Here Are All The Crazy Ways Google And Facebook Are Tracking Your Every Move And Even The Ones You Delete

I’m not sure if you have been following this whole #DeleteFacebook movement but you might just want to hop off the internet entirely after reading this.

Twitter user Dylan Curran broke it down in the most simplest of ways a few days ago and it went justifiably viral. For years we have all jokes that the “FBI man” is watching but instead we just let some burglars into our house, aka Google and Facebook.

There have been a few times in my Facebook browsing history where I received an ad that was targeted towards something I said on the phone…and I guess we know why.

Curran began his mind blowing tweet storm with a warning:

And then he went in…

Welp I guess Y2K doesn’t sound too bad at this point in time. Too bad the computers didn’t wipe everything out and we had to start from scratch! We wouldn’t have things like The Kardashians or Donald Trump as President!