Salvation Army Just Opened A Non-Profit Grocery Store That Will Dramatically Change People’s Lives

Eating healthy is hard these days. With a plethora of fast food options out there it’s hard to want to even be healthy. Why would you when you can get crappy food very fast and very cheap?

Well someone is finally doing something about making food from the grocery store more affordable. Salvation Army, you know the guys behind your favorite thrift store finds, is making it happen.

According to the USDA, 17.3 million low-income families don’t live near a grocery store that’s in walking distance. Meanwhile it feels like there’s a dollar menu every block you turn.

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Salvation Army knows that this is a problem so that’s why they just introduced a new type of store in Baltimore, Maryland. They are looking to launch these stores which they are calling DMG Foods, in food deserts. No, that’s not a meal made out of ice cream, it’s places that lack fresh fruit and veggies.

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DMG stands for “Do More Good” and this first one is a 7,000 square foot warehouse. Here they have all the normal things that are in a grocery store, but much more affordable for these families. It’s not just getting affordable food to these people, it also provided 15 jobs for the people of Baltimore.

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It’s not just a traditional grocery store though, they also provide uniquely combining workforce-development programs, supplemental benefits, cooking demonstrations and more!

Here’s more of what they had to say via a press release:

“This program is committed to offering exceptional values to the public through their weekly ads and their loyalty program. In addition to in-house savings, customers that self-identify as government assistance recipients, via online or kiosk registration, qualify for complimentary food items, once a month.”

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The store will be open to anyone that wants to shop there but of course it’s purpose is for the lower income families. The prices will be lower than the normal grocery store though.

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Gene Hogg, The Salvation Army’s area commander, told The Shelby Report that their primary goal for the new type of store is to “present a sustainable model that engages the community in order for them to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper and all of that.”

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Baltimore’s Mayor was there for the grand opening Tweeting:

“Honored to cut the ribbon on the new DMG Foods! Congratulations to the @salvationarmy on their first non-profit grocery store! #DMGFoods #SalvationArmy #MyBmore #MovingBaltimoreForward #MayorPugh”

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Wanna see the store but don’t live in Baltimore? Check the video out below!

Salvation Army plans to keep opening more DMG Stores as this one continues to grow and learn!

This Is What Caffeine Does To Your Body

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Whether your poison is coffee, tea or soda, you’re still drinking one important component — caffeine.

But do you know what the stimulant actually does to your body?

If you drink too much caffeine, doctors say it can interfere with bone growth. That’s because the stimulant stunts the body’s ability to ingest calcium.

Too much caffeine can be a problem if you’re trying to get pregnant. The mayo clinic says that large amounts of caffeine can alter your body’s production of estrogen.

Coffee doesn’t actually help you get rid of a hangover. One study found that when drunk rats consumed caffeine it had no effect on their drunken state.

Caffeine excites our brain cells, which sends a chain reaction through the body that eventually floods the body with adrenaline.

If you drink caffeine, you probably have a better memory. Research shows that caffeine helps information “stick” in our brains, making it easier for us to remember something from the past.

Caffeine can also ward off against some diseases. Scientists say that some caffeine intake can protect you from developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other diseases.

So the bottom line: it’s okay to drink your morning cup of coffee, tea or soda, just in moderation.

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New Study Finds Average Mom Works The Equivalent Of 98 Hours Each Week

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It’s not uncommon knowledge that being a stay-at-home mom is no walk in the park.

Between cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to and from school, after-school activities and doing just about everything else their families might need, being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job in and of itself.

That’s probably why a new study shows just how much of a full-time job it can be to be both a mother who also works — In fact, it’s the equivalent of having more than two average full-time jobs.

Yep, read and weep and think about that next time you give your mom a call.

The study, which was conducted by Welch’s, reported on daily duties an activities of nearly 2,000 working mothers with children within the age range of 5 to 12.

The combination of mom-centric duties and actual clocked in working hours came out to a whopping average of 98-hour workweeks for the moms in the study.

That’s slightly less than 20 hours longer than an average workweek for a job that most definitely doesn’t pay overtime.

And forget about a lunch break — the study found that working moms only have about an average of an hour and seven minutes of alone time during the entire day.

Most demanding job in the world? Easily being a mom.

But also the most rewarding? You can bet on that.

