After Coming Home To Take Care Of His Sick Mother, This Guy Lost 70 LBs And Looks Like A Disney Prince

Get ready to get your daily dose of inspiration from none other than this guy right here. His name is Jeffrey Kendall, and this is about his journey of losing 70 lbs and looking unrecognizable to even his mother.

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

Jeffrey wrote to Love What Matters:

“It’s been somewhere over two years since I remember lying in bed awake, again, thinking of how far I’ve slipped and how impossible it would be to get back. Weight has been something I’ve struggled with my entire life.

I was an overweight youth, I was bullied growing up. I’ve lived my life with body-image and confidence issues. I started my first efforts towards weight loss when I was 12. Throughout my life, I’ve gained and lost weight, but this time was different.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

He began right before his mother was to be released from a rehab center where she had been since July 4, 2015. She had suffered a brain aneurysm and had been in a coma and rehab hospitals for 7 long months. She was to be released since insurance no longer would cover her.

He continued:

“She didn’t recognize me the first day she was back. It was a very emotional time for me. I had seen her in the hospitals where she could barely speak, I had seen her in the ICU where she couldn’t. I had seen her on the floor unable to wake up. To see her stare without the longing of a mother was heart wrenching. It put a world of self-pity and pain in perspective to me.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

“My good friend was also in an emotional time after a breakup and wanted help to get in shape. It was a perfect reason for me to start something new as I felt a new appreciation for life after that summer.

We started out small, a light barbell workout and agreed to do pushups every day. Soon I was waking up and going for walks while listening to uplifting music.”

So they began day by day and week by week and started to see results.

“I posted on Reddit because I was honestly at a low. I asked them to rate me and I was astounded by some of the positivity. It made me want to care about myself more, it made put an effort into myself.”

Image Via Jeffrey Kendall
Image Via Jeffrey Kendall

He concluded with:

“Being home helping with my mother has been a huge help and motivator for me as well. She’s the toughest person I know and gives me a constant appreciation for life. She’s always telling me to take a day off and I love her so much for it. At the end of the day, I just want to make her proud.

So now I stand over 70 pounds lighter, and I appreciate every breath I take. I’m using the love and support from everyone around to continue working towards my ultimate goal in life, which is to simply be love. I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet, but I hope to find out.”

Pretty awesome story!

Check out Jeffrey’s awesome Instagram here!

Instead Of Giving Their Owner “Gifts” These Cats Brings Goodies To Their New Automatic Feeder Now

Two years ago, Cee Webster wasn’t having the best day. Turns out what started as a bad day, turned out to be a life changing day. She went to an animal shelter, the Pixie Project, that’s in Portland, Oregon to go pet some animals and feel better.

Webster then met two kittens that were only 8-weeks-old, and they were the cutest little furballs. The two couldn’t be separated and they were brothers so they were kind of a package deal.

Image Via Cee Webster

There was just one problem. Webster said to The Dodo:

“I’m allergic to cats, and definitely shouldn’t have cats. Tucker was this tiny little nugget and he started kneading on my face and purring.”

Well that could have been an issue, but she didn’t care. She left that afternoon, and couldn’t stop thinking about Tucker and his brother, Finley. She continued:

“I just felt like those cats are special. I was like, ‘I just have to go get them.'”

Image Via Cee Webster

Even though she had allergies, she found herself with two cats of her own. And she wouldn’t want it any other way. She spoke about how the mental health benefits outweighed her poor nose’s predicament.

So the two best friends got a new human best friend, and they they are now the three best friends!


She said that, “These guys are best friends. They sleep together and groom each other.”

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Your cat does this too, right? #tuckerandfinley

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They eat A LOT too apparently. Webster has to work them out before dinner so they keep their lean (not mean) bodies. They play with little toy “mousies,” Finley especially. He likes to chase after the mousie after Webster throws it, and they’ve gotten used to playing fetch.

But the two brothers think that playing with a mouse means they are eating now. So the next step she said was:

“I got them the feeder so they could have some dry food throughout the day and it would portion it out. It’s on a timer, too. So maybe they wouldn’t wake me up at 5 in the morning.”

Image Via Cee Webster

At first, Tucker and Finley were leery of their new robot friend. It was noisy and something that was just very foreign to them.

“When I first set it up they got freaked out because it made a weird noise. And Finley walked away with his tail puffed up.”

Image Via Cee Webster

But since it’s on a timer they eventually got used to it, and learned their new friend’s schedule. It makes a noise and once that’s initiated they sprint over to it now. They even have learned when it’s going to happen, and wait five minutes beforehand.

What could have made it an even funnier sight?

They stopped bringing the mousies to Webster and instead, they brought the mousies to the feeder.

Webster concluded:

“It’s like the singularity — that point when artificial intelligence has taken over. There was actually a mousie in the food bowl this morning when I went down.”

And it’s still happening to this day. Now Webster gets more sleep and the kitties are still happy. A win/win!

Image Via Cee Webster

Video Of Kellyanne Conway’s Brief Stand-Up Comedy Career Emerges

This article originally appeared and was published on

Before she was Donald Trump’s campaign manager and right-hand woman, Kellyanne Conway was briefly a stand-up comedian.

