Donald Trump Weighed In On The Laurel Or Yanny Meme And It Was The Most Cringeworthy Video Ever

Guys I don’t like to use clickbait in my titles. It’s not fun and I don’t like to mislead you my fine reader. By the way since we are breaking the fourth wall, let me just say how beautiful you look today.

Anyways this is at least the most cringeworthy thing you will see all week. Remember when the Mannequin Challenge was a thing? It was all the craze and even Hillary Clinton got in on the action.

The problem was, they did it wrong. And that’s where we find ourselves today. As the mannequin challenge was to November of 2016, we now have #LaurelVsYanny in May of 2018. You thought I would compare it to the dress, but nope not this time!

I hear Laurel, my girlfriend hears Yanny and you won’t guess what Donald Trump’s answer was.


I really wish that was a joke but sadly it was not.

I hope you were at a loss of words as was I, thankfully we have Twitter to voice our thoughts:

Someone else commented:

“The White House did the laurel/yanny video and Donald Trump literally said ‘I hear covfefe.'”

Wow I really hate him.”

If you haven’t weighted in on the debate, take a second to now:

Alright now that you have had time to process a little bit of that. Let’s take a look at some of the notable people’s responses:

Ivanka Trump:

It’s so clearly Laurel! [Cackle]

Image Via Youtube

Kelly Anne Conway:

It’s Laurel, but I could deflect and divert to Yanny if you need me to.

Image Via Youtube

Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

random dude: Sarah, it’s been reported you hear ‘Laurel.’ How do you respond?

Sarah: Clearly you’re getting your information from CNN because that’s Fake News. Ahhhh, all I hear is Yanny.

Image Via Youtube

I honestly don’t know who this dude is, but I didn’t really care. I just thought his face was too crazy not to screen shot:

Random guy:

It’s, it’s Laurel America. DEFINITELY HASHTAG LAUREL

Image Via Youtube

Mike Pence:

Who’s Yanny?

Image Via Youtube

And of course ladies and gentleman, your President of the United States:

I hear covfefe.

Image Via Youtube

Just when everyone had stopped ironically saying covfefe (no spellcheck, that’s what I meant) Trump had to bring it back.

The answer is still nobody, since it’s not a word…

When I had first seen that this was a thing, I figured eh probably some Late Night Show spoof. That’s something Stephen Colbert would do, right? I guess the actual show writers just have to sit back and wait for things like this to fall into their lap.