eventually his chip got him back to the RACC.

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

They eventually went to the owner and made them surrender Blue since they hadn’t upheld their previous arrangement. Now the power duo are back safe and sound at the RACC and waiting for a better forever home.

Peters concluded:

“We very much appreciate the outpouring of community support. The only thing that matters is these sweet dogs get to stay together — and in the end that’s what we have … We will not be doing anything with OJ and Blue Dozer in the next few days other than snuggling them together.”

Hopefully soon they will be in a loving home that will take care of them forever. For now though, Blue has that taken care of.

Image Via Richmond Animal Care and Control

10 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Donald Trump

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The 45th president certainly makes headlines, but here are some facts about Donald Trump you may not have known.

1. His parents sent him away to New York Military School at 13 years old. They thought he needed more discipline.

2. He made $375,000 per episode for his reality hit, “The Apprentice”.

3. Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. His brother was an alcoholic and died because of his addiction in 1982.

4. He has his own board game called Trump: the Game. It was discontinued in 1989 but reintroduced in the midst of his “The Apprentice” fame.

5. Trump’s residence, Trump Tower, was used as the fictional Wayne Enterprises in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

6. He and Ringo Starr starred in the same “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” episode.

7. He is a germaphobe, which is why he’s famous for high fives

8. Trump has run for president before. He won the California presidential primary for the Reform Party in 2000.

9. Even if Trump hadn’t gone into real estate, he would still be rich. His father left him sizable inheritance.

10. He passed up the chance to buy the New England Patriots back in the 80s because he thought they were a bad investment.

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27 Tweets Describing Adulthood That We Can All Relate To

Adulting can be hard sometimes. Whether it’s tax season that’s kicking your butt or just work in general, you can relate to at least a few of these tweets.

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The CDC Has Called For Everyone To Stop Eating Lettuce After A New E. Coli Outbreak

Recently we told you about a smaller outbreak of E. Coli that only involved 11 states. Originally it was Washington, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Idaho and Pennsylvania that had to worry about lettuce that was grown in Yuma, Arizona. It seems that wasn’t enough though.

Originally their press release read:

“Consumers anywhere in the United States who have store-bought chopped romaine lettuce at home, including salads and salad mixes containing chopped romaine lettuce, should not eat it and should throw it away, even if some of it was eaten and no one has gotten sick.

If you do not know if the lettuce is romaine, do not eat it and throw it away.”


The previous warning also concluded that “romaine, including salads and salad mixes” were the types of lettuce to look out for.

Now it seems like the outbreak has spread, so next steps are probably zombies right?

Their new findings were posted on their website and they read:

– Thirty-one more ill people from 10 states were added to this investigation since the last update on April 18, 2018.

– Three more states have reported ill people: Colorado, Georgia, and South Dakota.

– The most recent illness started on April 12, 2018. Illnesses that occurred in the last two to three weeks might not yet be reported because of the time between when a person becomes ill with E. coli and when the illness is reported to CDC.


So at the moment, there have been 84 people effected in a total of 19 states.

Image Via CDC Website

The three states that have 10 or more cases of E. Coli are Pennsylvania, California and Idaho.


The CDC’s latest update reads:

As of April 25, 2018, 84 people infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 have been reported from 19 states. A list of the states and the number of cases in each can be found on the Case Count Map page. Illnesses started on dates ranging from March 13, 2018 to April 12, 2018.

Ill people range in age from 1 to 88 years, with a median age of 31. Sixty-five percent of ill people are female. Forty-two ill people have been hospitalized, including nine people who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure. No deaths have been reported.

Illnesses that occurred after April 5, 2018, might not yet be reported due to the time it takes between when a person becomes ill with E. coli and when the illness is reported. This takes an average of two to three weeks.


Even though cases concern products grown in Yuma, Arizona, the CDC is advising that the labels aren’t always correct. In that case, they are saying that all romaine lettuce in the country should be avoided.


