Girl Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her Because Jimmy Johns Delivery Guy Saw Through His Lies

Cheating guys are the worst. Just kidding, anyone that is cheating can’t get out of here because nobody got time for that nonsense. Life should be filled with people in your life that really care about you, and Kayla Speer found out that the hard way. Kayla lives in West Burlington, Iowa and wanted to surprise her boyfriend with some delicious Jimmy Johns. They are in a long-distance relationship, well rather were before all these shenanigans.

Image Via Kayla Speer

So in April Kayla figures she will call her boyfriend’s local Jimmy Johns up and see if they would deliver him a yummy sub.

Kayla Tweeted the beginning of the story out…

She also spoke to Buzzfeed News and said:

“I called the Jimmy John’s in his city, and I said, ‘Hey, this is for the guy I’m dating.'”

She didn’t hear back from him and just figured he was sleeping as she went onto say, “I didn’t get a text back right away. But a little bit before, he’d said he was going to take a nap and then keep studying.”

Eventually though he did text back a thank you and she figured that was the end of that. Sadly she was far from being done with this story…

She got a call from the delivery driver and wasn’t expecting the news he was about to give her. She went onto to Tweet that:

“The Jimmy John’s delivery guy was like, ‘Hey, we don’t usually do this, but we thought you should know that when we walked up to your boyfriend’s apartment, we were able to see inside, and we saw him with another woman naked on the couch.'”

Image Via Jimmy Johns

The door had a huge window on it, so Kayla knew just how easy it would have been to see in. She was of course shocked and asked some follow up questions. The delivery driver didn’t give much more info though, because he also wanted to get the heck out of there.

She continued saying, “He was like, ‘Honestly, it was so awkward I just wanted to get out of there, so I just gave him the sandwich and left.'”

Image Via Kayla Speer

Once she got all the information she needed, she confronted the soon to be ex-boyfriend and asked him about the news.

“I was like, ‘Jimmy John’s just told me the situation,'” she said. “And he tried to make up a lie, saying, ‘It wasn’t me,’ but it was.”

After tweeeting the story out, it went properly viral and even Jimmy Johns wanted to help.

Buzzfeed News talked to John Shea, who is the chief marketing officer for Jimmy John’s and he said that, “We’re freaks about everything we do, from our products to our process. And customer service is no exception.”

She hasn’t chosen her party date yet, but she intends on doing it for sure. What would you do if you were in the delivery guy’s shoes?

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