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6 Reasons Kissing Is Good For Your Health

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For many people, kissing can be the start of something new or the complete opposite. It can tell you a lot about a person, who you are, and how you are together. It can tell you about your future, and if it’s going to include the other kisser or not.

We can all agree on the emotional and mental benefits of kissing. A spark, a fun time, a great end to an even better date.

But what about the physical perks? It’s been found that kissing has a slew of health benefits — the list is enough for you to forget about mono anytime soon.

1. It fights cavities

Break out those pearly whites, because kissing is known to rid your mouth of bacteria and plaque. Your dentist would be proud.

2. It makes you look younger

It’s a muscle workout. If you’re one of those who duck-faces in every selfie, you don’t even have to kiss to know this. Making out is a natural facelift because of all the muscle tightening.

3. It reduces blood pressure by getting your heart going

Your blood vessels dilate – maybe that’s why you feel your heart pounding before you go in for a big smooch.

4. It can get rid of headaches or cramps for the same reason

5. Burning calories

If the kiss is really passionate, it can burn 2 calories a minute….better than the treadmill any day.

6. Kissing as meditation

As in, namaste. It’s a natural stress reliever. It helps you connect with the other person, which yields to your wellbeing and relationships.

Furthermore, aside from a plethora of other biological reasons, kissing is just plain ole fun. That’s a reason in and of itself, right?

Pucker up!

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Tattoos: The Science Behind Getting Inked

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Everyone knows that getting a tattoo is supposed to hurt, but not many know the science behind the process.

In order for a tattoo to be permanent, ink has to get into the dermis.

The dermis is the tissue underneath the outer layer of your skin, called the epidermis.

To transfer ink into the dermis, a tattoo artist makes thousands of tiny pricks in the skin.

The artist does this by dipping a needle in ink and turning on a rotary motor which quickly jabs ink into the dermis over and over.

Modern tattoo machines pierce the skin at a frequency of 50 to three thousand times per minute.

A needle used for lining will have few ends, but a needle for coloring or shading can have anywhere up to 25 ends.

These ends create thousands of tiny wounds in the skin, which puts the body’s immune system into hyperdrive.

Blood cells called macrophages go to the site of the wound and engulf the ink particles, fading the tattoo over time.

These engulfed ink particles go through the lymphatic system and are excreted by the liver.

But the macrophages that don’t make it back remain in the dermis, leaving some of the ink and making your tattoo permanent.

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Mother Says That This Teething Gel Made Her Toddler Literally Stop Breathing

It’s the worst for parents when their baby is teething and they can’t do anything about it. I’m glad I can’t remember the pain of my teeth coming in, that would be awful.

Parents try everything to make the pain stop for their child and this mother tried the “#1 Teething Brand” and apparently that was a bad choice.

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Meet Danielle Kapetanovic, who was trying out Orajel’s nighttime teething gel for her 15-month old daughter Chloe.

Image Via Giphy

Danielle says that she only put a “pea-sized amount” on her gums and almost instantly she stopped breathing and wasn’t responding to anything. Her husband Mike called 911 and she began CPR to keep their little girl alive.

Image Via Facebook

She wrote in a Facebook post:

“Chloe immediately turned red, started kicking, got one or two screams in, and 10-15 seconds after the Orajel touched her gums she became unresponsive. Her eyes locked in a dead stare, she became limp and stopped breathing. She turned blue. I grabbed her and put her against my body, hitting her back trying to wake her up, but no response.”

Image Via Giphy

She continued onto say:

“I ran her down the hall to my bed and lied her down and began breathing into her mouth as Mike called 911. Thankfully she woke up and started screaming and crying after maybe 15-20 seconds in total, which felt like an eternity.

The ambulance arrived and EMT’s checked her out and determined she was okay.”

This was certainly a scary situation for Danielle and her husband but apparently it happens way too often with this Orajel nonsense. She went on to say in her post:

“Unfortunately I did not know this in advance, but there are many other parents out there who have experienced the exact same occurrence with their own children when using Baby Orajel.

I found online posts dating back to 2008 from parents with literally the same experience – their baby became unresponsive in seconds, went limp, turned blue, became responsive again after 15 seconds or so – it was like someone wrote my same experience.

What’s more, I learned the FDA warns against giving babies Benzocaine – the active ingredient in Baby Orajel.”

Image Via Giphy

So why is this product actively being given to babies? In some countries, it’s apparently been banned.