Here’s The Reason This Dad Snapped After Confronting His Daughter’s Bully

Being a parent is hard in 2018 for this generation of parents it seems. You have some woke parents realizing that physically harming a child is bad and the way their parents parented was not effective. Then you have the other side of the coin with the opposite train of thought.

We have the latter in this story, but to his credit he tried to hold back. Meet Mark Bladen, a 53 year old dad from The Gap Brisbane, Australia that was speaking to a boy who had wronged his daughter. Sadly it didn’t really go well for either party in this story.

Images Via Channel Nine

In an interview with 60 minutes (which comes out this Sunday), Bladen says that he was just trying to give the kid a “good old fashioned talking to.”

He couldn’t help himself when the boy smiled at him, which in his words made, “Dr Jekyll came out.”

Take a look for yourself:

The video shows Bladen yelling and pointing at the boy and eventually he snaps and begins to strangle the boy. Eventually the kid’s friends get him off after screaming:

“Get the f**k off him, get off him!”

So what was the reason for Bladen berating the kid in the first place?

Images Via Channel Nine

His daughter said that he had been calling her names and giving her insulting gifts. According to The Sun she told reporters:

“[He] called me names like gorilla and King Kong, he would buy me shaving cream for Christmas so that I would shave.”

60 Minutes also talked to his wife and she defended him saying, “He (Bladen) did what any parent would do.”

Images Via Channel Nine

Friends of Bladen’s also defended his violence. Saying he should protect his “princess” and they would be fine if he did it again.

One of them specifically said, “He’s got to stand up for his family. I would hope that he would do it again, to be honest.”

Bladen pled guilty to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on March 20 for a count of “assault occasioning bodily harm.” He was made to only pay $1000, due to never having any run-ins with the law before.

Images Via Channel Nine

He was also ordered to pay $500 compensation to the boy.

Bladen said at court:

“I’m very sorry for what I did, very regretful and ashamed.

Please don’t do what I did, I just lost control. It’s definitely not the way to handle things”

Images Via Channel Nine

His tone changed though in his Channel Nine interview though saying:

“When I was young you treated a lady like a lady and it should be the same way now.

We live in a day of political correctness, and I hate it.”

I guess we can live with a sorry not sorry. I mean the boy was calling his daughter a gorilla…

The full interview will air this Sunday and we will update if it comes available online.

Hikers Go On A 12-Hour Journey To Save An Injured Dog’s Life Who Was Trapped On A Mountain

Seán McCormack had never even thought of hiking a huge mountain before. When they heard about a small dog that was trapped on a mountain in Northern Taiwan, they knew they had to do something.

A friend of McCormack’s had forwarded a Facebook photo to him because he is a small time dog rescuer in Taiwan. A one year old pupper was in the photo and he was inside a metal kiln which was in Taroko National Park.

Here’s a photo that changed McCormack’s life for the better.

Image Via Seán McCormack

McCormack was able to track down the woman who took the photo and she had said that she had seen the dog during her hiking trip and he was badly injured. He had already lost his right paw to a trap and his left leg had also been caught by a trap.

McCormack said according to The Dodo:

“There’s a big problem in Taiwan with traps and snares. Most of our rescues are dogs who have been maimed by one of these devices.”

Image Via Seán McCormack

He told the woman he would attempt the rescue, initially thinking he could just drive there. But this part of Taiwan was very remote. He even put the place into Google Maps, and it said he could drive…but it was super wrong (what’s new there?).

The only way to get there was a six hour hike there and a six hour hike back, with an injured doggo. After reaching out to his friend, Ross Tweedie who owns a company who called Taiwan Adventures. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but agreed to do it.

He also told The Dodo:

“It’s a brutal hike. It’s not one for beginners, and Sean was in the beginner category. He told me that he hadn’t done anything like that before.”

Image Via Seán McCormack

And it was very tough, McCormack almost gave up a few times. They finally got there and there was just one problem, they couldn’t find the dog, later named Sandy.