In 1998, the president’s top aide was unmarried and known as Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. She worked as a pollster in Washington D.C. while trying her hand on the comedy circuit.

C-SPAN video from November of that year called “Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest” recently surfaced.

According to the video’s description, comedians, journalists and other local celebrities gave humorous speeches for charity — including Conway, who performed a 10-minute stand-up set.

In the video of her performance, she drops pop culture references, political jokes and hyper-personal musings.

“I don’t know nothin’ about that but they’ll still invite me to chat, as long as I’m blonde and not too fat,” Conway says at one point.

The routine ends when she dons a feather boa and breaks out into a song she calls, “I’ve Got the Pundit Blues.”

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Kim Kardashian Explains The Meltdown That Led To Kourtney’s Iconic ‘Kim, There’s People That Are Dying’

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Kim Kardashian is just like all of us: When she loses a $75,000 earring, she freaks out.

Okay, so it’s not particularly reminiscent of anything we’ve recently experienced — and the Kardashian clan definitely knows that.

“Okay, can I explain?” Kim says during E!’s 10th anniversary special. “That earring … I have upgraded for years, for my birthday. I buy myself a birthday present and I had upgraded that pair of diamond studs.”

“Is this a relatable story?” Khloe cuts in.

“I mean, it’s not relatable, but it’s what I went through,” Kim counters. “And it’s why I was crying. I’m just being honest.”

During one of the most famous scenes in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” history, Kim’s then-husband, Kris Humphries, tossed her into the ocean during a Bora Bora family vacation. And just like that, the earring had disappeared.

“We’ll find it, baby,” Kris assured his new wife.

“We’re not going to f—ing find it in the ocean!” an inconsolable Kim shrieked.

After hearing her sister’s sobs, Kourtney asked what the issue was, and then responded with one of the show’s most famous retorts: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

After acknowledging that the earrings cost $75,000 “or more,” Kim conceded that she does see the absurdity of the meltdown.

“Yes, I see Kourtney’s point now,” she admits.

Kourtney takes that opportunity to recreate her iconic line: “There’s people that are dying, Kim!”

“And I totally get that,” Kim says firmly. “And I get it.”

27 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About “The Office”

1. Steve Carell didn’t want to watch the UK version of The Office beforehand because he didn’t want to simply imitate Ricky Gervais’ version of the character.


2. John Krasinski and Brian Baumgartner would spend almost every lunch together in Baumgartner’s trailer playing John Madden Football.


3. The document being highlighted in the opening credits scene is a copy of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, Section 12.22.

4. Oscar Nunez, who plays Oscar Martinez, didn’t think the show would be a success, so kept his jobs as a server and a babysitter when he first got the role.


5. Many of the cast’s characteristics were intentionally incorporated into the character’s personalities throughout the series.


6. Pam’s lactation consultant after she gives birth in “The Delivery” is actually Fischer’s real-life husband, Lee Kirk.

7. Seth Rogen auditioned and was considered for the role of Dwight. Adam Scott and John Cho auditioned for the role of Jim.


8. Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and Ellie Kemper were all previously interns at Late Night With Conan O’Brien.


9. At this early lunch Carell said, “Of all the roles I’ll end up doing and all the films I may shoot, I believe that Michael Scott may be the role I’ll always be most known for.”


10. Pam’s painting is replaced with a motivational poster for a few episodes in Season 6, but reappears later in the same season.

11. Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) and Ed Helms (Andy) attended the same high school.


12. When the Stamford branch and Scranton branch merged, the idea was to eventually alienate, fire, or cause all of the Stamford character’s to quit, but Ed Helms was so funny they decided to convert him into a series regular.


13. During the first season of the show, the actors were told to bring in paperwork to keep busy when they were doing background work, as they didn’t have real computers.

14. Oscar Nunez had the only computer with a working speaker and would mostly use it to play videos of people falling over and bumping into things.


15. In “Launch Party” John Krasinski accidentally signed his own name on to Meredith’s cast instead of Jim’s.


16. The cast and crew always wrote and shot more footage than they needed to. Many of the episodes could have been hour long.

17. Spinoffs were planned for both Andy and Dwight to get their own shows but eventually fell through.


18. Krasinski and Rainn Wilson would give each other tips during Jim and Dwight’s quarrel scenes, and many of their best improv lines and directives came from the other.


19. Smith is 11 years older than Steve Carell, despite many references indicating their characters are supposed to be the same age.


20. Steve Carell had seriously active sweat glands, so the temperature on set had to be kept at a cold 64°F, until they eventually invested in space heaters.


21. Jim and Pam’s first kiss was John Krasinski’s first ever onscreen kiss, about which he may have lied to Jenna Fischer when she asked if he’d ever done it before.


22. After Michael fell into a Koi Pond at a sales call, many of the employees changed the screensavers on their computers to fish tanks.


23. Rashida Jones thought she was going to be fired her first day on set for laughing at Steve Carell’s improvising.

24. Novak was the first person to be cast. He was also hired as a writer, starting the tradition of writer-performers wherein many of the writers would star in the show and many of the actors would contribute to writing.