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She concluded her post with a call to action and since sharing it’s gotten over 100,000 shares:

“At this time I do not know conclusively what caused my daughter’s reaction. Yes, common sense dictates that what happened to my daughter will not happen to every baby, but it could happen to any baby. If the labeling of this product strikes you as misleading, I ask you to take action.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, a consumer advocacy agency such as NACA, or the consumer affairs department of your Attorney General’s Office. We have to change the advertising in order to protect our babies.”

Runners Hear Some Rustling Leaves, Moments Later They Are Saving Five Puppy’s Lives

Dogs can show up into our lives at any time. One time a buddy and I were driving down the backroads of Illinois and we found a pupper in the woods. It happens all the time, but it seems like Ashley Blake and her running partner Joshua Scott found a few more pups than one!

They were out running along a trail in Tennessee, and were already six miles into their run through Frozen Head State Park when they heard something. Was it Bigfoot? Was it Hillary Clinton wandering the woods again?

Blake told The Dodo:

“It was just a little rustling that caught us. It’s usual to hear forest critters, and that’s what we expected. We turned and saw this black pile.”

Image Via Ashley Blake

Did I just hear your heart drop? Yes, yes I did.

They two took a few steps towards the black pile and finally realized what it was!

“It was five puppies huddled together. It was close to freezing temperatures and they were trying to stay warm. As trail runners, you see a lot of wildlife, but never puppies.”

They probably thought it was a black bear cub (I have no idea if they are in Tennessee don’t @ me) but were pleasantly surprised to see the little puppies huddling for warmth.

Image Via Ashley Blake

Blake and Scott called the Park Ranger to help out. And then they started to cuddle the doggos to keep them warm.

“They were terrified and crying. They settled down once they realized we weren’t going to harm them and we were warm.”

The ranger eventually came with a truck to help out with the puppies and shortly they figured out that the puppies didn’t just happen to be there. Sadly the ranger confirmed to Scott and Blake that this wasn’t the first time he had seen this.

They said:

“They were dumped without food, water, blanket or mother. The park ranger said this isn’t the first time pups have been dumped at this spot.”

Image Via Ashley Blake
Image Via Ashley Blake

Blake continued to tell The Dodo:

“We finished our run with renewed energy over the excitement of what had all just happened. A true animal rescue. I don’t doubt for a second they would have frozen that night or become prey for the wild critters.”

They couldn’t stop thinking about the pups they had rescued though and decided to go see them later that day at the ranger’s house. He was keeping there that day until they had a arranged a rescue shelter to pick them up.

Image Via Ashley Blake

Scott decided to keep a pup that they had saved, but sadly couldn’t keep them all. Eventually the four others went to Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. They are currently looking for their forever homes. Thank goodness that they had the opportunity to do so!

Take a look at Winky, Willow, Winnie and Wendy!

Image Via Oak Ridge Shelter
Image Via Oak Ridge Shelter

If you are in the Tennessee area, I’m sure these pups would be the perfect addition to your family!

Diet Coke Is The ‘Most Annoying’ Drink You Can Order On The Plane

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The drink cart comes down the aisle at 30,000 feet in the air, pushed by a tired flight attendant who politely asks you if you would like a beverage.

Many travelers opt for ginger ale religiously, while others brave an in-flight cocktail. And some passengers unknowingly “annoy” their flight attendants with a mere drink order, Diet Coke.

According to the flight attendant blog, These Gold Wings, Diet Coke is quite difficult to pour up in the sky in comparison to other drinks.

[Diet Coke is] the most annoying beverage a flight attendant can pour for a passenger in flight, because in the time it takes us to fill one cup, we could have served an entire row of passengers,” wrote flight attendant Heather Poole, who revealed all in her book.

Even on the ground, Diet Coke foams up more than non-diet beverages — but at a cruising altitude? Even more so. According to the Huffington Post, it’s the lack of sugar in Diet Coke that makes the carbonation last longer — and pouring it over a cup of ice only exacerbates the problem.

“Generally, when sparkling beverages are poured at room temperature from a can and over ice, the fizz is increased,” a Coke representative told the publication.

Poole has even had nightmares about serving a cup of never-ending Diet Coke to a passenger before the plane lands.