McCormack said:

“We looked in the outside kitchen area, but the dog wasn’t there. We didn’t say anything to each other, but I know we were both thinking, ‘Oh crap.’”

But they kept searching and saw something moving underneath a bunch of plastic chairs. McCormack went onto say:

“This little dog was under there, wagging his whole back end. Once we saw him, we both just changed our attitudes again — I suddenly had a lot of energy, and Ross was going to get that dog out no matter who complained about it.”

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

Sandy wouldn’t have survived much longer if they hadn’t shown up. The wound on his left leg had gotten worse and bone was visible. McCormack recalled:

“He was very happy to see us, but obviously in pain. When we bandaged up his leg, he was so good.”

They got ready to leave and loaded Sandy into Tweedie’s backpack. He didn’t whine or anything, he must have known that his guardian angels had come to save him. Once they made it down the mountain, McCormack rushed Sandy to the vet.

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

After all was was said and done, the vet had to amputate a few parts of both his front legs. He wouldn’t have been able to live if this hadn’t happened.

Image Via Seán McCormack
Image Via Seán McCormack

McCormack said after the surgery:

“He’s doing amazingly well. He was just so happy. He immediately started playing with some of the younger dogs here, and he’s just a very sweet, happy dog”

Doesn’t this just make you want to hop on a plane to Taiwan and bring Sandy back home?! Sandy is safe and sound recovering and it all happened because of Facebook. I guess Zuckerberg got something right…

Image Via Seán McCormack

If You Know Someone Who’s Annoyed By Loud Chewing, They Have A Genuine Psychiatric Disorder

Don’t chew with your mouth open! It’s what my (and yours probably unless you are Bruce Wayne) parents always told me, especially because they didn’t want to hear it. But maybe if we would have known this official science news, we could have replied with:


I mean probably wouldn’t have ended well but would have been a good story to tell now! If we would have known we could have gotten them taken care of, but now they might have a real psychiatric disorder.

Image Via Food Network & Giphy

It seems that they were right in their intentions to curb your loud chewing habits, because researchers at Newcastle University have determined this leads to a psychiatric disorder in the people listening.

Image Via Giphy

These scientists have said that people suffering from Misophonia showed changes in brain activity during scans.

Now what exactly is Misophonia? Harvard has defined it as:

People with misophonia are affected emotionally by common sounds — usually those made by others, and usually ones that other people don’t pay attention to. The examples above (breathing, yawning, or chewing) create a fight-or-flight response that triggers anger and a desire to escape.

Image Via Giphy

Misophonia was classified as an actual disorder back in 2001, but the new study published in Current Biology has expounded on the previous study and found some interesting tendencies.

Their very sciencey conclusion said:

Overall, our data show that for misophonics, trigger sounds cause hyperactivity of AIC and an abnormal functional connectivity of this region with medial frontal, medial parietal, and temporal regions; that there is abnormal myelination in medial frontal cortex that shows abnormal functional connectivity to AIC; and that the aberrant neural response mediates the emotional coloring and physiological arousal that accompany misophonic experiences.

So what exactly does that mean?

Image Via She’s the Man & Giphy

Basically, people that suffer from Misophonia will go a little crazy after hearing sounds such as pen-clicking, loud chewing and small tidbit sounds like that.

When testing, scientists categorized three different soundscapes. One was neutral, which consisted of a busy café, water boiling or rain. The next was unpleasant sounds (for the general public) which was things like babies crying. Then the third was the trigger sounds such as the aforementioned loudly eating or breathing.

Image Via Giphy

So what can you do about this disorder if you suffer from it? Well it doesn’t seem like they have that in their study. So I have some non-science advice for you!

1. Don’t go to any ramen restaurants, that might just be a living hell for you!

Image Via Giphy

2. Also any buffet you go to will have at least 17 loud, messy and honestly disgusting eaters so avoid those at all cost…

Image Via Spongebob & Giphy

3. If you do find yourself in a loud eating/chewing/breathing situation, carry a pair of headphones with you always.

Image Via Parks And Recreation & Giphy

4. Have a list of excuses ready for when you find yourself in a misophonia situation so you don’t become a psychopath. Here’s a few of my favorites.