25. Krasinski had to cut his hair for the film Leatherheads, so he was forced to wear a wig for the last six episodes of Season 3 of The Office.


26. Rainn Wilson wrote a blog for Dwight, even though now it only has that one page.


27. In “Gay Witch Hunt”, the script only intended for Michael to hug Oscar, so when Carell improvised the kiss, the cast’s reactions were completely authentic.


According To A New Study, Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten

Looks like you need to talk to your vegan and vegetarian friends, it looks like they are as righteous as they thought they were. We’ve always had inklings of this, and I did especially after seeing Seth Rogen’s movie, Sausage Party, but it looks like there is some reality to these thoughts.

It might be a stretch to be able to say they “hear” you eating them, but they definitely know! The University of Missouri conducted a study that reports plans can identify sounds around them and they react!

Plants can’t really do anything about it, but the study says that they can sense when, for example, a caterpillar is chomping on their surround friends. Once this happens, they release mustard oils which deters the caterpillar.


Heidi Appel, who is the senior research scientist in the Division of Plant Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the Bond Life Sciences Center reported this according to the Daily Mail:

“Previous research has investigated how plants respond to acoustic energy, including music. However, our work is the first example of how plants respond to an ecologically relevant vibration.

We found that ‘feeding vibrations’ signal changes in the plant cells’ metabolism, creating more defensive chemicals that can repel attacks from caterpillars.”


Appel also worked with Rex Cocroft, professor in the Division of Biological Sciences at Mizzou for the study.

They conducted their study with Arabidopsis which is a cabbage type plant. They first just used the noise of the caterpillar without the actual insect and the plant reacted. When it was just around silence, yep you guessed it, nothing happened. They they actually let real caterpillars into the buffet and the same conclusion was made.

Concroft concluded that:

“What is remarkable is that the plants exposed to different vibrations, including those made by a gentle wind or different insect sounds that share some acoustic features with caterpillar feeding vibrations did not increase their chemical defenses.

This indicates that the plants are able to distinguish feeding vibrations from other common sources of environmental vibration.”


Appel also said that this research could help agriculture defense. She said:

“Caterpillars react to this chemical defense by crawling away, so using vibrations to enhance plant defenses could be useful to agriculture.

This research also opens the window of plant behavior a little wider, showing that plants have many of the same responses to outside influences that animals do, even though the responses look different.”


Appel and Cocroft’s next plan is to determine why these plants sense vibrations.

But the real next plan is for vegans and vegetarians to decide whether their outlandish actions matter. If they get mad at us meat eaters, we can finally turn the tables and explain to them this study.

This is usually my reaction to vegans and their ways…


The Number Of Hotels That Trump Owns Is A Lot Fewer Than You’d Expect

This article originally appeared and was published on

President Donald Trump may be ubiquitous as a public figure, but in terms of real estate, his name may not appear as many places are you may think.

Trump’s luxurious hotels are routinely selected for prestigious honors like AAA’s 5 Diamond Award, top rankings on TripAdvisor and Forbes’ 5-Star ratings. However, despite the prominence of these resorts, the Trump Organization has just 11 hotels listed on their website, including one that opened up just last month in Vancouver.

The president’s family only has one brand of hotel, unlike competitors such as Hilton, which has 13 different varieties, from 25 ritzy Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts to 457 less sexy (but chocolate chip cookie-lover friendly) DoubleTrees. The rest of Trump’s real estate portfolio is residential Trump Towers around the world, 4 commercial properties in New York and California, 17 golf clubs and 2 properties within the ‘Estate Collection;’ Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, and MacLeod House and Lodge in Aberdeen, Scotland.


A post shared by Karen Peng🎶 (@karenpengtw) on

The ‘hotel’ classification can be murky in this case, because it is possible to stay overnight at golf courses like Trump Turnberry in Scotland, but it is considered ‘a luxury collection resort’ rather than simply a hotel like the other 11 properties.

Trump International Hotel and Tower NYC is the flagship property in the hotel collection. The luxury hotel, situated on the edge of Central Park, opened its doors on January 15, 1997. The hotel is also home to Jean-Georges, a three Michelin star restaurant that is continuously named among the best in New York City and the United States.

The most recent hotel in the Trump collection is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver that opened on February 28, 2017. The sleek, twisting $320 million skyscraper is the city’s second tallest building and boasts ‘The Spa by Ivanka Trump,’ an award-winning Chinese restaurant and a champagne lounge.

Unfortunately for those that live in southern or central United States, there is no current opportunity to experience a Trump hotel without a lengthy journey — the closest hotels are in Florida, Chicago or Las Vegas.

However, if you are willing to take a trip just to stay in one of Trump’s luxury hotels, you are in good luck — the Trump Organization announced that it’s next plans would be expanding hotels into Asia for the first time with projects in Lido and Bali, Indonesia.

