Cosplayer Can Turn Into Your Favorite Character And He Looks Amazing

Have you ever heard of Jonathan Stryker? He’s an amazing cosplayer that will have your jaw dropping. He’s been doing so for the past ten years and he just can’t lose!

Stryker told the Miami New Times back in 2017 that:

“I’m gay and in high school. Guys would chase me around, calling me a f**got, so I would sit at the gym and read my comic books. That’s why [cosplay] is so dear to my heart. I didn’t have a lot of friends; I didn’t talk to anyone. It was a comfort zone for me. Cosplay [has given] me a lot of confidence.”

Way to turn a bad situation into something truly viral. Stryker has just over 150K followers on Instagram and they love his ingenuity. Take a look below and some of his most amazing cosplays, such as Hercules, Kuzco, Archer, Squidward…and a whole bunch of Johnny Depp characters!

1. Mario

2. Emperor Kuzco

3. Tarzan

4. Sterling Archer

5. Rick Sanchez

6. Squidward

7. Willy Wonka

8. Edward Scissorhands

9. Captain Jack Sparrow

10. Sweeney Todd

11. Mojo Jojo

12. Fred from Scooby Doo

13. Mufasa?!

14. Flynn Rider

15. The Joker

16. Ash

17. Link

18. Aladdin

19. Mr. Slave

20. Mr. Burns

21. Eustace