Ready Player One Is Pretty Spot On When It Comes To Virtual Reality In Real Life

Have you ever gone to a movie and wondered how close it’s futuristic ideals were to real life? Well if you’ve seen Ready Player One in theaters, that thought might have come close to your mind.

Ready Player One is capturing the hearts of American nerds and it’s being deemed one of the best movies of 2018. Now while I have yet to see it yet, I’ve read the book and personally, I think it’s amazing.

It was published back in 2012 and it really got a lot right about what the future (and now present) of what virtual reality looks like.

The main crux of what I’m talking about is the virtual reality googles and gloves aka the Oasis Visors and Haptic Gloves in Ready Player One. In the movie, these are small and very good looking. Compare that to how what we have now.


Most of what we have in real life, is clunky and not very sexy looking at all. But currently HTC and Oculus are working on ways to improve the look and feel of these devices.


My favorite part of this film is how everyone comes together for a common goal, you know like how all movies are! But here they do it in virtual reality and through the concept of video games.

In a world wear video games are constantly being deemed bad, it’s nice to see a positive spin on what good they can bring into our lives.