– My pet hamster needs to be fed, I must go home.

– I don’t want to be late for my appointment…in bed…at home…

– Please excuse me, I’ve forgotten to share a politically charged image on Facebook

Anddd finally #5…DEEP BREATHS!

If you can’t get out of your misophonia situation you might just have to meditate for a little so you don’t destroy your loud chewing friend.

Image Via & Giphy

Header Image Via: Image Via Youtube & White Chicks

Police Gathered 13 Semi-Trucks Underneath A Bridge To Stop A Man From Jumping Off

This past week, a road was closed in Coolidge, Michigan. It wasn’t because of rain or snow, it was due to a man who was standing on a bridge and was threatening to kill himself.

Michigan State Police closed the road, but thought quickly and got semi-trucks to come through to the bridge. All-in-all 13 trucks lined up, side-by-side, and eventually the situation was handled…

It all began at 1 AM on Tuesday, April 24th, when police were called out to stop a man from jumping into the highway traffic. Once they got the trucks positioned, if the man decided to jump down, the trucks would break his fall.

The Police tweeted out a photo along with the caption:

“This photo does show the work troopers and local officers do to serve the public. But also in that photo is a man struggling with the decision to take his own life.

Please remember help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.”

The tweet went viral and the response was positive as can be. If the police, along with the truckers, hadn’t acted swiftly, the outcome might have been much different.

Here are a few of the best responses:

“That was a very clever idea. Thanks to the MSP and those truckers who helped save a life Don’t forget everyone that September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month.”

“Absolutely awesome to see everyone working together in this sad situation and ultimately saving a life! Congratulations to all involved.”

“This is AMAZING! This demonstrates love, care, selflessness, and Heroism! You all ARE the 13 Heroes! Aboslutely Amazing!

We need more of you in this world, we thank you for reminding us that we can care! We can take a moment! We can Make a differance!!!!!! Outstanding!!!! ”

“This photo brings tears — those drivers and their trucks, coordinated by police, wrapped a GIANT HUG around that person, reminding him/her that they matter and are cared for, even by complete strangers! What a beautiful, kind gesture.”

Image Via Fox 2 Detroit

We don’t have to wait till September to highlight suicide prevention though. Make sure you know the warning signs to look for in anyone you know so you can help them through their tough times.

The following are a few signs to look for according to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website:

Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves

Looking for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun

Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live

Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain

Talking about being a burden to others

Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs

Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly

Sleeping too little or too much

Withdrawing or isolating themselves

Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge

Extreme mood swings

Feel free to check out their website and donate to help save a life here!

Over $100K Has Been Raised For The Hero Who Stopped The Waffle House Shooter

If you’ve been living under a rock recently, you would have missed the heroic acts of James Shaw Jr. He helped disarm an active shooter that was trying to shoot people inside of a Waffle House this past week. When asked about what he was thinking during the moments of his heroism, he said briefly:

“I did that completely out of a selfish act,” he said. “I was completely doing it just to save myself.”

Well either way his actions have been appreciated by 4,057 in just over 24 hours on a GoFundMe page that was set up by journalist Yashar Ali.

Image Via GoFundMe

Here’s what Ali had to say on the GoFundMe page:

“James Shaw Jr. put his life on the line when he took on the gunman who killed four people at a Nashville area Waffle House. Since that horrific shooting, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the victims and shown a level of humility that has inspired many of us.

I normally don’t get involved directly in these matters, but James’ grace has inspired me to start this page to give him the support I feel he deserves.

According to news reports, James has a four-year-old daughter. Perhaps this money can be used for her college fund or some other education related expense. But I’d be just as happy if James used some of this money to take his family on a nice vacation.