And though flight attendants won’t “hate you”, per se, if you ask for the drink, it can slow down the in-flight service immensely. Still, some flight attendants have learned to combat the foaming issue with one simple trick, as seen below:

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Most Loyal Dog Ever Refuses To Leave The Hospital Where His Owner And Best Friend Passed Away At

Dogs are the most loving creatures we know out there. They have the purest of hearts and always just want to give more love. That’s the story of this dog who doesn’t understand where his owner has gone to, and bring out the Kleenex for this one.

Cristine Sardella came to her local hospital in Brazil when she saw a dog that was outside the doorway to the hospital. He was surprisingly polite, letting people pass him and moving when he needed to. It was peculiar to Sardella, she thought he was waiting for someone but they never came.

She decided to ask the hospital staff what was going on with him.

Image Via Cristine Sardella

They told her that he had belonged to a homeless man who had come to the hospital a couple months prior. He had been stabbed in the park, and after the ambulance came to get him the dog chased after the sirens.

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After going inside, the dog stayed right where he is till today, the last place he saw his best friend.

Sardella told The Dodo:

“It’s sad to know that he will never see his owner again and will not understand what happened. The only thing left is to wait at the last place where he saw him.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella

Since the dog parking himself outside the hospital, staff have been bringing him food and water. Sardella wanted to do something but she already had a couple dogs of her own.

She posted this on Facebook:

It roughly translates to:

“We have a lot to learn from animals. This dog stays every day at the door of the Santa Casa de novo horizonte waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away. I hear it’s powered by some people.

Waiting for him is in vain, but the love he nurture for the owner is eternal. I also observe the respect that the officials of the holy house have for him. And so follow life, animals teaching men true love.”

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The post got a bit of attention and a dog rescue came to try and save the day. But then something even crazier happened, once they got him to a rescue shelter, he escaped.

Sardella explained that, “He fled across the city. He walked over 3 kilometers and returned to the hospital.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella

Now he’s still at the door of the hospital. An employee has agreed to adopt him once the time’s right but it seems like he’s there to stay for now. They are still feeding and bring the pup water. As he gets more comfortable with the hospital staff, they intend to take him to the veterinarian to get him checked out.

The hospital director, Osvaldo Sobrinh, told The Dodo that, “He will have a very affectionate home with our employee.”

Image Via Cristine Sardella

A Brief History On The Evolution Of Feminism

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Women have been campaigning for equal rights for generations.

The first wave of feminism came about during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Women wanted the same opportunities as men, most notably — the right to vote. Thus the women’s suffrage movement was born.

The first women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls in 1848 where a declaration was drafted and signed. It called for the right to vote, equal education rights and treatment under the law. But it took until 1920 when white women were granted the right to vote through the 19th Amendment.

The second wave of feminism came during the 1960s and tackled more controversial issues like reproductive rights and women in the workplace. Feminist during this era focused on passing the Equal Rights Amendment which would ensure that civil rights for all regardless of a person’s sex. It passed in 1972.

The third wave of feminism came during the 1990s — and embraced the idea that women can be assertive and powerful. This challenged the gender norm. More powerful and dynamic characters were featured in pop culture, with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sex and the City.

Fast forward to the present day and more women than ever hold high leadership positions yet, the fight for equality is all but over as women still are fighting for the same freedoms as men.

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Researchers Say Your Instagram Filter Predicts Your Mental Health

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Instagram filters are more than a fun way to jazz up your photos. They may also be windows into the soul.

Harvard University and University of Vermont researchers developed an algorithm to study a photo’s color and saturation, as well as the subjects’ faces, to see if it could detect those who were depressed.

The study of 166 Instagram accounts and 43,950 pictures found that those who choose the Valencia filter are typically in better mental health than those who choose filters like Inkwell, if they chose a filter at all.

The warmer the tones in the picture, the happier the person, whereas blue and grey tones indicate depression.


we scream for ice cream

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Using face detection technology, the study also found that those who had fewer faces in their photos — basically people who post a lot of selfies — were more likely to be depressed.

Researchers hope their work can “serve as a blueprint for effective mental health screening in an increasingly digitized society.”

If so, maybe then everyone can stop complaining about how social media is ruining humanity?

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After Selfless Act Of Helping A Disabled Customer Went Viral, This Teen Got A $16,000 Scholarship

Working in the food industry can be rough. You have to deal with idiots and drunks and sometimes idiotic drunk people. There’s always a women named Karen asking to speak to the manager. Really, there’s not many great things about the job, but everyone should have to do it for a year of their lives.