And if the hotels are outside of your budget, wait a few more years. Trump Organization announced a sub-brand in June 2016 called Scion that will have rooms beginning at just $200 or $300 a night.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jimmy Fallon

This article originally appeared and was published on

1. He was voted ‘Most Likely to Replace David Letterman’ in 8th grade.

His classmates weren’t that far off. He replaced Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’ in 2014


A post shared by Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) on

2. Growing up, Fallon wanted to become a priest.

He went to Catholic Mass every morning with his grandfather

and was inspired by how the priest could move the crowd.

3. Drew Barrymore played matchmaker for him

His film producer wife, Nancy Juvonen owns a production company with Drew Barrymore, who introduced the couple to each other in 2005.

4. He’s a Yankees fan.

Even though he played a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan in the movie ‘Fever Pitch.’


A post shared by Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) on

5. He has his own Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

‘Late Night Snack’ is vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and fudge covered potato chip clusters.

‘Late Night Dough’ has both chocolate chip cookie dough & peanut butter cookie dough.

6. His college major was computer science.

He’s taken quite a different path since attending The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

He later went back for a degree in communications in 2009.

He’s since received an honorary degree from the school and spoke at that year’s graduation ceremony.

7. A giant pickle hung from the ceiling of his ‘Tonight Show’ office.

It was a gift from previous “Late Night” host Conan O’Brien, who in turn received it from David Letterman.

Fallon has since passed it on to Seth Meyers.

8. His parents are his biggest fans.

They used to go to bed at 10 and set an alarm for 12:30 a.m. so they could watch every episode of their son live.

Fallon eventually programmed a DVR for them to look out for their health, he told ‘New York’ magazine.

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Orangutan Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Rescuer After Spending His Whole Life Living In A Box

Before I woke up this morning, I didn’t know that my new goal in life was to hug an orangutan. But now that’s the dream and I will keep blogging about cute things till it happens.

We first find this tiny orangutan in West Borneo in Indonesia. A rescue squad from the International Animal Rescue who we’ve heard from before, found a five year old Orangutan in bad shapes. He was inside a small wooden cage that only measured three by five feet.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

That’s Utu, and he couldn’t have been happier to see the IAR team come to the rescue. Utu was there due to someone killed his mother and took him as a pet. It’s a truly tragic story but with a beautiful ending.

Lis Key, who is the PR and communications manager of IAR, talked to The Dodo and said:

“It is quite probable that Utu witnessed the killing of his mother. As a baby orangutan, he was probably clinging to her when she was killed. We have encountered cases where a baby orangutan has been injured with a machete or shot with an airgun, which almost certainly occurred when the baby’s mother was being attacked.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

If you need Kleenex for this article, I’ve provided you a link here.

Anyways, Utu had been in that cage for his whole life essentially so that was the first red flag. Then the IAR team saw that he was also very malnourished. Normally Utu’s diet should consist of leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, honey, insects and more things but it seems that his captor only gave him rice and some fruit every once and awhile.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Key continued to say:

“People who take in baby orangutans have no real knowledge of their natural diet and don’t know how much to feed them, and this is why many of the orangutans we rescue are in poor health and in some cases seriously ill.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

IAR also learned of how Utu’s mother died and it’s truly horrific. They shot and killed her and eventually ate her meat. What would drive people to do such a thing so close to cannibalism?! Utu might have been around for the whole disgusting ordeal also.

There was a second rescue in West Borneo that day as well. Joy, another young orangutan was saved from the exact same wooden box ordeal. Why is this a thing!? This owner had bought Joy for $21 from a hunter and only fed her rice, bananas, sugarcane and sweet potatoes. I guess there isn’t any How To books in West Borneo even if they do illegally obtain an orangutan.

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Good news is both Utu and Joy are safe and sound and getting plenty of the right type of food for them.

Key also said:

“Encountering orangutans being kept in captivity as pets is always sad, but…it is doubly sad to find two young orangutans shut away behind bars, without their mothers and far from their natural home in the forest.”

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Karmele L Sanchez, who is the program director for IAR, concluded in a statement:

“This is the time for all who keep orangutans to realize that if they continue to violate this law, orangutans will soon be extinct. People who encounter those that sell orangutans should not buy the orangutans and should immediately report them to the authorities. If people do not cooperate by handing over orangutans, then law enforcement is needed.”

If you want to help Utu and Joy get back to the wild, you can donate to the IAR here!

Image Via International Animal Rescue

Study: There’s No Chance Anyone Will Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

This article originally appeared and was published on

Contrary to what dystopian pop culture may tell you, we probably won’t survive any kind of zombie attack.

According to a study recently published by students at the University of Leicester in the U.K., we’d all be dead within a hundred days of the rise of the undead.

Students used a basic model often used by epidemiologists to track how quickly diseases spread.

Assuming a single zombie spurs the outbreak on Day One, and assuming each zombie has a 90 percent chance of infecting one new victim per day, it would only take 20 days for the infection to become widespread.

By the 100th day of the apocalypse, only 181 people on earth will still be alive.

Even if you assume it would take longer for the infection to spread in distant parts of the globe, there would only be 273 survivors after 100 days.

If you’re a “Walking Dead” zombie fanatic and you think you’re prepared to fight back by destroying the brains of your attackers, expertly avoiding bites and reproducing — there is a small chance you can outlast the apocalypse.