Funds will be transferred directly to James Shaw Jr. through GoFundMe.”

Some celebrities even have gotten in on the giving. TMZ reports that celebs like Jon Cryer, Kristin Davis, Busy Philipps, Ike Barinholtz and Natasha Ziff have given to the GoFundMe so far…

Shaw was moved to tears when talking about doing what he did saying, “Anyone could have done what I did.”

Here what’s a few non-celebs had to say as they donated to the GoFundMe:

Image Via GoFundMe
Image Via GoFundMe
Image Via GoFundMe

Waffle House has also reached out to all the victims including Shaw, and has said they will do all they can.

They’ve already committed to pay for the funerals of the four people killed in the terrible shooting, as well as paying for the medical expenses of those injured.

Right now as it stands the GoFundMe for Shaw has reached past it’s goal of $125K and I have a feeling that it won’t be slowing soon.

Other commenters said nice things such as:

“This is what a hero looks like. The world should be proud of you, well done!”

“Courage and character indeed good sir! You are an inspiration, on many levels. Thank you.”

“This donation is for your future and however you live your life to support the end of violence within our culture. You should be VERY proud that you are one of the helpers that I tell our kids to see when something bad has happened.”

Let’s hope he joins everyone else in our nation that is against the use of automatic weapons in our country!

Single Mom Doesn’t Hold Back With Viral Post About Dad That Doesn’t Want To Pay Child Support

Sometimes being a mom is hard, at least I’ve heard that, not like I’ll ever know. Let’s give a round of applause to this mom for standing up for what is right though. She went on Facebook and let out a rant for the ages.

She did so because she suspects that the father of her kids isn’t declaring his total income to the Child Maintenance Service.


She posted a long open letter to the Facebook page Single Mum Still Standing, and she also criticized how nothing can be done about this.

So far the open letter has been shared over 10,000 times and it’s still growing. In the letter she details how she is barely able to pay for her children even though their dad could help more.


She begins the letter:

“Any child maintenance payments made by you to me do not pay for my holidays. I don’t use YOUR money to pay for my clothes, and your payments certainly don’t fund my minor prosecco addiction.

Your hard-earned cash doesn’t help me pay my gym membership or go into my savings account. (Which doesn’t exist.)

So when you stalk my Instagram and Facebook and see me making the most of my child-free weekends with friends – rest assured I am funding this. In the words of Destiny’s Child, ‘The shoes on my feet, I bought em – I depend on me, if I want it.’”


She goes on with:

“Let me spell this out for you – any money you pay to help with the raising of our children goes directly to our children. I’ve got two jobs to fund my own lifestyle and pay for our children. It’s a simple concept you don’t seem to be able to grasp.

So you’re barking up the wrong tree when you bitterly tell me I should maybe “go out less” when I challenge you over your child maintenance payments.

So, what should child maintenance payments cover?

I admit, it goes towards my mortgage – the house which puts a roof over our children’s heads for 11 nights in 14. Their home. It also helps with the associated costs of running that home. I hope you will agree, they need a home.”


She onto say that everything that he was (or wasn’t) doing was effecting his kids. Since they didn’t have enough money, they would have to move house and that would directly effect them to move schools too.

She kept going on and said where his non-existent money goes to:

“The money pays towards their swimming lessons that I take them to, which you’ve never showed up to, because I want them to have that life skill, it pays for our son’s football coaching and matches. (He’s doing well by the way, you really should take the time to come and watch him – he would be amazed if you turned up.)

It helps pay for their birthday parties with their friends which your wife won’t let you attend because even after all this time she’s still jealous of you and I being in contact.”


She concluded with:

“You failing to pay is just another parenting fail. It’s just as bad as failing to turn up to our son’s Christmas play after promising him you would be there. It’s on a par with refusing to take our son to his much-loved football on YOUR weekends, it’s just like making our daughter stop her dance class on the day you have her. The list goes on.

I don’t expect you to do the right thing. You are a rubbish father. Luckily, they have me.”