Meet Evoni ‘NeeNee’ Williams, an 18-year-old from Texas. She works at a local Waffle House to save up money for college.

One day one of her “regular customers,” Adrian Charpentier, came in and was looking for some delicious food. Another customer took this picture and posted the following comments on Facebook:

Image Via Facebook

“I don’t know her name but I heard this elderly man tell her his hands don’t work too good. He was also on oxygen and struggling to breathe.

Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham. This may seem small but to him, I’m sure it was huge. I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative. If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand…. #wafflehouse #kindness #givingback #offerlove #bekind #goodnews”

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Now normally we would see a bunch of likes and comments of praise and that would be the end of the story. But not yet! Of course there were all the viral likes and such, but something better and more real happened to Evoni!

Image Via ABC

Now this would only happen in a small Waffle House town, but the town mayor Bobby Hocking and Texas Southern University heard about the good deed and knew that it couldn’t go unnoticed.

They cut her a check, like the ones lottery winners get, for $16,000. Now Evoni had $4,000 to use for school on top of what she had been making at Waffle House. Honestly I’m surprised Waffle House didn’t match the donation. It’s not like you hear much from their PR team unless there’s some NSFW business going on.

Image Via ABC

Wendell Williams, assistant to the principal at Texas Southern University had this to say as she handed the check over:

“Your act of gratitude and your act of service to someone else is exactly the type of student that we want at Texas Southern University.”

Count that as the best way ever to get a scholarship!

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So what else did the Mayor have in store for Evoni? Well nothing much must happen around La Marque, Texas because March 8th was officially declared ‘Evoni “NeeNee” Williams Day!’ Yeah they must have a lot of those days to give out.

Evoni doesn’t have to wait anymore to go to school too! She will be attending TSU in the fall with her new scholarship money!

Image Via ABC

Seven Guilty Pleasures That Are Actually Good For You

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You always feel bad about that last piece of chocolate or that second glass of wine. Well, maybe you shouldn’t.

Here are some guilty pleasures that are actually good for you – in moderation of course:


This drink is a real lifesaver and not just for your morning pick-me-up. It reduces your risk of cancer, diabetes and heart failure. It also prevents gallstones.

So be sure to make friends with your neighborhood barista!


This delectable candy triggers the chemicals in your mind that boost your mood. It also improves your cardiovascular system, which can make your skin healthier. Doctors say the sweet treat can extend your life by two years.

So why wait till Valentine’s Day to gorge yourself on chocolate?

Singing in the shower

If you’re feeling a bit stressed, go ahead and belt one out. Singing has a similar effect to your brain as yoga breathing. Also you’re less likely to get sick.

So you’re not the next Mariah Carey, but who cares?


From beer to wine, drinking in moderation can be justified. It can improve your memory and boost your immune system. It lowers your risk for type 2 diabetes and cancer.

So a glass here or there won’t hurt you.

Peanut Butter

This sandwich making staple gets a bad rap but it does have some good things going for it. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It’s also considered a “healthy fat” because it has less unsaturated fat than people think.

So don’t skim on the peanut butter in your next sandwich.


So skin cancer is always a risk, but catching a few rays can be helpful. When you’re in the sun, your body produces Vitamin D which keeps your bones healthy, and it also helps prevent some diseases.

Who said getting a tan was the only benefit?

Staying in on a Saturday night

Yeah, everyone else may be going to the bars, but you’re just not feeling it. There’s so many benefits for not going out: saving money, recharging, catching up on Netflix. But mostly, you’re making yourself more desirable by creating a demand for your presence.

You do you.

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You Might Want To Read This If You’ve Been Rinsing Your Nose With Neti Pots

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As we transition away from winter and into spring, allergy-ridden people will wake up to congested noses, runny eyes and persistent sneezing. For the many who are plagued by heavy allergies, this onset is as inconvenient as it is annoying.

Not to mention, allergies and flu season does not bode well.

One of our favorite go-to products is the neti pot, which helps relieve congestion and sinus infections. If you didn’t know, the neti pot looks like a teacup. Users fill the pot with saline solution and water, and over a sink, flush out their nasal passages. The solution goes in one nostril and out the other.

However, it seems users should be very cautious when using a neti pot. The CDC has reported cases of “Naegleria fowleri” — a brain eating amoeba — because many people are choosing to “irrigate their sinuses” with tap water.