According to the model, zombies who have a lifespan of one year — which is higher than the 20 days assumed in the original model — it would take a little over 3 years to wipe out all of the undead. After 27 years, humans would begin to replenish the population again.

Of course, who knows if this type of zombie will even be the kind to attack us?

If the zombie apocalypse looks more like “28 Days Later” an infection can spread through blood or bite.

But if it looks like George A. Romero’s original “Dead” trilogy, zombies will spring from people who die of any cause, thus making it much harder for anyone to stay alive (and undead.)

Regardless of what model you choose and how experienced you are in zombie survival, it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome in the event of a zombie outbreak.

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These Adorable Service Dogs In Training Took A Trip To Disneyland And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

This might be the most amazing thing ever to happen at Disneyland. Yeah there are engagements and other cute things but have you ever seen a set a more happy doggos?!

Image Via Kendra Clark

These awesome labs are a part of the Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit from California that looks to help people that need pups in their life. And what better way to get them acclimated to people than to take them to a place with a bunch of people, Disneyland!

They are in the midst of their training and this little field trip was made to improve their socialization skills.

Kendra Clark told The Dodo:

“Disneyland is the perfect place to socialize our puppies to crowds, loud noises, different sights and smells, and different kinds of people.”

Clark helped to bring this field trip to fruition. It’s safe to say that these guys passed the Disneyland test with flying colors, making all sorts of friends. Also headsup, there are no photos with Goofy so be prepared for about 3% of disappointment.

Image Via Kendra Clark

Clark went onto say:

“The pups absolutely loved walking around the park. They posed in photos with their Mickey ears and ate up all the attention they drew from the crowds.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

The dogs meeting all the friends that they could though, I’m surprised how much they enjoyed that part. Their training must be working because they are trying to comfort even the costumed characters!

Clark said, “Seeing how happy they got when they met the characters sure was a treat! The characters were almost as excited as the dogs were to say hello!”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

Nicole Brown tweeted a photo of the happy doggos and of course it caught fire and went a tad viral.

She also talked to The Dodo and said:

“I have always been a dog person, specifically Labs and golden retrievers. But to see them at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse ears was the cutest thing. You could tell they were so happy to be there. They were loving all of the attention they were getting from both tourists and the Disney characters.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

The group plans to come back more due to the success. It seems like it really helped everyone involved mutually.

“As puppy raisers, part of our job is educating the public about service dogs and Canine Companions’ mission. So it was really wonderful that the crowds were not only incredibly interested in our service pups in training, but also so respectful of the fact that they were working.”

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

You can take a look at Canine Companions for Independence’s site and learn more about the puppers in training.

Image Via Kendra Clark
Image Via Kendra Clark

Here’s The Real Answer As To Why Cats Purr

Nameless Network is up for a Webby award for Everything Explained – the smartest show on the internet! We’re in the same category as VICE, BBC, National Geographic and Conde Nast – so it’s safe to say we need your vote! Click here to help us win!

We all know this sound. It’s a cat purring. But how and why do they make this sound?

The truth is, no one knows for sure, but there are quite a few theories as to why cats purr. It’s thought that kittens learn how to purr when they’re just a few days old.

This early purring is a way for them to communicate to their mom that they’re close by and doing just fine. In this way, purring also acts as a bonding mechanism between baby and mama cats. But, as we know, cats continue to purr as they grow older.


It’s generally thought that cats purr to express pleasure and contentment. Or as a general form of close communication, since purrs can’t travel very far. And because purring usually occurs in close social situations like grooming or nursing.

But cats can also purr when they’re injured and in pain. Research scientist and bio-acoustic specialist Dr. Elizabeth Von Muggenthaler suggests that the low frequency vibrations that purring produces act as a “natural healing mechanism”.

In this sense, it is also thought that purring can be a tool used by cats to calm themselves when they’re in a particularly stressful situation. Some veterinarians have even observed cats lying next to each other purring when one is injured in a behavior known as “purr therapy”.


Dr. Von Muggenthaler also believes that purring may have bone healing properties.
Maybe a blackboard cat and purring noise and radio waves coming out of the cat AND the waves hitting a bone

She found that cats purr in the range of 20 to 150 Hertz. Which, according to the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, is the frequency range that induces increased bone density.

The thinking behind this theory is that as cats spend time lying around waiting to hunt, purring stimulates their bones and prevents them from becoming weak or brittle.

Another theory suggests that cats purr to communicate peaceful intentions and to signal that they’re not going to attack.

Older cats, for instance, have been found to purr when approaching younger ones to communicate friendly intentions. So there’s many reasons why cats purr, and each purr should be analyzed in context. And it’s not just house cats.

Bobcats, pumas, and even cheetahs have been found to purr. Meanwhile lions, leopards, jaguars, and tigers can’t. But they can roar.


In fact, early 19th century taxonomists thought that cats could either purr or roar, and split them into subfamilies along these lines. The purrers are grouped in the subfamily Felinae, and the roarers are in Pantherinae.

But today it’s believed that most cats—big and small—can purr, barring the exceptions I just mentioned. But how do purring cats actually purr?