This mom wished to stay anonymous but if she hadn’t, I bet she would have a GoFundMe with overflowing funds!


10 Starbucks Hacks To Help You Save Money

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Everybody needs their morning pick-me-up whether you like coffee, tea or a sweeter drink.

These tips and tricks will help you get the most bang for your buck during your next trip to Starbucks.

Order your drink black:

Instead of paying extra for added milk in your latte, use the milk they set out for you for free

Ask for your ice on the side:

If you order your drink sans ice, you’ll get more coffee in your cup. Then just ask for a cup of ice and you can add it yourself.

50 cent refills:

If you’re camping out at your local Starbucks to get work done, you can get 50 cent refills on coffee or tea the entire time you’re there, but once you leave the offer expires.

French press:

If you would rather not keep getting up for refills, you can order a french press of coffee to keep you going through your cram study session.

10 cent discount:

Earth conscious companies always love when their customers are too. If you bring your own tumbler, Starbucks will take 10 cents off your drink purchase.

Order your tea without water:

Baristas add water to the iced teas before serving them. So if the strength isn’t up to your liking, order it without water to get a stronger cup.

Skip the line:

If you download the Starbucks app, you can purchase your drink before you’re even in line. That way once you get to the store, you can grab your already made drink from the barista and dash out the door.

Give your furry friend a treat:

Starbucks loves dogs as much as you do. So order a ‘puppycino‘ and your pup can get a side order of whipped cream

Don’t forget the secret menu:

If nothing’s striking your fancy on the menu board, you can order something off the Starbucks secret menu. Favorites include: red velvet, oreo and s’mores frappuccinos.


If you turn in your old, empty coffee bean bags, Starbucks will give you a free hot or iced coffee.

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Support Dog Secretly Guides His Blind Owner Into His Favorite Dog Toy Store

Dogs prove on a daily basis why they are the best creatures on earth. Today’s proof is coming from a pupper named Thai. He likes to take his human mom to stores he likes to go in and heeds anywhere she actually wants to go to.

It all started when Thai would lead her owner, Danielle Sykora, to Starbucks. Danielle is blind and needs a seeing eye dog to go anywhere, that’s when Thai came on the scene, which was four years ago. So when Danielle went to school, she would go to Starbucks and Thai learned about the legendary (according to dogs) Puppaccino.

Image Via Misopup

Even though Thai is supposed to take Danielle to things she wants to see, sometimes he veers off to adventures he wants to be on.

Danielle attends Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and on the weekends the duo travel back home to New Jersey. Danielle, Michele and Thai love to go shopping at the mall when they are all together.

Image Via Michele Sykora

One time though, along with their dad, Michele saw Thai taking a bit of a detour. Apparently Thai enjoys the “Cool Dog Gear” shop and wanted to take a look, and Danielle had no clue.

Image Via Michele Sykora

Michele told The Dodo:

“The first time my sister ever went to this mall, she was with my dad and Thai just veered right into the store without her knowing.

The second time we went back there, I wanted to witness it for myself, so we walked in the direction of the pet store and of course he walked right in there again!”

The video has over seven million views along side almost half a million retweets so safe to say Thai and Danielle went a little viral.

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Michele went onto say:

“Thai and Danielle have a relationship only a person with a service dog could ever understand. He is her eyes. He goes with her absolutely everywhere.

Even when Thai isn’t working and we are home, if she leaves the room he will get up and follow her everywhere.”

Image Via Michele Sykora

Danielle has been blind since she was two, after going through retinoblastoma surgery. With Thai around now though, life has been much easier for Danielle. Michele said:

“[A cane] only shows you obstacles below waist level. Thai helps her get around much more easily and finds things on command such as elevators, empty seats, stairs, and obviously … pet stores.”

Image Via Michele Sykora

Michele concluded:

“The foundation my sister got him from, The Guide Dog Foundation, selects dogs for you based off their personality. Thankfully, they stuck her with Thai because not only is he her service dog, but he is definitely our family’s entertainment as well.”