Tap water is usually safe to drink because bacteria and amoeba can be killed by stomach acid . However, ” these organisms can stay alive in nasal passages and cause potentially serious infections,” reports the FDA. Sometimes, these infections can be fatal.

In light of these findings, the FDA is calling for safer practice with the neti pot. That means using distilled, sterile or boiled water, as well as properly cleaning the product.

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Rescuers Find The Saddest Eagle Tied To A Pole Because Of Poachers

Poachers and people who hurt animals for a living are the worst. Now it’s not going to make me a vegetarian anytime soon, but something needs to be done to people that are cruel to animals. It is particularly bad in Africa wear rescuers found this crowned eagle tied to a pole.

Image Via Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

He was once able to fly the skies freely, but now he was tied up to a pole in a garage in Monrovia, Liberia. Waiting to be sold to the next highest bidder, the eagle’s future wasn’t looking that good. But that’s where the Disney part comes in this story!

An off-duty officer noticed the eagle and inquired about buying it…AND THE STING WAS ON!

Image Via Giphy

The Dodo talked to Luke Brannon, manager for Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary, and he said:

“The officer told the men he wanted to buy it and directed them to where he’d meet them with the money. He rang ahead and organized for officers to arrest them.”

Image Via Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

The men brought the eagle, tied up in a burlap sack and they were promptly arrested. They continued their lie and said they found it on the side of the road and thought it was an owl. Surprisingly they didn’t claim to be Nigerian Princes as well…

Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary came to the rescue and picked up the eagle to make sure it’s rehabilitation went smooth. Surprisingly there was only one major injury to it’s eye, other than that it was pretty healthy!

Brannon went on to say:

“Upon health checking when we got back, it was clear it had a floating ulcer on its right eye. This would require medicated drops four times daily to heal.

[But] with the eagle being extremely strong and feisty, coupled with the stress factor, it was decided once, twice daily maximum.”

Image Via Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

Now we know those poachers were idiots, but it turns out that the eagle benefited from their dumb brains even more! They didn’t clip it’s wings or anything so it was a prime candidate to return to the wild.

It was only a couple of days of hanging at the facility and the eagle was already showing signs of improvement. It was moved to a larger flying enclosure and Brannon said, “It could fly well and was feeding well!”

Image Via Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

After ten days of TLC at the sanctuary, the eagle was already recovered and ready to get back to the wild! They packed the eagle up, they must have been glad they never named him, and ventured off to the spot where he was captured.

Once they got there, they opened the hatch of the carrying case and the eagle let out a SCREECH!

Image Via Giphy

The eagle stepped out, figured out what was going on and prepared for takeoff!

Brannon concluded with:

“Taking flight into the forest was something truly special to witness. We’re thankful to the FDA [Forestry Development Authority], as without their collaboration and quick thinking, this eagle would have either been sold for meat, or as a pet, both of which are illegal.”

Image Via Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary

Depressing Number Of American Adults Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

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Never take your education for granted.

An online survey commissioned by the National Dairy Council polled over 1,000 U.S. citizens age 18 and over from different regions — and it found that the average American has some surprisingly ill-informed beliefs about milk.

The survey found that seven percent of American adults genuinely believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Even worse, 48% of the people surveyed had no idea where the sweet daily treat comes from at all.

How, now?

To put the minds of a large portion of the United States to rest, let us assure you this: The color of the cow that produced the milk has no influence on the color or flavor of the final product.

If you want chocolate milk, don’t go harassing brown cows — simply add cocoa powder and sugar to your chosen brand of regular ol’ milk and voila!


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8 Facts That Prove Redheads Are Amazing

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Fiery personalities and red hair are often associated with one another.

But these are the facts you need to know about red hair that proves it’s the best shade out there.

They’re (technically) mutants:

Red hair is caused by a genetic mutation — the MC1R gene is recessive and even if both parents have red hair, a child only has a 25 percent chance of inheriting it.

They’re rare:

Only about 140 million people on earth have red hair — that’s only about 2 percent of the population.

They have sex more often:

Two different studies found that on average red-haired women had sex more often than their blonde and brunette counterparts.

Their hair is magical:

Not really — but it does seem that way. Red hair retains its pigment longer than others shades so it’s less likely to grey. They also have less hair strands, but each strand is thicker than other shades.

They’re mysterious:

People used to think that redheads were vampires during in Ancient Greece, and they were witches during the 13th-16th centuries.