The most widely accepted idea is that a cat’s brain will signal to its laryngeal muscles in its voicebox to vibrate.
The muscles open and close the glottis, which is the space between the vocal cords, and allows air to pass through the voicebox and causes the purring sound.

One reason why researchers are confident that this is how purring works is because cats with laryngeal paralysis can’t purr.

But given the vast array of possible reasons cats purr, the jury’s still out on whether cats purr voluntarily or if it’s an involuntary reaction. So the next time your cat purrs, listen closely. You might just learn something.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Potter

This article originally appeared and was published on

Here are eight facts to surprise the biggest Potterheads…

1. J.K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione with Ron and not Harry

In an interview J.K. Rowling did with Emma Watson for Wonderland magazine, she said, “I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment… It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.”

2. J.K. Rowling “seriously considered” killing off Ron

Rowling said in an interview that she never intended to kill any of the Harry Potter trio until halfway through the series when she “wasn’t in a very happy place.”

3. Harry and Voldemort are blood-related

They enemies are related distantly through the owners of the Deathly Hallows. Harry is a descendent of Ignotus Peverell who first owned the invisibility cloak.

Voldemort is a descendant of Ignotus’s brother, Cadmus Peverell, who first owned the resurrection stone.

4. J.K. Rowling first wrote down the Houses of Hogwarts on a barf bag

Rowling came up with the names of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin on an airplane. She wrote them down so she wouldn’t forget.

Luckily, The bag was empty.

6. Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double was paralyzed on the Harry Potter set

While filming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” David Holmes injured his spine. He is now paralyzed and uses a wheelchair.

7. Throughout all eight films, Daniel Radcliffe went through around 160 pairs of glasses.

8. Harry’s lightning bolt scar has been applied on Daniel Radcliffe with makeup about 5,800 times.

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The Real Reason We Get The Hiccups Is Not What You Think

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We’ve all had them at some point. And everyone’s got a special way to get rid of them. But what exactly are they and why do we get them in the first place?

Hiccups are more scientifically known as involuntary contractions of the diaphragm. They’ve also been medically referred to as singultus, which derives from a Latin term that means catching one’s breath while crying.

Your diaphragm is a dome-shaped layer of muscle that separates your chest from your abdomen, and plays a vital role in the breathing process. It sits below the lungs, which are enclosed in the thoracic cavity by the ribcage.


When we inhale, the diaphragm contracts and flattens to make more space for your lungs to expand. And when we exhale, the diaphragm balls up, making the lungs smaller.

Throughout the breathing process, all that air moves through your larynx and glottis, which is the opening between your vocal cords. Now, when you hiccup, at least half of the diaphragm contracts sharply. That contraction starts pulling in for a deep breath, but is cut short by the glottis snapping shut.

So the diaphragm initiates an intake of air, but the shutting of the vocal cords prevents that air from entering the windpipe and reaching the lungs. This is also what creates the “hic” sound.


But what exactly causes hiccups to happen in the first place?

Most of the time, hiccups are caused by irritation of the phrenic nerves, which is what controls your diaphragm movement. And that irritation is usually caused by an expansion of the stomach. Many things can cause sudden stomach expansion.

Swallowing air. Drinking too quickly, especially carbonated beverages. Or eating too fast.


Hiccups are also sometimes associated with intense emotions. Laughter, anxiety, sobbing, and excitement have all been known to trigger the hiccups.

Hiccups usually last just a couple minutes, but hiccups that last longer than 48 hours are called “persistent hiccups”. And, while rare, hiccups that last longer than month are called “intractable hiccups” and can cause exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and weight loss.

Both persistent and intractable hiccups may be a sign of a more serious health issue, and should be checked out by a doctor. The longest case of the hiccups on record belongs to Charles Osborne, who in 1922 started hiccuping while weighing a pig. He was unable to find a cure and hiccupped until February 1990, for a total of 68 years.


So how do you avoid being like that guy and actually get rid of your hiccups?

Most home remedies for curing hiccups either overload the phrenic nerves or interrupt your breathing cycle. Having a friend tickle or scare you is one tactic. Another one is to hold your breath and to try to physically contract your diaphragm in order to stop the spasms.

Yet another strategy is to drink water from the opposite side of the glass, which causes your muscles to contract in such a way as to probably stop your hiccups. But every case is different and everyone has a home remedy they swear by.

So what’s your hiccup cure?


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, but that’s far from the only thing that makes her special…

1. She is a leader of her family’s nonprofit organizations: the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

2. Chelsea’s name was inspired by a Joni Mitchell song called “Chelsea Morning.”

3. She has two kids named after “Sex and the City” characters… Charlotte and Aidan.

4. She skipped the third grade, has a B.A. in history from Stanford University, a master’s of public health degree from Columbia University and a doctorate in international relations from the University of Oxford.

5. She was a special correspondent for NBC news from 2011 to 2014.

6. Reportedly, her codename given by the secret service was “Energy” because she was so active as a kid.

7. She serves on the board for the School of American Ballet.

8. She has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

9. During her dad’s eight years as president, there were 87 network news stories about Chelsea.

10. She is friends with Ivanka Trump, the pair met through their husbands.

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What Is This Crazy Cross Between A Raccoon and a Dog?