I guess going to a few pet stores isn’t much trouble to Danielle for such an amazing friendship with her dog, Thai.

How To Defrost Your Steaks In Less Than 5 Minutes Without Electricity

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Freezing your meat is the best way to keep it fresh, but it’s always a pain having to wait for your next meal to defrost.

This new trick is the key to saving you time and electricity.


All you need is water and two metal pots — no hot water, no microwave and no heat.

First, keep the steak in a plastic bag and place it on an upside down pot. Next, fill the other pot up with water and place that on top of the steak. The steak should now be sandwiched between the two pots



And viola… A 1 cm-thick steak should be ready for the grill in just five minutes.

Easy right?

You can test out this new trick or listen to the advice of Dan Souza, a food magazine editor. He decided to test the taste of steak that’s cooked frozen vs. steak that’s cooked after being thawed.


Souza actually preferred the frozen steaks because they lost less moisture while being cooked.

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28 Of The Most Impossible “Would You Rather” Questions To Ask All Your Friends

1. Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself?

2. Would you rather live in the wilderness far from civilization or live on the streets of a city as a homeless person?

3. Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

4. Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die?

5. Would you rather have everything you eat be too salty or not salty enough no matter how much salt you add?

6. Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?

7. Would you rather have one real get out of jail free card or a key that opens any door?

8. Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

9. Would you rather snitch on your best friend for a crime they committed or go to jail for the crime they committed?

10. Would you rather get 5 dollars for every song you sang in public or 50 dollars for every stranger you kiss?

11. Would you rather it never stops snowing (the snow never piles up) or never stops raining (the rain never causes floods)?

12. Would you rather go bald or be forever cursed to have terrible haircuts?

13. Would you rather earbuds and headphones never sit right on / in your ears or have all music either slightly too quiet or slightly too loud?

14. Would you rather live in a giant desert or a giant dessert?

15. Would you rather never run out of battery power for your phone or always have free Wi-Fi wherever you go?

16. Would you rather your only mode of transportation be a donkey or a giraffe?

17. Would you rather have the police hunting you for a murder you didn’t commit or a psychopathic clown hunting you?

18. Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or a RV as your home?

19. Would you rather have out of control body hair or out of control body odor?

20. Would you rather never be able to wear pants or never be able to wear shorts?

21. Would you rather have no eyebrows or only one eyebrow?

22. Would you rather have all dogs try to attack you when they see you or all birds try to attack you when they see you?

23. Would you rather die if you didn’t slap a new person on the butt every 12 hours or die if you didn’t kill someone every year?

24. Would you rather be unable to have kids or only be able to conceive quintuplets?

25. Would you rather know all the mysteries of the universe or know every outcome of every choice you make?

26. Would you rather be an average person in the present or a king 2500 years ago?

27. Would you rather move to a new city or town every week or never be able to leave the city or town you were born in?

28. Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?

Terrified Tortoise Was Found In Bad Condition After Someone Poured Red Paint All Over Him

When you are in Florida, you should just expect to see weird things. One day you might see a dude running through the streets naked on drugs and the next you could see a painted red tortoise on the road.

Sadly, the latter happened recently in Osceola County, Florida. The couple who was on the side of the road got in contact

It was Kim Titterington who founded Swamp Girl Adventures, which is an organization that rescues and helps wild animals get back into the wild. She is also a partner at the Central Florida Wildlife Center. Basically the first person you want on the scene was on call!

She told The Dodo:

“The woman said, ‘I didn’t realize we had red turtles like that.’ Then they got closer and realized the animal’s situation.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

No Florida doesn’t have red turtles, it was just a gopher tortoise that was in a bad condition. The poor animal was covered in paint as well as bits of concrete.

This is what Titterington said when she saw the tortoise:

“My first reaction was disgust, because I hate to see any animal in a bad situation, and I was definitely very concerned because we don’t know what kind of paint it was, and we didn’t know how long it had been on there.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures
Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

It’s possible that the concrete happened incidentally, but the paint definitely was on purpose in Titterington’s mind.