They react differently to pain:

The gene that causes their red hair also affects how their body processes pain. Because they feel pain more than others, they need 20 percent more anesthesia

They create their own vitamin D:

Redheads can’t absorb enough vitamin D because of low concentrations of eumelanin. Instead, their bodies have to generate their own vitamin d to compensate.

They are more likely to be left-handed:

Because recessive genes sometimes come in pairs, redheads are more likely to be left-handed, another recessive trait.

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Father Punishes His Son After He Had Been Caught Bullying By Making Him Run To School In The Rain

Parenting is tough in 2018. You don’t have the same worries that you did back “in the old days.” You have to worry about everything from a school shooting like this mother to bad things on the internet, so what can you do?

Well you could sit down with your child and have a conversation with them about their behaviour and figure it out together. Or you could just make your kid run to school. Let’s see if that’s effective.

Bryan Thornhill is a dad from Roanoke, Virginia who went viral for how he treated his son after he was sentenced to a three day suspension from the school bus. Why was he not allowed on the bus anymore? Oh because he was being a bully.

That’s when this video happened:

It starts out with Bryan saying:

“Hey everyone, welcome to ‘You better listen to your Dad 2018’.

My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, cannot stand.

Therefore, he has to now run to school, we’re right about one mile from the school so all week he’s got the experience of running.”

Image Via Facebook

He continued onto say:

“The good news is guys he keeps up a pretty good mile pace, 6 miles an hour so far. Yesterday he was apparently a little rude to Michelle in the morning, so even though it’s raining this morning, he still gets to run.

Just wanted to show everybody and give you a good little laugh. This right here is called parenting.”

Image Via Facebook

In an interview with The Washington Post, he said this about the punishment:

“It was a no-brainer for me: Your son is kicked off the bus, so do you drive him to school? No — that’s a treat. That wasn’t an option.”

The video went viral and his original post has been pulled down but many accounts ripped the video and it’s still gaining views.

Some commenters are giving him praise for his parenting skills, and yet some are deeming this poor parenting since the kid could get sick in the rain.

Image Via Facebook

Here’s another interview, this time with 8 News Now:

Comments on all the videos ranged from:

“Even the 10 year old sees the lesson in it! Behaving like a punk has consequences! Kudos to dad for raising a young man who will be respectful.”

Or on the other end of the spectrum…

“That’s not parenting … That’s bullying ….”

Image Via Facebook

After receiving a bit of backlash of the video, he said:

“If you’ve got your panties in a wad over watching a kid jog, well I feel sorry for you. If a kid jogging offends you, then get…off the couch — you probably need a lap or two.”

He did also say that he spoke to his children about the bullying, but will that help? Bryan also said that since the running to school punishment has gone viral, teachers are seeing a huge change in his son’s outlook at school.

Is this because of the punishment or because he went viral? Either way it’s good to see a bully change his ways. Do you think this form of parenting was effective or poor on the dad’s part? Sound off in the Facebook comments!

This Halo Eyebrow Trend Is Already The Worst Internet Beauty Trend Of 2018

Some internet trends are awesome, I feel like it all started with the Harlem Shake back in February of 2013 (yeah I looked it up for certainty). Since then, we have had good challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge but we have had idiot challenges like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge and of course the most recent Tide Pod Challenge.

Image Via Giphy

Do we have one person to blame for all this internet nonsense? Well if you are being lazy we can just blame Logan Paul because he sucks. Or we can blame whoever first coined the term clickbait, either way we will always have dumb people doing dumb stuff. Case and point? This halo brow nonsense.

Meet Hannah Lyne. She’s a beauty blogger which basically means she thinks of outrageous things to do and waits to see what sticks. This was so outrageous, how couldn’t it work? She uploaded another image and had the caption of “Comment ur age, I’m 16😌.” Well that makes a little more sense right? This sounds about right with the tide pod eaters of the world.

Honestly people have been just trying different eyebrow trends for years and for some reason they didn’t stick. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just not attractive to say have a imaginary unibrow above your normal brows. What do I know though, I’m not a 16 year old “beauty blogger.”

But don’t just take my opinion! Check out some of the comments that equally agree with my reaction.

“Omfg why did you think this was a good idea”

“Looks like airport runway lol”

If you want to see more of Hannah and her next beauty “trend” take a look at her Instagram here.