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Can you guess what this creature is? No, it’s not a raccoon. And not exactly a dog, either. It’s kind of both. Oh and, fun fact, the Japanese are absolutely fascinated with its testicles.

Got any guesses?

It’s called a tanuki and we’re willing to bet you’ve actually seen one before.

The tanuki is also known as the raccoon dog, and it’s a canid, which is a family that includes dogs and dog-like mammals including wolves, foxes, and coyotes.



It’s native to Japan and is found predominantly throughout East Asia. They live in monogamous pairs and close-knit groups, and mainly insects, rodents, amphibians, and fruits and berries. Or garbage, which is partly why they get confused for raccoons.

And if you haven’t been lucky enough to see one in real life, you may recognize this creature from Super Mario Bros 3. The “tanooki suit” is what allows Mario or Luigi to fly and turn into a statue.

Which is likely because Japanese folklore saw the tanuki as a mythical shape-shifter. One of their earliest appearances in Japanese folklore describes tanuki as turning into humans and singing songs.



Other stories have them transforming into monks or samurais to take advantage of services offered only to humans. And it’s not just humans they can transform into. One famous story involves a tanuki turning into a teapot.

Legend also has it that these guys are notorious tricksters.

While in human form, the “money” that they use eventually turns into dried leaves. But while shapeshifting is indeed very impressive, perhaps the tanuki’s most interesting characteristic is its “expanding scrotum”

And no, it’s got nothing to do with their…virility.



Tanuki have been depicted using their testicles as nets, drums, and smothering devices. They’re even depicted with large scrotums in Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko. But not to worry, life does not imitate art since real-life tanuki have normal sized…you know, bits.

So why are they drawn as being so…well-endowed?

The most common explanation is that metal workers would wrap gold in the skin of tanuki testicles when making gold leaf. The point was to hammer the gold to the thinnest sheet possible, so it was important to have a very stretchy skin that wouldn’t break. Turns out tanuki scrotum did the trick.



Wallets and lucky charms were eventually made from tanuki scrotum as it was said to stretch your money the way they stretched gold. Nowadays, the tanuki’s association with prosperity is still strong, as statues of the large-scrotumed creature are often placed at restaurant and bar entrances.

Actually, there’s a wide variety of tanuki statues fit for any situation.

Which begs the question:
Where the lady tanukis at?



Here’s How Déjà Vu Works

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Have you ever had that strange sensation that you’ve been somewhere or met someone before. This strange yet ubiquitous phenomenon is known as déjà vu. But what exactly is it and why do we get it?


DÉJÀ VU is french for “already seen”. Which makes sense since a deja vu episode consists of a feeling of already having seen or experienced something before. And these episodes can last anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds.

What actually causes it is still a mystery, but there are a few theories, and they typically fall under two main categories: Associative and Biological.

The associative category is comprised of theories that suggest that environmental stimuli like sounds or smells are triggering déjà vu experiences. And biological theories point to a structural or chemical abnormality in the brain as the déjà vu trigger.


One such theory has to do with brain development, since young people experience déjà vu the most, and it tapers off with age. Other research links déjà vu to temporal lobe epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a condition that causes brain cells to send out-of-control electrical signals that affect the cells around them.

These haywire signals create a domino effect amongst the brain’s cells and results in a seizure. Which is when a person loses control of their thoughts and body movements. But what does that have to do with déjà vu exactly?


Well, temporal lobe epilepsy in particular starts in the temporal lobe. Which is the area of your brain just on top of your ears and is responsible for making and remembering memories. People who have temporal lobe epilepsy frequently report having déjà vu just before they have a seizure.

Which means that, for people who do NOT have temporal lobe epilepsy, déjà vu could just be a mini seizure that stops before it grows too large. What’s likely happening is, the familiar feeling you get is signalled by cells in the temporal lobe.

But gets ignored by other parts of the brain that check to make sure whether the signals make sense. A simpler biological theory is called Dual Processing Theory, in which the brain processes new stimuli twice, and the second time mistakes it as something it’s already familiar with.


Scientists can’t explain exactly why this mistake occurs, but it’s one of the more widely accepted déjà vu theories.

There’s also an associative theory called Divided Attention Theory, which suggests that the experience giving you déjà vu is actually something you’ve experienced before. Only you weren’t paying enough attention at the time to make a full memory of it.

Pretty cool stuff huh?

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to test déjà vu theories as personal reports of it are varied. Which continues to make it an extremely fascinating topic of study.

What’s your déjà vu theory?


This Odd Photo Of Walt Disney Is Driving The Internet Crazy

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Walt Disney is an iconic figure, but one vice is sometimes glossed over: his smoking habit. Disney was a heavy smoker throughout his life, and unfortunately passed away from lung cancer because of it.

The Disney brand, however, has a ban on smoking. This prevented Tom Hank’s portrayal of Disney in the film Saving Mr. Banks from smoking a lot during the film — even though he smoked three packs a day.