“Unless we actually speak to the person who did it and find out more details, we don’t know exact facts. But what we do know is that the concrete ended up on him first … and from there, it looks like he was spray-painted. Basically 95 percent of his body was covered in paint.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Even though they were working to get the paint off, they noticed the turtle was moving around almost as if he was drunk. It seemed as though he had gotten the paint toxins into his body sadly.

They used a combo of Dawn dish soap and a mild vinegar solution to work to get the paint of off Raphael, which is what they eventually named him. They also made sure to get fluids to hydrate Raphael and get those dang toxins out of this system.

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Titterington went onto say:

“We noticed a great improvement in his ability to walk and function in about 24 hours. He was walking in a straight line and he was much more responsive.”

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Gopher tortoises are very important to the Florida ecosystem because of the burrows they make. These burrows are vital because they also home 360 other types of animals. So this savior was vital to the surrounding Florida area!

Titterington and her team are keeping Raphael just for a little bit longer to make sure he’s ready to go back to the wild. She concluded:

“He’s a very hyper, very driven tortoise. He kind of has this, ‘I’m going to do what I want to do’ attitude, which is very good. He wants to be wild.”

Hopefully soon he will be back in the swamps of Florida!

Image Via Swamp Girl Adventures

Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll Says He Only Has One Huge Regret

You’ve probably heard of this guy before. He pops up every now and then in the news, and somehow he’s one of those people that you don’t want to look at but can’t look away. He just really makes you say, “Huh???” He’s spent over half a million dollars on plastic surgery because he wants to look like a dang Ken doll…

Rodrigo Alves is his real name and he’s actually a plastic surgeon himself, so I wonder if he’s gotten all his work at a discount too? Anyways he became addicted to his craft at age 19 and he’s lost count of how many surgeries he’s had. He’s had 8 nose jobs and that doesn’t even make sense.

Via Instagram

Honestly he looks like a Jim Carrey character. I sure hope this isn’t an elaborate prank.

He’s now revealing his only regret that thinks about daily it seems. He talked to DailyMail about it:

“I am in pain in the evenings. It’s not unbearable but it’s on my mind and now I wonder what I was thinking.

I’ve been left with two scars on my back, but the worst thing is, I don’t feel any smaller than I did before.”

Via Instagram

If you’re wondering what he’s talking about, we have to go back a few months. Rodrigo had four ribs removed which went viral and it seems that a guy needs all the ribs he was given.

Before the surgery he told Barcroft:

“I am my own person, I am my own brand and it feels good to be an individual as well. Having the ribs removed is just a small fraction of it.

I didn’t have any plastic surgery to please anybody rather than myself and I never had plastic surgery to have the attention from the media or the press. It was an accident.”

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

He has to wear that corset all the time now though after the surgery. Please sit down to read this next part. The corset cost Rodrigo $39,000. Yeah I still don’t get it.

I wonder if he still feels like an individual, gonna go with nope. He went onto The DailyMail:

“I only look smaller when I’ve got it on. As soon as I take it off, I feel like I am back to normal.”

Via Instagram

He also claims he’s done with plastic surgery, so I guess the ribs being “a fraction” was false.

He said:

“I have a bump on one side and I don’t know what that is. I need to find out. It could be a piece of floating cartilage.

I don’t recommend anyone has this surgery. It is risky, it can be dangerous and the results are only shown when I wear a corset.

I can’t wear a corset to go to the beach. Summer is coming soon. I can’t wear one as I will be too hot and sweaty.”

Via Instagram

He concluded:

“This experience has made me think a lot and made me analyse myself and the decisions I’ve made in the past.”

Yeah sounds good, but I’m not sure this is the last we have heard from the human Ken Doll! If you want to not miss anything from Rodrigo make sure you follow him on Instagram!

Via Instagram