Of course there were some internet warriors that defended her, telling her you do you…but let’s be honest she has to just be trolling us all for views right? Let’s take a look at past failed brow-enhancement “trends.”

We had the Nike Swoosh eyebrow look, that just screams, “YEAH I TOTALLY KNOW SPORTS STUFF!”

Then we had the almost attractive peacock brows…

View this post on Instagram

ok so obviously this has gotten out of hand and it's hilarious and amazing but i wanted to clarify some stuff: 1. i joked about starting a trend in the caption of my first pic not about the actual makeup 2. drag queens have used glue on their brows since forever so please don't credit me for that lol 3. i know that brows are a sacred part of the face but consider this: there is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup, why is experimenting with brows so strange? shoutout to @popsugarbeauty, @huffpostwomen and @dailymail for making the best articles about this, go read them! and i can't thank you guys enough for your support, this feels unreal❤️ peacock feather brow: @cameleonfinland body paints, @katvondbeauty tattoo liner in Trooper, @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown, glue stick skin: @maccosmetics next to nothing Light Plus, pro longwear concealer in NC15 lower lid: @makeupstore Romantic Garden & Emerald eye pencils liner: @toofaced chocolate bar palette (Triple Fudge) lashes: @grimassuomi 325

A post shared by Stella Sironen ( on

These should only be acceptable if you are going to a Great Gatsby party or if you are trying to court an actual peacock.

We have these barbwire themed brows. Honestly this might be the next look one of the Orange Is The New Black ladies might be rocking next season!

View this post on Instagram

Barbed wire brow

A post shared by @ athenapaginton on

Now if you are a Game Of Thrones fan or just love Yoshi a lot…these next set of brows are for you. Since we have to wait literal years probably for the next GoT season, we might just have to rock these more often to hold us over.

This next one might just be as dumb as the halo nonsense. If you are trying to go for the “I’m perpetually confused all the time” look, these “Squiggle Brows” are for you! Also maybe if you are a henchman for The Riddler in Batman, these maybe your thing.

Honestly, can we just agree to be normal with these trends? Nobody cares about your halo aka unibrow on steroids.

Mom Is Shocked After Hearing Why Her Black Son Is On The Front Lines During His School Shooting Drills

School shootings are way too prevalent today, especially after the most recent shooting. It’s terrible, but we have to have tough conversations with our children to make sure they are prepared for anything.

Tanai Benard who is a teacher as well as a parent had one of those tough talks recently with her son, Dez. She began with making sure they were talking about it in their school, but what happened next made her cry!

Here’s what she posted on Facebook and it went kinda viral with over 370k likes and 170k shares:

“My 5th grader and I were conversing on the way to work/school this morning. As an educator, I wanted to be sure he and his classmates were taking the school safety drills seriously and not using it as a time to socialize and goof off.

Me: Have you guys praticed a lockdown drill in class yet?

Dez: Are you talking about an active shooter drill?

Me: Yes

Dez: Yes, we practiced it

Me: So tell me what you are suppose to do.

Dez: The teacher is suppose to shut and lock the door, put the black paper over the window on the door.
Then myself and three other boys are suppose to push the table against the door.

After that all the class is going to stand behind us on the back wall.”

Image Via Tanai Benard Facebook

Now this was very concerning to Benard, why would her son be one of the “first on the line?” She expected the worse due to her son being only one of two black children in the class. But much to her surprise, he answered with a very different reason…

“Me: The class is suppose to stand behind who?

Dez: Me and the other 3 boys. We stand at the front and they get behind us.

*I internally went from 0 to 100 real quick. My child is one of only 2 black children in a class of 23. Being transparent, I immediately went to the “why is my black son being put on the front line?” (Just being real) So I asked before I verbally stated my thoughts*

Me: Why did you get picked to stand in front of everyone else if a shooter came in your school?

Dez: I didn’t get picked. I volunteered to push the table and protect my friends

Me: 😯*immediate nausea * Dez why would you volunteer to do that?

Dez: If it came down to it I would rather be the one that died protecting my friends then have an entire class die and I be the only one that lived

Father God, it took everything out of me not to breakdown. I still have a lump in my throat. 10 damn years old and this has to be our babies thought process in America.”

Here’s a picture of their entire family:

Image Via Tania Benard Facebook

I think it’s safe to say she’s doing something right as a parent. This is sad that a 10 year old has to come up with these thoughts, but hopefully this will really show that our lawmakers need to get something done.