5 Ways Staring At Screens Is Damaging Your Brain

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Most of us are staring at screens all day in one form or another. Whether it’s your computer, iPad or phone make sure you’re knowledgeable about the consequences to your health.


See below to see how your phone is impacting your brain and body:

1. You’re damaging your brain. More than 7 hours in front of a screen results in loss of tissue.


2. You’re straining your eyes. Invest in computer glasses to combat this.

3. You’re hurting your back. Be aware of your posture to avoid hunching.


4. You’re losing sleep. The light from your phone convinces you it’s time to wake up.

5. You’re “nomophobic.” You’re too dependent on your phone.



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You’ve Probably Been Charging Your Phone The Wrong Way Your Whole Life…

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

One problem that plagues smartphone users everywhere is short battery life. While using apps less frequently and turning down the brightness on your screen can help save precious battery life, a study has discovered that you might be charging your smartphone the wrong way to begin with.

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Battery University, a site by battery company Cadex, has released a study proving that many people are charging their phones in way that will ruin their battery life in the long run. The report goes into detail describing wrong charging practices and why they are bad for your phone.

But don’t worry, Battery University gave these guidelines for correct charging practices:

1. Remove your phone from the charger when it is fully charged. Leaving your phone plugged in when fully charged is bad for battery life. According to Battery University, “this is like relaxing the muscles after strenuous exercise.

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2. Don’t charge your battery to 100 percent. Battery University says, “it is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery”

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3. Don’t charge your battery at extreme temperatures. “Extreme cold and high heat reduce charge acceptance, so the battery must be brought to a moderate temperature before charging,” Battery University says.

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4. Charge your phone periodically during the day. Avoid long charging sessions.

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This Glass Bridge Is So Dang Terrifying, People Have To Literally Be Dragged Across It

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Glass bridges have become a very popular tourist attraction in China. The vertigo-inducing bridges sit hundreds of meters in the sky, hover above massive canyons, and sometimes cause visitors to be frozen with terror.

Image Via Shao ying/Imaginechina

A video has surfaced that shows a compilation of different people crossing a glass bridge — many of them having to be dragged across. Some of the tourists scream as friends look on laughing, eventually physically dragging them across. In one clip, a puppy is too afraid to walk across and has to be dragged on its stomach.

Image Via Youtube

The newest, highest and longest glass bridge is about “99 percent complete,” according to Joe Chen, an executive overseeing the project. People will be able to walk across and even bungee jump off a platform on the 20-foot wide, 1,410-foot long bridge according to CNET.

Watch as people attempt and ultimately fail to cross the terrifying glass bridge below:

Header Image Via Youtube

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