The ban manifests itself in other ways, as one user on Reddit pointed out. They shared this odd photo of Disney:


At DisneyLand all photos of Walt Disney have his cigarettes photo-shopped out. from r/pics

You might notice something off about Disney’s hand: it looks like he was holding something, but he’s not. “At Disneyland,” the user stated, “all photos of Walt Disney have his cigarettes Photoshopped out.”

The photo soon went viral with thousands of comments, many people surprised. The seemingly-innocent photo certainly has an interesting backstory.

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Meet The Most Beautiful Sea Slugs

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Do you know what these crazy colorful creatures are? They’re some of the most overlooked beauties in the deep void that is the ocean.

But don’t let their looks fool you, some of these guys have the ominous super power of being able to eat the most highly poisonous creatures on the planet and then harvest their prey’s toxins for themselves.

Making them some of the most beautiful predators in the open seas. They’re called nudibranchs. Which are soft-bodied marine gastropod mollusks part of the sea-slug family.

They’re pretty tiny, ranging from about a quarter inch to twelve inches long. And there are over 3,000 species of these guys.Talk about a big family.


The name “nudibranch” actually means “naked gills”. Which refers to the exposed gills that sprout out of their backs. But some species of nudibranchs can retract their gills in order to protect them.

They’ve got no eyes, but instead have two tentacles, called rhinophores, located on top of their head. These things are super sensitive to touch, smell, and taste, which helps the nudibranch navigate its surroundings and locate prey and mates.

And they have two of them so they can tell from which direction a scent is coming from based on the intensity on each rhinomphore. Most mollusks—like snails, clams, and oysters—have hard shells as a means of protection.


But not the nudibranch. They actually ditch their shells during the larval stage in favor of other defense mechanisms. Which actually has a lot to do with their wild colors.

Nudibranchs derive their colors from the things they eat. Which includes sponges, anemones, and even other nudibranchs. The colors act as a warning sign to potential predators since the bright colors are often associated with poison.

But some nudibranchs don’t just look poisonous. They might be poisonous for real. In addition to adopting the color of their prey, nudibranchs can also retain the toxic chemicals it ingests and save it for themselves.


The blue dragon is an especially toxic nudibranch. This guy eats the Portuguese Man O’ War, which is a venomous jellyfish-like ocean floater.

Once the blue dragon ingests the man o’ war, it concentrates its stinging cells and stores them in its long external outgrowths. And the blue dragon can actually accumulate a large number of these stinging cells, which makes them even more dangerous than the man o’ war itself.

In other words, some nudibranchs are poisonous and inedible, while others just pretend to be. Which is actually a solid strategy if you ask me.

Now, as with all strange creatures of the deep, you may be wondering how these guys reproduce. Nudibranchs are actually hermaphrodites, which means they have a set of male and female reproductive organs allowing them to mate with any other mature and consenting member of their species.


And a mating couple can produce up to 1 million eggs at once. So where can you see some of these things for yourself?

All over the world, really. And at all depths. But they do tend to favor warm temperate and tropical seas. Although some species have even been found in Antarctic waters.

Actually, new nudibranchs are identified almost daily. So who knows, maybe you’ll discover one for yourself. What would you name a nudibranch if you had the chance?


Scammers Are Raking In Billions By Targeting Victims Where They Least Expect It

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Pop quiz: What should you do if a foreign prince emails you requesting your SSN and bank routing number so he can transfer you a couple million dollars?

Obviously, you delete the email.

This “Nigerian Prince” scam has been around for so long that almost no one will fall for it anymore.

Unfortunately, scammers are well aware that we have grown wise to their classic ruses, and have stepped up their game accordingly.

According to Internet security experts, scammers are now using a multitude of new tactics to get your personal information, including pretending they’re your bank, the government or tech support from companies like Microsoft, Norton and McAfee.

And they’re targeting you where you least expect it: Your trusted cellphone.

KDVR reports that Colorado native Mike Webb, who was wary of these types of scams, was able to positively identify a scammer who called him claiming to be with the IRS and record the entire conversation.

Webb then shared his recording to spread awareness of how legitimate these calls can sound.

In the conversation, a caller is heard asking “do you have good intentions to resolve this case with the IRS?” The voice went on to say “you need to go to the bank and withdraw the amount of $6,300 in cash.”

Webb also noted that the caller kept using the term “rules and regulations,” which is something he said future victims should watch out for.

After he eventually called the woman out for having bad intentions, she apparently seemed to show remorse for her actions.

“I do have a heart,” the would-be scammer said to Webb in a recorded phone conversation. “I do have a heart.”

And Webb’s case is certainly not isolated.

“I’ve seen an increase,” Baltimore resident Stephanie King said about fraudulent calls. “Six months ago, I wasn’t getting any.”

Sophisticated cellphone scammers target millions of Americans, and according to one survey, they cashed out with about $7.4 billion in stolen funds last year alone.

To avoid potential scams, you should know that the government won’t call you for money, and neither will tech support. Ever.

Ultimately, security experts suggest if an unfamiliar number pops up, let it go to voicemail. If it’s really that important, the caller will leave a message.

Better safe than sorry!

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