The 9 Of The Best Things To Buy At Aldi

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Aldi, the German-based supermarket chain with over 10,000 global locations, is slowly but surely taking over America. Kiplinger reports the company expects to have close to 2,000 stores nationwide by 2018.

The booming retailer provides a minimalist shopping experience with tons of bulk offerings — but the best part? Undeniably inexpensive products.


Some of Aldi’s quirks include renting a cart for a refundable quarter, bagging your own groceries and a simple store layout. But while Aldi’s amenities may pale in comparison to its high-end competitors like Whole Foods, there’s no question the retailer’s low-priced, high-quality items are worth the tradeoff.

There are tons of great finds at the discount store, including your go-to grocery staples like eggs and milk, and an expanding collection of organic offerings, as well.

Kiplinger recently conducted a study comparing Aldi’s prices of everyday goods to its major supermarket competitors — Giant, Harris Teeter and Target. The company found eggs, white bread, peanut butter and milk to be the best steals at the store. Check out their results below:

Dozen Grade A eggs

  • Aldi: $0.39
  • Giant: $1.99
  • Harris: $1.39
  • Target $1.49

Loaf of white bread

  • Aldi: $0.85
  • Giant $0.99
  • Harris Teeter: $0.97
  • Target $1.64

Jar of peanut butter

  • Aldi: $1.49
  • Giant: $2.19
  • Harris Teeter: $2.29
  • Target: 41.79

Gallon of Milk

  • Aldi: $1.49
  • Giant: $3.49
  • Harris Teeter: $3.59
  • Target: $2.98

See the full list below of the best things to buy at Aldi:

Almond milk


 Canned goods

 Peanut butter


 White bread




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